Mr T is here to help. And kick ass.

Mr. T has signed a deal to star in a pilot for TV Land called "I Pity the Fool," in which he'll dole out advice and try to help people in difficult situations. "I Pity the Fool" will feature Mr. T giving advice in a talk show format and dealing with issues of the more

Pink, the worlds tubbiest fitness model

I guess I never realized that Pink was a spokesmodel for Bally’s Total Fitness until these pictures showed up a few days ago. Mostly because Pink is a tubby poser mess with legs like Ricky Williams, and it never even dawned on me that such a thing was possible. I guess on one hand, it’s a brilliant idea, because fat girls see Pink as an achievable goal. You too can look like a model, and its not even gonna be more

Everyone hates Revolver

Revolver, the new movie by Guy Richie that was supposed to mark his move back to Lock, Stockread more

Matt and Trey are headed to Broadway

Trey Parker and Matt Stone are teaming up with creators of the Tony Award winner for Best Musical in 2004 to create a Broadway musical about religion. Bobby Lopez and Jeff Marx, who are in Las Vegas for the launch of their Broadway hit "Avenue Q" at Wynn Las Vegas, plan to start their writing project with Parker and Stone this month. Lopez didn't divulge which religion, only that it was "a particular religion." more

Rebecca Romijn needs to get in shape

A report on Glamour UK says that Rebecca Romijn will marry boyfriend Jerry O'Connell on New Year's Eve, and is busy getting her body in shape for the special occasion. "Since they started planning the wedding, Rebecca realized she would have to go through several fittings for her gown. She wanted to look her best." It's not like Rebecca Romijn looks like Gollum or anything now, but sheread more

Mischa Barton actually looks hot

When people suffer from schizophrenia, the first signs usually appear in their late teens and early twenties, so the people who love Mischa Barton should get her some help now, before she decides sheread more

Jessica Simpson can do this

Iread more

Alicia Silverstone is like a gazelle

Iread more

Kanye West got booed last night

The Boston Globe is reporting that Kanye West was loudly booed last night at the NFLread more

Steven Spielberg is rude to murderers

Steven Spielberg has been criticized by the only surviving Palestinian terrorist behind the massacre at the 1972 Olympics in Munich, Germany, because the director failed to consult him over his new movie dramatization of the tragic events. Mohammed Daoud was a member of terror group Black September in the early 1970s and was responsible for the deaths of 11 Israelis in Munich's Olympic Village. "If someone more

Eva Longoria wants kids. Now.

Eva Longoria claims to be so sure that boyfriend Tony Parker is "the one," she's already planning a family with him. Gabrielle Solis, Longorias character on Desperate Housewives, is pregnant, and now Eva is frustrated that she lives in California while Parker, who is the point guard for the San Antonio Spurs, lives in Texas. "I want a lot of children, so I told Tony to hurry up because Gabrielle is already two more

Dave LaChapelle hates Jessica Simpson

The New York Daily News asks the question,read more

Everyone eventually shoots 50 Cent

Federal agents and prosecutors are probing whether convicted crack kingpin Kenneth "Supreme" McGriff was arranging to kill 50 Cent in retaliation for a song called "Ghetto Koran," in which 50 purportedly raps about McGriff's criminal history. McGriff is a lifelong friend and employee of Irving "Irv Gotti" Lorenzo, CEO of the record label Murder Inc. A federal investigation is trying to determine whether Lorenzo more

Sienna Miller might be back with Jude

The reason people say that pictures are worth a thousand words is because of pictures like these, taken two days ago. So what can we learn: for starters, Jude Law is a foot and a half tall. Heread more

Lucy Pinder and Sophie Howard work hard

Its Thursday here on WWTDD, and Thursday is fox night, where foxes get in free! And also its 4 in the morning and Iread more