Michelle Rodriguez is really strong

Michelle Rodriguez is on the beach in Formentera, Spain, today, enjoying the great sport of paddle boarding. I'm not sure how paddle boarding is a sport but whatever. It's like being able to stand on a ferry. Oohh, look at me, everyone. (image source = inf) [gallery... read more

Tom Selleck is haunted by Indiana Jones

(note about the headline: not literally) Though he's obviously gone on to have a long and successful career in Hollywood, the Daily Mail says that Tom Selleck has been haunted for the past 20 years by a role that he decided to turn down. Tom Selleck has been haunted for... read more

Tom Cruise is almost as big as a little girl

The highly anticipated 'Super 8' had it's big fancy Hollywood premiere last night, and exciting celebrities like Tom Cruise were there. Here he is with the movies star, 13-year-old girl Elle Fanning (she's Dakota Fannings daughter. Or sister. I should look that up). And... read more

Leonardo and Blake make it official

If there was any remaining doubt that Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio are together these days, new pictures of them last week in Monte Carlo, holding hands on their way to dinner, should settle it. Especially if you're like me and only barely give a shit. (image... read more

statistically speaking, Jennifer Love Hewitt sucks

The good news for Jennifer Love Hewitt is that she isn't the worst, most unpopular actress to ever live. The bad news is she's the worst, most unpopular actress since 1985. According to Slate.com, who used their access to movie review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, Love... read more

Alec Baldwin wants to be mayor of New York City

Alec Baldwin has been interested in politics for a long time, and today both the Hollywood Reporter and the Daily say the current political climate has him seriously considering a run for office, and what better place to get his feet wet than as mayor of the fourth... read more

Wednesday headlines

THE HANGOVER 3 - is already in development, and Zach Galafianakis says the story will center around his character getting sprung from a mental institution. In other words, expect to see his ass in a hospital gown. (rolling stone) SALT 2 - could be on the way now that... read more

Ali Larter should have kids all the time

Ali Larter had a baby way back in December, and ... umm ... she still has huge breasts, is my point. Though she doesn't seem as proud of them as she should be because in all the pictures other than these she tried to hide them under that stupid sweater. It goes without... read more

Kim Kardashian is suing In Touch

In Touch, who is no doubt still strutting around after breaking the story that Jesse James was cheating on Sandra Bullock, goes to newsstands today claiming that Kim Kardashian has been cheating on her fiance for the past 5 months, with NFL, ahem, "star" Brett Lockett.... read more

Flava Flav knows how to party

Fans of rap music love reading books, so the new biography from Flava Flav should fly off the shelves and be an instant bestseller. And they'll be well rewarded too, since Flav is pretty entertaining and extremely candid, even admitting to spending almost $6,000,000 on a... read more

Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez dont look broken up

Last week there was a rumor that Alex Rodriguez and Cameron Diaz had broken up, but it turns out the source of that rumor was Perez Hilton, who is a jackass, possibly retarded, with a long history of simply making things up. That seems to be the case this time too,... read more

leave me alone!

I guess they thought I was 'Twilight' star Kellan Lutz, but the paparazzi need to get their shit together and not follow me around during my workouts. I get that we have the same body type but, come on, the resemblance between us is passing, at best. (image source = ... read more