watch your ass chris brown

Rihanna hit up BangBang in LA this week and got at least three new tats of guns. Two on her shoulder blades and one under her right arm (pic here). She hasn’t said anything about her motivation for this, but many are guessing it has something to do with getting her ass... read more

afternoon headlines

ISAIAH WASHINGTON - the former “Grey's Anatomy” star is being evicted from his home near Santa Monica because he is 5 months late on the rent. Which in this case equals $100,000. People in Omaha who pay 2 grand for a five-bedroom with a fenced yard must be laughing their... read more

it makes perfect sense

For years Hollywood has tried to make a "Three Stooges" movie, but could never to find three actors good enough at physical comedy to recreate such recognizable characters. So now they’re just gonna just stop trying and make the movie anyway. Variety says...MGM and the... read more

finally, a trailer

A teaser trailer for the long awaited Spike Jonze movie “Where the Wild Things Are” has finally arrived online. Although, technically, this is the second official trailer. The first one, for “Where the Wild Things Are”, directed by Spike Jonze, came in the year 2000, and... read more

sean penn? really? thats gross.

This sounds like madness, but Star magazine claims that Natalie Portman, who is 27, was caught last week “making out” with Sean Penn, who is married and oh by the way 48. For the math challenged, that’s a 21-year difference. A source tells Star...."They went to a bank of... read more

bruce willis is really smart

The official version is that Bruce Willis met his new wife, the Victoria’s Secret model 24 years younger than him, though “friends”. But why wait for your dead beat friends to hook you up when you can just cast a bunch of models in your movie and then have sex with them.... read more

morning headlines

ANNA NICOLE SMITH - if the actions of Howard K. Stern directly led to her death, he could be charged with secondary murder or involuntary manslaughter, which is less serious, even though it sounds way worse. “Slaughter”. It's like he hacked her to pieces with a machete. ... read more

brooke hogan is a big star

In her mind, as she made her way to the Ritz Carlton pool in Miami on Saturday, and again just before she revealed her scandalous pink thong, Brooke Hogan was already planning for the next few days, once these “sexy” pictures were all over the internet. Then in magazines... read more

carmen electra naked in maxim

Carmen Electra is featured in this month’s Mexican edition of Maxim magazine, and the cover says, “Carmen Electra: Chica Top Topless”. And then inside there are pictures of her topless. So even though I never took Spanish, I could read like 90 percent of the cover. I’m... read more

jennifer aniston might be a jawa

The mystery of what Jennifer Aniston looks like was almost revealed today in New York, but that sly boots has bested the curious public once again. Who is Jennifer Aniston? Is she even real? No one knows for sure! This was as tantalizingly close as we’ve ever been.(image... read more

morning headlines

KIM KARDASHIAN - “Everyone was laughing at her.” Because she can’t pronounce “philanthropy”. As you might guess, that came up when she emceed the Rush Philanthropic benefit. There's no video, so just picture a whore playing Password. “Phil-a ... fila-hoppy ... feel ...... read more

nice job lindsay

Lindsay Lohan has had her brand new $130,000 Maserati for about a week now, so of course it’s already been fucked up. Why wouldn’t it be? To be fair, she wasn’t the one driving when it hit a Subaru in front of them yesterday in Glendale, her assistant was. But if Lindsay... read more