annalynne mccord is fun

Celebuzz says that AnnaLynne McCord was thrilled when she got a free vibrator over the weekend at the We-Vibe Style Lounge. "I wish we had it on video so you could have seen them jumping up and down...and exclaiming 'I want one!'” said the owner. And why not. It’s free.... read more

lindsay got naked again

Almost exactly one year ago, Lindsay Lohan posed topless for a photo shoot that ended up in New York magazine (here). Then some stuff happened, blah blah blah, and now here we are today, and she’s posed topless again, this time for Hedi Slimane, whoever that is. In... read more

britney still calls sam and adnan

At a hearing yesterday in Los Angeles, Jamie Spears (Britney’s dad) testified that Britney has been using a secret pre-paid cell phone to speak to Sam Lutfi and Adnan Ghalib. Lufti and Ghalib of course are the two men who spent the most time with Britney when her life was... read more

madonna was wearing millions

OK! magazine says that Madonna wore millions of dollars worth of jewelery last night to parties around LA after the Academy Awards, all part of her 20 year campaign to annoy every single personon earth. To the Vanity Fair party she wore: - A black and white diamond chain... read more

beyonce had a little slip

Beyonce apparently slipped out of the top of her dress last night during the Academy Awards big musical dance number (close up here), but I didn’t notice at first because who cares. It's just Beyonce. It seems she could have worn pasties or tape or something, so maybe... read more

the first song from tinted windows

Rolling Stone has the first single from "Tinted Windows", a band made up of James Iha from "Smashing Pumpkins", Adam Schlesinger from "Fountains of Wayne", Bun E. Carlos from "Cheap Trick" and Taylor Hanson from "MmmBop" and "MmmBop" remixes. The band was formed when... read more

lindsay lohan is doing great

Lindsay Lohan walked the red carpet at the Mercedes Benz Oscar party in Beverly Hills last night, and it’s easy to see why her weight loss has been the topic of so much conversation lately. It’s also to see why I chose the "resting-my-chin-on-my-knuckles" pose for my... read more

natalie portman at the academy awards

Natalie Portman looked hot of course in her purple dress at the Academy Awards last night, but she would have looked better topless in tight leather pants with her hands cupped over her breasts. Did she even look at the sketches I sent over? Jesus, why do I even bother!... read more

freida pinto at the academy awards

What a night for Freida Pinto and the cast of Slumdog Millionaire. No one had ever heard of this chick a year ago, now she’s talked about as the next big thing and one of the hottest chicks on earth. It was life changing for the little kids from the movie too. I bet they’... read more

vanessa at the academy awards

I’m trying to focus on Vanessa Hudgens because she’s such a hot little piece of ass, but there’s a lady behind her with huge juggs and it’s super distracting. The geriatric lust I’m feeling right now is new and confusing, but god almighty big tits are just the best. They’... read more

anna paquin at the after party

Anna Paquin seems nice enough, but Oh My God, do something about your damn teeth. She's like the villain in a cartoon about toothpaste. (picture source = getty images)[gallery id="10088"] read more

halle berry at the academy awards

God damn Halle Berry is good looking. I would stab a pony at my own kids birthday party if that somehow meant I could have sex with her. I’m not sure why exactly that would get her to sleep with me, but by golly, I’ve got to try something!(picture source = getty images)... read more