Nick Lachey is just about done

MSNBC is reporting that Jessica Simpson wanted to throw her husband Nick Lachey an extravagant 32nd birthday party last week, but had her plans quashed by none other than Nick. She wanted a lavish event to "show Nick how much she loves him and wants to make things work between them," but that idea was quickly shot down. "Do what you want," he told her. "But leave me out of it." The end result was a small more

Is Britney Spears ready for divorce

Britney Spears may be on the verge of filing for divorce from Kevin Federline, just two months after giving birth to their first child. A source said to be a close friend of Britneys told Australian magazine NW: "Britney's already seen the divorce lawyer. As it stands, the divorce papers are written up and all she has to do is give the word and they'll be filed in the courthouse. She doesn't want to divorce Kevin, more

William Shatner is for sale

William Shatner is reportedly trying to get the doctor who removed his kidney stone to give it to him so he can sell it on eBay, claiming that it would be "the ultimate piece of Star Trek memorabilia." Shatner, who is now 74, says he will give the proceeds of the sale to charity, but first he has to petition eBay to make an exception to their strict policy forbidding the sale of body parts online. The assertion that more

Lindsay Lohan is easy to trick

This Lindsay Lohan story has been around all day, and a few readers have been nice enough to email it to me, but I didnread more

Mr. T says pay attention, fool

MSNBC says that Mr. T has been signed to deliver celebrity voice content for mobile GPS navigation systems. He will replace the computer generated voice typically provided and guide the driver with basic instructions such as "turn left", the difference being he'll add, "I aint playin" and then threaten you. Seriously. Other commands include "Pay attention to what I'm saying," and "Mr. T gonna get you there in more

Kevin Federline has a broken hand

As we mentioned yesterday, professional dancer Kevin Federline can't dance without falling down. And when you're a professional dancer like Kevin, you don't do normal moves, you do death defying moves that can lead to real injury. Like a broken hand. Like the broken hand he now has. Like in this video. So, to recap, a 1000 pound trained bear can ride a unicycle and juggle with no problem, but KFed cant do the more

Celebrities are dumb

The Sun UK has a collection of dumb celebrity quotes today, and here are a few in a little something I like to call, The Worlds Laziest Post. Charlotte Church : "I love being in America." (while on stage in Toronto) Jessica Simpson : "Twenty-three is old. It's almost twenty-five, which is, like, almost mid-twenties." Tom Cruise : "I love kids. I was a kid once, myself." Paris Hilton : "I hate dead people." more

Anna Nicole Smith is entertaining

Good news for people who like drunken whores, cause The New York Post says today that Anna Nicole Smith is still at the top of her game. Page Six says that Smith attended a charity bingo event last week at Hamburger Mary's in West Hollywood. And like all charity bingo events, it led to casual lesbian sex when Smith picked up and brought home a pretty blond barmaid named Tracy, who bragged about it later and more

South Park is great

One of the many reasons Matt Stone and Trey parker are geniuses is because they simply donread more

News from all over

Kevin Federline is officially good at nothing - Some of the "seriously mad moves" professional dancer Kevin Federline was throwing at the Spider Club last night included falling off a podium and grasping his broken hand in pain. Yread more

Jessica Alba in Awake

While I sit here clicking "refresh" during this brutally slow day, here are some stills of Jessica Alba on the set of her next movie Awake. Alba co-stars with Hayden Christensen in the film about the phenomenon called "anesthetic awareness," which leaves patients paralyzed but fully conscious during surgery. They remain completely aware of their surroundings and they can feel every slice of the knife, but they more

Chris Klein is borderline retarded

Hollywood nobody Chris Klein put on more lip gloss and ran his mouth to Elle magazine recently, and did what previously seemed impossible, namely making Katie Holmes new boyfriend look cautious and level headed. The C-list jerkoff who describes himself as an "alpha heterosexual" who only dates "8 to 10's" covered a host of topics, and managed to sound like a brain-dead ass on every single one of them. Some of the more

Paris Hilton is so completely hateable

I read this story about semen transport system Paris Hilton at least 5 times cause there was no way that even she is this insanely desperate for attention. This does talk about a monkey, right? An actual, living, breathing monkey? Paris Hilton now walks around with a monkey? No way. Thereread more

Ashlee Simpson is an idiot

Things are bad when Jessica Simpson is calling you stupid. Even worse when she's right. As she was when she was overheard talking to her mom about sister Ashlee on the red carpet for the ACE awards last week. According to the New York Post, Jessica said: "Mom, Ashlee is so stupid. She left the popcorn in the microwave and almost burned the house down." Ashlee Simpson is so profoundly dumb that, if for some more

Lindsay Lohan is not engaged

Despite some internet rumors to the contrary making the rounds today, Lindsay Lohan says she is not engaged to boyfriend Jared Leto. Rumors began to circulate when she appeared with a diamond on her ring finger last Friday,(see pictures below) a ring she was not wearing just a week ago at the Fendi store opening, but Lindsay explained that this was just a way to mess with the media little bit, a plan that would more