Bruna Marquezine On the Cover of a Magazine and Shit Around the Web

Hilary Duff bikini parenting, Stella Maxwell in lesbian love, and more! read more

Burning Man Dies

It's never funny when a man burns to death. But it can be slightly amusing. Especially at Burning Man. read more

Victoria Secret Angel Has Sketchy Past

When you've always been the hot girl your entire life you get accustomed to not paying for things. And when they're no men around willing to buy you whatever you want in a bid to place their penis where it counts you have to become independent.  read more

Lil Wayne Seizes on Sizzurp

Lil Wayne suffered another seizure over the weekend leaving him unconscious in a Chicago hotel room. It's a testament to his internal fortitude that he's still breathing. Less a testament is his continued chugging of cough syrup laced fruit juice which triggers his... read more

Emmy Rossum's Shameless Nudes to Come on This Week's Mr. Skin Podcast

We’ve already had some great nudity in 2017, but there is plenty more to come! This week Mr. Skin has got the inside scoop on what to expect from the rest of the year. read more

Crank Candles Double As Dildos

Getting crank past cops requires creativity. But I would like to shake the hand of the man that thought smuggling boxes full of meth dick dildo candles wouldn't raise any questions. read more

Madonna Moves Away Again

If there's a hanky big enough for a national sob, unveil it now. Madonna's moving away again. This is not Madonna's first farewell to the United States.  read more

What Is There Even To Say

Kristen Stewart and star-crossed career-convenient lover Stella Maxwell turned up the "We're Lesbians Yo!" dial to a ten with a recent ho stroll in New York City's Little Italy. Kristen is the 80's high school dropout who works at his dad's garage to bankroll his ironic... read more

World Clown Association Losing It Over Movie IT

Most sane children hate clowns. Frauds and facades. They're a terrifying physical manifestation of forced happiness in make-up that hides their raging alcoholism and failed attempt at a college degree. read more

Toni Basil Sues Everyone Over Use Of Her Song That's Not Her Song (VIDEO)

One hit-wonder Tony Basil is suing the ever living shit out of Forever 21, Disney, Ru Paul's Drag Race, and even South Park for using her song 'Mickey' without her authorization. These outlets have clearly used her song. Though it's clearly not her song. read more

'Token Attractive Woman' Cyclist Sets off Alarms

Everybody can relate to being incredibly bored at the office and inserting their own pranks into the work product. Somebody at Cycling Weekly magazine in the U.K., the best periodical for seeing overly self-serious grown men in bike shorts and helmets, listed a female... read more

Russell Brand Gets Married

I've always been skeptical about celebrities that come from the U.K. because of my upbringing. So I have a natural affinity for distrusting men with long hair who consume entirely too much tea. read more