It's Good to Be Christie Brinkley's Better Looking Daughter

It's impossible not to see a lineup of offspring from a certain family and start picking out the one that is not like the others. Every family has their Eric Trump. What the fuck happened there? When a signature supermodel starts making babies with multiple daddies it's... read more

Brittney Jones Blowjob Fugitive And Shit Around The Web

WorldStarHipHop viral video star Brittney Jones blew her boyfriend in the courthouse while there on drug charges. She live streamed it, naturally. Baller. read more

Melania Trump Sues Daily Mail for 150 Million Monopoly Dollars

The First Lady with a little assistance from her legal team re-filed a $150 million civil suit against The Daily Mail for suggesting she was a paid escort in the 90's before marrying The Donald. Maybe a little bit after. Also last week a smidgeon. read more

Leave Jamie Lynn Spears Alone

The Internet is a mixed blessing. On the positive side, porn and illegal Russian live streams of premium sporting events. On the negative side, everything else. read more

Allison Paige Has Hollywood Figured Out

Red carpets are the absolute best chance to carpe diem yourself onto the pages of celebrity and entertainment media outlets. Random good looking actressesin Hollywood are routinely invited to attend premieres to visually beef up less anticipated promotional events. read more

Alexis Ren Deep Thoughts

It's cosmically perfect that models are no less profound than the breathless female bloggers who cover them like they're geopolitical figures. A Cosmo writer found herself "equal parts confused and excited" when young beach model Alexis Ren launched a makeup line. Like... read more

David Beckham Really Wants to Be a Knight

Occasionally clever British tabloid reporters came up with the name 'Beckileaks' to describethe release of emailshacked from the server of a global sports management company closely tied to David Beckham. The hackers released correspondencesbetween Beckham and his public... read more

A Day Without a Woman

Organizers of the Women's March are scheduling a one-day general strike for the women of this nation. It's unclear how many womenwillparticipate, but one-percent of the gender would be spoke of in spin class circles for generations to come. read more

Johnny Depp Broke Ass

Johnny Depp has fired his long time agent at UTA because he's reportedly sickof paying the commissionson his movie deals and his lying whore ex-wife. Seven million bucks per one marital blowjob is a great cut. read more

Tom Brady's Jersey A Hot Item

The jersey Tom Brady wore in the Super Bowl was reportedlystolen from the Pats locker room, quite possibly by one of their incredibly shady equipment managers. The jersey is estimated to be worth up to half a million, or if you're reading this a year from now, ten grand. read more

Paris Jackson Doesn't Believe In Bras And Shit Around The Web

I guess Paris Jackson's dad never taught her how to wear a bra. If Michael had molested girls, she might've grown up more proper. Luck of the draw. read more

Duggars Multiplying Exponentially

Remember when Stephen Hawking calculated that the exceptionally financially pragmatic Duggars might end up populating the planet with two-hundred grandchildren? An exponential progression of pumpkin-headedfundamentalist Christiansto compete with Caliphate Muslim breeding... read more