It's Lindsay in court

And here's the video of Lindsay in court this morning. All you need to know about how shitty and useless the justice system is in LA can be summed up by the fact that there's a fucking puppy calender on the wall of the courtroom. It's a calender. With pictures of... read more

snaggletooth is back at cannes

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World, Kirsten Dunst, showed off her disgusting clammy skin and dead stringy hair when she went swimming in Cannes this weekend. It was a real feast for the eyes, especially when she spread her legs and lead with her vagina to enter the... read more

Lindsay Lohan is above the law

In July of 2007, Lindsay Lohan was charged with 2 DUIs, 2 counts of possession of cocaine, transporting a narcotic into a custodial facility, driving on a suspended license, drinking underage and fleeing the scene of an accident. Her BAL was .12 on the first DUI, .15 on... read more

jennifer aniston in a bikini is not bad

Jennifer Aniston is 41 but she didn't look it yesterday while filming bikini scenes in Hawaii for that Adam Sandler movie with Brooklyn Decker. Or maybe she did. Maybe this is what lots of women her age would look like if they didn't do anything all day and had access to... read more

LIndsay is the real victim

One of those machines that talk for people by reading their minds interviewed Lindsay Lohan last night, just a few hours before she's supposed to appear in court. At first I was gonna try to document every time Lindsay lied, but she made it easy by lying from start to... read more

simon monjack is dead

Last Thursday was the 5 month anniversary of the death of Brittany Murphy. It was December 20th when her mom found her dead in the shower of the Hollywood Hills home she shared with her husband, Simon Monjack. But this is Hollywood, 5 months is an eternity. It's time for... read more

lindsay was set up. yet again.

When the picture of Lindsay Lohan next to what appears to be cocaine surfaced earlier today, Lindsay seemed as surprised as anyone. Because she claims she did all of it didn't know about it. So how did it get there? Was it cocaine? Does Lindsay have another paranoid and... read more

"i hope that isn't cocaine in the pictures."

Try not to get a hard on while looking at it, but TMZ has a picture of Lindsay Lohan taken last night in Cannes, and to her right there appears to be several lines of coke on a glass table while she parties on a yacht with the Sicilian Jimmy Fallon and Rosanne... read more

lady gaga is friendly

Lady Gaga and some hot nubian goddess were on a yacht off St Tropez earlier today, and at one point Gagas ebony queen rolled around on top of her for a while. The only problem is it's hard to tell if this was just them goofing around or if Gaga is gonna hit that. Could... read more

Nina Dobrev is in a bikini

Nina Dobrev is on Turks and Caicos today, and I'm not entirely sure who she is but I see her name a lot lately. Unfortunately the words "busty teen" and "cock crazy" don't bookend her name when I see it so I never click the link. And now I'm unprepared. The credits for... read more

the top 10 satire movies

One of the staples of comedy is the parody. A movie or sketch that takes an existing story or genre and makes fun of it. In fact some of the best comedies ever have been parodies. Will there come a time when 'Macgruber' will be on lists like this? I guess we can find out... read more

guess who had to be helped out of a bar. again.

Oooo, this is a perfect time for another scandalous Blind Item. Are you ready? This former A-list actress has been drunk and high for 5 years, and instead of going to court this week over drug and alcohol charges, she got drunk in Cannes, and last night she had to be... read more