Victoria's Secret Model Vita Sidorkina Has Arrived

If there's something uniquely Russian, it's trying to get the fuck out of Russia. It's like an enormous Northern Jersey. Every kid's fifth grade paper on what they want to be when they grow up is about being a New Yorker. read more

Vita Sidorkina Portraits in Bare Ass

If you're parsing the fine line between 'hot' and 'willing' you have very little understanding of the Russian culture. Most notably, get the fuck out of Russia. There are no Refuseniks. Only unambitious people and the girls with scoliosis that they date. read more

Vita Sidorkina Wears Bikinis For Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret went deep into their Ural Mountain finder's fees for this young Russian model. She's somewhere in the median age range between barely legal and assistant managers in their Myanmar educational sewing camps. Just knowing Victoria's Secret might be... read more