Sarah Jessica Parkers son is confused

James Wilke, the 3 year old son of Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker is said to be such a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres that he now wants to be called 'Ellen'. Parker whinnies: "My son heard that the show was on in the morning, as is often the case in our home, and I was probably sleeping, as is often the case in our home, and he heard music. So he ran in and (Ellen) started speaking to somebody. He said, more

Tom Cruise is dumb/crazy/dangerous

The Daily Mirror UK says that Tom Cruise once again finds himself at the center of controversy because of his belief in the healing power of Scientology and his disdain for traditional medicine. He was due to appear at a banquet - where ticket prices began at $6,000 - to raise funds for the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project, a scientology program to "purify" firefighters still having health more

Rachel McAdams is slipping

I haven't believed in wish granting fairies since I was like 19, but I may reconsider since today I got to see Rachel McAdams nipples. And now, we can all enjoy them. Hot blond chicks never go out of style, and Rachel is devastatingly beautiful, but it sure would be great if she owned a razor. Granted, its not gonna be any kind of a deal breaker. Girls as sexy as Rachel could stab a retarded guy right in front of more

King Kong is racist

Several columns are out today that are calling the movie King Kong racist. Movie reviewer David Edelstein, writing in, says: "the implicit racism of 'King Kong' - the implication that Kong stands for the black man brought in chains from a dark island (full of murderous primitive pagans) and with a penchant for skinny white blondes." And James Pinkerton in Newsday writes, "Any movie that features white more

Star Jones has a new book!

Someone over on Live Journal found the cover for the new Star Jones book (new one on the left, old one on the right) that comes out in January and I just had to share. This is the book where she reveals her secrets to finding true happiness and making your life as great as hers. Cause she really does have it all figured out, huh. Sure, she's obesely fat and would die if she walked the streets of Phoenix for an hour more

South Park doesn't steal

Peter and Bobby Farrelly are angry that their movie 'the Ringer' is being called a rip-off due to its similarity to a South Park episode. The ringer stars Johnny Knoxville as a normal guy who fakes a mental disability to compete in the Special Olympics. The South Park episode 'Up the Down Steroid', which aired in 2004, featured Eric Cartman faking a mental disability to compete in the Special Olympics. Peter more

Madonna is embarrassing

The Sun UK says today that Madonna's fashion sense is not shared by her nine-year-old daughter Lourdes. The singer, 47, admits Lourdes sometimes gets embarrassed by what she wears and wants her to be a normal mom. "My daughter is critical. Sometimes she totally disapproves of what I wear. She doesn't want me to look too strange. If I pick her up from school she instructs me to dress normally. She goes, "No more

The Dior Christal party, part 2

More pictures here from last nights Dior party. Elisha Cuthbert came with her new hair extensions but without current fiancread more

The Dior Christal party, part 1

Some pictures now from the Dior Christal party last night, held to celebrate a watch. Celebrities - they're just like us! It was a pretty big deal though, cause this was for the first timepiece designed by John Galliano. Oh, I know, I never thought he would either. I dreamed of course, but you don't wanna get your hopes up until it really happens. The dinner for 80, in support of the Entertainment more

News from all over

Arrested Development on Showtime? - the Hollywood Reporter is saying that 'Arrested Development', recently cancelled by Fox, may find a home on Showtime. Sources stressed that the talks are still exploratory and that it would be a big financial commitment on Showtime's part to pick up the show in its current form with a large ensemble cast. Not to mention the sheer pandemonium it would cause at Showtime if more

Lindsay Lohan see-thru?

So are these pictures of Lindsay Lohan in a see thru? Uh, actually no, not really. But sex-kitten reader Heidi sent these on, and Heidi is one of those names practically guarantees hotness, so I was gonna agree with her no matter what. And if she says these pictures of Lindsay at the King Kong after party are see-thru, then yes, yes they are. But Iread more

Is Jessica Alba a bitch?

Page Six claims today that Jessica showed her true colors at the exclusive 'MisShapes' party Saturday night at Don Hill's. They say she and her entourage were quickly ushered inside, but when head promoter Gordon Nicol asked for a picture, Alba turned him down flat. When Nicol pointed out that Madonna, Hilary Duff and Selma Blair had all posed, Alba snapped, "I don't care!" and walked away. At that point, one more

Ted Casablancas Blind Item

This time of year is always brutal on a page like this because the holidays bring everything to a standstill. So with that in mind, I'm now going to cut and paste the Blind Item from Ted Casablanca on E! If you don't know, a blind item is the kind of gossip where people can't name names in print for fear of being sued. Like he couldn't say John Travolta is gay. I'll say it cause I watched the parade of confused more

Jessica Simpson is enhanced

Jessica Simpson is an amazing woman! So confident, so sure of herself! I really admire her. Some may say she looks ridiculous after getting collagen in her lips - if in fact that's what she did - but quite frankly I can think of worse things than Jessica Simpson with thick and less sensitive lips. Obviously, she's pretty dumb, but labradors are dumb too and look how great those are. She's not going to be anchoring more

Moby still hates Eminem

Sensitive hippie Moby, who sang the song 'Revolver', a song with the chorus: "That's when I reach for my revolver, That's when it all gets blown away, That's when I reach for my revolver, The spirit passes by this way." says Eminem has blood on his hands because a fan acted out the lyrics to one of his songs. Moby says that Shady is culpable in the murder of a woman by fan Christopher Duncan after Duncan stuffed more