Tuesday headlines, with Rachel Bilson in leather shorts

KATIE HOLMES - is not pregnant, according to her rep, who says the picture that started this rumor, "looks doctored". To which Tom Cruise nervously asked, "Wait, so are you saying it's fake or that the doctor made her pregnant again?" (e!) KELLY BROOK - was nearly 5... read more

Kate Beckinsale is good at this

Kate Beckinsale ran some errands in some little denim shorts and fuck-me heels yesterday, and it was a good example of how she pulls this look off better than any other girl in Hollywood. Because other than that her outfit was pretty conservative and she looked... read more

Blake Lively needs to slow down

Like all of you, I'm constantly worried that Hollywood actors don't take enough vacations, so it was a huge relief to see Blake Lively in the French countryside yesterday, at the Hotel du Cap in Cap d'Antibes, for the Chanel Cruise Collection fashion show. I bet the... read more

Sarah Jessica Parker is trying to end poverty

Sarah Jessica Parker went to a party last night for the Robin Hood Foundation, a charity whose goal is to end poverty. Because she's very concerned. She cares a lot. But before that she put on some fist-sized diamond earrings and picked out a jewel encrusted... read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver have split

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver first met in 1977, had their first date in 1982, got married in 1986, and had four kids. Which is probably why they're getting a divorce now. Jesus Christ, enough already. As the LA Times first reported last night... Former Gov.... read more

its Ryan Seacrests girlfriend and not Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrests girlfriend Julianne Hough was on the beach in Miami over the weekend in a sexy little bikini, rubbing oil on some guy who was not Ryan Seacrest. After that she no doubt spent the rest of the weekend getting sodomized by that guy, and then blowing him, and... read more

the Justin Bieber vs Marg Helgenberger war rages on

Last week, 'CSI' star Marg Helgenberger gave an interview on French radio, and it turns out that she and I agree; Justin Bieber is kind of a dick. Though her opinion is based on first hand experience, mine almost entirely on spite. "Justin Bieber wasn't bad," ... read more

Whitney Houston is in rehab

Whitney Houston has been drinking and doing drugs for about 20 years now, and she's been in rehab twice, once in 2004 and again a year later, but apparently she still has a problem. So with that in mind she is now… A) turning herself over to experts and following their... read more

Monday headlines, with X Factor and secret Avenger endings

PAULA ABDUL - has officially signed on to reunite with Simon Cowell and be the fourth judge on 'the X Factor', because what the hell else is she gonna do. (thr) THORS END CREDITS - had the fourth clip building up to next summers 'the Avengers', (the first 3 from 'Iron... read more

Eyes up here, Mickey

Vanessa Hudgens went to the 'Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides' premiere at Disneyland on Saturday night, in a dress that mostly distracted everyone from the bucket of makeup she was wearing. Even Mickey Mouse, who later had to awkwardly explain to some kids... read more

Jessica Simpson is freezing and/or really hot

Jessica Simpson, her fiance Eric Johnson, her sister Ashlee and Ashlees son Bronx, sat down for a photo shoot on Saturday in Beverly Hills, where it must have been really hot below three feet and really chilly above that. Later, rain clouds formed around Jessicas waist... read more

Friday headlines, with Lindsay Lohan and green ooze

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES - had it's first day of filming today in India, and already there are mysterious pictures from the set showing a green ooze. And the internet is all, "Is that the Lazarus Pit? Is Ra's al Ghul in this? That's so stupid, that doesn't fit the canon,... read more