Oliver Stone has apologized. For the least offensive part.

By brendon July 27, 2010 @ 3:09 PM


Yesterday Oliver Stone was the center of attention after an interview with the Sunday Times of London in which he said that Jews run the media and Hitler was a “scapegoat”. He seems concerned that history has labeled Hitler and Stalin as evil, so he’s making a new documentary to help people, “walk in Stalin’s shoes and Hitler’s shoes to understand their point of view”.

In other words, don’t get all PC just because Stalin killed 20 million of his own people between 1936 and 1938. Hindsight is always 20/20. Did Hitler go overboard when he executed 14 million Jews, Gypsies, POW’s, homosexuals and the handicapped, or is it time they took some responsibility for being unpure? You may think you know the answer, but Oliver Stone hopes you can keep an open mind. Look, we can play the blame game all day, but a bunch of finger pointing isn’t gonna solve anything.

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tuesday morning headlines

By brendon July 27, 2010 @ 11:44 AM


MEL GIBSON – has reportedly been sober for years, which means he was sober during the now famous phone calls that his ex recorded. Which is weird because he sounded drunk as hell. Also he’s Irish (*). Those people love getting drunk, yelling racist names and starting fist fights. That’s why I don’t spend Christmas with my family. (tmz)

OKSANA GRIGORIEVA – has a new evidence picture to use against Mel Gibson, this time showing “deep bruises around her left eye”. She told police he punched her once in the mouth and once in the temple. But not the eye. It’s all part of her plan to make people like me think she’s lying. (radar)

MARISA MILLER – is in the new issue of the FHM, the British magazine that failed here in America despite being way bigger and better funded than it’s rivals. If you used Playboy to represent the Continental Army, this would be a good way to teach history to boys in junior high. (fhm)

(*) a bunch of people emailed about this, because Mel was born in New York and raised in Australia, but his mom was Irish, and he has dual citizenship in America and Ireland.

Lindsay Lohan won’t stop crying

By brendon July 27, 2010 @ 9:34 AM


On Sunday, New York magazine said that the other inmates have been taunting Lindsay Lohan by chanting “fire crotch” at her because they’re tired of her getting special treatment. As you might expect, Lindsay fought back by laying down and crying.

And oh how she cried. She cried and cried and then cried some more. In fact it got so bad according to the Sun, she’s now been moved to solitary confinement so people won’t have to listen to it anymore.

The actress has reportedly kept prisoners at LA County jail awake at night as she wails over the taunts chanted at her repeatedly throughout the day.
As a result, Lindsay’s been put in lockdown as officials bid to make conditions more bearable for all, says a former inmate.
“Lindsay would lie there shivering all night, crying and covering her face with her hands.”
“Her wailing was keeping everyone awake. She had a hysterical fit, crying and yelling, so she got put in isolation.”

God I really hope this isn’t true. Solitary should only be for inmates who try to kill each other and to teach Andy Dufresne a lesson if he threatens to stop doing the wardens taxes, not to shield some spoiled Hollywood cunt from being called names.

Oliver Stone says Hitler and Stalin weren’t really so bad

By brendon July 26, 2010 @ 6:16 PM


Oliver Stone, who looks like Captain Kangaroo now btw, has won 3 Academy Awards and is currently working on a 10-part documentary for Showtime called “Secret History of America”. Yesterday he gave and interview with the Times of London to promote the documentary, but now everyone is freaking out over it.

Perhaps because he defended Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin, and said that Hitler is only considered evil because of the “Jewish domination of the media”. He also said he tried to, “walk in Stalin’s shoes and Hitler’s shoes to understand their point of view”, and hopes his movie will put their legacy “in context”.

Oh and there’s more.

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Lindsay Lohan is getting special treatment in jail, part 2

By brendon July 26, 2010 @ 3:07 PM

lilo inside court 200710

Alexis Neiers was part of the “bling ring” that robbed houses belonging to Orlando Bloom, Paris Hilton and, ironically, Lindsay Lohan, and for the past month she’s been in the same jail as Lindsay. On Friday, Alexis was released, and in an interview with E! she backed up earlier reports saying Lindsay cries a lot, even though she’s being treated like a princess.

The first day, Neiers says, was the toughest for Lohan.
“She was crying. She was talking to deputies and, you know, just trying to—I couldn’t really like make it out, but from what I saw the first day, I mean, she was lying in there and just trying to like calm down.”
Like other inmates, Neiers didn’t have direct contact with Lohan, since both were in protective custody. But the E! star did say there were signs the more famous jailbird was getting some special treatment.
“I mean, she got to keep her extensions in and everything, which most people don’t, and the girls were like, ‘Ah, they had to take my weave out and cut it all out and,’ you know, stuff like that.”

God this sheriff is such a pussy. Any time a celebrity gets in trouble somewhere else they go to jail and stay there, but not in LA. Any other sheriff would have not only taken Lindsays extensions out, they would have headbutted them out.

(images showing lindsays dumb new “sleeping girl” tat = splash news)

Where’s a shark when you need one

By brendon July 26, 2010 @ 2:11 PM


The Sun has this picture of Paris Hilton draining a bottle of Cristal while on a raft in the ocean, instead of on a raft in the jaws of evolutions perfect killing machine, which is what would have happened if karma was a real thing and not just stoner hippie nonsense. That this worthless cunt has the time and money to do this is even more offensive because she also could have done it in the pool on her yacht, which is apparently a thing that exists.

“Our yacht is incredible! Has its own pool, hot tub, movie theatre, recording studio, spa/massage room, gym, arcade room, helicopter pad and the most beautiful bedrooms and decor.
“I’m in Heaven on the water. Definitely the biggest and best yacht everywhere we go. Loves it! Huge… Another beautiful day in paradise! What more could a girl ask for?”

I know what I could ask for. A feeding frenzy, and headlines that say something about natures savage fury.

Angelina Jolie kissed some random fan

By brendon July 26, 2010 @ 12:01 PM


Angelina Jolie was in Moscow this weekend for the Russian premiere of ‘Salt’, and while being her typical fan-friendly self, she gave some girl a kiss. It wasn’t hot in any way, but it was enough to bring back memories of when this picture was taken at the premiere of the second Tomb Raider movie, when she kissed some random girl like they were secret lovers. It was one of the most sensual things I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen Ass Traffic 1-8, so I know what I’m talking about.

(image source = splash news online)

It’s a Paris Hilton upskirt, return to 2007

By brendon July 26, 2010 @ 6:52 AM


Paris and Nicky Hilton were in St. Tropez this weekend, acting like whores at some club filled with guineas and euro-trash. Paris had to be carried out by the time she was done, but while building up to that she got on a makeshift stage and essentially fingered herself. And I don’t mean she implicated herself in a crime, I mean she hiked up her skirt and started rubbing her poison vagina while straddling a portable fan. As if that room didn’t smell bad enough already.

Her panties stayed in place for the most part and thankfully she kept them on, at least while at the bar. It would be even better if she had to keep them on forever. Her panties should have one of those “it is a violation of federal law to remove this” tags.

(image source = fame)