Zendaya Denied From Vons Because She's Black

Zendaya is apparently an entertainer in the true definition of the word, meaning she is balling with at least $400 in available credit line. She was at a Vons, by far the worst and most ghetto supermarket chain in the LA area, and attempted to buy $400 worth of gift... read more

Amy Robach Drops 'Colored People' on Live TV (VIDEO)

Amy Robach is a breast cancer survivor. Her only carte blanche limit is politically incorrect nomenclature missteps. The Good Morning America anchor was discussing with a guest how the role of Mary Jane in the next Spider Man is being cast with black pop singer and former... read more

Zendaya Body Shames Herself

Zendaya Coleman blasted Modeliste magazine for Photoshopping her legs and hips a bit leaner in their cover shoot. It was no simple task given that nobody could find contact information or a valid address for the clearly made-up magazine name. Zendaya only recently came... read more

Zendaya Hair Still Repping Black

Zendaya is that suburban chick with a black dad whose name comes up every awards show when she dons fake hair and causes politically correct people to panic. She got the anorexic booted off Fashion Police for mocking the dread extensions she had done at Jose Eber before... read more

Zendaya Goes Race Card on Anorexic E! Host

Dancing Sinbad skeleton Guiliana Rancic made the mistake of reading a line about Zendaya Coleman's fake Oscar dreadlocks looking like they 'smell like patchouli oil and weed'. Sound the claxons of intolerance. Zendaya Coleman is half black, which makes her half more... read more