Venus Williams Claims Not Murderer But We Know

Wesley Snipes on a bad a day, Venus Williams, went on a lackluster killing spree on June 9th when she barreled through an intersection in Palm Beach Garden, FL, causing an elderly couple to T-bone her car. New evidence from Barson's lawyers claims that Williams actually... read more

Venus Williams Accidentally Killed a Man

Just as Serena Williams is bringing life into this world, her older sister is balancing out the scale by taking life out of this world. The Elder Beast blew through a red light in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, where a couple crashed into her while abiding by their green... read more

I Wonder Who Won Wimbledon Again?

If you had money against the chick who has sixty percent more muscle mass than her closest competitor, don't bother searching for your ticket. Being the physically biggest, strongest, and fastest doesn't necessarily get you ahead in life, though in sports in turns out to... read more

Venus Williams Grass Court Discrimination

If you're willing to accept the fact that tennis is a real sport, then you're forced to listen to a female tennis player gripe about how she goy less special treatment than male tennis players for the stupid reason that male tennis is a bigger draw and revenue source.... read more

Serena and Venus Williams Are Spatting

Spotty Page Six evidence suggests Venus Williams is angry with Serena because she has been partying and has friends. They have not been seen together in weeks, neither has mentioned one another on social media, and Serena has regularly skipped their traditional morning... read more

ESPN's 2014 Body Issue For All Your Naked Prince Fielder Needs

Call this the parade of women who can kick your ass. I don't know who most of them are, but ESPN got them all to pose in contorted nudity to glorify the female body without showing any female parts. Not exactly classical Greek standards, but it meets the U.S. advertising... read more