is this ghostbusters 3 footage?

There are 2 videos out today (other one here) from this website that claim to be secret spy footage from the set of Ghostbusters 3, currently filming in New York, but it's almost definitely a viral ad campaign for the new video game because Ghostbusters 3 hasn’t even... read more


Amanda Bynes desperately needs huge implants, as you can tell in these pictures from last nights Critics Choice Awards, but I bet she'll be thrilled to learn I'd probably still stick it to her because she's the girl who was on that Nickelodeon show. Now, calm down Amanda,... read more

amy winehouse is still a menace

People should just assume by now that if they see Amy Winehouse, she’s going to be dirty and smell bad and will almost definitely assault someone. It’s happened every single day for three years, so I think by now it’s a very justified prejudice. Oh hey guess what’s going... read more

wtf elizabeth banks

Elizabeth Banks walked the red carpet at last nights Critics Choice Awards (I literally have no idea what that is) and unless she just got hit by lightning there’s no reason in the world her hair should look like that. It doesn’t even seem like hair. She's like Mr. Heat... read more

rampage pled guilty

As you may remember, this past July UFC superstar/baddest motherfucker alive Quinton "Rampage" Jackson led OC cops on a crazy chase through city streets in his lifted Ford 350 truck after a bizarre bout with depression stemming from his loss to Forrest Griffin two weeks... read more

does kendra have a new show?

I know a bunch of people over at Playboy (note: not really but I like to pretend I'm a big shot) and the rumor is former "Girl Next Door" Kendra Wilkinson has been the first to get her own spin-off show on E!. It's not entirely clear whatthe show will be about but, um, it... read more

my best friends girl

Okay so I'm supposed to write an ad for "My Best Friends Girl", which comes out on DVD and BluRay on this Tuesday, but it would seem their faith in me was misplaced because it turns out I’m an idiot with no idea how to write ads. I wrote 5 different intros, and this was... read more

when the hell did this happen

Damn. I knew Jake Gyllenhaal was hitting the HGH weight room to get in shape for that Jerry Bruckheimer "Prince of Persia" movie, but I didn’t know he looked like this. This dude used to be built like young Asian girl, now he looks like a damn college linebacker. And I... read more

pointless model pictures

Okay so these pictures, of Serbian model Polina Tretiakova as she walked around Hollywood last night, looked a lot hotter when they were just thumbnails and I bought them (from pacific coast) without previewing and since I already paid for them here they are. That was a... read more


Do plastic surgeons take thatHippocratic oath pledging to do no harm to their patients? Because whoever has been working on Nikki Cox needs to look himself in the mirror and do some soul searching. She should use the plastic surgeon I go to. You can't even see the scars... read more

jett will be buried today

John Travolta and Kelly Preston will bury their son Jett this afternoon, according to new reports by the AP. Jett was just 16 years old when he died last Friday after striking his head on a bathroom fixture during a seizure. Us magazine says...Jett will be buried in... read more

linds is single, behind a door

I may have to scrub my penis like it was about to perform heart surgery when I was done, but I would still bang the bejesus out of Lindsay Lohan. How could you not? She's a skinny freak with big tits and long hair. What’s not to love? And now she's single, or something.... read more