Cameron Diaz is really smart

According to Contact Music, Cameron Diaz says that when she was growing up in Long Beach, science appealed to her much more than acting, and her goal was to embark on a career as a scientist had she not found quick success as a model. She says: "I really think I would have gotten into some sort of science, like zoology, or you know, oceanography, or something like that. I'm fascinated with how the planet works. And more

Jessica Simpson is lonely

Despite the Italian vacation last week paid for by OK! Magazine owner Richard Desmond, Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey continue to lead separate lives. As soon as they returned to America last Friday, Lachey ditched Simpson to party in Las Vegas, and on Saturday, Bam Margera confirmed to US Weekly that Jessica had left Lachey. But it gets worse. Or better, if you're me. The New York Post is reporting this morning more

Jude Law is clingy

According to the Daily Mail, Jude Law and his ex-wife Sadie Frost could have a reconciliation in their future. A source tells the UK paper: "They seem to have come full circle. Sadie has told friends that she still loves Jude and that he still loves her. They have already started behaving like a couple again and the next step could be getting back together." The pair went through an acrimonious divorce finalized more

Ryan Dunn is handsome

I meant to put these up Sunday, pictures of Jessica Simpson and Ryan Dunn at Coronas Cantina on Sunset in West Hollywood Saturday night. Don't bother looking for her husband, because he was in Las Vegas. And donread more

Sharon Stone is craving attention

Sharon Stone opened Louis Vuitton's new flagship store this week on Paris' Champs-Elysee wearing only a coat, a hat and nothing else. A source told the New York Post: "Sharon showed up in a Louis Vuitton coat with nothing underneath. That was it - she was like a flasher! She wore it as a dress." I know Sharon Stone is kind of a crazy bitch, but sheread more

Scarlett Johansson wants plastic surgery

20 year old Scarlett Johansson has admitted she will have plastic surgery when she gets older to keep herself looking young. She tells UK magazine B this week: "I definitely believe in plastic surgery. I don't want to be an old hag. There's no fun in that." Just like Scarlett, it's important for me to feel sexy. That's why I wear sexy underpants. It's not just for my lady, its for me too. I donread more

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Will Ferrell is a genius

I'm sure most of you have already been over to this morning, so this may be old news, but for those who haven't, they scored some early set pictures from High, Wide, and Handsome, the NASCAR movie written by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay. Those two last worked together when McKay directed and co-wrote Anchorman. Ferrell plays a driver named Ricky Bobby, already making this movie funnier than more

50 Cent slams Samuel Jackson

Samuel Jackson famously turned down a role in Get Rich or Die Tryin', the first movie starring 50 Cent, because he doesnread more

Kirsten Dunst is rude and drunk

The New York Post today has the worlds least surprising story: Kirsten Dunst is a bitch. Says Page Six: "Some of Kirsten Dunst's pals are concerned. The blond pixie showed up to the premiere of her flick Elizabethtown last week 'disheveled,' said one spy. At the after-party at Providence, Dunst proceeded to 'drink a lot and got very loud and obnoxious. She was very pushy.' Sadly, we hear it's not an more

Brande Roderick is until I wake up

Its 3:30, and I'm not awake yet, so who wants to start the day with some pointless nudity? I know I do. And Brande Roderick seems as good a choice as any. IMDb is helping me justify this by saying she has two movies in post, so she's technically an actress. Although the last four characters she's played have been named Tiffany, Cherry, Casey and Heather. That probably tells you everything you need to know about more

Kate Moss is still employed

Despite losing millions in endorsements deals since her drug addiction was revealed, Kate Moss has kept at least one job - she will still appear in the much sought after but private and prestigious Pirelli calendar for 2006. Pirelli - yes, the Italian tire company - claims it never considered replacing Moss. A Pirelli spokesman said: "There was no chance that Kate would have been dropped from the calendar. We more

Britney Spears is back

These pictures of Britney Spears and Drexl Spivey showed up over the weekend, the first decent pictures of her since giving birth. Iread more

Angelina Jolie is the next Bond girl?

Various wire reports and the Sun UK claim today that Angelina Jolie is in talks to be the new Bond girl in the upcoming Casino Royale. Producers are desperately trying to sign her to play Vesper Lynd, a Russian double agent who seduces James Bond. Almost exactly a year ago on the red carpet for the premier of Alexander, Jolie was quoted as saying "It's been a lifetime ambition of mine to play a 007 villain." Says more

Kirsten Dunst doesn't tell the truth

Contact Music says today that Kirsten Dunstsread more

Jessica Biel is the Sexiest Woman Alive

Normally, Esquire Magazine is just ego driven pie-in-the-sky hippie stuff, where terrorists and Cuba are always right and America is always wrong. But every now and then they trick some hottie into doing a photoshoot. And its always really uncomfortable. Based on the writing, the dusty mummies who read and write that magazine are pretty much the same guy who bought the Drunken Clam, then framed Peter and came on more