Renee Zellweger knows how to pick workout clothes

This is why everyone hates women. Renee Zellweger wears a pair of tights to the gym that looks like something you'd wear to be an anatomy class model, oh, but if I get caught looking at her toaster, suddenly I'M the pervert here right? What does she have on under that... read more

Tony Parker has been cheating on Eva Longoria

Despite denials yesterday, at least in regards to whether or not Tony Parker filed for divorce, Us magazine goes on sale today with a cover story claiming that Parker has been cheating on Eva Longoria for over a year. Well, not really cheating, but close enough to piss... read more

Tuesday afternoon headlines

SALVATORE GIUNTA - was awarded the Medal of Honor today, the first living recipient in almost 40 years. The LA Times has a transcript of the Presidents speech here, and Giunta has a twitter page here (update - maybe just go to the US Army page for now), so if you wanted... read more

Eva Longoria is getting a divorce

Hey, remember that post 5 minutes ago? This one. The answer is "yes". Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are getting divorced ... TMZ has learned. Parker filed for divorce yesterday in Texas. The "Desperate Housewives" actress and the San Antonio Spurs star married back in... read more

is Eva Longoria almost single?

E! says that Eva Longoria, who was once inseparable from her husband Tony Parker Longoria, is now very very separable. Is it because she wants me to stick it to her? Yes, probably. Something is going on in Eva Longoria Parker's world—and it doesn't sound good. Her camp... read more

Jessica Simpson had to buy her own engagement ring

Jessica Simpsons new fiance played in the NFL for 6 years, and even had a pretty good season in 2004, but he hasn't had a team for 2 years now and never had a big contract. In other words he's almost certainly broke, so before he proposed to Jessica, she had to go buy... read more

who is the windows phone girl in lingerie who says "really"?

So last night, in between Michael Vick fisting the Redskins, that Windows phone commercial came on, the one that has people saying "really?" and plays In The Hall Of The Mountain King, but much more importantly has that amazing piece of ass in lingerie trying to get the... read more

is Ke$ha still repulsive? Let's find out!

You know she is, brother! She's still down in Australia, and yesterday went swimming at Bondi Beach. Thankfully she didn't wear a bikini again. I'd rather see the clouds part and angels announce the End of Days than her giant square ass in a thong. (source = pacific... read more

Jessica Simpson is not getting a pre-nup

I think we all know that Jessica Simpsons marriage to Eric Johnson is gonna last about as long as the first piece of wedding cake they give her, so it would be dumb to not get a prenup and put her 100 million dollar fortune at risk. And since Jessica Simpson is dumb,... read more

Scarlett Johansson is the, ahem, "GQ Babe of the Year"

Scarlett Johansson has been named the 2010 GQ Babe of the Year, and what better way to show what a hot - oh dear god - "babe" she is than by having her pose in a one piece swimsuit with a rope belt in front of a gray background. Jesus Christ, does GQ know what year it... read more

BREAKING NEWS: SNL did something entertaining

The Unstoppable parody on SNL this weekend would have been good for the way Scarlett Johansson says "Chrysler Build Ing" if nothing else, but it became the kind of thing you'll watch 20 times when it added Jay Pharoahs unbelievable Denzel Washington impression. This is... read more

Mel Gibson admits he slapped Oksana Whateverhernameis

Mel Gibson's ex girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva made headlines back in July when she claimed that, during one of their many fights, he punched her, knocking out two of her teeth. In his defense, Gibson told investigators that his dinner was over 10 minutes late. No not... read more