Bella Thorne Fake Boobs Real Face

Bella Thorne has joined the growing list of Hollywood female celebrities who phone the media as to when they will be out without makeup on. The group is made up entirely of naturally attractive women who spend a ton of dough on facial treatments and conditioners and then... read more

Janet Jackson Pushing Two-Fifty

Janet Jackson is in seclusion at 250 pounds, having put on a dangerous one-hundred since needlessly becoming pregnant at fifty. This according to OK! magazine. Don't be confused with the exclamation point. Dramatic punctuation remains a lackluster substitute for real... read more

Megan Rapinoe Cock Blocked

Human nature requires people to battle incessantly over largely symbolic issue. It's how lower order primates who have no time for inane shit can still feel superior despite evolutionary disadvantages. The 'standing or sitting for the National Anthem' debate is the... read more

Tampons for Boys Just Feels Right

Many reasonably well-intentioned peoplehavetroubledistinguishing between movement and progress.Watch the boy in fourth grade with outrageous A.D.D. for an exemplary reminder. People who have chosen the soft career of academialove enacting shit that has all the superficial... read more

Kourtney Kardashian in A Bikini

Kourtney Kardashian continued her Corsica vacation with her mom and her mom's paid younger black boyfriend and her three bastard children and between six and nine servant people. Kardashian eased into a bikini on the off chance that the cameras her mom alerted to their... read more

Demi Lovato Making Money For God

Demi Lovato is now the co-owner of CAST Centers, a for-profit Los Angeles based mental health and wellness treatment facility. She was referred there after she had a massive breakdown, perhaps due to her obvious narcissistic personality disorder, or her mom's. read more

Paris Jackson Moves Into Michael Jackson's House

Paris Jackson has moved into the guesthouse of her dead gay pedophile father's old Encino mansion. It's common to leave the house at 18, just not into a 10,000 square foot mansion with kiddy porn hidden in the walls. read more

Karlie Kloss Brings The Cleavage And Shit Around The Web

Karlie Kloss wants you to see all of her cleavage. She's now the third highest paid model in the world thanks to being pretend gay friends with Taylor Swift. It's a thankless job, with a sweet paycheck. read more

Erin O'Flaherty Hoping to Gay Up Miss America

The first openly gay Miss America pageant contestant is hoping to make big strides this coming weekend during the pageant. First off, just imagine all the vulnerable half-naked young women you can fuck. That used to be the sole purview of judges and corporate sponsors.... read more

Kylie Jenner And Hailey Baldwin Empire Building

Kendall Jenner officially declared her sister Kylie's new blond hair as "sick". It's like a nod from Dumbledore at Hogwart's that you're doing alright by the magic school. It's weird to see these teens out on the town in light of the fact they're all multi-millionaires at... read more

Zendaya Denied From Vons Because She's Black

Zendaya is apparently an entertainer in the true definition of the word, meaning she is balling with at least $400 in available credit line. She was at a Vons, by far the worst and most ghetto supermarket chain in the LA area, and attempted to buy $400 worth of gift... read more

Guy Brags About Buying Bieber A Sandwich

Some guy named Kody Christiansen reportedly paid Justin Bieber's bill at Subway after his credit card was declined, proof that only assholes still eat at Subway. Kody insists he didn't want to publicly take credit for his good deed, but that the information was 'leaked'... read more