Eiza Gonzalez Spandex Superstar and Shit Around the Web

Miss Bumbum Brazil, Lily-Rose Depp in full bloom, and more! read more

Taylor Swift Is Tip Top Bitch

Katy Perry is nuts in the news with her new album release. Not everybody is happy. For instance, anybody with musical taste. Also Taylor Swift who takes her industry feuds as dead serious as Suge Knight. Only she doesn't like to touch people. read more

Amanda Bynes Announces Return (VIDEO)

After three years cloistered at the Southern California Fashion Institute, Amanda Bynes proudly declared herself three years sober. Also she knows how to sew and make patterns. Any recovering addict knows better than to rank their accomplishments. read more

Katy Perry Live Stream For Lost Steam (VIDEO)

Katy Perry is live streaming her life on YouTube until Monday. Cameras set up around her house capture the former pop sensation doing everything from sleeping to drinking coffee. With the highlight so far being her intimate rendition of Fireworks while taking a dump in... read more

Kylie Jenner Black Appropriated

Kylie Jenner is being accused of stealing her new camo clothing line for women who want to feel empowered through trashy military Spandex sports bras from a black owned company in New York. if you're willing to dig into the actual photos, they do look identical. read more

Aaron Carter 2nd Amendment For Gay Pride

Contrary to popular belief, Aaron Carter did not die in the 2010's due to stage four obscurity or a glue overdose. He's alive and all set to make his presence known to any terrorists that gets in his way. Carter is set to perform at L.A. Pride this weekend where he may or... read more

Riley Keough Comes at Night in This Week's Mr. Skin Minute

Elvis' granddaughter, Michelle Rodriguez's nude debut, and more! read more

Nation's Top College Pitcher a Registered Sex Offender

There's a certain image that comes to mind when you picture a registered child sex offender. Either creepy bug-eyed vagrant or overly normal Mr. Rogers with a bushy mustache. Also, every man who claims to love working with children. read more

Katy Perry Says a Ton of Stupid

There's some unchallenged belief that commercially successful music artists are intelligent. Whereas the actual spectrum of smarts among the top selling pop stars likely matches the bell curve of the rest of society. read more

Ariel Winter's Mom Worries

Ariel Winter's mom gave an interview to InTouch Weekly regarding her daughter. There was literally nothing else anybody could think to ask her about. Ariel's mom went on to compliment her daughter with a backhanded slap at her for consistently dressing like a Florida coed... read more

Dioni Tabbers See-Through Model and Shit Around the Web

Lady Gaga's new hair, naked actresses with three names, and more! read more

Cosby Skimming for Friends

Billy Cosby spent the better part of the week in court hearing the testimony of Andrea Constand who alleged Cosby drugged and sexually assaulted her a dozen years ago when she was a basketball playing college student.  read more