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Xenia Deli Breaking All The Rules of Trophy Wife

There's one rule of Trophy Wife. Don't talk about being a Trophy Wife. It's not quite like announcing you're HSV positive, but it's super close and even less relatable. read more

Xenia Deli Has a Really Superb Ass

Everything I know about super good looking foreign models can be summed up in a charcoal police sketch of me peeking through a window while Leonardo DiCaprio bangs them. That's not gay, just extremely realistic. Photo Credit: New Yorker [gallery guid=802864] read more

Solveig Mork And Xenia Deli Topless In a River

One chick's from Denmark. The other Moldova. We Are The World. Don't you fucking see that ISIS. You've lost. We have over a hundred countries from which barely legal girls will take off their tops for the the god of fame and fortune. You can't fight that kind of... read more

Xenia Deli Models Bikinis For Nelly

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Xenia Deli Models Lingerie For BodyCentral

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Xenia Deli Models Bikinis For Mar de Rosas Swimwear

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Xenia Deli Models Lingerie

Remember back before the Internet when you'd see a hot girl in some magazine or a movie and you'd get all excited wondering who she was? So, maybe you'd ask your buddy, Rick, but Rick hates his job as a floater at Macy's and is too stoned to answer. That right there was... read more