What Better Way to Celebrate Veterans Day Than With Free Boobs?

Mr. Skin is offering three free days of celebrity nudity - because, boobs.  read more

Open Post: Time To Play Who's The Next Hollywood Sexual Assailant

This fall is all about sexual assault in Hollywood, and the question on everyone's mind - or at least the minds of everyone in my office this morning during a rousing conversation - is "Who's the next Hollywood sexual assailant to be outed?" Said in a game show host... read more

Brazilian Megan Fox and Shit Around the Web

Italian mystery models, nude scenes in comic book movies, and more! read more

Ric Flair Sex God, WOO!

You know you’re the man when your ESPN 30 for 30 focuses on your extracurriculars out of the ring. Drinking and jacking off was the Ric Flair way of life.  read more

Terry Crews Calls the Cops on His Groper

Because even large muscular black men can be sexually harassed, Terry Crews went to the cops this week to officially report a reach around on his junk by Adam Venit, a big shot senior agent at William Morris Endeavor, where Crews is repped. read more

Scott Disick Already Tired of 19 Year Old

 It’s hard to take anyone serious who looks like they’ve purchased one-ply toilet paper their entire lives but Blac Chyna’s ex-boyfriend has taken time out of his busy failing rap career to talk about Scott Disick’s alleged infidelity. Tyga stumbled across Scott’s online... read more

Obviously Blind Brooklyn Beckham Dumps Madison Beer To Date Boy Body

In no way am I saying Chloë Grace Moretz can be completely written off as unattractive but she’s the type that looks better after beer. As long as it’s after the Bud Light kind and not after a Madison Beer. read more

Kathy Griffin Sorry Not Sorry About Everything Trump

When you have celebrity privilege that trumps the social status of some keyboard warrior plebeian who wouldn’t be able to pull the same “prank” photoshoot, flaunt it. Then own everything that comes after your showy display of stupidity. read more

Penelope Cruz Catches the Mam-Trak Train on This Week's Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Penelope Cruz, the ladies of The Girlfriend Experience, and the orgies of Westworld! read more

Half-Hearted Jim Beam Boycott Cause Mila Kunis Kills Babies

A poorly organized hashtag, #BoycottJimBeam, got kicked around the intersection of people who supposedly love Jim Beam but hate abortion, decrying the bourbon maker's choice of spokeswomen for their Devil's Cut product.  read more

Madelaine Petsch Cried Over Her Riverdale Rape Scene

The set of the CW's teen sex party series Riverdale has to have at least twelve different instances of sexual assault a day, and now art is immitating life as series regular Madelaine Petsch talks about the trauma behind filming her first ever rape scene. Something for... read more

Kevin Spacey Being Re-Shot Out of Movie

In a bold move decidedly less bold because there were few options, Ridley Scott's decided to cut Kevin Spacey out of his nearly finished Getty Family 70's kidnapping movie, All the Money in the World. read more