Jessica Simpson is the secret Project Runway judge

The ultimate winner of Project Runway is decided every year by giving a few of the designers a runway show at Fashion Week in New York. It's a big deal, a huge honor, so they always get a really fashionable celebrity as a guest judge. Or in this case, Jessica Simpson. ... read more

Britney Spears talks about the lawsuit

Radar caught up with Fernando Flores yesterday, the first outlet to find him since he filed his lawsuit claiming Britney Spears beat her kids and sexually harassed him when he worked for her as a bodyguard. He doesn't really answer any questions, but he does look dumb as... read more

Paris Hilton hid cocaine in her vagina

Paris Hilton used to hide cocaine in her vagina to sneak it past airport police when traveling, according to a new book. And also, just, according to common sense. It just seems like something she would do. The book was written by former 'Girls Gone Wild' cameraman Ryan... read more

Snooki is officially annoying

Snooki had her day in court today, following her arrest on July 30th in Seaside Heights for public intoxication and disorderly conduct, and even though she was given a sizable fine and two days of community service, the real loser was Lindsay Lohan. Because the judge in... read more

Heidi Montag is in a bikini

Heidi Montag has been in Costa Rica for a few weeks now, but she keeps busy by pretending to sell a sex tape and pretending to divorce her husband and pretending get her implants taken out. At least she better not get her implants taken out. Huge tits are the only good... read more

Jessica Simpson simply refuses to stop eating

Jessica Simpson is in New York today, and a few hours ago she left the Ritz-Carlton to get some food for her stomachs, and then it was off to a business meeting in the Fashion District. Which is probably why she was dressed like an eclipse so stylish. Though to be... read more

Britney Spears is being accused of child abuse

A former bodyguard for Britney Spears named Fernando Flores will file a lawsuit today accusing her of sexually harassed him, hitting her kids, having sex in front of her kids, and even forcing them to eat until they vomited. If this sounds familiar, it should, because he... read more

Nic Cages pyramid tomb looks brand new

Nicolas Cage still owes almost 14 million dollars in back taxes, and he lost several houses to foreclosure, including a mansion in Bel Air that he owed over 17 million on, but that's because he used to constantly throw money away on stupid shit. In unrelated news, his... read more

it doesnt matter if Paris Hilton is lying

When Las Vegas police found cocaine in Paris Hiltons purse last week, she claimed she didn't know anything about it, because it wasn't her purse. She borrowed the purse, and she never knew there was any cocaine inside, she said. That was a lie very obviously, but can the... read more

Ashlee Simpson is a drunken menace

Ashlee Simpson was at the US Open this weekend, and you're gonna find this impossible to believe, but she was an annoying pain in the ass, especially at one point when they played a 'Fall Out Boy' song between sets. Her husband Pete Wentz had an appropriate response to... read more

Rihanna lost the bikini contest

Rihanna spent the weekend in Hawaii in a bikini, and it's not that she looked bad, but… okay I can't think think of how to finish that. I mean I know there are guys who like girls with a big ass and no tits, but all those guys are black, and I'm as white as driven snow,... read more

Angelina Jolie is helpful, delusional

As part of her work with the UN Human Refugee Agency, Angelina Jolie spent the weekend visiting Pakistan, "to draw the world's attention towards the plight of 21 million people affected by the country's worst-ever floods." And I don't know about you, but now I'm super... read more