the Golden Globes Red Carpet

As explained yesterday, I couldn't care less about the Golden Globes. It's the opinion of 86 foreign journalists. Actually, wait, no, 85read more

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So, I actually really hate this but I'm gonna have to set up some sort of registration on the comments section because of the remarkable amount of spam the threads have been getting lately. If it had been funny, that would be one thing, but this was just annoying. Should be back in a day or two. And sorry about the 'because you're gay' thing at the end of the threads right nowread more

Janet Jackson is hungry

I know sometimes famous celebrities use doubles who kind of look like them to throw off paparazzi and fans, but Janet Jackson has to try harder than this. Putting a bear in a red sweatshirt isn't gonna fool anyone. read more

Americas Next Top Model in Playboy

Adrianne Curry, the first winner of the reality TV Show 'Americas Next Top Model', isn't shy about posing naked in Playboy or about ripping into ANTM host Tyra Banks. Says Curry: "She's really mean. She's Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde. She can be the sweetest person in the world, but once that camera is off, she's Naomi Campbell, in your face." Curry has complained before that ANTM did not help her earn contracts once the more

James Bond is dead

Rose Byrne will be announced this week as the next Bond girl, "winning" the role of Vesper Lynd opposite first time Bond Daniel Craig in the upcoming remake of 'Casino Royale'. Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron were just a few of the name actors to turn the role down. Bryne, 26, made her mark co-starring in 'Troy' and 'Star Wars: Episode II', in performances so captivating, I have no idea who she was. Says a more

All the Hiltons are classy

Sometimes it feels like all you ever hear about in the papers and on the news is all the selfishness and greed in the world, but then you see classy ladies like Paris and Nicky Hilton, and then you take a deep breath, and you think, "man, you know what, there's a lot of good out there. There's still a whole lot of good out there". And maybe then you wonder how they did it. Well, it's no secret, just good parenting more

Jessica Simpson is bruised

The Daily Mirror UK says that Jessica Simpson has been seen recently sporting what appears to be a black eye. Simpson was photographed as she left Sushi Roku in LA coming out of the back entrance on Wednesday, dressed all in black and wearing a large floppy hat, possibly to hide a bruised eye. A source tells the paper : "She seemed to be hiding her face for some reason and when she got into her car, it looked like more

Lindsay Lohan really hates "Scarlett"

The always great Gawker had to post a correction today after a baseless attack on Lindsay Lohan yesterday, when they claimed that Lohan wrote 'Scarlett is a cunt' on the bathroom wall at the Dark Room in New York City late Tuesday night. Luckily, Gawker is big enough to admit when they're wrong, and today they correctly printed what she really wrote, which was 'Scarlett is a bloody cunt / L / Peace and love / more

Carolyn Murphy sex tape update

Just to follow up on the sex tape of Sports Illustrated and Estee Lauder supermodel Carolyn Murphy, (others posts here and here) Page Six says today that Murphy had her ex-husband arrested on extortion charges after he tried to sell the tape they made on their 17-day honeymoon in Barbados. Jake Schroeder was arrested in California last Thursday and released on Tuesday after his bail was paid by ICG, the company more

Mariah Carey is on the beach

It took me a while to figure out why people started to send in pictures of Jerome Betis on the beach. Then I realized it was Mariah Carey, and I really got confused. God this girl got thick. Is her dad a bear? Cause I think it would be pretty cool to have a bear for a dad. The boys in school would snicker about Mariahs giant legs, but then one dude would say, "knock it off dude, her dad's a bear." And also - more

Supermodels are classy

One of the reasons I got out of modeling was because I felt like I never had any privacy. People were always coming up to me in public for autographs and wanting to shake my hand. Looks like Cindy Crawford fugured out a way to avoid all that. Thanks to reader/sexy model/puppy veteranarian pbullock for the more

'V for Vendetta' might have a problem

Fox 411 says today that Warner Brothers studios is concerned with how the media will cover its upcoming flick 'V for Vendetta', a new movie starring Natalie Portman and written by Larry and Andy Wachowski, the writers and directors of the 'Matrix' trilogy. The studio is less concerned with the anarchistic tones of the movie, and more concerned with the gender reassignment that Larry Wachowski has been under going more

Holy crap!

Damn, we all knew Angelina Jolie was pregnant with the child of Brad Pitt, but its kind of amazing just how far along she is. Jesus, is she having a kid or a damn dinosaur? She is reportedly due in the summer, but based on these pictures in People, by then the baby will be carrying Angelina around. She may even be at the weird stage that pregnant women go through, the one where they start to eat food in more

The best movies of last year were...

The George Clooney produced, directed and co-written Good Night, and Good Luck was the best reviewed movie of 2005, according to, who assemble the reviews of every major movie from a huge assortment of media, print and online sites. Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit and March of the Penguins round out the top three. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire came in at number 7, making it more

Kate and Lindsay are strippers

Page Six says today that Lindsay Lohan and Kate Moss put on an impromptu strip show at the famous New York strip club 'Scores' early yesterday morning for the 400 or so stunned customers. Lohan is 19. Lohan, Moss and a couple of female friends rolled into the club about 2:45 a.m. and headed straight for the exclusive Champagne Room, where they proceded to shotgun round after round of vodka shots, raspberry more