Paige Spiranac Is The Future of Women's Golf

Women's pro sports will never be financially viable because women don't watch sports and men don't watch women play sports. It's a combination of female athletes being comparable second rate and demanding that men pretend the opposite. read more

Victoria Beckham Brands Daughter

Victoria Beckham trademarked her five year old daughter's name, meaning nobody else can use the name Harper Beckham when selling products, a moot point unless she's kidnapped and sold in the child sex slave rings Nancy Grace has us convinced are proliferating in the white... read more

Greici Santo Propositioned

Actress Greici Santo filed a police report claiming that billionaire Edmonton Oilers owner Daryl Katz offered her money for sex. She did continue to be in contact with him from time to time after that, hoping he could help her career, but was apparently unwilling to... read more

Danielle Knudson Bikinis Like A Champ And Shit Around The Web

Danielle Knudsonin a bikini is completely breathtaking. You're going to want to self-asphyxiate regardless to increase the pleasure. She's Canadian. She gets it. read more

Melania Trump Dicked Over and Bruce Jenner Dickless on Last Men on Earth Podcast #83

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast, we dive into dong-free Bruce, Melania's pay for gravy past, Abigail Breslin crying anon retro assault victim, the continuing deaths of MTV reality alums, declare Elon Musk vastly overrated, guesstimate how much crazy boy toy... read more

Kendall Jenner Coming Out of Hiding

Kendall Jenner has been on lockdown since the Pepsi ad backlash which had absolutely nothing to do with her empty vessel performance for which she was precisely hired. The family thrives even more than Trump on controlling the media story. read more

Alicia Arden Rogue Bunny

Any holiday in honor of Jesus is the right time for attention starved ladies to circle the streets in revealing thematic costumery hoping for a lazy paparazzi pickup. Martin Luther King Day doesn't draw this kind of walking stripper parade. Easter and Christmas get tits. read more

In Death, There Is Cash Money (Sounds Cooler in Latin)

Spike TV is releasing a Heath Ledger documentary on May 17th. I Am Heath Ledger uses behind-the-scenes footage of the actor taken years before his multiple meds cocktail overdose in 2008. This will serve as “Ledger’s final gift to his now 11-year-old daughter.” read more

Kim Kardashian Braless for the Genocide

The Kardashians cling to the Armenian genocide as their political cause lifeline because their first dad their mom drove to death was a full blooded Armenian. Also, it made for a wonderful few episodes of the TV show when they went back to the homeland to stay at the Ritz... read more

Pink Milk Bags On Instagram

Pink shared a breastfeeding picture on Instagram. The 37-year-old is an advocate for public milking. Older moms with social media followings are the only ones who give a shit about public breastfeeding. read more

Bella Thorne Wanted to Kill Herself, Like Most Kids

There are two kinds of crazy. People born fucked in the head whose behavior and wild hair falls blatantly outside the spectrum of normalcy, and people touched by circumstance who often you have to listen to carefully to discern their instability. The latter describes... read more

Madison Beer Pacing Herself

Madison Beer's new album has yet to drop. It was envisioned in 2012 when Justin Bieber promoted Beer as a middle school YouTube phenom, coincidentally about the time he signed her to his occasional record label. read more