Is Jessica Simpson the next Bond girl

Jessica Simpson is the latest name being considered to play the female lead in the next James Bond movie, as Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron have now taken themselves out of the running. According to IGN FilmForce, Simpson is set to audition for the role of Vesper Lynd - a Russian double agent who seduces James Bond - for the upcoming remake of 'Casino Royale'. Scarlett Johansson is also thought to be a name on more

the Hilton Family Holiday Card

Sex-kitten reader Jill was nice enough to email in the Hilton Family "Holiday" card today, and it of course features Paris, Nicky andread more

Michelle Rodriguez is dangerous

E! Online says that 'Lost' star Michelle Rodriguez pretty much lost (see what I did there - zing!) her mind when she was arrested for drunk driving in Hawaii last week. According to a police report, Rodriguez was "argumentative and rude" to the arresting officer when she was arrested for posting a 0.145 blood alcohol content, twice the legal limit. According to the report, Rodriguez screamed: "I don't fucking more

Jessica Alba is mistaken

I'm not saying I don't wanna see Jessica Alba in slutty lingerie, because I very much do wanna see Jessica Alba in slutty lingerie, but it's nice to know that girls are as clueless about guys as guys are about girls. Cause guys don't really give a shit about lingerie. Seriously, despite what your desperate to get laid boyfriend might have told you. Sure it's great on Victorias Secret models, but only because that's more

Jessica Simpson is getting nasty

First of all, let me be clear that the headline here isn't gonna mean what you want it to mean, but the New York Daily News says today that things are about to get rough in the PR wars between Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson. Ever conscious of her public approval numbers, Simpson's handlers are said to be panicked that 71% of People magazine readers and 76% of Star magazine readers blame her and not Nick for more

Kevin Federline really is a dick

The London Free Press says that Britney Spears has told Kevin Federline he must give up the chronic, end the clubbing and drop his dead beat friends who do nothing but spend her money. He has said no, telling her to go ahead and divorce him, because he'll have plenty of money even if they part. He's also threatened to fight for custody of their son, Sean Preston, and to write a tell-all book about her. It's more

Christina Ricci is single

Several reports are saying now that Christina Ricci has broken up with Adam Goldberg, her boyfriend for the past 3 years. Ricci has laid low lately, but Goldberg was seen a few weeks ago at a Dinosaur Jr. show in New York City with a girl who was very definitely not Christina. A source told Perez Hilton: "They were lovey-dovey, but not particularly obvious about it. She put her hand on Adam's shoulder, they more

Cisco Adler is ugly

Mischa Bartons new boyfriend - and some say fiancread more

Eliza Dushku is good with a razor

I don't want to give away the surprise youread more

Ashlee Simpson is dizzy

Ashlee Simpson collapsed Friday after a performance in Tokyo and has been hospitalized. The 21-year-old singer on Thursday had just performed her single, 'Boyfriend' for MTV Japan, when she told the audience she felt sick and said to them, "I love you guys." She then collapsed in an elevator and was rushed by ambulance to a hospital. If I were Japanese, I'd be short and masturbate to disturbingly violent porn. more

Zoe Kravitz is fun

Happy Holidays to all the pedophiles out there, cause super hot sounding Tara sent in these pictures of super hot looking Zoe Kravitz - daughter of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet - knockin back a 40 and smokin a fag. Which is really only noteworthy cause she maybe should have been home studying for a geometry test and watching One Tree Hill. Cause she's 14. How do you even get a 40 when you're 14. I was lucky to get more

Alyssa Milano is good for morale

A lot of the readers here are sexy secret agents, so when they write emails, they can't leave a name because it might risk their cover, but one of them was nice enough to send in this picture of Alyssa Milano's side-boob. I can't remember if I've seen this one before because I've seen all or part of her tits so many times it all kind of blends together. But this is her on one of her many trips to Iraq and Kuwait more

Jennifer Aniston is almost ready

Jennifer Aniston, who was recently photographed topless outside her Malibu home and more professionally that way for GQ, says the public have now seen so much of her body she may as well strip naked and reveal all. Aniston says: "There's nothing embarrassing about anything anymore. I'll tell you, at this point, there's such a freedom in a weird way. You can just say, 'here I am. This is it'. It was like I was more

Is Usher crazy now too?

It seems that one of the celebrity guests at last nights Scientology fundraiser was Usher Raymond, making what is believed to be his first appearance of any kind of with the group, although it is not thought that he is a member. But, as the Daily News reported this morning, inside that gift bag is one of L. Ron Hubbard's "sacred texts", where all of life problems can be solved for Usher and new BFF Tom Cruise. Not more

Laura Harring is here to help

These pictures of Laura Harring are apropos of nothing and are only going up to try and purge those images of Sarah Jessica Parker. Although, if you haven't seen those yet, this may only make it worse. Harring is so damn beautiful it makes my teeth hurt. Why she isn't a huge star is beyond me. She's actually a good actress, and it would take a team of math scientists to count the number of times I watched the more