Melissa Click Benefits from Incestuous Industry

Colleges swap out shitty professors to one another in a manner similar to how various Catholic parishes moved around priests who indulged in too much wine and pederastic butt fucking. Or how shitty coaches in the NFL who can find work with an endless number of new teams... read more

Jaden Smith Non Gender Conforming Fashion Line Seems Indulgent

More disconcerting than Jaden Smith launching a line of skirts for boys and boy clothes for girls is his continued use of describing himself in the third person. read more

Johnny Manziel More Bad Advice

Johnny Manziel is apparently reenrolling at the University of Texas to finish his bullshit degree in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Sciences. The entire point of having a fake major is that you don't study for it. read more

Obama Has Kaepernick's Back

President Obama is sticking up for Colin Kaepernick's decision to sit out the National Anthem, insuring your idiot friend will blame the national debt on him. Why's he playing so much golf like every president who could walk has done? Would you prefer he got wasted and... read more

Catherine McPhee Cleavage Show And Shit Around The Web

Katherine McPhee shows the world her tit cleavage. She once showed it to another married person and many lives were ruined. Sucks for them. Tits still good for us onlookers. read more

Sistine Rose Stallone Braless Red Carpet, Well, Hello, Sistine

If you live long enough you will see everything. Congratulations, you have lived long enough to want to fuck Rocky's daughter. She's turned eighteen recently, so you can say scream it from the rooftops. Finishing on the pedestrians below remains verboten. read more

Daisy Lea And Amy Lee Summers Doing Something Labor Day

Nothing symbolizes the greatness of the American worker more than two chicks barely covering each other's tits on the beach in a bikini photo shoot. Though clearly non-union. That symbolizes something else. read more

Lena Dunham, Intuitive Ass Munch

Lena Dunham has many magical powers. The preeminent is living high on the hog thanks to her fan base in approximately five of the nations 43,000 zip codes. She's Larry the Cable Guy. Different zip codes naturally. read more

Spencer Pratt Jiu-Jitsu Beast

There aren't many serious douchebags who ever turn things around. It's worth noting so that you can wait pointlessly for every other asshole you know to someday be your best friend. read more

Kylie Jenner Tits Steam Up Snapchat And Shit Around The Web

Every day there is a tit pic of Kylie Jenner on social media. Keep that in your back pocket the next time somebody tells you social media is devoid of worth. read more

Kim Kardashian Comes Partial Ass Clean

After ten years of being dogged about ass injections, Kim Kardashian has admitted to taking needles in her butt cheeks. Though she claims the injections are entirely a medical necessity to treat her psoriasis. Kardashian often refers to psoriasis as her biggest flaw to... read more

Premium Cable Seems Noticeably More Compelling (Mr Skin Minute Video)

What do thriving premium cable outlets and streaming services have that the others don't? Tits. Tons of tits. read more