Tara Reid Heads Into A Restaurant, You Won't Believe the 7th Thing She Didn't Order on the Menu

Tara Reid has that pre-seizure silhouette where you need to set aside your body shaming pledge and sign the papers for a routine of Guantanamo forced hummus enemas. read more

Kendall Jenner Tit Committed

Commitment to Excellence was what drove the Oakland Raiders success an eon or two ago when they could claim such. The Kardashian's unwavering commitment to tits and ass and the slow motion dribble of cum has taken them from a janky lawyer's family to a full fledged empire... read more

Josh Duggar Ruined a DJ

Some dude's suing Josh Duggar for using his picture as his profile image whilst perusing the Internet for side pussy. Before Duggar's name came out in the Ashley Madison hacked member list, but after his felonious babysitter stories, the eldest Duggar son selected a... read more

Lindsay Lohan Seems To Be Patching Things Up (VIDEO)

Things seem to be going much smoother now for Lindsay Lohan and her younger Russian boyfriend since they worked thing out by Lindsay accusing him of fucking Russian prostitutes and shrieking on her balcony in London. read more

Amy Schumer's Autobiography Sounds Awesome

Someone wrote a series of anecdotes best described as porn for fat chicks and slapped Amy Schumer's name on it. read more

Renee Zellweger Blowhard

Renee Zellweger is lying about why people care about her lying about the fact she suddenly looks like Lorraine Bracco's younger cousin. read more

Britney Spears Switcherood Her Super Duper Naked Gay Music Video

Britney Spears' label hired visual artist David LaChapelle to make Britney's Make Me music video highly provocative and wall to wall gay men in banana hammocks. When Make Me was released this past week, all the oiled down topless gay dudes and Britney writhing naked had... read more

Bruce Jenner Canceled Tits and Sharon Osbourne Staged Tears on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #55

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast we discuss Sharon Osbourne explaining why she's not a shitty lay, defending people who call Hillary shrill since they have science on their side, my continued and pointless defense of Rio as a host city, how Taylor Swift compares... read more

Toni Braxton Discovers Cure for Autism

It was just a decade ago that Jenny McCarthy and her team of scientists living in her brassiere discovered the cause of autism, now singer Toni Braxton has found the cure. All future Surgeon Generals and CDC chiefs will be chosen from currently airing CW shows. read more

Adriana Lima Olympian Tits And Shit Around The Web

Adriana Lima will take part in Olympics opening. She doesn't fear Zika because fear leads to hate which leads to suffering. Also, her tits are generously lubed in mosquito repellant. read more

Danny McBride Staring at HBO Tits (The Mr. Skin Minute Video)

As far as Danny McBride plays the same funny blowhard loser comedies go, Vice Principals is no Eastbound and Down. But every show running on premium cable knows it needs to slip in some naked women no later than episode three of the first season. It's a handshake to the... read more

Heidi Klum Mom of Four Tits Impressive

Heidi Klum and Nick Cannon went to the Drake concert together. Heidi wore a dress that showed off her braless tits. Nick Cannon wore a tank top and his grandmother's antebellum black hair wrap. read more