Miley Cyrus, Millennial Guide

If you turn the lights out and say the word millennial three times in the mirror Miley Cyrus will appear behind you to take a "selfie for the gram." read more

Unwrap Reese's Pieces on This Week's Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Jamie Foxx Goes Public With Katie Holmes

There's only so much a wife can endure when her husband refuses to respect Oprah's furniture. Not only did Tom Cruise damage the upholstery of others, he damaged his marriage as well. This left Katie up for grabs to the next ready and willing Hollywood bachelor, Jamie... read more

Hollywood Greenlighting 'Illegals'

Hollywood proved completely impotent in swaying recent elections, but they can damn well make movies and TV shows about the enlightened life. In response to the stepped up enforcement of immigration laws, Tinsel Town is green-lighting the shit out of projects casting... read more

Jennifer Lawrence Braless in Venice and Shit Around the Web

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Ladies of the Flies and Jenner Girls Ripping Off Mexicans on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #100

On this week's Last Men on Earth Podcast, we remind everybody that all your beloved entertainers of yesteryear are all now broke and renting rooms in Van Nuys, wonder how L'Oreal wandered into such bad tranny territory, consider the odds that we're going to pay to see the... read more

Low Ratings For Kylie Jenner Show May Kancel Her Kareer

Anything Kardashian family related gets an abundance of attention. So when news that Kylie Jenner is starting to blow on camera, it's actually not something you want to see.  read more

Rodman Going to Fix This Shit

Kim Jong-un likes to party with the world's least judgmental drunks because even an autocrat grows weary of his yes-men when it's time to get funky. Also, the thirteen year old concubines are starting to get their periods. read more

Amber Rose Buys Rapper Promise Ring

Diamonds are really the only way you can get a rapper to double take before he takes the panties of some other stripper off. If you wanted your celebrity musician boyfriend to be loyal to you, you should have dated a Jonas Brother. read more

Tarot Card Reader Not Salvador Dali's Bastard

A Spanish woman named Maria Pilar Abel Martinez has spent many years begging authorities to dig up the decades old remains of wealthy surrealist painter, Salvador Dali, to prove through DNA test that she's his bastard child. read more

Ozzy Osbourne's Orgy Of Lovers

Ozzy Osbourne is undoubtedly a rock star. And when you're as famous as Ozzy having sex with other women that aren't your wife is almost obligatory. If anyone is to blame it's the women who were sexually excited by a man biting the heads off of bats at concerts and doves... read more

Lady Gaga's Cock Gets Complaints

Is anyone really surprised Lady Gaga is the proud owner of a cock? Her entire aura oozes eccentric frequencies and wavelengths. So when she chose to adopt animals found on Old Macdonald's farm nothing seemed out of place. read more