Jessica Simpson is a good dresser

Subtlety certainly has it's time and place, but so does waking around with your giant rack hanging out. Jessica Simpson and I agree that the time and place for that second one is all the time and everywhere, even arriving at LAX from Australia over the weekend. The only down side of this bold confidence is that it brings up the issue that Jessica Simpson may be a little too hot and sexy. My penis is almost scared, more

Brad Pitt is stylish

Some people online are making snide comments because Brad Pitt cut his hair into a mohawk, just like Angelina Jolie's son Maddox. As if they would ever say no to Angelina Jolie, regardless of whatever crazy shit she thought up for them to do. Hell I did the same thing one time when my girlfriend asked me too. Unfortunately she had a daughter, so I had to wear pigtails and a Brownie uniform. But it wasn't that more

Lindsay Lohan is sarcastic

Lindsay Lohan is said to be planning a trip to Kenya to visit locals infected with AIDS and suffering some of the most abject poverty on the planet. The 19-year-old will fly to the East African nation in co-ordination with the charity group 'One Campaign'. A spokesman says: "As with Brad Pitt and other celeb visits, it'll likely focus on where America is helping make a difference to save and change lives." She did more

Brittany Murphy is a singer

A new track by superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold featuring vocals by Brittany Murphy will be released on Tuesday, the first cut from his CD, 'A Lively Mind,' due out June 6. Murphy and Oakenfold met through a mutual friend and he invited her to work on his album, even though he never actually heard her sing until she arrived in the studio to lay down her vocals. You can hear the song through the link at the bottom if more

'Entourage' may make a change

Slow news day + slow news week = non stories about 'Entourage' and the rumor that the unfunniest show on TV is desperately striving to become even unfunnier, and may replace Jeremy Piven, who plays agent Ari Gold, with underrated heat Carla Gugino, who just signed a deal to appear on 6 episodes playing an agent trying to steal Golds top client and show star Vincent Chase. An already filmed episode features Chase, more

Carmen Electra is single

Internet reports today say that Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro are officially done. The two will keep up appearances while Carmen does press for 'Scary Movie 4', but will file divorce proceedings by the end of the month. Navarro did accompany Carmen to the 'Scary Movie' premiere in New York, but did not join her for photocalls in London and Italy. cites an exclusive source, someone they call a more

Paula Abdul is drunk and deceptive

Last week, Paula Abdul filed a police report stating that she was assaulted at the bar 'Xenii' in LA by CAA agent Jim Lefkowitz, an assault that left her with a concussion and spinal injuries. But after a very brief preliminary investigation, it appears the case will not be pursued. In fact, Lefkowitz has never even been contacted by police. Police found witnesses who stated that Abdul was so drunk she couldn't more

Jessica Simpson vs. Lindsay Lohan?

So what is the truth behind the breathless Us Magazine cover this week declaring a war between Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson? The genesis is this: Lindsay Lohan has been spending time with 'X-Men 3' director Brett Ratner since late March. Ratner is also the director of Jessica's 'These Boots Are Made For Walking' video, and the three of them independently ended up at new LA hotspot the Dime last Thursday. more

Michelle Trachtenberg is a good dresser

If any of you other chicks out there are as cute as Michelle Trachtenberg, and you wanna wear jeans that don't even come close to fitting and leave about 90 percent of your ass sticking out, by all means go for it. read more

Lions are scary

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt arrived in southern Africa last week and Jolie, who is due any day now with the couples first child, will give birth in a remote game lodge in Nambia. The Namibian newspaper 'Die Republikein' says: "the pair had moved from a luxury beach resort in the harbour town of Walvisbay to a lodge in the Etosha National Game Park in northern Namibia, where lions are a top tourist draw and would more

Scientology is dangerous

Jett Travolta, the 14 year old son of John Travolta and Kelly Preston is being raised under the strict guidelines of Scientology, despite the fact that the teachings prevent him from getting the care he needs to treat what appears to be autism. The Travolta's have blamed Jett's ill health in the past on Kawasaki syndrome, a disease I'm pretty sure they made up just now. They say it was caused by " more

Britney statue is a big rip-off

When not rescuing dolphins from fishing nets, underwear model/reader Ivan spends his weekends taking orphans with cancer to the zoo, and this week he couldn't help notice that the Britney Spears giving birth statue is a total rip-off of a statue that's been at the LA Zoo for years. The pictures of both are below, and I comically rubbed my eyes with my fists when they were side by side, because it really is like more

Benji Madden is a tough guy

Punk rock legend Benji Madden of Good Charlotte took time out from defiling gf Hillary Duff Saturday night to throw with an obnoxious fan at nightclub Don Hill's in TriBeCa. Sources say the tussle started when the guy grabbed Maddens hat and started taunting him. Madden then: "wrestled him to the floor and started 'punching the [bleep] out of him,' our tipster says. After the clubgoer grabbed Madden's necklace, more

Tom Cruise - still crazy

The May issue of 'GQ' will hit newsstands on April 25th with Tom Cruise on the cover and a revealing interview inside where, believe it or not, Cruise talks about Katie Holmes and Scientology (oh, I know, I couldn't believe it either). Dominating Toms thoughts these days is the unnecessary pain felt by drug addicts, who turn to the needle or the pipe when all they really need is a book with a volcano on the cover more

Madonna and Guy are in trouble

Madonna and Guy Ritchie are only staying together because of their children, at least according to Guy Ritchie's dad. John Ritchie says that Madonna, 47, and Guy, 37 are concentrating on spending time with Madonna's daughter Lourdes, 9, and their son Rocco, 5. John says: "It's the children that will keep them together. I hope that they still love each other but to be honest I just don't know that they do. For Guy more