Brooke Mueller Off the Reservation

The concern that Charlie Sheen's messed up twin boys by way of ex-wife Brooke Mueller had gone missing seems to be alleviated. They weren't missing at all. They were with their mom who was barefoot and mumbling walking her boys into local Salt Lake City bars looking for... read more

April Love Geary Bikinis In The Virgin Islands And Shit Around The Web

April Love Geary and her tits went to the beach in a bikini. That's Robin Thicke's young model girlfriend. Someday she'll find an achievement surpassing that title. Perhaps. read more

Ashley Graham's Barbie Can't Fit Into the Camper

Fat pimp Ashley Graham received the ultimate anointment with a signature Barbie Doll. Unlike previous Barbies which made women too ashamed to eat or study hard sciences, Graham's Barbie will inspire girls to accept overeating and lack of physical activity and aspire to be... read more

Iggy Azalea Claims Top Vagina

Every few months Iggy Azalea comes out and admits another part on her body isn't entirely natural. That's no way to win back your reputation. Or the men who imagined fucking you from behind while watching the ballgame and asking you to wait to speak until commercial. read more

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Businesswoman of the Year

Harper's Bazaar named Rosie Huntington-Whiteley their Businesswoman of the Year because she has a lingerie line in a department store, had a contract to promote UGG, and a deal with some company that makes unecessarily expensive jeans. In short, she agreed to show up to... read more

Emmy Rossum Endures Blitzkrieg

A wave of anti-semitism overcame Emmy Rossum on Twitter. She claimed it came from Trump supporters in response to her pro-Hillary comments. When pressed on the specifics, Rossum produced one Tweet from some asshole that included a doctored photo of a Nazi concentration... read more

David Mueller's Legal Team on Top of Things

Denver radio DJ David Mueller's legal team claims the leaked Taylor Swift ass-grab photo exonerates their client rather fully. They're short on specifics, but it's not like a long term unemployed disc jockey can afford Swift level attorneys. read more

Jack Falahee Comes Out As Straight

It's unclear if coming out as straight is entirely necessary or reflective of any accuracy. The very act seems inherently gay. Has John Travolta come forward yet? read more

Von Miller Being Extorted

In a not surprising development, Von Miller appears to like his women to be on the thick side. Miller met Elizabeth Ruiz while on vacation in Mexico. Ruiz is an American citizen, you fucking racists. read more

And So It Begins... (VIDEO)

Clearly somebody voted for Trump. At least one black guy. One lesbian somewhere. And one college kid. Probably this rambunctious undergrad from Ohio State who mustered up a flying tackle on the leader of a campus anti-Trump protest. read more

Dirty Jobs Has Nothing on the Kardashian Family OB/GYN

Unless you're imagining being the vagina doctor for the Kardashian family, you're not imagining the world's roughest occupation. Also, quit complaining about yours. read more

Hailey Baldwin Bikinis In Turks And Caicos And Shit Around The Web

Hailey Baldwin and a friend bikini in the Caribbean. Not exactly two Stephen Hawkings here. As if the world needs more smart dudes in wheelchairs. read more