Sansa Stark Didn't Use N-Word (VIDEO)

Sophie Turner,most famous for portraying Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones, didn't use the N-word in a new video circulating the Internet. According to Turner. According to reality, she didn't either. But the media needs for rich white celebrities to use the N-word.... read more

Defendant Wants to Show His Dick to the Jury

Richard Patterson is running a long shot defense strategy up the flagpole in the murder cases against him in Florida. The sixty-five year old man is on trial for second degree murder after a sixty-year old woman was found dead in his place after sex. read more

FTC Engages in Futile Battle Over Social Media Disclosure

The Federal Trade Commission is the intersection point between the free marketplace and regulation to keep people from getting unwittingly fucked in the free marketplace. Like making male Speedo ads note in eight point font that this banana hammock in no way will help you... read more

Matt Harvey's Dildo Still Unexplained

Mets pitcher Matt Harvey was seen drinking at 1OAK Friday night/Saturday morning, just hours before he texted the Mets that he couldn't attend the upcoming game due to a migraine. He was drinking champagne, tequila, and vodka. That will probably give you a rip roaring... read more

Danny Kanell's Daughter Concerned

Since being canned from ESPN, broadcaster and former Giants quarterback Danny Kanell has been candid on social media about his uncertain future. It sounds increasingly like he might be in debt, a condition experienced by something approximating one-hundred percent of... read more

Kristen Stewart Sexy in a Thong and Shit Around the Web

Caroline Vreelandtopless at the beach (DrunkenStepfather) Joanna Krupaflaunts her newly single body (TMZ) Jemma Lucynaked in outdoor shower (TaxiDriverMovie) Cara Rosein full topless bloom (EgotasticAllStars) Kristen Stewartblack thong for V Magazine (Egotastic) Alexis... read more

Bookmark this site before you jerk off and you'll save a ton of money

Bookmark Porn Discounts right now. Do it, before you forget and it's 3 a.m. and you end up paying full price. read more

Diddy's Chef Sues for Having to See Too Much Diddy Shlong

Cindy Rueda is suing Diddy claiming she worked as his personal chef and he routinely made her bring him food into his bedroom chambers in the midst of, or directly after, his rich guy rapper orgies. According to the lawsuit, Diddy was often still undressed and hanging out... read more

DeNiro Went Brave and Anti-Trump

The new variant of San Dimas High School football rules is attending an award ceremony for wealthy entertainers and denouncing Trump for being mean to those poor people they keep reading about in The New Yorker. read more

Kehlani Needs a Rest (VIDEO)

Not every young chick singer came up through the Disney ranks with repulsive stage parents but tutors and nannies and a six-figure annual TV deal. Kehlani Parrish came from Oakland. read more

Alicia Arden and Ana Braga Teaming Up

The ladies struggling for attention in L.A. are now teaming up. It was a natural stage of desperation evolution. They're missing their Girl Power shirts. Also, just shirts. read more

Richard Simmons Sues the National Enquirer

Many have tried, most have failed. To sue the National Enquirer. Also to deny that Richard Simmons looks a ton like a girl who you'd guess would be named Maryanne or maybe Alice. read more