dina says lindsay has done "absolutely nothing wrong"

Lindsay Lohan started drinking again Sunday night, and her lawyer admits it, but Lindsays mom Dina is taking it all in stride. And by that I mean she's a reprehensible cunt who refuses to discipline her whore daughter, who now lives in a world of delusion where she's... read more

ashley greene knows how to dress

God bless Ashley Greene for having the courage to address the problem of girls in shirts that cover their tits. Girls in shirts are everywhere these days: in our schools, our neighborhoods, our churches and synagogues, you can't even go to the market anymore without... read more

love hewitt wants to play wonder woman, is delusional

I don't think there's been any movement on the Wonder Woman movie in years, but Jennifer Love Hewitt seems to think there is, and that she would be a perfect choice to play the superhero. I wonder how she plans on getting her fat ass in that costume. Jennifer Love Hewitt... read more

uncensored danielle staub sex tape pictues

‘Real Housewives of New Jersey' star Danielle Staub has had a rumored sex tape for a while now, and despite my pleas to heaven it's now being released. These are allegedly stills from the tape but they look more like evidence in a trial against her plastic surgeon.... read more

the gary coleman picture is worse than i thought

(UPDATE - i couldn't look at that picture any more, so now it's underneath if you really want to see it. luckily internet superstar shay maria is here with some butterflies as a replacement banner picture to cheer everyone up and remind us that there's still a lot of... read more

january jones and the walk of shame

‘Mad Men' star and internet favorite January Jones is about to become even favoritor because this morning at 10:30am she came crawling back home in the same dress she wore last night to the Oceana World Oceans Day Party. Does this mean she hooked up with some random guy... read more

salma hayek is really afraid of snakes

Salma Hayek was doing an interview for Extra to promote 'Grown Ups' when a snake came near the set. And apparently Salma is under the impression that a snake is natures loaded gun, constantly on the hunt for its next victim to murder. She's a terrible actress, she's not... read more

britney is seductive

A former bodyguard for Britney Spears named Fernando Flores claims he quit and is considering legal action against her because she would walk around naked and proposition him for sex. What a courageous stand! His new friends at Pride Week will be so proud! The Sun... read more

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley forgot something

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (the Victorias Secret model who replaced Megan Fox in 'Transformers 3') and her boyfriend Jason Statham were in Santa Monica yesterday, and it must have been hot there because she didn't wear a bra. This is only noteworthy because they're... read more

morning headlines

GARY COLEMANS - ex wife only got $10,000 for the pictures she took while Gary died (sold to the Globe) because even other tabloids couldn't bring themselves to stoop so low. That's the good news. But she probably killed him and is getting away with it. That's bad. But it... read more

katy perry is mad at lady gaga

The much-hyped video for ‘Alejandro' from Lady Gaga came out yesterday, and it featured "shocking" images such as Gaga, "dressed in a latex nun's habit, sucking on rosary beads and at the center of a gay orgy dressed in a crucifix-emblazoned robe with a cross over her... read more

lindsay is in big trouble! jk lol :p

Lindsay Lohan is on probation from 2 sets of charges of cocaine possession and driving under the influence. Sunday night her SCRAM bracelet was activated because there was alcohol in her system, a direct violation of her probation. Actually it registered five different... read more