Angelina Jolie is pregnant. Really.

People magazine has finally jumped on board and is now reporting that Angelina Jolie is expecting a baby this summer with Brad Pitt. Jolie allegedly told a charity aid worker in the Dominican Republic on Monday that she was indeed expecting and the magazine claims the pregnancy has been confirmed by representatives for both parties. This is the first biological child for Jolie and for Pitt. Jolie, 30, is already more

Are you fuckin kidding me

The Entertainment Tonight website is reporting today that Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey have sold their Calabasas home - the one made famous on the MTV show 'Newlyweds'. The 5-bedroom, 6,500 square-foot Mediterranean-style house was listed at $3.75 million and was sold for an undisclosed amount to Justin Berfield, the dude who played a kid I don't know on a show I've never seen and certainly thought went off the more

Colin Farrel is in a sex tape arrived online today, offering to sell the Colin Farrel sex tape to anyone with 14.95. The tape, made almost two years ago with Playmate Nicole Narian, is rumored to be extremely explicit, and based on the preview pictures on the site, that definitely seems to be the case. Of course, I didn't get to be the big success I am today by paying retail for my porn, but I promise I'll post the tape as soon as more

Jamie Foxx is a dick

The New York Post said yesterday that Jamie Foxx insisted on leaving the tip after a night drinking champagne with friends Dylan McDermott and Djimon Hounsou at Teddy's in LA. When the bill came, Foxx reached into his shoulder bag and left 1000 dollars. In singles. This comes two weeks after Foxx tossed a huge roll of bills from a nightclub balcony in Vegas. A small riot broke out but quickly subsided when the more

WWE went a little too far

WWE normally takes every precaution when it comes to nudity on their televised shows - they even have the girls wear black tape over their nipples as a last defense - but last nights 'Raw', which was billed as having a live sex act between WWE Champion Edge and "girlfriend" Lita, was different. Obviously they weren't going to have a live sex act, but after the two climbed into a bed assembled in the ring and more

Sienna Miller is a gifted artist

One way Sienna Miller has been getting into character for her role as Edie Sedgwick in 'Factory Girl' has been to follow the lead of the Andy Warhol muse and paint large canvases, using nothing but paint and her breasts. No brushes, just boobs. And she seems to think they're pretty good, which is why they're proudly displayed in her London home. "I've got rooms covered in tits after going back to doing what I do more

Chad Lowe is single, ladies!

Two time Academy Award winning actress Hilary Swank has separated from her husband Chad Lowe. The two have been married for 9 years, but have no children together. Swank's manager confirmed the news: "Hilary and Chad have decided to separate but they are hopeful they will be able to get through this tough time." A question for every guy out there: you know how sometimes you wake up with morning wood and you have more

Pink is married to Carey Hart

Singer (?) Pink married motocross superstar Carey Hart, her boyfriend of 4 years, in a sunset beach ceremony in Costa Rica over the weekend. Dressed all in white with pink (how clever) highlights in her hair, she traded vows in front of 100 guests at the Four Seasons resort. The two became engaged last June when Hart was racing in the Pro 250 finals in Mammoth Lakes, California. During his run, Pink wrote "Will more

Jennifer Aniston has bad timing

Fox News, among others, says that Jennifer Anniston was thinking about ex-husband Brad Pitt over the Christmas holiday, and decided that the season of good will was as good a time as any to reach out. So she dialed his cell phone - and hey, guess who answered it! Angelina Jolie picked up, and a short and stuttering conversation followed. The halting phone call did manage to serve as a foundation for a second call, more

Jessica Alba in Hawaii, day two

Jessica Alba is so normal is almost suspicious. She's a big Hollywood star, but clearly not above dating a guy who lays on his lounge chair like a dead retarded person, or as if he just fell there out of a palm tree. In picture 1, he looks like if you rolled him over, there would be a message carved into his chest warning the others to stay away. Other girls in Hollywood who look like Jessica are usually ten shades more

Is Lohan with DiCaprio now?

A few wire reports today are claiming that 19 year old Lindsay Lohan is now romantically linked with 32 year old Leonardo DiCaprio. Word is that Lindsay and Leo hooked up while at the New Year's Eve party at Prive in Miami - just one day before Lohan was hospitalized with "asthma". Leo is even said to have snuck into her hospital room to cheer her up while she was recovering. UK paper The Daily Star said on more

Mischa Barton is gross

I'm not sure why a famous girl like Mischa Barton - who is followed around constantly by hundreds of lunatics with cameras - would wear white pants and nothing else at this certain time of the month, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with being stupid. Hopefully she's pretty close to where she wanted to go, some place that sells black skirts, cause that Rorschach test on the front of her pants just more

Jessica Alba in Hawaii

If Jessica Alba were in a bikini on a beach and grabbing my ass, like she is in these pictures taken last week in Hawaii with her boyfriend Cash Warren, I could walk away, get anally raped by a tiger with AIDS in front of my parents and the girl I had a secret crush on in high school, and it would still be the greatest day of my life. So, yeah, these are finally up in high-res. I'll add more as I more

Elisha Cuthbert is back on '24' says today that Elisha Cuthbert has agreed to return to the Fox drama '24' in the role of Kim Bauer in a four episode arc towards the middle of the season. Cuthbert left the show two seasons ago to pursue film work. The always great goes on to add that some of the new faces on this years run will include Connie Britton, Sean Astin, Sandrine Holt, Oleg Taktarov, Matt Battaglia, Denis Arndt, more

Kate Beckinsale is forgetful

The New York Post says today that, while on the set of 'Underworld: Evolution', Kate Beckinsale would sometimes forget that a girl having a three-way (as she does in the movie) in a skin tight latex suit is actually considered attractive by some men. "You actually forget you are wearing it after a while but other people sure don't. I'd bend over to tie my shoes and four grips behind me would be making groaning more