megan fox is a popular model

By brendon October 14, 2009 @ 1:48 PM

Megan Fox has posed for a series of hot new ads and yesterday was officially named as the new face for Armani. Her face is also the official bullseye during my sex fantasies, but who says it can’t be both? OK says…

MEGAN FOX will strip down to her underwear as the new face and body of Armani. The Italian fashion house has confirmed the Transformers star will follow in the footsteps of Victoria Beckham, who fronted the autumn/winter underwear campaign with her husband.
Megan will also be the new official worldwide face for Armani Jeans for next year.
…the soon-to-be unveiled adverts were shot by photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, who also took the Beckhams’ underwear ad pictures.

There are no good Megan Fox pictures lately, so here are some from 2001 when she was a very dorky 15-years-old. With some photoshopping these would also be good for the underwear campaign. The problem with Victorias Secret is that they don’t have a kids section, so this could really give Armani a sexy though seemingly illegal advantage.

marissa miller is somewhat attractive

By brendon October 14, 2009 @ 12:01 PM


The new Victoria’s Secret catalog with all new pictures of Marisa Miller is out, and if it wasn’t clear before it should be now that Marisas body is ridiculous. She’s so perfect I don’t need new pictures. I don’t even need pictures. If she got killed in a car crash today, I could jerk off to her obituary. I’d almost have to. There’s no way I could think about her for more than a minute without getting an erection.

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pam anderson treats kids like slaves

By brendon October 14, 2009 @ 10:52 AM

6th Annual Hollywood Style Awards - Arrivals

Pam Anderson “shocked” the Hollywood Style Awards over the weekend because she had some unknown 9-year-old girl at her feet all night, holding up her dress and sitting at her feet like a dog.

One guest told Page Six, “People were genuinely shocked.
“She didn’t even have her own seat and had to sit at Pamela’s feet, where people nearly stepped on her to get to the stage. The girl looked uncomfortable and kept tugging on her dress to get her attention, but Pamela waved her away.
Pamela was telling people it was her daughter,” the attendee said. “And, after she presented David LaChapelle with an award onstage, she shouted ‘daughter’ in front of the whole auditorium, and slapped her leg like she was calling a puppy. The girl rushed up to grab her train.”

Just once it would be nice to hear about someone in Hollywood who wasn’t completely fucking insane. You can’t use kids as tiny slaves. That’s why I use midgets.  I’m 6’5″, so it’s just more practical to have someone down there to pick up food that I drop or balance my drink on their head.  I’m a big star, I cant be bending over all day to tie my shoes or pick up change.

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hahaha, you lose fatty

By brendon October 13, 2009 @ 5:49 PM


Last week it came out that master criminal Jon Gosselin stole $230,000. His plan was brilliant in it’s simplicity. He went to the bank and took all the money he was supposed to share with his wife. Somehow, it’s still not clear how, he got caught and today he was ordered to return at least 180,000 of it. TMZ says…

According to Kate’s lawyer, Mark Momjian, “The remaining sum of $55,000, which Ms. Gosselin used for household bills and expenses relating to the children, will be subject to further determination by the arbitrator at a later date.”
Jon is required to repay the loot by October 26 — the next hearing — or appear before the judge for a contempt proceeding.
Kate says, “As difficult as this has been for me, I am pleased that the Court has ruled fairly on behalf of myself and my children. Now that this matter has been ruled on, I look forward to returning to private arbitration, as we have agreed to do, to resolve any remaining issues.”

Seriously. How did we get here? How did we get to a point where two people who are completely unlikable and who don’t actually do anything can parlay that into millions? Is this some evil alternate reality, where rock music is outlawed and Hitler is on the dollar bill.

jamie foxx makes sense for once

By brendon October 13, 2009 @ 4:58 PM


Whoopi Goldberg, Woody Allen, David Lynch, Alexander Payne, Michael Mann, Tilda Swinton and Harvey Weinstein were just a few of the big Hollywood names defending Roman Polanski after he was taken into custody last month. To recap, Polanski drugged and anally raped a 13-year-old girl in 1977. That’s illegal, as it turns out, so he fled to France where he has lived a life of opulence and luxury ever since.

So is Hollywood filled with drug addicted perverts who condone this sort of thing? Well yes, but Jamie Foxx isn’t one of them.

“If it had been my daughter who was barely a teenager — my daughter is 15 — Roman Polanski would be missing … period. It wouldn’t even get to the court case. But, that’s me and I wouldn’t want anyone else to follow that because you should let the justice system work it out.”

We should do a lot more vigilante justice in this country. It would really keep pedophiles on their toes. The laws should be redone where, if a guy drugs your 13-year-old daughter then nails her in the ass, and then you hunt and eliminate that person, so what? Who cares? As long as you kill the right guy, whats the big deal? Now, if you kill the wrong person or, let’s say, your neighbor for watching TV too loud for example, that would still be illegal. You can’t do that. But the guy who raped your daughter? Game on. He should be ripped apart by horses then sewn back together. And we would do that until the horses got sleepy.

diora baird is awesome

By brendon October 13, 2009 @ 3:34 PM


There is nothing nothing nothing on earth better than a hot girl with red hair and big tits, so it goes without saying that I have every picture ever taken of Guess model and actress (‘Star Trek’, ‘Wedding Crashers’) Diora Baird. But these showed up yesterday and I’ve never seen them so I think they might be new. Her body is so astoundingly perfect, even if she had horns and flippers for feet, she’d still be the best looking person on earth.

(pic 1 is naked, by the way)

who will get the playboy cover?

By brendon October 13, 2009 @ 1:33 PM


Tara Reid made news last week when she stripped down (“ALL THE WAY” down according to Fox News and their caps lock key) for Playboys December issue, but rumor is that ‘Real Housewives of New York’ star Kelly Bensimon is also set to appear naked in that same issue. This could be a problem for Playboy, because it means 2 celebrities but only 1 cover. So how will they decide who gets it? Oh gee I wonder. I’m not saying some editor at Playboy went out of his way to arrange a series of blowjobs for himself, but I am saying I wish I had thought of that first.

(way more bikini pics of Kelly and Tara over here. hq jump here. source = inf daily and splash news online)

kardashian or hewitt?

By brendon October 13, 2009 @ 12:11 PM


Hewitt! The answer is Jennifer Love Hewitt. An ass this big in Hollywood can only belong to one of two people and in this case it’s Jennifer Love Hewitt. There are other asses this big but technically those are on animals considered “livestock”. Other pictures that claimed to show an ass this size turned out to be drawings of a centaur.