Frank Ocean Sued By Dad

Frank Ocean is being sued by his dad for defamation because Ocean wrote a Tumblr post about his dad making some trans-phobic comments about a waitress roughly twenty years ago. If you're following along, move out of the country. read more

Trump Bought Out Penile Tell All

Stereotypes are often stereotypes for a reason. You've no doubt heard your lesbian dog walker friend mumble something about Donald Trump's micro penis, perhaps out of jealousy. A small one is better than nothing. read more

Hillary Clinton Eying King of New York City (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton has always been beloved in New York City. Enough so to make her Senator from New York despite having zero ties to the Empire State prior to her run. A Mets hat at Shea and a Yankees hat in the Bronx was more than enough. read more

There Is Nothing Like Ariel Winter In A Bikini And Shit Around The Web

Ariel Winterin a bikini gives me hope in the future ofhumanity. I mean, she could lose a couple pounds, but it's not like I'm her boyfriend giving her looks when she hits the ice cream gallon after sex. read more

Britney Spears Tit Falls Out on Stage (VIDEO)

Two plus years of an overwrought lip-synched Vegas show for Japanese tourists and drunk bachelorettes and something finally happened worth watching. This must be how those NatGeo photographers feel after being camped in a cold wet foxhole for months on end waiting to... read more

Matt Barnes Can't Win

Here's the thing about the next dude who's banging the woman you used to call your wife. You can't beat him. No matter the tough talk and the expletives and even charging over to a party to kick his ass, he's still dipping his dick into what used to be yours. read more

Beware the General Contractor

Christina El Moussa is now openly being seen in the early morning hours with Gary the Contractor from Flip or Flop. According to insider sources, so her newly retained publicist, Christina digs the fact Gary the Contractor is so much more stable than her husband. read more

Blac Chyna Moving Right In

Never invite a hooker into your home. Unlike vampires, this one sucks dick, but only until she gets what she wants. Which is money. Blood letting would be quicker. And more sanitary. read more

Ariana Grande Teasers Seem Obvious

Ariana Grande and her promotional team who can count are urging her fans to download and stream her new song Everyday as much as possible through Spotify. If they reach a certain milestone, Grande is promising the front end of the bell-curvers a lyric music video of... read more

Rob Gronkowski Hit It And Quit It

An Instagram model named Camille Kostek has been claiming to be Rob Gronkowski's girlfriend even though Rob's reps are completely denying it. Translation: He fucked her once, she wouldn't stop texting him, he became suspicious of her motives while he was balls deep in... read more

Beyonce In Vitro

Remember when twins were a novelty and not an indicator that you're in the one percent? Perhaps if your body doesn't want you to have kids you couldraise in a cave, you shouldn't have kids. read more

Emily Ratajkowski Bikini Booty Is Extraordinary And Shit Around The Web

Whose bikini butt is like unto you, oh Emily Ratajkowski? Next time you hear her speak at a rally, press your earlobes inside your ear canals and pretend she's saying, in high school, they called me Anal Emily. Isn't that mean? read more