sandra bullock had no idea

As a third woman has now come out and admitted to having an affair with Jesse James while he was married to Sandra Bullock, People magazine is reporting that she was absolutely blind sided (see what I did there) by his infidelity, and truly had no idea there were... read more

hackjob squareass is back

Ke$ha has been in Australia all week, and yesterday she and her shapeless ass made their triumphant return to the beach. Which is amazing because if I looked like this at the beach I would fight someone to the death if they tried to drag me there. My blood would streak... read more

jennifer love chewit is an idiot

I'm sure everyone has already been to NPR today, but if you haven't, there's a review of Jennifer Love Hewitts advice book on dating. And it's every bit as dumb as it sounds. Keep in mind she just got dumped for like the 50th time. Nonetheless some masochist collected a... read more

grace park in a bikini ftmfw

I've said it a million times but Asian chicks are the fuckin best. They're little and skinny with long hair and really soft skin. If being a girl was an Olympic event, Asian girls would set the world record 35 times a day. ‘Battlestar Gallactica' star Grace Park, seen... read more

LeAnn Rimes and Tiger Woods? Sure, why not.

Porn star Devon James will be on Opie and Anthony tomorrow morning at 7:30 to talk about yesterdays claim that Tiger Woods paid her and another girl for sex in 2007. That other girl wasn't LeAnn Rimes though. She was way back in 2002. Us Weekly says... "(They) went out a... read more

ke$ha is kind of an idiot

Ke$ha should have worn this cloak yesterday when she was at the beach, and spared everyone from seeing her shapeless and confusing square ass. Instead she wore it today to appear on Merrick, Dools and Ricki Lee, which is a massively popular morning radio show syndicated... read more

jesse james has cheated more than once

It was bad enough knowing the fat poser jackass Jesse James used to nail Janine Lindemulder and then married Sandra Bullock, who is worth 100 million dollars. Then we learned this cliche fag was cheating with a girl who, if nothing else, had to be awesome in bed. Now it... read more

way to go lindsay

Anyone can trip and fall, but when Lindsay Lohan does it at night it's natural to assume it's because this dumb rummy was drunk again. Of course her mouth is open in some of these, so maybe the explanation is that her muscle memory kicked in when she saw she was... read more

kim kardashian is single

Yesterday it was mentioned on here that Kim Kardashian might have broken up with Reggie Bush. And elsewhere it was reported that Reggie will not be a free agent this year and will remain with the Saints at least through 2011. That's not really relevant to anything but... read more

ke$ha and her fug bikini need to go away

The first time I ever heard of Ke$ha was when she was running her mouth about Britney Spears lip synching (this). The second time was when Opie and Anthony took an unstable middle aged goblin with nothing resembling talent and had her sing 'Tik Tok' to prove that... read more

michelle bombshell has porn webcam videos too

By now it's no secret that Michelle "Bombshell" McGee is a dirty whore (that doesn't look as flattering on the page as it sounds in my head) but now a website called OnHerCam is reporting that Michelle worked for them too, and she did way more than the topless stuff... read more

lindsay lohan + ed hardy = hahaha, you suck

Two of the biggest names of 2005 and biggest jokes of 2010 are joining forces to design a line of upscale handbags, which will hopefully be in stores just in time for people dressing up as a douchebag for Halloween. For the record, that first sentence included the only... read more