This seems to be going great

June 17, 2009 | Uncategorized | editor| 0 Comments

The cover story for todays InTouch (full size cover here, better pic on their site here) has another heartwarming Kate Gosselin story, this time with pictures of her smacking around Leah thankfully included. InTouch says… Around 11 a.m. on... READ MORE

Kate Gosselin might be the devil

June 12, 2009 | celebrity | editor| 0 Comments

If you we’re making an episode of the A-Team, and you needed to establish how evil your bad guy was, one way to show that would be to have them living it up in a big mansion while the... READ MORE

Kate alone at the beach again

June 2, 2009 | beach | editor| 0 Comments

Kate Gosselin spent more time in a bikini at the beach earlier today, with all 8 kids but without her 1 husband.  That sounds dangerous.  I bet TLC would love it if a kid got hurt.  That channel got... READ MORE

Kate rocks her bikini bod

June 1, 2009 | beach | editor| 0 Comments

Stuff like that headline, or, oh, better yet, “This woman has 8 kids?!?!” is the kind of thing that would be here if this was Entertainment Tonight or People, or if it was the beginning of our journey to... READ MORE


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