everyone hates jay leno

NBC fired Conan O'Brien as host of the Tonight Show because he couldn't beat David Letterman, something Jay Leno had done for years. So NBC made a tough choice, and even though they would lose hundreds of millions of dollars, they decided to bring Leno back so he could... read more

"Mommy, help me. How can they do this?"

You might want to put some pillows behind you in case you faint, but Lindsay Lohan is a self-centered brat and Dina Lohan is an enabler who lies every time she talks. Like yesterday, for example, when she explained Lindsays 100 million dollar lawsuit. The New York Post ... read more

morning headlines

COREY HAIM - collapsed in his moms apartment just before 1am. No illegal drugs were found, but 4 prescription drugs were. His mom told LAPD, "he had been battling prescription drug addiction for years." How exactly was he "battling"? It's like saying a nail is a battle... read more

lets start the day over

Stupid Corey Haim got the morning off to a bad start, and I keep forgetting to mention the Christoph Waltz video from Jimmey Kimmel, so now is a perfect time. Edward Hills indomitable spirit is needed now more than ever, so sit back and let his soothing vocals bring a... read more

corey haim is dead

The New York Times says that 'Lost Boys' star Corey Haim died early this morning, and although his cause of death is still unknown it was drugs. Of course it was drugs. That jackass has been shakin like Muhammad Ali for 10 years. He had brief windows of sobriety (like in... read more

tuesday afternoon headlines

MICHAEL JACKSON - had at least 2 girlfriends whose identity have remained a secret, according to his bodyguards. Well that's all the proof I need. I'm sure it wasn't a boy in a wig and a dress. Why can't the girls go public? Who knows. Maybe they're mermaids. (... read more

i like the one in the middle

Argentinian model Belen Rodriguez is in Miami today after filming a commercial yesterday, and she's not world famous or anything but she's at least as famous as the elves in the post beneath this one. Should they even be on a beach like that? Out in the open? I would... read more

i dont feel so good

The hobbits from that 'Little People, Big World' show on TLC are in Hawaii today, perhaps to check on their hidden pots of gold. If anyone there is reading this you should follow them. Or just kidnap them and force them to give you their treasure. Don't take this the... read more

what a good day for movie trailers

If you're an excitable nerd I mean cool guy like I am, you have tons of sex with many beautiful ladies. More to the point, you have Apple and Yahoo and Trailer Addict all bookmarked because movie trailers are cool. So today was big because the long awaited trailer for ... read more

is this the bachelor sex tape?

No. At least according to E! online, who continues to be a big fan of Tyler. A 15-second dirty video that went live on (NSFW site!) Pornhub.com today may look like her, but the blond woman shown "is clearly not her," her rep, Stacie Vanchieri, tells E! News exclusively.... read more

lindsay wants $100,000,000. over this.

If anyone thought she was done acting like a spoiled, drunken retard, you can kill that because Lindsay Lohan is suing E Trade Securities for 100 million dollars over their commercial featuring a "milk-a-holic" named Lindsay. Seriously. Lohan's lawyer, Stephanie Ovadia,... read more

kelly brook won the academy awards

On her way to the Academy Awards last night, Kelly Brook and her DDD breasts stopped by the Pacific Desighn Center in West Hollywood, where Elton John would host his after party in just a few hours, and either a ray of golden sunlight wrapped itself around her because it... read more