Aaron Paul Getting Ready To Pop First Kid Out

Maybe settling down isn’t so bad. A hot wife and a child as conformation to show the world that you have had intercourse at least once with an attractive female sounds like something I could live with.  read more

Celebrate the Life of an Icon With 7 Days of Free Playboy TV

In honor of the man, the myth, and the mastermind behind Playboy, right now you can snag access to Playboy TV totally free. read more

Say Camilla Forchhammer Christensen Three Times Fast and Shit Around the Web

Curvy bikini babes, streaming nudity, nip slips, and more! read more

Kristen Stewart Considered For Charlie's Angels Reboot

If you liked the 2000's Charlie's Angels movie scene featuring Cameron Diaz dancing in her underwear, but were secretly gunning for Oscar the Grouch to fulfill the fantasy instead, you're in luck. Parking lot tampon Kristen Stewart is allegedly being considered to "play... read more

Kim Kardashian Reveals Someone Else Is Pregnant With Her Baby

The Kardashians are doing everything short of going door to door with free DASH swag to woo people into watching their shit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians after last season's poor ratings. While Kris Jenner's fetus three-ring circus has been going on for over a week... read more

Heidi Klum Seems Super Practical

Heidi Klum recently called it quits with her younger New York art scene boyfriend, Vito Schnabel. In deference to his father being a lauded modern painter and arthouse filmmaker, everybody generously referred to son Vito as an art curator. read more

Cris Cyborg Calls Ronda Rousey Unworthy Competition

I’m into grown women professionally beating the shit out of each other using Brazilian Jujitsu as much as the next guy. There’s booze, boobs, and violence. Are you not entertained?  read more

Bella Thorne Achieves Peak Performance (VIDEO)

In the old days, child actors grew into strung out bank robbers. But only because softcore porn paid for shit. Thanks to digital social media, getting nearly fully naked is now a lucrative profession.  read more

Eva Mendes Reaches For Relevance With Guilty Working Mom Comments

 Last time I checked it was only Ryan Gosling starring in La La Land. Now it seems Eva Mendes is there too with the revamped plot focusing on her non existent hectic work schedule.  read more

Kate Mara Topless Lesbian Debut on This Week's Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

This week on the Mr. Skin Minute, everyone's favorite celebrity nudity expert is looking at the best nude scenes that debuted at this year's Toronto International Film Festival. read more

Rick Pitino Finally Too Corrupt for Corrupt College Basketball

If you're not cheating, you're not trying. Also, you're not trying to build a perennial winning major sports program at a Division I college.  read more

Exploited Teen Fashion Models and Kneeling NFL Millionaires on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #103

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we not so intellectually explore the poor elementary school dance show that is now the NFL's pre-game anthem, pretend that "reproductive coercion" is a real thing, forgive Melissa Joan Hart for being human because she's a woman... read more