thursday morning headlines

MEL GIBSON - is heard calling an employee a 'wetback' on a recording made by his ex. "I will report her to the fucking people that take fucking money from the wetbacks," he says. Does he mean stores that sell rims? What can they do about Mexicans? (radar) LINDSAY LOHAN -... read more

the facebook page has been fixed

Tyler has really sexy readers (as if I needed to tell you that) so a few months ago (here) I started posting some of their pictures on facebook. And then almost immediately I started hearing from people saying they couldn't access the page for some reason. That should... read more

hilary duff has pretty nice cleavage

Hilary Duff walked around Beverly Hills today, showing off some surprisingly nice cleavage while doing some shopping. Actually she started out with her hair up, glasses on and her shirt buttoned to the top. Then later her hair came down. Then later her shirt started to... read more

mel gibson admits to beating his girlfriend

Up until now, the story claiming Mel Gibson beat ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva was strictly a "he said-she said" kind of thing. You may have noticed this post started with the words words, "up until now…" The Huffington Post says... Last week a tape recording of Mel... read more

lindsay lohans nails may be considered contempt

"I am not taking this as a joke, it's my life and career. I don't want to you to think I don't respect you and your terms," Lindsay Lohan said to the judge yesterday after writing "fuck u" on her fingernail. And now that final act of arrogance could get her in even more... read more

its the megan fox wedding pictures. in a sense.

Last night Entertainment Tonight ran the exclusive first look at the Megan Fox wedding pictures, and it's amazing that this was kept so quiet because it's not as if they were being subtle. The video is a little longer than it should be but I didn't want people to worry... read more

lindsay lohan has been high all month

Lindsay Lohan was ordered to wear a SCRAM bracelet on May 24th to detect if she was violating the courts orders and using drugs or alcohol. Astoundingly, there was only one very minor trace of alcohol ever detected the entire time. It turns out she was right and we were... read more

wednesday headlines

LINDSAY LOHAN - was scribbling on a piece of paper all day during her court hearing (this is a fairly accurate recreation), and the Huffington Post found a crystal clear shot that shows what she was writing. It's mostly notes to keep track of her lies and explain why she... read more

lindsay lohan had 'fuck u' on her nails the entire time

Remember in court today, during Lindsays probation hearing, just before sentencing, when she was crying to the judge and swearing that she's changed and this wasn't a joke to her, and she begged for the chance to prove that any mistakes of the past were simple... read more

90 days in jail (updated with more video)

After ignoring every warning and disregarding every order, Lindsay Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in jail this afternoon for violating her probation. The LA Times says... Judge Marsha N. Revel ruled today that Lindsay Lohan violated the terms of her probationin a drunk... read more

Lindsay is guilty of violating her probation

If you missed it, the best thing that happened all morning during Lindsay Lohans probation hearing to address her crime spree was when the clothing store that she stole $17,000 in clothing from served her with a lawsuit, while she was in the courthouse elevator during a... read more

holly madison and her bikini have saved the day

Holly Madison grabbed a bikini and a flag and spent the 4th at the MGM in Vegas, and thank God she did because the only other person who did anything patriotic in a bikini this weekend was Linda Hogan. Which means, if not for Holly, you would have clicked on here and... read more