The Slumdog kids are doing great

Azharuddin Ismail was one of the little kids that starred in "Slumdog Millionaire", and the last time he on here was 5 days after the Academy Awards when his dad back in India smacked him around in front of photographers then made him go beg outside their house. And by... read more

The good news first...

The good news is that these pictures show Natalie Portman in a short skirt, writhing around on top of a guy with only one thing on her mind. In fact she rocks up and down with such passion that her skirt flies up again and again and you can see her panties. The bad news... read more

Madonna might get married again

In December, Madonna, who is 50, started dating Brazilian model Jesus Luz, who is 22. They we're still dating in March when Madonna was making plans to adopt a little girl in Africa. Then on March 23rd, the adoption agency said, "The news she is linked to a young man... read more

Robin Williams can't be stopped

If you enjoy John Wayne impressions or seeing a white guy do a scandalous jive-talkin black guy character, hold on to your funny bones, because according to Entertainment Weekly, "Robin Williams will resume his ‘Weapons of Self-Destruction' stand-up tour, which he had to... read more

Maxim is a good magazine

For the write-up on number 6 in the Maxim Hot 100, Eliza Dushku talks about seeing her tattoos naked while in the shower, and Maxim writes, "you've delivered a roundhouse kick to our heartstrings". Let's just let that sink in for a second, shall we? Keep in mind this is... read more

Holly is doin Russell Brand

Holly Madison doesn't seem like someone with much of a sense of humor, like someone who would be entertaining or fun to hang out with, so this should work out nicely because the same could be said for Russell Brand. Holly and Russell met in Las Vegas at a party thrown by... read more

Jessica Biel is better at stuff

Jessica Biel and her dork boyfriend went jogging along the Chelsea Pier yesterday, and OH MY God what a surprise it is that Justin runs like a nerd. Jessica looks like a fitness model on the cover of a running magazine while Justin pumps his fists and flails his arms... read more

Megan Fox: "I'm bisexual."

This would have been up sooner but after reading the headline my erection punched the bottom of the desk at about 900 miles per hour, and it turns out that when your penis violently crashes into 500 pounds of wood, it aches quite a bit. The Sun UK says... She told... read more

Lindsay is dirty in every way

LAPD investigated a burglar alarm yesterday at the home of Lindsay Lohan, and after they waded through the mess and broken debris left behind, they discovered that the burglar never actually made it into the house and that Lindsay is a lazy pig. The Daily Mail says...... read more

Kate says she isn't cheating

Kate Gosselin, the Kate part of TLC's hit show "John and Kate Plus Eight", is still reeling from reports that her husband is cheating on her, but good news, now there's something to take her mind off that. Two weeks after stories linked her husband, Jon Gosselin, with a... read more

Vanessa Hudgens will get naked

That hot little bitch Vanessa Hudgens, star of "High School Musical" and several erotic daydreams, tells E! Online that she has no aversion to getting naked (which should have been obvious) and she wouldn't hesitate to get naked on screen for the right part. "I will show... read more

Carrie Prejean is still Miss California

Miss USA pageant owner Donald Trump announced today that Miss California Carrie Prejean will not be stripped of her crown over newly discovered shocking topless pictures, possibly because the pictures are neither topless nor shocking. says... Prejean, 21,... read more