Paris Hilton DJ's In Fear, Also, In Spain, We Have Her Address

Paris Hilton continues to hide from Islamic Jihadists behind the veil of a highly publicized artist in residence program at an Ibiza nightclub. If you stop pressing PLAY on that iPod, the terrorists win. read more

Lucy Pinder Titacular Calendar And Shit Around The Web

Spend the year looking at Lucy Pinder's tits. Or some part of it. It's August, the memories of your failed New Year's resolutions are seven months behind you. read more

The Chick Who Fucked OJ Is Not Quality

Apparently Kanye West and Kylie Jenner were up for a shoe contract so the mom blasted some shit out to the press. It's not easy to turn an Olympian gay. read more

Chanel Iman in A Bikini

Vogue declared this chick one of the top models of the 2000's. She entered the decade at nine years of age, so that's probably worth a Special Victims Unit investigation. read more

Tracy Anderson in A Bikini

Tracy Anderson is the tiny athletic trainer who dances Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow and other women you'd never want to take along on a road trip into tip top shape. She leads by example. That includes a healthy diet, rigorous workouts, and enough plastic surgery and... read more

Amber Heard So Guilty

Johnny Depp appears ready to go to trial. Please do it this will be your best role. Seriously the last five kind of sucked. It is under discussed how Amber Heard did some bad makeup on her face and then showed up to court faking a bruise. read more

Courtney Stodden Ritualistic Shaving (VIDEO)

Courtney Stodden honored her miscarried fetus by shaving her head and taking leopard skin bikini selfies. read more

Charli XCX Shows Her Ass And Shit Around The Web

Charli XCX isn't so much a singer who strips as she is a stripper who sings. Lament the shitty state of music all you want. Janis Joplin had a crappy ass. read more

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, Because Nobody Really Gives a Shit Anymore

VH-1 has swung full tilt into shitty non-music programming for the urban market. That's a kind way of saying black women who watch a ton of television, not to be confused with white diabetics who do the same. read more

Gwyneth Paltrow Breasts Are Even Nicer Than She Is

Despising Gwyneth Paltrow makes it easy to forget how much her close friends adore her. They cite countless times she ordered them the perfect gift basket when loved ones passed. read more

Tara Reid Heads Into A Restaurant, You Won't Believe the 7th Thing She Didn't Order on the Menu

Tara Reid has that pre-seizure silhouette where you need to set aside your body shaming pledge and sign the papers for a routine of Guantanamo forced hummus enemas. read more

Kendall Jenner Tit Committed

Commitment to Excellence was what drove the Oakland Raiders success an eon or two ago when they could claim such. The Kardashian's unwavering commitment to tits and ass and the slow motion dribble of cum has taken them from a janky lawyer's family to a full fledged empire... read more