Ariana Grande Is Having None of That Sexism

Ariana Grande suffered a sexist humiliation for the ages when a fan of her white rapper boyfriend approached the car with the two of them in it, told "Mac Miller" how amazing he was, and then checking out Ariana, said "Ariana is sexy as hell man, I see you, I see you... read more

Bella Thorne Has Arrived

You've made it in Hollywood when the female gossip rags are overdosing on coverage of your "breakup hairdo" as opposed to what men see which is a chick showing off her tits. I'm supposed to notice that her hair is shorter and blue? It's not like we're married, in which... read more

Kim Kardashian's Make Up Artist Twin Feeds from Her Implants

If breastfeeding your baby is the new Joan of Arc level of heroism, then nursing twins from lactating glands above your silicone breasts implants is something akin to Mother Theresa, if she also wore low cut tops and caught by-product semen splash from her boss' male... read more

Sing Should Have Seen This Coming

Universal Pictures animated musical Sing made a character named Johnny, who aspires to be a hip hop artist and is clearly supposed to be black, a gorilla. Also, his father, who is also a gorilla, is a gang banger who is in prison. Shit. Also, Johnny is British. Someone... read more

Ashley Graham Loose Lips Sink Ships

Ashley Graham took her top off on America's Next Top Model for female empowerment. While lecturing a bunch of chicks who have decided they want to make money off being attractive. read more

Phil Jackson And Jeanie Buss Break Up

Phil Jackson was a great coach. The secret is, get a gig coaching the best player of all time and roll the ball out. Coast on that notoriety. Involve yourself in pseudo spiritualism. This is also known as being pretentious. read more

Ray McDonald Video Inconclusive (VIDEO)

Former niners defensive end Ray McDonald is a free agent. Permanently. So are you, someone might pick you up. Declare for the draft, what can it hurt? McDonald and his baby mama got into an argument a few months back and he was arrested for domestic violence and felony... read more

Carrie Fisher Testimonials Run Through Feminist Screening

When parents stop paying attention to brats, the brats will eventually battle amongst themselves for squeakiest wheel. Confused by the results of the November 8th election, New York and Los Angeles literati have begun to consume each other like spider babies after mom's... read more

Mark Wahlberg's Wife Shows No Signs of Wahlberg Procreation

Rhea Durham's had some Catholic mom number of kids and she's approaching forty and she merits a camel hugging thong. They don't pass out these Victoria's Secret runway invites to anybody at twenty-two. read more

Stella Maxwell Finding Her Lesbian Position

When you see dogs meet each other at the park, there's a tremendous amount of ass smelling and some instinctive determination of positions of dominance and submission between the canines. Somehow they figure it within moments. Lesbians take more time in declaring butch... read more

Lindsay Does Dubai

Lindsay Lohan has made Dubai her new home. It was hard for her to officially leave England, until the eviction notices from the apartment her previous boyfriend was paying on her behalf started being taped to her door. read more

Sofia Vergara Bikinis On Vacation And Shit Around The Web

Muy caliente hottie Sofia Vergara takes her giant tits on vacation. They call them tetas in Spanish. Also, too expensive for pesos any longer. read more