Jessica Simpson hates Dave LaChapelle

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Jessica Alba does all the work

It must be nice to be Cash Warren and cruise through life, oblivious, not really doing anything except dry humping Jessica Alba on a public beach in Hawaii, as he does here on their vacation 4 days ago. I cant for the life of me figure out what exactly he brings to this relationship. His job sucks, heread more

Nell McAndrew has the worlds best ass

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Kate Moss really likes cocaine

Its long been wondered how Pete Doherty - who actually has people on his payroll whose only job is to create new drugs for him to get addicted to - has been able to hold on to Kate Moss as a girlfriend. Her rep has always been fairly clean, at least for a model. But today, UK newspaper the Daily Mirror has a clue, in the form of pictures of Kate in a London recording studio snorting coke with a bill described as an more

Heidi Klum names her son

Heidi Klum has named her newborn son after her husband Seal and her father. Henry Guenther Ademola Dashtu Samuel was born Monday in Los Angeles, the couple announced Wednesday on Klum's German-language Web site. Seal's full name is Sealhenry Olusegun Olumide Samuel, while Heidi's father and manager is Guenther Klum. The baby is the couple's first child. The 32-year-old German supermodel has a 16-month-old daughter, more

Lindsay Lohans chest is back

No one is happier about Lindsay Lohans chest coming back than I am, as witnessed in these pictures taken at Fashion Week in New York City yesterday, but is there any more colossal waste of time than fashion week. Telling you that Lindsay is dressed like an idiot here would be like telling you not to determine whether dogs are friendly by offering them your penis. You either already know this kind of thing, or more

Is Shakira wasting her money

Big-hearted Latin star Shakira is paying to have a brand new school built in her home town Barranquilla, Colombia. The sexy singer is so proud of her modest roots, she is determined to pour much-needed cash into the poverty-stricken area through her own charity, the Barefeet Foundation. "I never want to forget where I come from. I'm very proud to be Colombian and very proud of my city Barranquilla." Shakira is one more

Does Nell McAndrew deserve a trophy

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Has James Bond finally been cast

Several sources are reporting this morning that Daniel Craig is once again atop the short list to replace Pierce Brosnan and play James Bond in the upcoming remake of Casino Royale and a formal announcement will be made in days. This is in contrast to a report in the UK Sunday Times from September 4th that says the movie is in real trouble, with no script and no consensus on casting and only 12 weeks left until more

Mr T is here to help. And kick ass.

Mr. T has signed a deal to star in a pilot for TV Land called "I Pity the Fool," in which he'll dole out advice and try to help people in difficult situations. "I Pity the Fool" will feature Mr. T giving advice in a talk show format and dealing with issues of the more

Pink, the worlds tubbiest fitness model

I guess I never realized that Pink was a spokesmodel for Bally’s Total Fitness until these pictures showed up a few days ago. Mostly because Pink is a tubby poser mess with legs like Ricky Williams, and it never even dawned on me that such a thing was possible. I guess on one hand, it’s a brilliant idea, because fat girls see Pink as an achievable goal. You too can look like a model, and its not even gonna be more

Everyone hates Revolver

Revolver, the new movie by Guy Richie that was supposed to mark his move back to Lock, Stockread more

Matt and Trey are headed to Broadway

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are teaming up with creators of the Tony Award winner for Best Musical in 2004 to create a Broadway musical about religion. Bobby Lopez and Jeff Marx, who are in Las Vegas for the launch of their Broadway hit "Avenue Q" at Wynn Las Vegas, plan to start their writing project with Parker and Stone this month. Lopez didn't divulge which religion, only that it was "a particular religion." more

Rebecca Romijn needs to get in shape

A report on Glamour UK says that Rebecca Romijn will marry boyfriend Jerry O'Connell on New Year's Eve, and is busy getting her body in shape for the special occasion. "Since they started planning the wedding, Rebecca realized she would have to go through several fittings for her gown. She wanted to look her best." It's not like Rebecca Romijn looks like Gollum or anything now, but sheread more

Mischa Barton actually looks hot

When people suffer from schizophrenia, the first signs usually appear in their late teens and early twenties, so the people who love Mischa Barton should get her some help now, before she decides sheread more