Justin Bieber is a little dick

About 3 months ago, Marg Helgenberger told a French radio station that Justin Bieber was a pouty little dick when he guest starred on ‘CSI', specifically that he locked a producer in a closet and put his fist through a cake on a table. And a few weeks after that, the... read more

Alessandra Ambrosio is a little too pretty

Victorias Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambosio has been on Maui for a few days now, and yesterday she spent the day at the beach with her 3-year-old daughter Anja, and she's so unthinkably perfect that she's even pretty while getting hit by a wave. If this were an ad for... read more

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber are naked

Remember the statue of Britney Spears giving birth on a bear rug (this)? Or the one of Paris Hiltons autopsy (this)? Well those were done by this weirdo, who now has a bronze sculture of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber conjoined at the torso, out for a walk on their three... read more

Imogen Thomas is a true hero

Pope Gregory the Thirteenth was so in love with the calendar he introduced in 1582 that he even named it after himself, but if I wanted to fag off staring at charts and numbers all day I'd be an accountant. Luckily, busty UK model Imogen Thomas is in Marbella, Spain,... read more

Bane has a weird voice

'The Dark Knight Rises' has practically become a play at this point as they continue to film right out in the open all over Pittsburgh, which has lead to quite a few heavy spoilers already. Hopefully this is not another one. As G4 explains... The scene in question takes... read more

Gavin DeGraw was beaten up, hit by a cab

I apparently don't have shitty enough taste in music to know who Gavin Degraw is, and what a relief, otherwise this sounds like it might be really upsetting. The New York Post says... Pop singer Gavin DeGraw was viciously beaten by a pack of thugs on the Lower East Side... read more

Rihanna has weird taste, a gentle embrace

Rihanna has been in Barbados for about a week, and either Barbados sucks or she just hasn't been going to the nice places. Based on her hair I can't even tell if they have running water. And those knit pants aren't helping. They just look like something people on a... read more

Lacey Schwimmer is cunning

Despite the fact that she's been on 'Dancing With The Stars' for 5 seasons, Lacey Schwimmer still isn't very famous, and I rarely remember who she is when I see her, so it was very crafty of her to go to the pool at Hard Rock this weekend, take off most of her clothes... read more

Michael Jordan + Adolf Hitler = Kanye West

Apparently my grandmother isn't the only one who mentions basketball players right after reminding everyone of the days when one particular race was rounded up and sent to labor camps. Because Kanye West performed in London this weekend, and his mind works the same way.... read more

Blake Lively saved the day

Like the guy who still hangs out at his high school three years after graduation, Cameron Diaz made everyone feel uncomfortable at the Teen Choice Awards last night, so it's a good thing Blake Lively was also there to turn that frown upside down. It's like seeing a... read more

Tyra Banks is still young and sexy

Tyra Banks was also at the Teen Choice Awards last night in LA, because why wouldn't she be? The kids today love models from the 90's. That's why, when it was time to pick an outfit for the big night, she walked right into that Halloween store and bought the finest wig... read more

Cameron Diaz is the choice of teens

Cameron Diaz was at the Teen Choice Awards last night, I suppose as some kind of prank. Teens don't really like old ladies. Maybe it was a test to see if anyone would help her across the street or ask her about her grandchildren. The good news is she looked better than... read more