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Katherine Heigl is a mess – Go Fug Yourself has some thoughts on Katherine Heigl wearing tiny sandals, a skintight skirt, and a cheap-looking shiny satin top.  Try and guess if they’re good.  (picture source = splash news)

Michael Phelps will be very rich very soon – his agent says the swimmer could make 100 million dollars by getting the warhead and holding the world hostage in endorsements.

Kelly Brook in a bikini – This link will lead to pictures of Kelly Brook in a bikini, as implied by the title.  

Nothing can stop a Werewolf – If you’re being chased by the Wheelchair Werewolf, say your prayers.  Or step up on a curb.

Watchmen might be in trouble – Warner Bros. is scheduled to release the highly anticipated "Watchmen" on March 6, but a federal judge in LA has decided he will hear a lawsuit filed by 20th Century Fox against Warners over rights to the comic.  This could lead to delays, mostly because nerds will fill the gutters of earth after killing themselves in the streets.


By brendon August 19, 2008 @ 7:14 AM

I was wondering how Christina Applegate could be so confident she was cancer free after being diagnosed with breast cancer just a few weeks ago.  As it turns out, yeah, she's pretty confident.  Yahoo says…

Speaking on ABC News' "Good Morning America" in her first interview since announcing her diagnosis earlier this month, the "Samantha Who?" star said she had a double mastectomy three weeks ago. She'll undergo reconstructive surgery over the next eight months.
"I'm going to have cute boobs 'til I'm 90, so there's that," she joked in the interview, which aired Tuesday. "I'll have the best boobs in the nursing home. I'll be the envy of all the ladies around the bridge table."
The 36-year-old actress elected to remove both breasts even though the disease was contained in one breast. She said she is now cancer-free.
Applegate called the operation a logical decision. Her mother battled breast cancer, and she tested positive for the BRCA1 gene mutation linked to breast and ovarian cancer.
"I just wanted to kind of be rid of it," she said. "So this was the choice I made and it was a tough one."

Wow, good for her.  She did the right thing.  Implants look fantastic these days, and while natural breasts are even more awesome, they don’t do me much good if the girl is dead.  Just digging her up would have taken all night, and I'm pretty busy.


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I don’t know how but INF Daily has gotten more pictures of Lindsay Lohan and Courtenay Semel in Capri, Italy on New Years Eve of 2007 (the pictures date 12.27.07 and 12.29.07) .  Lindsay of course was rumored to be f’ing Semel at the time.  The cool part of these pictures is that they show Hayden Panittiere on the trip too.  So did Lindsay seduce and F her too.  Yes.  Yes she did, according to my depraved fantasies.


By brendon August 19, 2008 @ 5:58 AM

Barely two weeks ago it was revealed that Christina Applegate had been diagnosed with breast cancer, yet today she tells Good Morning America that she is cancer free.  Well that was easy.  The New York Daily News says…

"I'm clear," Applegate tells ABC News' "Good Morning America" in an interview airing Tuesday. "Absolutely 100 percent clear and clean. It did not spread. They got everything out, so I'm definitely not going to die from breast cancer."
"I was so mad," she says in the "GMA" interview when she first heard the news. "I was just shaking and – and then also immediately, I had to go into … 'take-care-of-business-mode,' which was … I asked them, 'What do I do now? What – what is it that I do? I get a doctor, I get a surgeon, I get an oncologist? What do I do?"'
Applegate, 36, says she "immediately made those appointments and immediately called around for … someone to start teaching me how to live macrobiotically." She was referring to following a healthy diet of fish, grains, beans and vegetables, and avoiding processed foods.

I’m not a doctor, in fact I’m poorly educated and to be honest I can barely read, but is that really how cancer works?  One week you have it the next you don’t?  I don’t think she had cancer.  I think the doctor just wanted to fondle her breasts for a few weeks.  If your doctor tells you have breast cancer, and he knocks you out, and later you wake up and he’s crying with the bible open and saying "I'm so weak…", that’s how you can tell.  I would get a second opinion.


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After 8 gold medals, was there any doubt that Michael Phelps was gonna be on the cover of Sports Illustrated re-creating the famous Mark Spitz poster.  This was an obvious choice but boring as hell.  A better representation of how much ass he kicked last week would be a picture of him riding a 20-foot seahorse and throwing a trident into a slanty-eyed squid wrapped around an American submarine.


By brendon August 18, 2008 @ 1:08 AM

To follow up the story that Lindsay Lohan was once in a gay relationship with Courtenay Semel, INF Daily has a picture of them sort of kissing in November of 2006.  So maybe Lindsay really did hit that.  And maybe this is why people think she's gay.  Most rumors tend to have an ounce of truth to them.  It's why I'm known around Hollywood as, "King of Bitches".


By brendon August 18, 2008 @ 1:04 AM

The rumors about Smoky The Bear "dating" her fug-ass boyfriend Samantha Ronson first began in April of 2007.  Then kicked up again three months later.  Then in December, the story was that Lindsay was f’ing Courtenay Semel, the daughter of Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel.  Now Courtenay has come out and said that last part was actually true.  MTV UK says…

Semel said: “Everyone thinks Samantha is Lindsay’s first lesbian love, but we were very passionate until her fear of being found out drove us apart.”
‘A pal’ of Courtenay’s told the tabloid: “From the start Lindsay was very confused about her feelings… both of them would do lines of cocaine in the toilets then head home and fall into bed together.”
According to the claims Semel was dumped when LiLo hooked up with Samantha Ronson.

They would do coke then head home and go down on each other?  What an awesome story this turned out to be.  It really had a little something for everyone.  Just like Shrek 3.

(picture source = inf daily)


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Adrian Grenier brought out his guitar as he sat on the beach in Malibu this weekend, and I apologize if I ever gave anyone the impression he couldn’t be anymore of a douche than the already was.  Obviously I didn’t know that he and his sunken chest were gonna do this.  What a cool guy.  I hope he didn’t spill his vodka-grapefruit cosmo while he was serenading the dolphins.  Here’s that chicks breast by the way.  It's pretty awful too.

(picture source = splash news online)