whats photoshop?

Kelly Clarkson stopped by the BBC studios in London yesterday, and something was different from when I saw her on the cover of "My Life Would Suck Without You". I can’t quite put my finger on it. It's not the ear rings. The lipstick? Oh this is gonna haunt me all... read more

teri hatcher is not bad like this

Someone sent these pictures of Teri Hatcher in Cabo, and I think they're new but I'm not positive. I am positivethat sheshould arrange for all of her pictures to be taken like this. From as far away as possible. Because here she looks okay for once. If the photographer... read more

danneel haris in maxim

Site note: some or all of the media previously associated with this post has been modified or removed. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Danneel Harris does her second photo shoot for Maxim in the March issue of that horrifically stupid magazine (both shoots... read more

sharon stone forgot something

It was easy to miss these pictures of Sharon Stone from Elton Johns Academy Award party, because it’s Sharon Stone at Elton Johns Academy Award party. Not exactly Megan Fox at the Blowjob Olympics. No one cared. Except for her, as it turns out, because she went to the... read more

marisa miller is ... um ...

These aren’t especially exciting but neither is today so there you go. It's Marisa Miller backstage for some fashion show with no makeup on. And it’s pretty eye opening. I assume in some other pictures she shits in her pants or strokes her cock, since she's so determined... read more

rihanna might be pregnant

Star magazine says that Rihanna thought she was pregnant with Chris Browns baby in the days leading up to their fight, but she never told him because she thought he might react badly. Which makes sense considering he punched her in the eye just for throwing his keys.... read more

so far, so good

It's been 24 hours and so far no denials that Megan Fox has indeed broken up with Brian Austin Green, so someone should take away his belt and shoelaces and lock him in an empty room before he becomes a statistic. Someone reminded me of the pictures below, where it sure... read more

jennifer aniston still loves brad

The big predicted showdown between Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston at the Oscars never really happened, except in Jenifer Aniston’s mind of course. I can’t even tell at this point if Angelina even knows who Aniston is. OK magazine says...??"Jen couldn't have cared... read more

chris brown is doing great

Every business that has anything to do with Chris Brown has dumped his sorry ass since he beat the hell out of his girlfriend Rihanna three weeks ago. Now Sony Pictures is running the other way too. Brown had completed work on a movie called "Bone Deep", starring Paul... read more

andy richter is joining conan

I always thought Andy Richter was funnier than Conan O'Brien, so for me the show took a step back when Andy left to do great but unappreciated stuff like "Andy Richter Controls the Universe" (on DVD March 24) and "Andy Barker P.I.". But now, hey, good news. MSNBC says...... read more

audrinas house got robbed

People complain that there are no minorities on TV, but what about security camera footage? That’s seen on a TV. Watch this and you can see a girl who looks Latin (she also looks hot, adding to the fact theory, "Latin chicks are hot but they’re all crazy") and some twink... read more

fashion shows are getting better

It was fashion week in New York last week, but now the stage moves to Madrid, and yesterday Andres Sarda put on a show that some of today’s top perverts are calling one of the best ever. It had some sexy looks, including See-Thru PantyDracula. She was chosen for the show... read more