Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Divorce

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have finalized their divorce, which is a polite thing to do if you're trying to get fifty million bucks out of another guy you weren't fucking. Carey reported making over twice as much money as Cannon, yet he is the only one who has to put... read more

Natasha Oakley And Devin Brugman in Bikinis

If there's one lesson to be learned in the modern economy that no candidate will ever speak it's, you're on your own. Nobody is going to give you jack shit and all the local legacy jobs are gone. Grandpa was an iron worker, dad was an iron worker, I work swingshift at a... read more

Elsa Hosk Does Risky Business In Her Undies And Shit Around The Web

Sexy Elsa Hosk recreates Risky Business in her panties. It's unclear if she's getting as much cock as Tom. read more

Extreme Home Makeover Worked Over

Imagine the collective spooging in the production offices of ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition when charitable North Carolina parents of five adopted children and additional foster kids applied for a brand new home to replace their vastly overcrowded tear down. The... read more

Alexis Ren Digital Success Story

Not everything was better in the old days. Good looking chicks who didn't get tapped for traditional modeling careers often straggled back to community college and dental hygienist certifications and you never got to see them mostly naked without paying for dinner. read more

Kelly Rohrbach in A Bikini

The upside of fucking Leonardo DiCpario is a rapid rise in your career prospects post-coital. The downside is every single article written about you thereafter refers to you as DiCaprio's former girlfriend before mentioning your name. read more

Kendall Jenner Seems Simple

There's a reason nature didn't evolve women who were both hot and smart. For the very same reason the vast majority of offensive tackles aren't majoring in engineering. Smart attractive women or smart huge strong guys in any reasonable number would quickly take over the... read more

Dr. Phil Might Be Exploiting Mentally Disturbed Guests (VIDEO)

Dr. Phil is teasing his big get of super fucking crazy Shelly Duvall. She was at one time a fairly big named actress. That time was thirty plus years ago. Now she's a mentally ill senior citizen who Dr. Phil's producers arranged to have on the show so she could say wacky... read more

LeBron's Posse Hurts

Phil Jackson is an overpaid crotchety pretentious fuck who is almost certainly a dick to the waitress. He thinks he's really smart because he coached the best teams of all time. Roll out the ball and ramble about yoga. read more

Kate Upton Fucks Justin Verlander

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander fuck. It's unclear what bed frame could hold them but they definitely do. As proof, there's a photo of one time he jizzed on her large deltoid. Admit it, if you're driving along a country road and see two horses fucking, you'll pull over... read more

Brooke Mueller Off the Reservation

The concern that Charlie Sheen's messed up twin boys by way of ex-wife Brooke Mueller had gone missing seems to be alleviated. They weren't missing at all. They were with their mom who was barefoot and mumbling walking her boys into local Salt Lake City bars looking for... read more

April Love Geary Bikinis In The Virgin Islands And Shit Around The Web

April Love Geary and her tits went to the beach in a bikini. That's Robin Thicke's young model girlfriend. Someday she'll find an achievement surpassing that title. Perhaps. read more