Alicia Arden and Ana Braga Teaming Up

The ladies struggling for attention in L.A. are now teaming up. It was a natural stage of desperation evolution. They're missing their Girl Power shirts. Also, just shirts. read more

Richard Simmons Sues the National Enquirer

Many have tried, most have failed. To sue the National Enquirer. Also to deny that Richard Simmons looks a ton like a girl who you'd guess would be named Maryanne or maybe Alice. read more

George Michael Depressing Last Days

George Michael's longtime companion Kenny Goss did an interview and explained how Michael spent the last several years of his life watching soap operas in his pajamas while eating junk food. read more

Conrad Hilton Fucked In The Head (VIDEO)

Conrad Hilton is obsessed with his ex girlfriend in a creepy stalker kind of way,like he probably goes through her trash and has mentioned her multiple times in a suicide letter that sits unfinished in his drafts folder. read more

Rebecca Leah in Nothing but Glasses and Shit Around the Web

Eliza Dushkurocks a sexy one piece (DrunkenStepfather) Phaedra Parkscelebrates her divorce in lingerie (TMZ) Lindsey Pelasbraless in tight see-through dress (TaxiDriverMovie) Rebecca Leahstudiously sexy in glasses (EgotasticAllStars) Christiana Cinnhosts a bikini party in... read more

Madonna Naked By Popular Demand

It's hard to know by what standards to judge a naked 58-year old woman. That's why we've decided as a society not to see them. The same for teens and kids. It's not healthy for any us, despite what AARP says about the former, and middle school PE coaches say about the... read more

Lena Dunham Finding Not Fat a Challenge

Us Weekly's new cover features a picture ofLena Dunhamwith the caption 20 Slimdown Diet Tips Stars Are Using. Readers are confused. Dunham is neither thin nor a star. read more

Chrissy Metz Spherical For Progress At MTV Awards

This is Us star Chrissy Metz showed up to last night’s MTV Movie Awards looking stunning. Said no one. Save for the guy who always rushes for the candied apples at the State Fair because it's a tradition. read more

Amber Rose Makes a Good Point

Strippers and prostitutes are routinely portrayed as unusually wise women in popular fiction. This has led the general population to forgo the obvious question, if you're so wise, how the fuck did you end up with blisters on your rectum and a crack habit? read more

Creepy Guy Tugs One Out to Feminist on City Bus

There's two places you have no right to complain about the milieu. Public transportation and Vegas. read more

ZO2 Shoes Not Moving Yet (VIDEO)

LeVar Ball is acting like an asshole to the point people are beginning to ascribe him Andy Kaufman-like long con skills. The wait for the "gotcha!" is going to be extensive. read more

Porn Star Molly Cavalli Chomped by Shark (VIDEO)

When testing out a new shark proof snorkel cage, a cam girl makes perfect sense. Lively, entertaining, quick on her feet in response to Russ47 from Cliffside who loves black dildos. read more