Mel Gibson has a gay brother

By brendon July 11, 2011 @ 5:29 PM


Long before Mel Gibson gave his opinions about the “fucking Jews” (they’re responsible for all the wars), blowjobs (he deserves them), “wetbacks” (he employs them), “niggers” (they move in packs and rape scantily dressed ladies), and whether or not his girlfriend needed “a bat in the side of the head” (yes), he was famous for a 1992 interview where he was asked about homosexuality.

It was everything you would expect from a Mel Gibson interview about gay people. In other words he pointed to his ass and said, “This is only for taking a shit”, then sarcastically asked if he looked or sounded gay, or if he “moved like them.”

“C’est la vie,” says his newly revealed gay brother, who did an interview with the Australian Sunday Times yesterday.

Andrew Gibson, 43, has finally broken his self-imposed silence after watching his sibling’s reputation get torn to shreds in the wake of allegations by his ex-partner Oksana Grigorieva and his impending divorce from wife of 28 years, Robyn.
Defending the embattled actor, Mr Gibson said the entire Gibson clan refused to believe alleged taped conversations of Mel, 55, using abusive, homophobic and racist language are really of him.
“When I heard them I just thought, ‘That isn’t Mel’. He has never said anything abusive, aggressive or racist in his life.”

Andrew also says Mel was supportive, mostly, when he revealed that he was gay.

“I was at a family dinner at Aria restaurant when I told Mel. He just said, ‘It’s not my choice, but I love you and you’re my brother’.”

In other Mel Gibson news, Radar says he and his gold medallion almost fell down after throwing a little hissy fit in Malibu Saturday night before driving away in his Smart car (full size of the headline pic here). So if it’s not too late, I’d like to answer his question when he asked if he ever looked or moved like a foppish gay stereotype.

Kate Upton makes the All-Star game fascinating

By brendon July 11, 2011 @ 4:21 PM


If there’s one thing Major League Baseball is great at, it’s dragging things on forever, so the All Star Game is now a 4 day event, including the celebrity softball game that was held yesterday. I’m assuming Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton was the MVP, based mostly on her kick-ass tiny shorts.

Granted she looked like a girly spaz when she tired to play, but so did Joe Jonas (who almost filled out his uniform as well as 64-year-old Rollie Fingers). He either missed this pitch or uppercut it so bad it hasn’t landed yet. In his defense, slow-pitch softball is practically impossible. Maybe next year they could get a kick ball and put it on a tee for him.

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Hilary Duff is in a bikini

By brendon July 11, 2011 @ 3:35 PM


Hilary Duff was in Italy this weekend with her hockey player husband who’s name I can’t remember and didn’t bother to write down, because who cares what his name is. I would say, “He could drop dead for all I care”, but after seeing what Hilary looks like in a bikini now, I do care if he drops dead, and I’m enthusiastically for it.

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Mila Kunis is awesome

By brendon July 11, 2011 @ 1:22 PM


Mila Kunis and Lindsay Lohan are about the same age (27 and 25), and both started to become famous in 1998 (Lindsay with ‘The Parent Trap’ and Mila with ‘That 70’s Show’), but while there have been 885 posts on here about Lindsay, there have only been 8 about Mila. And that’s because Mila isn’t a drunken white trash retard. She doesn’t routinely get arrested or flash her tits in public, meaning there’s nothing for me to post about. She’s actually a nice, normal person.

Case in point: last Thursday, Sgt. Scott Moore of the 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan, posted a video on youtube to ask Mila on a date. Specifically, to the Marine Corps Ball on November 18th in Greenville, North Carolina. Over the weekend, Fox talked to Mila and Justin Timberlake about their movie ‘Friends With Benefits’, and they asked her about Moores video. This was apparently the first she had heard of it. And then…

…the clearly flattered actress agreed.
“I’ll go, I’ll do it for you,” she said, turning to Timberlake. “Are you going to come?”
“They don’t want me! They want you,” Timberlake responded. “You need to do it for your country.”
Kunis nodded.
“I’ll do it,” she confirmed.

