Chanelle Hayes is here to help

Brit model/singer Chanelle Hayes is only beginning to get famous, so I've never seen her in a bikini before, and now that I have Holy Crap she has really pretty skin. I know that's a weird compliment and the kind of thing you would say to a fat girl when forced to be... read more

Chastity Bono is getting a penis

Chastity Bono has revealed today that she is in the early stages of changing her gender, to transition from living as a woman to living as a man. From the looks of things, this should only take another hour or so. Someone get her a tie and she'll be done. TMZ says... ... read more

Paris Hilton did Cristiano Ronaldo

The timeline for last night seems to be that Paris Hilton broke up with Greg (aka, "Doug") Reinhardt, then hit some clubs, then about two hours later she went home with international soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo. She's nothing if not resilient. They both went to MyHouse... read more

Headbands are not good helmets

Literally dozens of fans have been left with nothing to do this evening since the announcement that Brett Michaels will not perform tonight in Myrtle Beach, because Sunday night he got demolished by the stage at the Tony Awards (video of that here, bigger damage pic and... read more

Morning headlines

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 4 - I think I'm the only one who feels Mission Impossible 3 is completely awesome, until the final ten minutes. Philip Seymour Hoffman is the best actor alive, and Maggie Q is so GD hot I'd rather masturbate to the words "Maggie Q" on a piece of blank... read more

Danny DeVito is smooth

You may think it would be hard to pick up girls if you look like Danny DeVito, but as he proved yesterday on live TV, you just have to be resourceful. Try drinking beer at 8am, and burping. Girls like that. Also ramble on about nothing and make weird faces. After that,... read more

afternoon headlines

BRITNEY SPEARS - is officially dating her agent, Jason Trawick. "They are totally and definitely dating," a source tells People. "He's the best thing that's happened to her." Well, yeah, but, how hard was that? Basically if he doesn't push her down the stairs she'll... read more

Heather Graham wins

Two nights ago, Heather Graham wore that hot black dress that looks like a tiger attacked her to the UK premiere of the Hangover. Then she apparently washed it in hot and got it to Kristin Cavallari in time for some WB party last night. I thought girls took precautions... read more

What a sexy story this is

Five more pictures of David Carradine, taken during his autopsy in Bangkok shortly after the now famous Thai tabloid photo, are reportedly on the market. Radar Online says... All of the photos show Carradine nude and strapped to a metal coroner's table with the autopsy... read more

Posh is a hot little bitch

I know none of the cool kids still think Posh is hot, but I didn't get to be the silverback of bloggers by doing what everyone else does. She's fuckin terrific. Yesterday a see-thru shirt, the day before shorts cut so high they wouldn't be street legal over here. The... read more

Demi Lovato is a big star

I've been led to believe that Demi Lovato is either a big deal or will be a big deal. I know she's BFF with the uncomfortably attractive Selena Gomez, and Selena is often called the next Miley Cyrus. Because of that Demi and Selena often fight with the current Miley... read more

Better Y/N?

Kim Kardashian went on her twitter (here) right after Ken Paves chopped off all her hair this morning, and she looks good (she almost looks like Christy Turlington, who is fantastic), but we only see her face. Her ass. How is short hair gonna work with that big ass of... read more