brooke hogan looks great, part 2

Ever since yesterday I've been trying to remember why Brooke Hogan isn't a big star, and I can't think of even one reason why OH OKAY never mind. Now I remember. It was that. Whatever you would call that. [gallery guid=808840] read more

look who sobered up

If you thought Lindsay Lohan would finally do the responsible thing and show up for her deposition this morning, you were half right. She showed up, but 22 minutes late. And she looked hungover or more likely still drunk but definitely perplexed. This deposition is gonna... read more

it's the sad cartoon turtle!

The Costume Institute Gala in New York is arguably the biggest celebrity fashion night of the year, even bigger than the Academy Awards, so last night Maggie Gyllenhaal worked her magic and transformed herself from "Ugly" to "Nope Still Ugly But Now In A Dress". When... read more

I hope the ambulance crashes

Lying drama-queen Jenna Jameson was taken away in an ambulance last night, strapped down in a stretcher by an army of paramedics and then rushed to safety, because someone else had a tummy ache. Jenna was fine. There was nothing wrong with her. There was nothing wrong... read more

dina lohan is a good mom

Lindsay Lohan will almost definitely skip a scheduled deposition today for the third time, and miss her chance to explain why she stole an Escalade and chased her ex-assistant down PCH in 2007, but at least she has a valid reason. It's the same valid reason as the last... read more

whitneys still got it

These pictures of Whitney Houston in concert over the weekend in England are a poignant reminder that many people doubted Whitney before this tour, and didn't believe that someone could do crack for 10 years and then step back on stage at the peak of her powers, as if... read more

brooke hogan looks great

Brooke Hogan spent the weekend on Miami Beach teaching kids how to surf, for some reason, and she looked better than she has a long time. Maybe ever. Normally she looks too much like Nick, but here she looks great. Unfortunately you cant chop her head off in real life.... read more

michael jackson was hittin this

That hot little number in the video above is Jason Pfeiffer, who claims he and Michael Jackson had a sexual affair that was still going on, even in Jacksons final days. Pfeiffer worked for Jacksons dermatologist, Dr. Arnold Klein, who backs up these claims and says on... read more

snooki is gettin me all hot

Sometimes this website gets accused of being unfairly negative, so I wanted to say something nice about Snooki after she wore a bikini on Miami beach this weekend. It was a big challenge, and I was not up to it, so the nicest observation I could come up with is that you... read more

screw you, johnny depp

A few months ago Johnny Depp went to a steak house in Chicago with two friends and left a $4,000 tip (more). And in February he gave a long interview to CBS to help the West Memphis 3 (more). So what is Mr Wonderful up to now? Oh nothing. Just taking back our streets and... read more

molly sims was in a bikini

Yesterday in Miami, Sports Illustrated supermodel Molly Sims went to the beach, and it first it didn't look like she was gonna wade into the water. But then she did wade into the water. After that, she changed her mind and got out. Awesome, huh? They should make a movie... read more

friday afternoon headlines

CONAN O'BRIEN - has a big interview on '60 Minutes' this weekend, and one surprise is that he doesn't feel NBC screwed him over. He says things just didn't work out. Another surprise is when Steve Kroft shows pictures of Conan buying yellow cake uranium. Let's see that... read more