Kylie Jenner Barely Clothed In Malibu And Shit Around The Web

Kylie Jennerhas a knack for looking do-able. It probably wasn't lauded on International Women's Day as an inspiring talent, but ask her accountant how it's going. read more

Brie Larson Hints at Affleck Snub

Everybody notices everything at the Oscars. In a town full of impotent political gestures, a hairstyle, a dress color, the subtle pantomime can describe a lifetime's worth of armchair activism. read more

Adriana Lima and Julian Edelman Couldn't Find Time to Get It On

Scheduling conflicts has to be the laziest public excuse ever for a celebrity breakup. It's less honest than 'that fucker gave me genital warts'. Also far less clickbait worthy. read more

Justin Bieber Imposter Collects Tons of Underaged Nudes

A man posing as Justin Bieber on social media managed to convince dozens of underaged kids to provide him with unclothed photos. Not exactly genius, but presumably he's receiving high fives in the pedophile ranks. read more

Dan Bilzerian Troll Success

Self-described trust fund playboy and jerkoff Dan Bilzerian successfully trolled an entire gender with the ease of one super obvious Instagram photo. Bilzerian has millions of Instagram followers which mathematically equates to millions of simpletons, reactionaries,... read more

Sofia Richie and Pia Mia Underwear Friends

Somebody ruined all the fun in lesbianism. What used to be cheerleaders going down on one another on late night cable has turned into a boring semester of identity politics. Butch flannels and lectures are in. The scissor-kissing sessions to scented candles but a faded... read more

Scarlett Johansson Battling for Custody

Scarlett Johansson made it clear she will be providing zero public commentary to her ongoing divorce and child custody proceedings with husband, Romain Dauriac. She's asked that the media follow suit for the sake of her two year old. The media responded by unanimously... read more

Sam Ponder Pregnant And Pissed

Pregnant ESPN sideline reporter Sam Ponder lashed out at trolls on Twitter who were making fun of her for being pregnant, which is completely justified because pregnant women are very oddly shaped and therefore worthy of comment. Nobody's saying you shouldn't get... read more

Porn Star Becomes Church Pastor

Nadia Hilton burst onto the porn scene when Paris Hilton was inexplicably popular. The two do look somewhat alike, although Paris Hilton is extremely generic looking so it's not that remarkable. read more

Hang Out With the Hottest Girls on the Web at MyFreeCams

Becoming a member onMFCdoesn’t cost a dime, and it gives you instant access to your favorite models’ chat room, where you can see them, talk to them, and join and awesome community of like-minded people. read more

A Day Without a Woman As Cities Burn on The Last Men on Earth Podcast #79

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast Matt and I very sensitively delve into what's really irking the fairer sex, ponder how many innocents Harrison Ford will kill from above, wonder how Disney's remake of Tom Sawyer after Tom's transgender surgery will fair, condemn... read more

Snapchat in Canada Also For Illicit Sex And Shit Around The Web

Canadian teacher used Snapchat to send titty pics to her eighth graders, then she blew a few. Welcome Canada, you're one of us. (Casey Anthony) read more