Gwyneth Paltrow Entering Self Parody Zone

Mocking Gwyneth Paltrow means finding those moments when she's not even trying to be horrible but the bitch leaks out. It's invariably those times when Paltrow struggles to relate to the common woman and flubs. read more

Hannah Ferguson Still Christmas (VIDEO)

Love magazine continued distributing the Christmas videos of half naked models because January rolled around and they realized they had forgotten to come up with anything else. read more

Mariah Carey Can't Release

Mariah Carey is launching her own investigation into the conspiracy of events that led her to to a lip-synch fail on national television on New Year's Eve. Carey's determination to get to the bottom of things follows a vaunted history of annoying egomaniacs searching for... read more

Pacman Seems Troubled

You could forgive Adam Jones for his nightclub altercations, resisting arrests, and occasionally beating up his own bodyguards and making it rain at strip clubs and starting gun fights, if it weren't for the excessive spitting on women. read more

Stacey Tierney Gets the GoFund Me Page In Death She Never Got in Life

When your daughter splits for the other side of the world to dance in a gentlemen's club, start prepping the eulogies. British ex-pat Stacey Tierney was found dead in a strip joint in Australia a solid twelve hours post-mortem. read more

Brent Musburger High on Mixon

If a guy announcing a four and a half hour Sugar Bowl game says one or two stupid things, it's merely human nature. You can't utter five hundred comments without a couple idiotic blurbs. read more

Robin Williams Turned Down From Harry Potter

According to the Huffington Post, Robin Williams was turned down for a role as a groundskeeper in the Harry Potter franchise because American director Chris Columbus wanted to only hire British people. read more

Mariah Carey's Boyfriend Just Got Gayer

Mariah Carey's new reality show features her gay boyfriend Bryan Tanaka jumping out of a cake and giving her a lap dance. They were initially going to do it the other way around, but Tanaka is a dancer and there's a good chance he'd never walk again. read more

Doutzen Kroes Bikini Booty Bonanza And Shit Around The Web

Lovely Doutzen Kroes shows off her booty in a tiny bikini. If it got any tinier, she'd be arrested. Or pregnant again. read more

Jessica Alba in A Bikini

Jessica Alba's new guise as concerned mom pushing chemical free household products that may or may not make your baby's genitals look like Aleppo is keeping her from showing off her tits as through most of her 20's. read more

Hilary Duff in A Bikini

Hilary Duff has split up with her personal trainer. Is fucking the person who motivates you at the gym a good idea? Depends on the results. For Rob Kardashian, not so much. He got a bastard baby with facial piercings and reinvigorated insulin shock read more

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Vacation In Brazil

The top fifty trending stories about Alessandra Ambrosio regard how hot she looks in a bikini. The fifty-first story considers how she might manage her new bangs. Somewhat noticeably, Ambrosio's never complained about being objectified read more