Would You Hit It If She Was The Last Thing On Earth: Nippleless Rose McGowan In The Tub

May 3, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson| 0 Comments

First off, I would just like to thank the fake media for not bringing any attention to this fame-whore pic from Rose McGowan and apologize to anyone just seeing it for the first time. McGowan's bag of tricks is officially... READ MORE

Famous Fashion Director Doesn’t Care For MeToo Movement Or McGowan

April 18, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf| 0 Comments

Karl Lagerfeld is a pretty important name in the fashion industry. He has his own limited edition Barbie doll that was made in his image so he’s worthy of deity-like praise if you’re not some peon purchasing whatever Walmart... READ MORE

Rose McGowan No Longer Identifies As A Woman

March 7, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson| 0 Comments

  During a recent and very bizarre interview on some podcast called Love, Alexi, progressive celebrity icon Rose McGowan bravely came out as a potato. Or whatever exists halfway between being a woman and a man. Lena Dunham. So I... READ MORE

Rose McGowan Blaming Weinstein For Her Drug Problem

March 5, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf| 0 Comments

If you have the same mentality as Rose McGowan you probably believe that men are to blame for most of the problems in the world. Why take responsibility for traces of a controlled substance when you can just pin... READ MORE

Rose McGowan Kills Ex-Manager Jill Messick

February 9, 2018 | News | Sam Robeson| 0 Comments

Rose McGowan’s ex-manager Jill Messick has committed suicide, and while her act undoubtedly is the culmination of years of battling documented depression, confirmed in a statement by her family, the straw that broke the camel’s back was McGowan’s very... READ MORE

Rose McGowan Declared Herself “The Architect” Behind Harvey Weinstein Downfall

February 1, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson| 0 Comments

If you first read that as “The Antichrist” then you probably thought that Rose McGowan had finally gained some self-awareness. But no, while chatting it up with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show, McGowan referred to herself as “the architect”... READ MORE

Harvey Weinstein Claps Back At H8er Rose McGowan

January 31, 2018 | celebrity | Sam Robeson| 0 Comments

Rose McGowan is in desperate need of a radical sabbatical, because she’s taken what honestly was a good thing for firming up her image and resurrecting her name from the beyond – her staunch retweetable feminist views and slamming... READ MORE

Rose McGowan’s Sexual Harassment Show Premieres This Month

January 8, 2018 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf| 0 Comments

Rose McGowan is one woman that will not be silenced when it comes to sexual harassment. Sure she has accepted a settlement from Weinstein in the past but now she’s turning her sexual harassment hardships into an E! TV... READ MORE

Rose Calls Out Meryl; Alyssa Calls Out Damon, The Ouroboros Is Upon Us!

December 18, 2017 | celebrity | Lex Jurgen| 0 Comments

The ouroboros, the serpent consuming its own tail, the ancient Egyptian symbol of Hollywood virtue signalers and Sirens of latter day right-doing feasting on moral relativism.


Rose McGowan Outs Alyssa Milano As Weinstein Cheerleader

December 13, 2017 | celebrity | Elliot Wolf| 0 Comments

I refuse to take any woman with less hair than me seriously. Rose is looking for attention wherever it can be found. Regret will never equal rape the same way being married to a horrible person doesn’t make you... READ MORE