mel b looked fantastic

Melanie Brown went all out and looked really good for Eltons Johns Academy Award party, one of the three big parties held after the show. The other two are the Governors Ball and the Vanity Fair party. Of the three, I would guess Eltons has the best bathroom stall glory... read more

so what was the "kanye moment" all about?

The Academy Awards went almost exactly as expected last night, except for the part when the clearly humbled black guy was thanking everyone for his documentary award and then some loudmouthed bitch interrupted him saying he never lets a woman talk. She proceeded to run... read more

jessica simpson is dating ... someone.

Last weekend Jessica Simpson was seen at a Dane Cook show in Hollywood, causing people to wonder if they were maybe, um, "dating" again. Then yesterday People said this about Jess and ‘The Hurt Locker' star Jeremy Renner at a party in Beverly Hills... "Jeremy spent the... read more

sofia vergara was see-thru. apparently.

I guess I was so consumed by the sight of her amazing boobs that I never even considered that Sofia Vergaras dress from yesterday might have been see-thru. In my defense it's just barely see thru, and the only people who find that kind of thing are lonely nerds with... read more

bouncy bouncy

Everyone agrees that pregnant women are gross and creepy looking, so even though Kourtney Kardashian has always been the hottest Kardashian (she even makes out with other girls) when there was some kind of animal living inside of her and feeding off her as its host, her... read more

sean penn is whiny lying bitch

Sean Penn is throwing another hissy fit today because he pouts like a little girl if everyone doesn't kiss his ass 24 hours a day. The new temper tantrum is about his heroic efforts in Haiti. He says he went down there and was a benevolent angel of mercy, and if you dare... read more

friday morning headlines

MICHAEL J. FOX - will be given an honorary doctorate in Sweden because he's raised $175M to find new drugs to treat Parkinsons. Preferably drugs that don't need to be injected so he doesn't bleed to death before he can even see if it works. (the AP) ANGELINA JOLIE - had... read more

famous people are f**kin weird

Rihanna is in Berlin, Germany this week to ruin all the red carpet pictures at the 2010 Echo Awards. Hopefully she has this same outfit in black because then she can stretch her arms out and look like a giant bat. Rawwrrr! If I were running the Echo Awards and saw... read more

thursday afternoon headlines

NICOLE KIDMAN - has been replaced in a movie by ... Selena Gomez. For the record, Kidman is 42, Gomez is 17. I bet Keith Urban wishes he could do this. (variety) LOST - has run out of time, according to the writers and producers, and there is simply no way to wrap up all... read more

gaga has had tons of sex with strangers

This is gonna seem shocking, and I'm sorry you had to find out this way, but Lady Gaga reveals in a new interview that she's kind of a slut. Oh I know. A mostly unattractive girl with a good body who desperately craves attention used sex to get it. She might be the first... read more

lindsay is writing a book

Has she ever even read a book? From PopEater: "I write a lot and it's very therapeutic for me because then I can see what's happening on paper. I've started writing a book. It's going to take a while, all my life experiences. I started writing it a year ago. There's a... read more

im so happy right now

Sofia Vergara had some award or something for ‘Modern Family' last night, and OH MY FUCKING GOD is she fantastic. She must be one of the worlds greatest athletes to walk around in high heels with those magnificent breasts outweighing the rest of her by a hundred pounds... read more