Snookis naked ass is as bad as it sounds

Are you just sitting there at work because you couldn't think of a good fake excuse and you're not sick? I've got a better idea. Open these pictures. Snookis naked ass will take care of that. (image source = splash news online) [gallery... read more

Monday morning headlines

NEIL PATRICK HARRIS - and his boyfriend will be having twins, one boy and one girl, via surrogate this October. I hope I'm wrong but the boy better learn how to fight immediately. (twitter, e!) LINDSAY LOHAN - might be getting out of drug rehab and beginning outpatient... read more

Cameron Diaz in a bikini

These bikini pictures of Cameron Diaz, taken this weekend in Santa Barbara, were shot from a million miles away and they're blurry and out of focus, but this is what she looks like in focus, so blurry is the only way to look at her without shrieking in horror. Maybe if... read more

Tila Tequila was "pelted with stones and feces..."

Inviting Tila Tequila to perform at a concert festival headlined by Insane Clown Posse sounds like the kind of thing you would make up as an example to illustrate something that went really badly. "How did your blind date go?" "About as well as Tila Tequila at an Insane... read more

does anyone actually like Julia Roberts?

From the day it was announced, it was always assumed that "Eat, Pray, Love" was gonna be huge. It had Julia Roberts cackling like an asshole, bike rides, hunks with unplaceable accents, and pasta. Women love that shit. It was rock solid. There was literally no room for... read more

Dina Lohan is a liar. Also a complete c*nt.

Dina Lohan lies from start to finish every single day, and this morning on the Today show was no exception. The most insulting part was in the 22 second clip above, when she said Lindsay had only been in a drug rehab twice, and then smirked condescendingly at Matt Lauer... read more

Friday morning headlines

RIHANNA - says there is no typo on her tat, as was reported yesterday. "Rebelle fleur translates to rebel flower, NOT rebellious flower, it's 2 nouns so in that case fleur does not HAVE to be first!" So see. Her dumb tat works on a lot of different levels. (ok!) JENNIFER... read more

Dina Lohan should be set on fire

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Yesterday it was reported that Lindsay Lohan may not be spending 90 days in rehab, because the judge that sentenced her has since recused herself (*). Now, instead of doing a 45-day program twice,... read more

Tyler has sexy readers

I got lazy last week, but as long as hot girls take their clothes off and send us pictures of it (and then hopefully get 500 dollars in return), then we can pit them against each other in sexy combat. It's actually for a really good cause, with all proceeds going to... read more

Audrina Patridge is in a bikini

Audrina Patridge and her boyfriend are on Bora Bora, and though sometimes celebrities will secretly arrange exclusive pictures with photo agencies, this seems more like the paparazzi were just hanging out at the bottom of the ocean and got some pictures of her diving.... read more

Kelly Brook is a good model

BlackBerry did the right thing when they invited Kelly Brook to their new product launch last night in Hollywood. I got so excited when I saw her I went and bought a dozen of them, and had eaten the first two when I began to suspect I was exceeding my daily recommended... read more

Rihannas new tat has a typo

You really have to hand it to whatever dipshit did Rihannas new tat. It's only two words long, so there was only one possible way for him to mess up the order. And he nailed it. Popeater says... (Her) newest ink reads "rebelle fleur," but someone forgot that in French,... read more