Scarlett Johansson was mean to Ryan Reynolds

Most people were surprised when Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson announced their separation last week, because in their statement, they dropped the N bomb 14 times. Everything was N-word this and N-word that, It Was Ridiculous! But what wasn't surprising was that... read more

Lindsay Lohan assaulted a staff member at Betty Ford

Lindsay Lohan has patiently tried to explain to us that she's a sweet little angel and everyone is mean to her all the time for no reason, and yet we did nothing, and now it's happened again. This time a staff member at Betty Ford actually started a fight with Lindsay,... read more

Lady Gaga is fan friendly

Lady Gaga is known for having a good relationship with her fans, but apparently that doesn't mean you're allowed to feel her tits, because she got upset about it yesterday in Paris when one if them did that. In the fans defense, if you don't want people touching you to... read more

Tracy Morgan had a kidney transplant

(why would a 42 year old have organs randomly shutting down? maybe the story Jay Mohr told on Opie and Anthony about him and Tracy doing PCP is related in some way) Tracy Morgan has had diabetes since 1996 but, and this is gonna amaze you, but he says he didn't really... read more

Lindsay Lohan is still drinking while in rehab

On October 22nd, Judge Elden Fox went against all common logic and the recommendation of the Los Angeles DA by sending Lindsay Lohan to rehab instead of jail for repeatedly violating her probation after a DUI back in... I don't even know anymore. It seems like 50 years... read more

Black Swan looks like a good movie

One reason why Black Swan got so much attention is because there's a scene where Mila Kunis essentially pounces on Natalie Portman and goes down on her. Another reason was Darren Aronofskys ability to tell a complex story about a downward spiral into madness. But really... read more

Vanessa Hudgens had a birthday

Newly single Vanessa Hudgens celebrated her 22nd birthday this weekend at Pure inside Caesars Palace in Vegas, and that could mean only one thing; lots of pictures of Vanessa looking over her shoulder with that slutty little pout she does. What's that Vanessa, you want... read more

Monday morning headlines

TRON - easily won the weekend box office with $43.6 million, which was disappointing considering Disney thought it would make at least 50, but not disappointing considering this movie sucks. (deadline) LINDSAY LOHAN - has moved to a new undisclosed rehab facility... read more

Megan Fox is in a bikini

Megan Fox gave her seemingly loveless marriage another shot this weekend when she went to Hawaii with her husband whose name I can never remember, and put on this sexy bikini. She's obviously real thin here, which is great, but that means her boobs are now smaller, which... read more

Cameron Diaz is a GD monster

Do we ever send anyone good down to Mexico? Or is it just fug, out of shape whores like Cameron Diaz (who was there again this weekend with Alex Rodriguez), Jennifer Aniston, Chelsea Handler, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan? I'm pleasantly surprised they haven't... read more

Kim kardashian wants to be single until 2012

Kim Kardashian has been really disappointing considering she started things off with a sex tape. She'll wear a bikini every now and then or a tight dress, but other than that, nothin. No drama, no controversy, no whorin around. So it makes perfect sense that now she's... read more

Neil Patrick Harris is cool

Most interviews with actors are boring because most actors are dumb as rocks, and the ones that aren't are usually to scared to say anything even remotely honest or controversial. Neil Patrick Harris is neither of those, and that's why he's actually interesting. So he'll... read more