Mark Wahlberg says Tom Cruise fakes his stunts

By brendon October 28, 2011 @ 3:28 PM

Mark Wahlberg was on the Opie and Anthony show yesterday and when the topic of Tom Cruise doing his own stunts for ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ came up, he essentially said he didn’t believe those stories. He also said he doesn’t bother doing his own stunts and relies on doubles to do all the work. For the record if there was any way to get his doubles to do all the acting from now on too, that would be great.

Britney looks… um… “healthy”.

By brendon October 28, 2011 @ 2:37 PM


Britney Spears began the UK leg of her Femme Fatale tour at the O2 arena in London last night, and for some inexplicable reason she wore this bikini top and daisy dukes. Seriously. WTF. Is “femme fatale” an ice cream flavor?

(images = flynet, story = daily mail)

Charlie Sheens TV show will be on FX

By brendon October 28, 2011 @ 1:09 PM


Considering how fantastically insane Charlie Sheen was just a few months ago, it would be ridiculous to think that he just sort of magically healed overnight and pretend all that other stuff never happened and then go into business with him. But Hollywood is dumb like that so that’s what they’re gonna do.

Specifically FX has ordered 10 episodes of the sitcom based on ‘Anger Management’, with Sheen producing and starring in the Jack Nicholson role. On top of that they have the option to buy 90 more if the initial ratings are good and if by some miracle Sheen is still alive 3 months from now.

(source = EW)

Jessica Biel needs to go home and change

By brendon October 28, 2011 @ 10:52 AM


“Hey. Where did you get those clothes… at the… toilet store?”

(image source of jessica biel last night in new york at fashion group international’s 28th annual night of stars = splash and getty. is she being sarcastic or something? the fuck is she wearing?)

a stuntman died on Expendables 2

By brendon October 28, 2011 @ 9:39 AM


An unidentified stuntman was killed during a planned explosion while filming the now ironically themed ‘Expendables 2′ yesterday in Bulgaria. This awesome Bulgarian newspaper has the poorly translated details (note: if you read it like Borat, the story becomes less sad).

A foreigner who performed stunts during the filming of the sequel to hit Hollywood action “The Expendables” has died on set in Bulgaria.
Two other stunt performers have been injured in a incident at a water reservoir at the town of Elin Pelin, outside of the Bulgarian capital Sofia, that took place Thursday night.
The incident occurred while filming a stunt with a fake bomb explosion in a rubber boat in the water reservoir.
bTV said the incident with the stunt performers has been confirmed by the authorities, with unofficial reports saying the movie for which the stunts were performed is “The Expendables 2″

If I were that guy I would still want them to use the footage. He gave his life for this stupid movie and now he’s not even gonna be in it. It reminds me of this show I saw during shark week that said sharks will sometimes bite someones arm off or something and then spit it out because they don’t like the way we taste. Really, asshole? That was my arm, I needed that, I don’t think it’s too much to ask that you actually eat it. Sharks can be real dicks.

Mission Impossible 4 has a new trailer

By brendon October 28, 2011 @ 6:59 AM

The second and probably final trailer for ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ was released last night (hd copies here), and it seems that, for the fourth movie in a row, Tom Cruise has to spend the entire time clearing his name. Doesn’t anyone at his spy agency find that suspicious? When is someone gonna say, “Wow, Tom Cruise sure does get framed a lot, don’t you think.” I would have just fired him by now. I don’t know if he just has bad luck or what but he really seems to be way more trouble than he’s worth.

Anne Hathaway could use some make up

By brendon October 27, 2011 @ 5:31 PM


It’s nice to see a big Hollywood star who is modest, but only up to a certain point. Anne Hathaway is way past that point. She needs to turn the hell around, do her hair and put on some slutty pants. This is bullshit. If there was a Santa at the mall and he stood up and took his beard and fat suit off in front of all the kids you’d be outraged right? Well this is like that, except way worse because it involves my erotic fantasies and kids are dumb anyway.

(source = inf)

Heidi Klum is gonna win Halloween again

By brendon October 27, 2011 @ 4:02 PM


Heidi Klum doesn’t win Halloween every single year by accident. It takes a lot of time and effort to look that goofy, and that’s why she already has costumes for two of her parties planned out. As you can see one is some hand-painted anatomy thing and the other is a monkey. Is there any way to say the ears and bald head make her look like Forest Whitaker without sounding off-the-charts racist?

(source = wire image)