World's Sexiest Russian Suicidal Biker is Dead

Olga Pronina dubbed herself the world's sexiest motorcyclist. The field is not immense. Good looking women tend not to want to chance cement burning their face like ground beef across the pavement.  read more

Bobby Valentino Falls Victim To The Ol Transsexual Switcheroo

Being extorted is pretty serious business. Gets even more serious when the chick extorting you used to have a dick. read more

Lady Gaga Tour Outfits Problem Areas

Anyone wondering how a fading star with no one to say "no" to dresses will be excited to see Gaga's costumes from the Joanne World Tour. Her rebranded ironic New Yorker country trash lite look of recent has made way for her tired clown costumes of yesteryear. Someone's... read more

Amber Rose Mulling Mammary Reduction

If you're Amber Rose, or her social media ilk, you wake up each day, smile at the third tier rapper in bed next to you, take a home The AIDS test, and figure out how to get attention that day online.  read more

MTV Show In Trouble For Dragging Jaws

Point me to the rule book of what animals we care about and which ones we don't. Especially if the outrage is for a shark that would have eaten you if given the chance. read more

Nicole Murphy Knocks 'em Dead and Shit Around the Web

  Ariel Winter booty gallery, Dioni Tabbers & Valerie van der Graaf lezz out, and more! read more

Sofia Vergara Selling Panties For The Poor

Sofia has chosen to donate 10% of sales to impoverished women in foreign lands to start businesses. The women don't actually get to keep the money, it provides capital for loan allowances. It wasn't hard enough to live on two dollars per week as a poor woman in India, now... read more

Blake Lively Digs Chicks and Lady Gaga Backs Liars on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #95

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, we wonder aloud how women get a free pass on blatant sexism, track down Lady Gaga hiding behind her rape culture GOJF card, insist dead Ronnie James Dio be left to rot in peace, wonder if Lil Duval death to trannies comments is... read more

Kim Kardashian Visible Nipple Boot Camp

Kim Kardashian wears shorts belonging to a lesbian veteran who's seen better days while out and about with half sister and full prostitute Kendall Jenner. Kardashian completes the fashion-forward look with a see-through top that tells the world: "For money I will fuck... read more

Krupa and Glanville Settle Smelly Snatch Spat

Our long national terminally fishy twat nightmare is over. Joanna Krupa and Brandi Glanville have settled Krupa's defamation suit against Glanville for going on Andy Cohen's show and insisting reliable sources told her Krupa's vag smelled something wretched. Followed up... read more

Mischa Barton Medium Relevance

Dying sucks. Not because you don't know where you're going after you die, but because family members still won't stop bugging you in the afterlife. read more

Sarah Silverman Bikini Body

Sarah Silverman might not be remembered as a comedic feminist warrior like woke stand up cohort Amy Schumer. Probably because she doesn't look like a potato. Women are less likely to take to someone who could steal their man. While many female comedians have the finesse... read more