lindsay is still a complete brat

Lindsay Lohan is broke as hell of course, because she spends all her money on drugs and other than a cameo that took one day of filming she hasn't acted in a movie in almost three years. One way she's saving money is by stealing everything. Last week she was at Crown Bar... read more

tuesday morning headlines

ZACH GALIFIANAKIS - has a new episode of ‘Between Two Ferns', this time with Andy Richter and Conan O'Brien. Anything I write here will look dumb compared to even the smallest thing Zach and Andy do in this, so I'm giving up except to say fuck them both. (funny or die)... read more

todays top story

When Playmate Kimberly Phillips (facebook) wore nothing but her glasses as part of her pictorial last month (NSFW here), it made glasses sexy again, and some people are saying Megan Fox was getting in front of the hot look sweeping Hollywood when she wore a pair... read more

this is not helping

It was mentioned last week that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt had only been seen together once since August 10th, and that was almost two months later on October 2nd. Twice in three months. So the good news is they were out together this weekend! The bad news is they... read more

monday afternoon headlines

DAVID LETTERMAN - is denying a report in the Enquirer that his wife has thrown him out of the house as a result of the affairs he admitted to last month. If she does try to kick him out, he should give her a book about Scott Peterson. Remind her what's up. (wonderwall) ... read more

'fight club' turns 10 tommorow

‘Fight Club' is unquestionably the best movie ever made, and tomorrow, finally, it comes out on Blu-Ray and a special DVD to celebrate its 10th anniversary. In high school me and my friends used to get together and fight for no reason other than to do it, and that was... read more

brock lesnar is seriously ill, may never fight again

UFC news probably doesn't belong on a page like this, but this is a big deal so I don't really give a shit. If you don't know, Brock Lesnar is a former WWE superstar and the current UFC heavyweight champion, and his fight this Saturday had to be postponed after he was... read more

lindsay really loves coke

Lindsay Lohan has only bothered to complete about half of the requirements in her probation after a 2007 DUI arrest, and last month a judge told her she would go to jail if she continued to "thumb her noise" at the court. In a related story, Lindsay stole two bottles of... read more

does jennifer aniston still suck? you know it.

Jennifer Aniston is still a blurry mess in the newest bikini pictures from her trip to Mexico, and thank god because the only thing worse than blurry Jennifer Aniston bikini pictures is clear Jennifer Aniston bikini pictures. Or maybe I'm being hard on her because these... read more

britney is not bad/sort of hot

Britney Spears and her boyfriend/agent Jason Trawick went for a cruise around Sydney Harbour in Australia this weekend, and Britney may be a little too muscular, but overall she looks pretty good in a bikini again. This Jason dude deserves a high five. She's not what she... read more

'its always sunny' is now even better

Most people are generally stupid and to prove it Vanessa Williams of ‘I Have No Idea' was nominated for an Emmy as Best Actress in a Comedy while Kaitlin Olsen of ‘It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia' was not. They might as well have nominated a map of Texas and the color... read more

nicole kidman looks terrific

Tom Cruises' semen must have some kind of poison in it because Katie Holmes looks like hell and Nicole Kidman has turned into some kind of monster. The New York Post says... Everyone was talking about Nicole Kidman at the Country Music Awards in Nashville Sunday night.... read more