This isn’t to say that Lindsay wouldn’t have done the same thing. “Afghanistan, eh,” Lindsay would no doubt think as she rubbed her chin. “If I blow this soldier guy, I bet he can score me some sweet-ass opium.”

Jessica Simpson had a birthday

By brendon July 11, 2011 @ 11:51 AM


Jessica Simpsons 31st birthday was yesterday, and she was so excited about the present her fiance bought her with her money that she went on twitter to post a picture and say…

“Eric made my birthday!!! I have never been more surprised in my life! Jackie O who? ;)”

That’s a purse, by the way. If you couldn’t tell. It’s from Hermes. It’s called a Birkin, and you couldn’t get a girl any wetter unless it was filled with sleeping puppies. They’re basically legal rohypnol. They start at around $8,000 but can easily reach $150,000. They come in 4 sizes (20, 30, 35 and 40 centimeter), and are usually made of either leather, ostrich, crocodile, or lizard skin. Victoria Beckham has spent around $2.3 million on them.

Jessicas looks like a 40cm leather bag, so it probably cost around $15,000. She’s actually really well known for her extensive and extra fancy bag collection (though she usually carries Louis Vuitton), so she’s either acting so happy to be polite or because this is actually a Birkin shaped cake.

Gwyneth Paltrow in a bikini is sort of ok

By brendon July 11, 2011 @ 10:31 AM


Gwyneth Paltrow is a completely horrible person, I don’t think anyone has come here today to dispute that, but she looks ok in a bikini considering she’s 38 with two kids. Which is probably the nicest thing I’ll ever say about her.

Here she is with her kids over the weekend in Porto Cervo, Italy, along with Steven Spielberg, whom she also spends every Thanksgiving with because he’s been a friend of her family forever and is even her godfather. He of course also gave her her first role in a movie, playing Wendy in ‘Hook’. So keep this in mind the next time you hear Paltrow telling you how hard she’s had to work to get where she is in life. She was born into an incredibly rich family, the daughter of a very successful actress and a very successful producer, then handed every opportunity to succeed at a very easy job that made her even more rich. And instead of being grateful for this, she pretends like it never happened and lectures everyone about why they’re not as wonderful as she is. As God as my witness, if I was ever alone with her in an elevator, there’s at least a 5 percent chance I would punch her in the face.

(image source = fame)

I was surprised too, Megan Fox

By brendon July 08, 2011 @ 5:32 PM


I wasn’t aware there was a rumor like this, but Megan Fox went on her facebook page last night and posted 4 pictures showing her furrowing her brow and pointing out lines in her face to dispute the rumor that she’s had botox. In fact she still denies she’s had any work done (despite the fact that she looks nothing like she did 10 years ago). So I guess the secret to proving that rumors are false are to make up ones that you can easily disprove. Like the one about Megan that claims I won’t love her all night long, baby.

no one likes Jennifer Aniston

By brendon July 08, 2011 @ 4:44 PM


‘Friends’ went on the air in 1994, which means that Jennifer Aniston has been a big star for 17 years now, so it’s no surprise that a parade of Hollywood royalty packed the stage yesterday when Aniston was honored with a handprint ceremony at the famous Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood.

From Chelsea Handler to Jason Bateman, it was a cavalcade of her friends and co-stars spanning almost two decades in show business!

(NOTE: actually it was just Chelsea Handler and Jason Bateman, who co-stars with Aniston in ‘Horrible Bosses’, which opens today. Oh and her newly shaven boyfriend Justin Theroux was there. And universally despised director Brett Ratner, who is a producer for ‘Horrible Bosses’. But no Courteney Cox or anyone from ‘Friends’, or Jim Carey or Adam Sandler or anyone like that. Maybe they didn’t go because they assumed they’d have to carry her just like they did when they worked together, and cement is really heavy.)