Is Superman gay?

The always great Radar Online asks the question, "did Bryan Singer's penchant for casting with the lensman in his pants influence his choice of Brandon Routh to play the Man of Steel in Superman Returns?" Ever since the unknown Routh was chosen over studio favorite Jim Caviezel, some have wondered what the determining factor was. Fueling speculation is the fact that Singer has made 5 studio pictures, each one has more

Kelly Brook at Narnia

One year ago, I would have guessed that Billy Zane was going to spend this Christmas asking prostitutes if they have change, but somehow between then and now he managed to score Kelly Brook, and having a doughy B-List actor gasping for air on top of you must have magical powers cause she's never looked better than she did at the London premiere of the Chronicles of Narnia Tuesday night. It's impossible to figure more

Kanye West is whiny

Kanye West told MTV News this week that he had heard predictions that his record Late Registration would be a likely contender for Album of the Yearread more

Brad Pitt has proposed. Several times

UK magazine Grazia says today that Brad Pitt is desperate to marry Angelina Jolie and is proposing to her every day, but Jolie has told a friend she is addicted to her independence and is reluctant to say yes. Another reason may be that it would be Angelinaread more

Nicole Richie is single

I don't usually mention Nicole Richie here for the same reason I don't mention a duck I saw at the park. Why in the hell would I. She doesn't do anything. Unless being mistaken for the chupacabra is now a job. And yet for some reason it's news that she is ending her nine month engagement to Adam Goldstein, aka DJ AM. Richie's publicist confirmed to the AP on Wednesday that the couple have split. She said the more

Lindsay Lohan is not a morning person

Despite being healthy enough to attend the King Kong premiere in Manhattan Monday night and (reportedly) the after parties until the early morning, Lindsay Lohan cancelled her appearance on Live with Regis & Kelly on Tuesday five minutes after the show began due toread more

Howard Stern is on Fox tonight

The Fox News Channel will air the first of a two-part interview with Howard Stern tonight on The O'Reilly Factor, starting at 8:00 est. Word is that no topics were off limits, but leaks of the content and how the two got along during the interview have been kept quiet. The New York Daily News said today: Stern tells Bill O'Reilly tonight on FNC that Sirius is paying him "a lot of money," but nowhere near the more

Hilary Duff is a sex fiend

Hilary Duff entered my fantasy kingdom yesterday after reported that the Hollywood good-girl attended a premiere party for the porn movie Kill Girl Kill 3 at Joseph's, an event attended by over 400 guests, only one of whom had a show on the Disney Channel. Said a source: "Hilary arrived with an entourage and sat at the side of the nighclub all night. At one point, Hilary asked two burlesque dancers to more

Is Leonardo with Sienna now

The Daily Mirror UK says today that Sienna Miller was spotted with Leonardo DiCaprio at the New York nightclub Bungalow 8 this week. Says a source: "Sienna was with some pals at the club, dancing and drinking. Then at midnight a scruffy-looking Leo appeared on his own and joined Sienna's gang. She seemed very happy to see him and gave him a huge hug. They spent most of the rest of the evening huddled in a corner, more

Chapelles Show is back. Kinda.

Variety said late Monday that Comedy Central will air the previously-recorded sketches that would have made up the third season of Chapelles Show that Dave Chapelle filmed before his sudden and strange departure from the show that was set to earn him 50 million dollars. Quoth Variety: "Chappelle has been on an open-ended hiatus for about ten months, with taping of the third season of his Chappelle's Show more

Lindsay Lohan at King Kong

So, I guess when a girl is on the red carpet you can just tell her to spin around and unapologetically take pictures of her ass. Like Lindsay Lohan last night at the New York premiere of King Kong. You don't have to take her to diner or open her car door or drug her, just scream at the top of your lungs and have a camera. Nice. I'm totally having red carpet installed in my house. And I just hope that the girls more

Nicole Kidman is marrying this?

Several sources, including the New Zealand Herald, say today that not only is Nicole Kidman pregnant with the child of country music star Keith Urban, but the rumors of an engagement are true and the two may be wed as soon as New Years Eve. Aussie tabloids say that Kidman and Urban flew to Nashville where the familes of both gathered for a summit and it was there that Kidman was spotted with her new ring, said to more

Eminem and Kim are getting remarried

The always great Star Magazine is reporting that Eminen is set to re-marry ex-wife Kim Mathers, despite a past together that could charitably be described as rocky. A source tells Star: "Em told me, 'I might as well marry her again. For some reason, we seem to be stuck with each other for life.' It looks like they're getting remarried after the new year." Surprising to say the least for anyone whose ever heard more

Britney Spears really is pissed

The New York Post is now confirming the story that ran over the weekend that Britney Spears is trying to sell the $200,000 Ferrari she bought for husband Kevin Federline just a few months ago, because she is tired of his freeloading and his entourage of unseemly friends. Federline was kicked out most recently after his dope dealer came to their home in Malibu and was hanging around their newborn son, Sean more

the X-Men 3 trailer is live

Is there any chance we can finally stop pretending that Bryan Singer is a good director. He's not. At all. His one great film was the Usual Suspects, but that script by Christopher McQuarrie was so insanely brilliant, you could have just held it up to the light and that would have been a great movie. Singers two X-Men movies were frustrating and boring. It was always one vs. one in a room somewhere. You may more