wrestlemania was huge

It kills me that I forgot Wrestlemania 25 was last night, but I can be declared legally dead in most states if I get even a molecule sicker (which is why I suck worse than normal today). I totally would have watched that shit, and will probably watch a replay tonight. As... read more

lindsay is on top of the world

Lindsay of course had another huge fight with her lady friend Sam Ronsom this weekend, and X17 had footage of a locksmith changing the locks of Sams door, but according to a love letter this morning on E! online, everything is fine, Lindsay is awesome, she’s a fantastic... read more

size 2 is a natural beauty

Jennifer Love Hewitt was hot for like 15 minutes, 10 years ago, yet she’s still famous. Her entire career is based on how she looked when she was 16. WTF? I know she used to be amazing, but I had an amazing sandwich 10 years ago too. And if someone said, how would you... read more

victoria won the bikini contest

What’s it called when someone makes a loose fist and draws eyes and a mouth on the side by their thumb and puts a wig on their knuckles and then moves their thumb up and down to look like it’s talking? Because Victoria looks like that in this one. It kind of ruined the... read more

what in the hell

It’s hard to know what’s more uncomfortable; that Lady GaGa is trying to look sexy, or that god help me it’s sort of working. Granted in these pictures from Boston three nights ago, or these semi NSFW pictures from NYC two nights ago, she’s mute, looking the other way and... read more

jessicas ass is photogenic

One of Jessica’s friends took some sexy pictures of her while she lay face down ass up, but these are the most blurry pictures yet from this little Mexico trip of hers, so your journey between her legs may have to take flight on the wings of imagination. (image sorce = ... read more

selena got hacked

Uncomfortably attractive Disney star Selena Gomez went on her twitter earlier today and said her Blackberry (are you fucking kidding me) was stolen yesterday while filming a movie in Puerto Rico. Make no mistake, there is zero chance of anything scandalous coming from... read more

ohai jessica simpsons ass

Jessica Simpson hit the pool yesterday in Mexico too, wearing a nothing little suit that barely covered her ass, which look’s eleventy billion times better than I thought it would. Until her cock-blockin friends pointed out the photographers and wrapped her up. Jessica is... read more

hahaha, you suck madonna

Two days ago Madonnas attorney felt the adoption of Mercy James was essentially done. He said, "I don't see any law in Malawi that can stop this adoption." So it would seem someone needs to go back to Law Seeing School because Madonas punk ass got denied. The Malawian... read more

jessica simpson is in mexico

The bad news is that Jessica Simpson and a few of her sexy friends are in Mexico, home of the 5-pound burrito. The good news is that all the weight she put on seems to have settled in nicely somewhere other than her ass.(image source = flynet exclusives) [gallery... read more

stuff in vegas is always better

Most shows on Broadway are either Bernadette Peters or a kid having sex with his horse, sometimes both, whereas shows in Vegas have “Dancing with the Stars” winner Kelly Monaco doing ... whatever all this is in the brand new “Peep Show” at Planet Hollywood. As you can see... read more

oh hey there lindsay

I can’t even pretend to be excited about seeing Lindsays tits at this point, any more than a gynecologist would be about seeing a woman naked. Now they almost bug me. In fact for a while I thought it looked like one was way bigger than the other one, but that can’t be... read more