Kendra gives good advice

I guess this page is now some TeenBeat Hotline where I give dating advice, because Kendra had another dating question on her site, and God knows why she even knows who I am but this time she sent me her reply to see if we agreed. And it turns out we sure as hell do. She... read more

Alice In Wonderland has a teaser

The teaser trailer for the Tim Burton directed "Alice in Wonderland" hit today, and I'm not sure what you were expecting, but it looks exactly like what you would picture if "Alice in Wonderland" was directed by Tim Burton. Scary trees, Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter,... read more

As if Leo would hit this

Yesterday the Sun had some crazy fairy tale claiming Leonardo DiCaprio was secretly dating Cameron Diaz, and had taken her on a "series of secret dates around London". They said she was also dating Jude Law. Law I can understand, that dude would hump a beehive, but... read more

Everyone good hates Entourage

I could put my keyboard on the ground and then step on it for 22 pages, and when I was done not only would my "script" have a better plot than the best "Entourage" ever, it would, by default, have much funnier jokes as well. Thankfully more and more people are finally... read more

Lindsay is just pathetic

Just last week Lindsay had to stand outside Sam Ronsons house knocking on the door and begging to be let in as the paparazzi took pictures and laughed, because Sam had once again locked Lindsay out after a fight. This morning at around 6:30am, Sam andLindsay had (brace... read more

Lady GaGa is sort of an idiot

There's a point where someone's behavior crosses over from "quirky" and "outlandish" into "fucking retarded" and "no seriously she's fucking retarded." Guess which side of the line Lady GaGa is on. read more

Joe the Bulldog is on the case

(UPDATE NOTE - um, feel free to email me when I do things like post the wrong video. you're supposed to stop me before I make an ass out of myself, ya know) Joe Jackson was on Larry King last night, along with Eddie Murphy in character as "Joes Friend", and these clips... read more

Fergie is really packin

Sometimes you'll see a picture with no context and it looks strange or funny but it's easy to guess what is really going on. This is very definitely not one of those times. Fergie and her husband Josh Duhamel went to a Dodgers game yesterday, and I can't even begin to... read more

Chris Brown is really sorry

Chris Brown has turned to YouTube to make his first at length public statement about the night he punched Rihanna in the face a hundred times. He says he's incredibly sorry and asks Rihanna and the public for their forgiveness, and it's all pretty convincing, but what... read more

"after he crashed into Police..."

If you're gonna drive drunk and you don't want to be arrested, the most important thing to do of course is not run into the cops. That's not a figure of speech by they way. I mean literally don't crash into the cops. Hey guess what that "Burn Notice" guy did... Burn... read more

Paula deserves a raise

It goes without saying that Paula Abdul never has any idea WTF she's talking about. I've seen what people look like when they're high. What they look like is exactly like this. Which is a real hurdle when your contract is up and your job is to offer lucid commentary and... read more

Michael was kicked in the nuts

The former gay lover of Michael Jackson's dermatologist (every single word so far makes me uncomfortable) says Michael was sterile because Joe Jackson once kicked him in the nuts so hard it left permanent damage. I spoke too soon. Now every word so far makes me... read more