Diana Gordon Finds Homeless Brother

Diana Gordon is a musician who has sold her material off to some of her less talented peers such as Beyonce and Ciara. She was recently driving near her home in LA when she noticed her brother, who'd been missing for sixteen years and presumed dead, homeless and sitting... read more

Lena Dunham Sticking With Same Material for 2017

You could imagine Lena Dunham's unattractive fat girl oppression theme isn't working because ninety-nine percent of people find her abhorrent. But Dunham knows the other one-percent are rich connected women in New York and Los Angeles who provide her magazine covers and a... read more

Lea Michele Gets Naked And Shit Around The Web

Glee star Lea Michele takes a naked selfie for your viewing pleasure. You can't hear her voice in the photo so it's nearly perfect. read more

Madison Beer Wet Swimsuit Outlaw

It's hard to justify how a seventeen year old celebrity can tour the nation's beach resorts banging the snot out of her boyfriend but you can't comment on her big tits politely until the stroke of eighteen. read more

Doutzen Kroes in A Bikini

Doutzen Kroes is the first chick to ever marry a DJ and be happy. That comes from being a skinny model who takes home five million a year whether or not your husband has a real job. read more

Kenya Moore Pulls a Gun

In the old days, three people trespassed on your property and you shot them and everybody went about their business. An old dude brought by the wooden coffins by sundown to clean up the mess. read more

Heather Locklear Rehab Refresher

Heather Locklear is returning to rehab. Technically speaking, her home is rehab and she occasionally returns to not rehab to tape occasional TV cameos and provide interviews to Japanese magazines on healthy living. read more

Superfly Officially Demented

A murder beef against pro wrestling legend Jimmy Superfly Snuka has been dropped after a judge determined Snuka too mentally incompetent to stand trial. Which seems entirely unfair to every Lil Wayne conviction ever. read more

Ray J Finally Cashing In

Ray J has always publicly maintained a "good for her" line when asked about Kim Kardashian's skyrocketed fame and fortune after her mom sold Kim's sex tape with Ray J to Vivid. Once in a while, in quiet moments involving a drink, Ray J will let loose with a snarky comment... read more

Caitlyn Jenner Tremendous Man Tits

Caitlyn Jenner is releasing a line of makeup for the MAC brand. Seems silly at first but really who needs more makeup than Caitlyn Jenner. She's kept the company in business the last few years, the least they could do is return the favor. read more

Oprah Promotes Cookbook For Fat People

Orpah wrote a carb heavy cookbook and has been heavily promoting it. You might wonder if someone who's had epic struggles with her weight is the appropriate person to suggest what you should eat. It would almost be like John Bonham releasing a posthumous book about... read more

Kylie Jenner Shows Off Her Ass Again And Shit Around The Web

Kylie Kardashian does what she does best and shows us her ass in a bikini. Second best is combing her hair. There is no third best. read more