miley is really candid on twitter

Miley Cyruseses official twitter account was hacked earlier today and no one has yet taken credit, but very obviously these posts were not made by Miley. You can tell because the new ones are less pointless and rambling, and the grammar and punctuation are way better than... read more

lindsay lohan is doing great

Lindsay Lohan spent Valentines Day with her special lady friend of course, but the two did not attend the opening of the Matthew Williamson NYC store together. Maybe because, like me, they have no idea wtf that is. Lindsay went, and instead of asking what she was doing... read more

at least those got bigger too

Jessica Simpson and her boyfriend Tony Romo went to the Waverly Inn this weekend for Valentines Day and ... um ... ooff. Hopefully Romo doesn’t use those flavored condoms, because it might not be the best idea in the world these days for his penis to taste like chocolate... read more

naomi watts seems nice (EXCLUSIVE)

Naomi Watts just had a child in December, yet she’s already back to work and not only that but going full frontal in Marina Del Rey for the movie "Mother and Child". She’s a beautiful woman but you can definitely see the toll pregnancy took on her body. I wonder if the... read more

salma hayek got married

A French paper is claiming that Salma Hayek has married the father of her child, billionaire Francois-Henri Pinault (that handsome devil pictured above). And the report is probably true, considering Pinault owns the paper reporting it. People magazine says... Hayek, 42,... read more

chris brown has apologized

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but Chris Brown beat the hell out of his girlfriend Rihanna last week, and now, just 7 days later, he's man enough to say he's sorry. But not so sorry that he's going to an accredited therapistor anything like that. Because, you know, c'mon.... read more

i heart lily allen, part 26

Pictures like this are why people say a picture is worth a thousand words. You can just look and tell Lily Allen was doing a radio interview and they asked about her third nipple and, even though she was wearing a dress, she didn’t even pause to hike that thing up and... read more

the choice seems clear

Earlier this week there was a rumor that Mickey Rourke was now “dating” Courtney Love. Which apparently is news to Mickey Rourke, who told TMZ last night that he’d rather "be on a deserted island with a gorilla" than Love. When asked for a comment, Jennifer Love Hewitt... read more

jessica simpson is mistaken

I’m not happy at all about Jessica Simpsons attitude these days, or any other hot chick who thinks they need to love themselves for who they are. This is Hollywood, not Lane Bryant. Jessica was once superhot, and she can be again if people would stop filling her head with... read more

someone here craves attention

Katrina Darrell is better known as the girl who auditioned for "American Idol" in a bikini, then tried to make out with Ryan Seacrest. She made it through the first two rounds but got bounced this week because she sorta sucked and was annoying. People should vote for ... read more

which one is dakota fanning?

I hate when pictures aren’t labeled, because Dakota Fanning was allegedly at the NAACP Image Awards last night, but I can't spot her. Where is she? Which one is Dakota?!?!?!(image source = getty images)[gallery id="10122"] read more

orange you glad to see me

Is this just bad photography or makeup or did Shenae Grimes of "90210" turn orange overnight? I hope this is just too much bronzer on her face and her entire body doesn’t look like this. If I looked down one day and my penis was this color, I’d chop it off and burn it. ... read more