Jay Z has a secret child

By brendon September 15, 2011 @ 3:10 PM


Last month Jay Z and Beyonce announced that they were expecting a baby, the first child for each of them, unless you count Jay Z’s other kid that he’s kept stashed away for 9 years as if he were Harry Potter.

Radar says in the most convoluted and poorly written way possible that Jay “has a secret son with a Trinidadian model, according to the father of the man originally identified as the child’s father.” This has reportedly been confirmed by DNA tests.

“…while Beyonce was initially livid about the secret son, she’s stood by her husband. The boy closely resembles Jay, who’s reportedly paying Shenelle child support.”

Wow, a black guy with a child out of wedlock? Well this is the first I’ve heard of anything like this. I hope the rap community doesn’t ostracize him. They don’t really condone this kind of thing.

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damn you Lindsay

By brendon September 15, 2011 @ 1:43 PM


Lindsay Lohan hosted a party for Lovecat magazine at the Standard hotel in New York last night, and nothing says you’re still a big star quite like hosting a party for a magazine that I doubt actually exists on a Wednesday. With your mom. The only reason I care at all is because she let us see her tits, but please note that she has no friends. The only people who ever hang out with her are her sister and her mom. She could go party with cardboard cut out of Angelina Jolie and it would be cooler than this.

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burglars stole and ate Nic Cages fudgesicle

By brendon September 15, 2011 @ 12:22 PM


Why does insane shit like this only happen to Nic Cage.

Cage, at the Toronto film festival promoting the film ‘Trespass’ about a home invasion, said that he has actually lived through the nightmare in real life.
“It was two in the morning. I was living in Orange County at the time and was asleep with my wife. My two-year old at the time was in another room. I opened my eyes and there was a naked man wearing my leather jacket eating a Fudgesicle in front of my bed,” he told reporters on Wednesday.
“I know it sounds funny … but it was horrifying.”

I bet it was Nic. Because if there’s two things Nic Cage loves, its leather jackets and fudgesicles, and this dirty bum had just taken away one of each!

everyone loves the Kardashians

By brendon September 14, 2011 @ 4:15 PM

On one hand, this anchor from the Philadelphia morning show on Fox was being mean to Kim and Kourtney Kardashian for no reason. On the other hand, fuck them.

Gerard Butler sure showed them

By brendon September 14, 2011 @ 2:52 PM


Gerard Butler was trying to have dinner in New York last night but was interrupted when the paparazzi tried to take his picture, so he turned the tables and took some pictures of them. Because repeatedly yelling someones name while they have a private conversation and taking their picture with a camera that looks like a telescope = pointing your phone at someone who doesn’t care and making a grumpy face. Totally the same thing.

Actors are idiots, by the way.

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Helena Christensens still got it

By brendon September 14, 2011 @ 2:11 PM


Former supermodel Helena Christensen had breakfast this morning with a friend in the west village in New York. And then after that she cackled maniacally, baked some children into a pie, and turned a king into a newt.

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Sarah Palin had sex with Glen Rice

By brendon September 14, 2011 @ 12:24 PM


Joe McGinniss, the not-creepy-at-all sounding “journalist” who moved next door so he could spy on her, has finally finished his biography of Sarah Palin, and now the Enquirer has “shocking secrets” from the book “that will impact her decision to enter the 2012 presidential race” for some reason.

McGinniss claims Sarah had a steamy interracial hookup with basketball stud GLEN RICE less than a year before she eloped with her husband Todd.
Sarah hooked up with the NBA great, then a 6-foot-8 junior at the University of Michigan when he was playing in a college basketball tournament in Alaska in 1987 … at the time, Sarah, just out of college, was working as a sports reporter for the Anchorage TV station KTUU.

So, 30 years ago, a single girl had sex with a single guy. What a story this guy uncovered! And here’s another shocking excerpt:

One time she bought a hat.

A-HA! Got you now, you hat-wearing-guy-sleeper-wither!

fun fact: one year later, Michigan would be number 2 in the country at the time of this tournament, and then lose to Alaska-Anchorage in one of the biggest upsets in the history of college basketball. Perhaps because thier star player was too tired to play well. Sarah Palin puts Alaska first!

Scarlett Johansson is naked

By brendon September 14, 2011 @ 9:40 AM

Last night, two alleged naked pictures of Scarlett Johansson leaked online, and even if they’re not real they look real enough. So I guess they’re real. If you were under the impression that I was some kind of image forensic scientist than I apologize for misleading you. My bad?

direct link to NSFW pics HERE and HERE