Paris Hilton is delusional

Paris Hilton is so confident in her acting ability that she has put Oscar winner Charlize Theron on notice that the two may soon be in contention for the same roles. Hilton says that one person once told her she had a similar style, and therefore a heated battle for the same dramatic character work is sure to follow. Says Paris: "My acting coach told me I have a similar style of acting to her so we may end up more

Nick Lachey is pissin me off

I knew Nick Lachey was dating a new 26 year old (he's 32) named Elizabeth Ann Arnold and she was the 2002 Miss Kentucky, but I never really cared enough to find decent pictures of her. And then I found these. Give him this, the dude has a knack for finding easily impressed hot chicks with huge racks. Which is amazing because, let's be honest, Nick Lachey isn't that great. So it begs the question, is he really more

Thora Birch is fun. Probably.

Okay, today was boring, so lets dredge up old stuff that some people might not know, in this case the fact that Thora Birch, the cute little girl from the 'Patriot Games' and 'Clear and Present Danger' and the girl who appeared topless at age 16 in 'American Beauty', is the daughter of Carol Connors and Jack Birch, both of whom starred in porn movies in the 70s and 80s. Connors was even one of the three female more

Ginger Spice hasnt changed a bit

Many experts have called these the only known photos of Bigfoot wearing sunglasses, but I think I read somewhere that they're actually Geri Halliwell at the dog park. The confusion is reasonable, because she's dragging that around dog like it's dinner, but unless that car is ten stories high, the person in these pictures is a damn midget. A tubby midget. Wait, what? She's six-months pregnant? Oh. Whore. read more

Ryan Seacrest is horny

Ryan Seacrest better be careful. If he keeps tonguing strippers at clubs like he reportedly is here, he may get turned off to sex with the fellas all together. read more


Uber-fox reader Roz was bored nice enough to send in this link she found on the Tiffany website that appears to be the gift registry for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for their wedding on June 27th of this year. This comes on the heels of reports that Mandy Moore and Zach Braff are also registered at Tiffany's and set to be married on August 23. This despite Braff writing on his website that he has not proposed more

KFed is hardcore

Someone needs to roll Britney Spears into a CAT scan immediately because there's no way anyone of normal function could ever stay with Kevin Federline. Much less bankroll his worthless ass while he and his friends laugh at her behind her back. The guy really is an insufferable pussy. Wait, no, did I say "insufferable pussy", I meant to say "hardcore rapper". As you can tell, because nothing says loc'ed out more

Steve Martin has good aim

I probably should have put this video up two weeks ago when it was mildly topical, but I'm not exactly a man of action. Except when it comes to seducing the ladies, and then I'm like Rommel. A sexy Rommel. Except, instead of leading a Nazi tank brigade through North Africa, I bang coked out models. We are both known as the Desert Fox, however. The point being, Steve Martin knocked the living hell out of Saturday more

Paris Hilton is an easy mark

Finally some decent pictures now of Paris Hilton getting attacked by PETA, who pelted her with flour at a fashion show in London to protest the use of fur by designer Julien Macdonald. PETA probably needs to try a little harder. Paris Hilton has been splattered in the face with a hell of a lot worse than baking flour. read more

Just ignore this

This is apropos of nothing, I'm just screwing around with the template and a video player and seeing what works. But feel free to enjoy this diet commercial from the 80s for the awesomely named Ayds. Or maybe you're too mature to giggle when someone says "With Ayds I ate less, so the weight came off." Well la-di-da, pardon me your highness. For the record, their claims are backed up by a guy who takes off his more

KFed might have been caught

It seems a reasonable question to ask why Britney Spears would go to Hawaii with her son but leave the deadbeat husband with a wandering eye alone in LA with the run of her Malibu mansion. Well, Mike Walker of the National Enquirer says that, just before she left on her trip, Britney caught Kevin asleep in nothing but his boxers at the home of his ex, Shar Jackson. According to Walker, Kevin went to visit the more

Britney Spears is a great mom

Odds Britney knows her kids name: 4 to 1. Odds Britney could pick up the wrong child and not know it: 2 to 1 Odds Britney could find an uglier pair of glasses: 10 to 1 Odds Britney's face could look more like a cartoon moon: 20 to 1 Odds Britney's husband is banging some tramp in their bed right now: 2 to 1 Odds Britney's husband is smart or considerate enough to use protection: 100 to 1 Odds this kid ends up more

Jenny McCarthy wants deviant sex

Jenny McCarthy says she'd love to take part in an orgy, because her breasts are so perfect she wants to share them. According to the Sun UK, Jenny said: "I always wanted an orgy to see what it was like, but never got the opportunity. I have good boobs and I know they'd get a lot of attention. Hey if someone's tickling my body parts I'm happy." I have had it up to here with you women. There's absolutely no pattern more

Tom Cruise cares

If anyone was wondering why Katie Holmes would take a 14 hour plane trip to Australia last week while seven and a half months pregnant, just to attend the funeral of a man she never met, the answer is because her fiancread more

Jennifer Aniston is in love

In Touch says that when Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston spent Valentine's Day together a few weeks ago, many of her friends seriously expected it to be the moment when Vaughn proposed. But even though it didnread more