Wyclef Jean stole $10M from his Haiti charity

By brendon November 28, 2011 @ 5:20 PM


Wyclef Jeans charity ‘Yele Haiti’ was supposed to help rebuild Haiti in the wake of last years devastating earthquake, but over two-thirds of the money they collected last year is either missing or was funneled to companies owned in whole or part by Jean, his friends, or his family, or in one case to a company that doesn’t actually exist.

The NY Post says…

Yele Haiti’s coffers swelled to $16 million in 2010 (but they) spent just $5.1 million for emergency relief efforts, including food and water delivery to makeshift survivor camps.
Yele Haiti paid five contractors, including P&A Construction — which received $353,983 and is run by Warnel Pierre, the brother of Jean’s wife, Claudinette.
A purported Miami business called Amisphere Farm Labor Inc. received a whopping $1,008,000 as a “food distributor.”
No trace of the company could be found, but records show the company’s head, Amsterly Pierre, bought three properties in Florida last year, including a condo in an upscale waterfront community.
The address listed for the business is an auto-repair shop in Miami’s Little Haiti neighborhood, where a worker said he had never heard of Pierre or Amisphere.

On one hand, it’s suspicious that the food distributor with a million dollars is also an auto body shop in Miami. On the other hand, driving to Haiti to distribute the food is probably really tough on their cars.

Courtney Stodden makes church fun

By brendon November 28, 2011 @ 3:28 PM


The reason people say “sweating like a whore in church” is because one would assume a whore would be uncomfortable in church, but that’s just an old wives tale apparently because 17-year-old Courtney Stodden went to church yesterday with her 51-year-old husband Doug Hutchison, and she looked relaxed as a little angel. So people should stop saying that. It’s not true, and if there are places where teenage sluts are free to be themselves, I wan’t to know about them.

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Anne Hathaway is engaged to… someone.

By brendon November 28, 2011 @ 2:16 PM


Ever heard of Adam Shulman? The actor? Yeah me neither, but he’s been dating Anne Hathaway for 3 years apparently and now they’re engaged. Us.com says…

Low-key Shulman was initially Hathaway’s rebound romance after the messy end of her four-year romance with Raffaello Follieri in mid-2008.
“We hit it off immediately, but it took us a pretty long time to get together,” Hathaway has said. After they realized they were both single, the actress reveals that “things sped up a bit.”
“So far, it’s worked out great,” she said, adding that Shulman was far more “mellow” than her previous romances.

Yes, “mellow”. That’s one way to put it. “The worlds dullest and most forgettable human being” would be another. I just looked at 50 pictures of this guy and I couldn’t describe a single thing about him. I’m pretty sure I can have him declared legally dead just by pictures of them on their dates.

wtf are Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes looking at

By brendon November 28, 2011 @ 12:47 PM


Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have been dating for a few months now, and this weekend they were in Paris, the most romantic city in the world, and they had dinner at the Eiffel Tower and Ryan bought Eva a rose. What I’m trying to say is that Ryan Gosling fucked Eva Mendes this weekend, a lot.

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Hewitt and Kardashian hate the homeless

By brendon November 28, 2011 @ 10:23 AM


Because homeless people only need to eat once a year (they’re powered by the sun), Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Love Hewitt went down to the Los Angeles Mission to help serve Thanksgiving meals to the needy. And by sheer coincidence, there were some paparazzi there too wouldn’t you know, blocking the food and volunteers while Kim and Jennifer modeled spoons. Those bums have had scurvy for a month, 5 more minutes isn’t gonna hurt.

Oh and if you’re wondering why Kim and Jennifer look so happy in the picture above, it’s because they just learned they make spoons that hold like 400 percent more food than normal spoons.

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Cindy Crawford was in a bikini

By brendon November 28, 2011 @ 9:30 AM


Cindy Crawford, who turns 46 in February, spent Thanksgiving on the beach in Los Cabos with her husband Rande Gerber and their 10 year old daughter Kaia, and to be honest I’m a little disappointed in how she looks in a bikini. I would probably still have sex with her but I wish she was skinnier and had bigger tits. Just to be expressly clear, we’re talking about Cindy right now, not Kaia.

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I’m extremely thankful for Shay Maria

By brendon November 23, 2011 @ 6:06 PM


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving of course, the day we celebrate Americas glorious victory over the savage Indians who tried to invade the United States, and inevitably someone will demand we list things we’re thankful for. One good answer would be Shay Maria. Because she’s really pretty and has big tits and wears bikinis a lot. That’s at least as good an answer as “family”, since families always have at least one jackass that everyone hates.

(source = the photographers tumblr, shays tumblr and twitter)

Justin Bieber has to give a second DNA test

By brendon November 23, 2011 @ 5:16 PM


Even though Justin Bieber has already given one DNA test to prove he’s not the father of her baby, Mariah Yeater is now demanding a second, but this time not done after Justin sneaks off somewhere in secret. Her attorney tells E! news

“We are trying to set up a DNA test—to test the mother and the child and to retest Justin Bieber. Because we have to make sure the chain of custody is properly supervised.”
“I wasn’t aware Justin Bieber was allegedly taking (his first DNA test) until I read about it. I don’t know if it was even his DNA. Evidence has to be properly supervised to make sure it is not corrupted.”

At first the lawyer was suspicious because the DNA reveled the subject didn’t have a Y-chromosome, just two X-chromosomes, but then someone showed him some pictures of Justin Bieber and he was like, oh ok.

(image source for the unrelated pictures of a nervous 1-day-old hippo hiding under his mom, taken yesterday at the cabarceno wildlife park in spain, because baby animal pictures are somehow less gay than how bieber looked on the today show this morning in his little christmas outfit = splash)