Kevin Spacey, It's Now Officially Pouring

Eight various people who worked on House of Cards but asked not to be named cited Spacey for sexual harassment in the workplace. Lots of targeting of young men on the shop floor. read more

The Martyrdom of Megan Fox and Andy Dick Licker on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #108

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we wondered whether or not Hollywood was much cooler but three weeks ago before the "outings", consider the martyrdom stats of Megan Fox, cheer on Lindsey Vonn for tub masturbation and athletic bravado, do about the same for Leo... read more

Lais Ribeiro Expensive Bra and Shit Around the Web

NSFW topless selfies, Oscar baitin’ nude scenes, and more! read more

Selena Gomez Deserves Woman Of The Year

I know there’s some single woman out there barely making ends meet but she never had a hit single on the radio so society really doesn’t care. If I can’t sing along to your struggle you can’t be woman of the year. End of story.  read more

Sarah Hyland Slams Life And Style For Plastic Surgery Facts

Today's slamming of the h8ers comes from Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who suffered a Twitter meltdown after seeing that Life & Style called out her plastic surgery. Alleged plastic surgery. But like, plastic surgery. The magazine known for searing editorial about... read more

Human Pug Calls Sofia Vergara a Bitch

Entitlement attitude will always lead to an argument. No middle aged woman with five pounds of make up on her face has ever been happy for a woman hotter and younger than her. Sofia Vergara vs. Teresa Giudice, round one. read more

Kevin Spacey Seeking Treatment For Boy Hole Addiction

Right on cue, child molester to the star Kevin Spacey has announced that he and his wig will be seeking treatment for addiction to boy holes. Spacey was recently exposed for previously propositioning, and plopping on top of, then fourteen-year-old Broadway starlet Anthony... read more

Rose McGowan On The Run, Felony Arrest Warrant

Rose McGowan says an arrest warrant for having traces of a controlled substance in her luggage is clearly the powers that be trying to silence her. Maybe Weinstein forgot to drop the roofy in your drink and dropped it in your luggage. read more

Farrah Abraham Fired/Unfired, Faked Her Love Of Butt Stuff

I had no idea Teen Mom still came on. You can’t expect much from a teen with a kid telling her mom she wants boob implants. Becoming a pornstar was pretty much her manifest destiny after that comment.  read more

Kevin Spacey Emmy Non Grata

The avalanche begins with but one flake of snow. Or in the case of Kevin Spacey, the rescinding of his big International Emmy Founders Award. Nobody knows what the fuck that is, but you better bet it's a great ice breaker at future Elizabeth Warren fundraisers. read more

Rita Ora Lingerie Model and Shit Around the Web

The hottest Halloween costumes, naked nuns, and more! read more

You'll Never Believe What The Powerpuff Girls Look Like Now. What Happened?

Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin reimagined the Powerpuff Girls as broken whores for Halloween last night, wearing everything from thigh-high boots to a bondage collar to really drive the point home that they're gross and desperate. Kendall looks like either Bai Ling on... read more