Anne Hathaway is clueless

Iread more

Joaquin Phoenix is deeply committed

MSNBC is reporting that devoted animal rights activist Joaquin Phoenix is such a staunch believer, he would only wear an entirelyread more

Orlando Bloom is not to blame

Even though everyone who has seen Elizabethtown seems to hate it, its not the fault of Orlando Bloom. At least according to director Cameron Crowe, who personally called the New York Daily News to refute the rumors across Hollywood that he was unhappy with the performance of his male lead. "I absolutely love Orlando's performance - I love everything he did. I had high hopes for him, and he met my high hopes. I more

Kelly Brook is everywhere

It seems like Kelly Brook is in the news almost every day lately. Althoughread more

Kate Moss is screwed

The reason this is the website all of America is talking about is because of stuff like this, the elusive video of Kate Moss doing cocaine, the video that has so far cost her four endorsement deals, brought a custody battle from the father of her daughter, sent her to rehab and opened an investigation from the police. Although Iread more

Hilary Duff is legal

It seems like Hilary Duff has been around forever, and it seems like she was always considered kind of hot, even on that Disney show. But that was back in the 90read more

Anne Hathaway is naked in Havoc

According to the movie Havoc, Some Lines Aren't Meant To Be Crossed. They would also like you to know that Too Much Is Never Enough. I would like you to know that crap like this makes me wanna put a shotgun in my mouth as it breezes through the minefield of production and my brilliant screenplay collects dust. If it helps, my script is about a world of intrigue where passion turns to danger, and lust leads to more

Joe Rogan really hates Carlos Mencia

On one of those insufferable commercials for his crappy show Mind of Mencia, Carlos Mencia says something likeread more

Tom Sizemore is easy to kill

Tom Sizemore is currently appealing a 17-month prison sentence for substance abuse but insists he's clean now after repeated stints in rehab, and his life is nothing like what it once was during the darkest days of his drug addiction. Things were so bad at one point, he says he once contemplated suicide when he couldn't remember where he more

Kelly Brook is naked in Arena magazine

I knew today was the day when the Arena magazine hit that stands that featured Kelly Brook finally doing a nude photoshoot, and not because Iread more

Jessica Alba is okay with nude scenes

Jessica Alba admits she would go nude on screen in the future, but only if the role was more

Jenny McCarthy makes "booty calls"

Jenny McCarthy says she still loves ex-husband John Asher and would even call him up for a random one-night stand. Jenny was married for five years before announcing in August that she was filing for divorce, but not only has she worked with the ex since then, the pair still see each other every more

Kate Moss to be a TV star

A few emails have come in wondering about the video from the Kate Moss cocaine bust that the Mirror UK used in their exclusive story, and today word finally comes that the footage will be broadcast on British TV next month on Sky One on a show called Kate Moss: Fashion Victim? A spokesman for Sky says, "The documentary aims to paint an honest picture of the landscape that formed the backdrop to the saga and, in more

Apprentice hides murder plot in her past

The Apprentice premiers next week on NBC, and one of the contestants is described as a self-made millionaire whoread more

Jessica wants you to finish and go away

The Sun UK says today that not even stars who seem to have a sense of dignity like Jessica Alba are immune to being propositioned on the Hollywood casting couch. But, according to the Sun,read more