Mischa Barton is a bad liar

Mischa Barton tells People magazine that the reason she was 5150'd last month, meaning she was held against her will for at least 72 hours pending a psychiatric evaluation after police deemed her to have a mental disorder that made her a danger to her self or others, is... read more

Madonna is really brave, smart

Madonna played a show in Bucharest last night and got boo'd because her music is fucking terrible after lecturing the crowd about the level of discrimination in eastern Europe against gypsies. Ha. Well no wonder! What's next, is she gonna lecture them about hunting... read more

it's Ginger Spice bikini day

Ginger Spice did some crunches on that yacht and then hit the beach today, and it's sort of amazing that all the Spice Girls have held up this well. Geri, Mel B, Victoria and ... umm ... Peaches? Was it Peaches? It must be nice to know you've become a trivia question... read more

Avril is headed for divorce

This won't win any points with the cool kids, but I think Sum 41 is okay. "We're All To Blame" is a good song, and "Fat Lip". So it seemed weird that Sums lead singer would put up with Avril Lavignes bratty little ass for all these years. I guess it turns out he was... read more

Ginger Spice is kind of hot

Ginger Spice, who also goes by the name Gerri Halliwell, is in Sardinia, Monaco, today, doing what all famous people do, namely lounging around on a yacht in a bikini. I think once you get famous they just issue you a yacht. But she's not the only one reaping the... read more

Win more Katy Perry tickets now

Okay so I have 8 tickets to see Katy Perry, live at the Hollywood Palladium this Saturday night. But I'm no good at thinking up contests. Let's just do this: I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100. The first 4 who get it get 2 tix each. Email what it might be to the... read more

Can you do anything right?

Jessica Simpsons unique ability to never do anything right (or more likely her dads) has struck paydirt once again with the debut of her new perfume. Fancy Love? Are you fcuking serious? It sounds like a black stripper. And not a good one, by the way. One too fat to pole... read more

Chris Brown was violent before

When Chris Brown was sentenced yesterday to 5 years' probation and 6 months' of community service for beating Rihanna on February 8th, the judge also refused Rihannas request to strike down the order demanding Brown stay at least 300 yards away from her at all times.... read more


If you don't know, and really why would you, KTLA is the CW affiliate in Los Angeles. They carry all the Clipper games and used to carry the Dodgers and one of the news anchors dates the mayor. A real station, is my point. And they thought enough of this video to put it... read more

Afternoon Headlines

JOHN GOSSELIN - filmed scenes today for "John and Kate Plus 8" where the adorable kids sell lemonade to raise money for a fire station and he wears a shirt that says "Lies Lies Lies...". "Because screw those kids," John probably thought to himself. " It's not '8 Plus... read more

See Katy Perry, live, for free

So Buzznet, the international conglomerate of websites and defense contractors who will tell you they're just an urban legend if you investigate them, has used their iron hand to prove they can throw together major concerts on a whim, in this case, Katy Perry at the... read more

What a sexy movie

This may look like Jennifer Aniston has been reduced to starring in MILF humiliation videos, as would be befitting her acting talent and looks, and in fact the only way I would watch a Jennifer Aniston movie is if the description included the words "ATM" and... read more