Carmen Electra Gaining Steam

Bratz doll dug up from the Pet Cemetary Carmen Electra never went for the natural look. This helps in old age. You can't fade if you were never bright. The Kylie Jenner long con. read more

Titty Hijab In Twilight of Hustler

There ought be some melancholy for the waning days of the magazine industry. Specifically, one unadulterated publication that focused on pussy shots like its livelihood depended on it. It did. Hustler. The magic has largely left the building. read more

Ariel Winter Refocuses Attention

Ariel Winter is pissed that media outlets chose to focus on her quotes about being a teenager and living with her older boyfriend from her recent interview with Refinery29. Rather, the interview was supposed to focus on making young women feel better about their bodies in... read more

Rihanna Deep V and Shit Around the Web

Disgraced models, getting lucky in Kentucky, and more! read more

People Magazine Goes Off the Reservation

The simple distinction between People magazine and the large remainder of checkout counter tabloids is that People magazine colludes with the celebrities to publish bullshit stories that cast them in a favorable light. This is done in exchange for access.  read more

Kendall Jenner Now Adidas

The Jenners and Hadids have quietly taken over the sportswear figurehead space formerly owned by athletes. If Lavar Ball is going to keep his kids from being kowtowed by the sneaker companies to the tune of twenty million, these opportunistic whores are moving in. read more

Ashley Graham Denies Losing Weight

Ashley Graham can't win. That's her official line. Unofficially she consumes six times more calories per day than any other model in the business, works out a third as much, and still rakes in millions. Save your tears for real hardships like bombed out Syrian refugees or... read more

Vili Fualaau's Daughter Turns 18 And He Wants Out

Mary Kay Letourneau was groundbreaking in being the first blond lady teacher to fuck her severely underaged male student. Or the first cable news and tabloid era lady to do so. Also, get pregnant. It all seems so pedestrian now. read more

Gwyneth Paltrow 'Successful And Attractive' For Edit

UV victim Gwyneth Paltrow shares her harrowing experiences with fortune and fame in the latest issue of The Edit. The sixty-four-year-old isn't apologizing for the fact that most of the world wants to stuff her full of rose quartz vagina stones and throw her into a river.... read more

Chloe Grace Moretz Appalled By Fat Shaming Snow White

Chloë Grace Moretz is speaking out against the poster for her upcoming blockbuster animated film, Red Shoes & the 7 Dwarfs. The campaign imagines how Snow White would look if she swallowed Lena Dunham... read more

Tiger Woods Girlfriend Supportive Shopping

Tiger Woods blond stylist girlfriend Kristin Smith, who looks suspiciously like Woods' ex-wife and nineteen of the one hundred pros he fucked during that same marriage, caused a stir when her response to Woods being arrested for DUI was to go deep retail shopping.  read more

Erin Moran Had Official Cancer

The coroners report officially concluded that Erin Moran died of squamous cell carcinoma, not drugs as Scott Baio and numerous other evil demons like myself jumped to conclude. Simply because a woman roams the streets as a homeless junkie doesn't mean she died of drugs.... read more