the top 100 stories of 2010 (80-89)

89. SANDRA BULLOCK - was the center of 3 huge stories this year, one of which was adopting the most menacing baby on earth. His first words were, "sup my nigga?", followed by a fist bump. (April 28th) 88. CAMERON DIAZ - told the Sun, "I'm always traveling for cock." The... read more

Stephanie Seymour is inappropriate

90‘s supermodel Stephanie Seymour, who is now 42, went down to St. Barths for the Christmas holiday, and struck some seductive poses while on the beach… with her son, Dylan Andrews. Look it's a free country and all but I just don't think you should be presenting to your... read more

George Clooney & Elisabetta Canalis are in Mexico too

George Clooney and his lover Elisabetta Canalis spent Christmas on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, and, in what appears to have been an ill fated surprise, Elisabettas sister Gabriella showed up too. And they immediately ran at each other and started fighting. What a temper... read more

Bar Refaeli is in a bikini

Supermodel Bar Refaeli is in Los Cabos today with some friends, but more importantly with an fantastically small bikini. No sign of her little weasel boyfriend though. He probably orchestrated all this to torment me on these cold winter days. Ahhh, DiCaprio, my mortal... read more

the top 100 stories of 2010 (90-100)

100. BROOKLYN DECKER - did a cartwheel in a bikini. Holy shit, this is number 100? Wow is this list gonna go down hill fast. (May 12th, May 13th, May 12th, May 11th) 99. HEIDI MONTAG - got DDD implants. As I was saying; Down. Hill. Fast. (January 21st, April 12th) 98.... read more

Rihanna went swimming with the power of the panther

Rihanna is spending her holiday back home in Barbados, on Sandy Lane Beach, and any sharks who planned on biting her better think again. Her sexxxy one piece and headband lead me to believe she now has the stealthy moves of the panther, and the cunning of the mighty... read more

Natalie Portman is engaged, pregnant

Natalie Portman has confirmed today that she's not only engaged to choreographer Benjamin Millepied (this handsome devil) but she's pregnant as well. No word yet on who the father is. Oh wait, never mind, it's probably that same guy. People says... The couple met during... read more

Monday morning headlines

LITTLE FOCKERS won the weekend box office with a lower than expected $34 million, but the real story was that Gullivers Travels absolutely bombed, opening at number 7 with just $7.2 million. Actually "bomb" might not be a fitting description, because I'd much rather be... read more

Paris and Nikki Hilton are in Hawaii

Paris Hilton is ugly, and her sister Nikki is even uglier, so these pictures of them in bikinis in Hawaii yesterday were only interesting when it looked like they might start kissing. That didn't happen. So... moving right along. (source = splash news online) [gallery... read more

Cameron Diaz is in a bikini, an idiot

The best thing about these pictures of Cameron Diaz and her lover Alex Rodriguez in Hawaii yesterday is that they were taken from really far away and the water looks real pretty, so you're not overwhelmed by how shockingly ugly Cameron Diaz is. Oh, and she's as athletic... read more

Jenn Sterger is real stuck up

Jenn Sterger of course is the former NY Jets employee who Brett Favre was reportedly hitting on and texting pictures of his dick, and now she says all this hot hot action came with a few sexy requests too. she (also) got a text message from the NFL legend in which he... read more

prepare to be amazed: Lindsay is not in trouble

Just to set the stage here, Lindsay Lohan has broken 8,000 laws but always gets away with it because the judges and sheriff in LA are complete pussies who simply refuse to enforce the law in any way or ever follow through on their threats. With that in mind, let's... read more