Whitney Port Cancun Bikini

It took me a while to remember who this chick was. The Jewish girl they let me on The Hills to avoid federal lawsuit. read more

Whitney Port Wears A String Bikini In Miami

Photo Credit: FameFlynet [gallery guid=802689] read more

oh, the excitement

Whitney Port of the MTV shows "The Hills" and "The City" begged for attention yesterday in Miami, and she's lucky it's January or else she never would have made the cut. The only reason she won the bikini contest is because no one else entered. All these MTV girls are so... read more

whitney port is smooth

Whitney Port of course is the star of the MTV show "the City", and I use that term is the loosest possible sense.  Actually ... hm.  "Star" seems to indicate some sort of charisma or excitement.   So that won't work here.  Let's just say, the person whom the camera is... read more


A lot of people think LA is just some den of skin and flesh and depraved debauchery, and all you have to do is walk around for 5 minutes and you'll some TV star having lunch with her tits hanging out.  Thanks to Whitney Port of "The Hills", that notion is 100 percent... read more