Clooneys new woman is cool

It turns out Chad is an even better reporter than the Sun UK, even with their limitless resources, because yesterday he emailed me all these topless modeling pictures of George Clooneys new Italian actress girlfriend, Elisabetta Canalis. Then this morning the Sun... read more

Katherine Heigl is delightful

Katherine Heigl added to her spoiled brat legacy this week when she went on Letterman and complained about a 17-hour work day on "Greys Anatomy". Keep in mind that just means she was there for 17 hours. She wasn't building sets or writing the script. Mostly she was... read more

Simon Cowell is pretty cool

Simon Cowell seems pretty smug for a guy who went on TV dressed as a blue dog in a cape and then gave musical dog puns for every answer in this interview. And he doesn't even care enough to make his voice sound like Scooby Doo or Russian or something. He just talks... read more

They're all whores

Someone told me last month that Reggie Bush was sleeping with a receptionist at East Jefferson Hospital in New Orleans, but when Us magazine broke the story last week about his break-up with Kim Kardashian, they said... "Nobody cheated," a source close to the couple... read more

These kids are so screwed

Michael Jackson died 36 days ago, and there's still no plan to, you know, bury him, but the family has had more important things to do. Like deciding who raises the kids. In other words, who gets the money. Well today a deal was struck, and the winner is… The kids will... read more

Mel Gibson "attacked" someone

Radar Online says this morning that Mel Gibson allegedly assaulted a man last night at a club in Hollywood, and now the poor little lamb has filed a battery report with the LAPD. Another way to describe it is that Mel Gibson never touched the guy, maybe never even saw... read more

Kanye didnt say that about Michael

A couple of hours ago, people started passing around this quote by Kanye West, who seemed to be crowning himself "the King of Pop" now that Michael Jackson has died (by the way, day 34 since he died. Still no funeral in sight. Awesome). "You know everyone loves and... read more

Brad Pitt knows how to party

The Quentin Tarantino / Brad Pitt WWII movie "Inglourious Basterds" had it's Berlin premiere yesterday, and that's not just an unfortunate picture of Pitt at the after-party up top. OK! says he and beer were there until around 2am. Your liver turns black if you drink too... read more

Awesome stuff is awesome

This is gonna be dumb because it's basically a love letter to ninjas and Donald Glover. First Glover, because that dude is a GD genius. He's the black guy from Derrick Comedy. Their detective movie has a new trailer, but don't watch that one because it sucks. Watch this... read more

Chris Brown y/n?

I don't know who the hell Kyle is, but he's the undisputed leader when it comes to sending tips to poorly written websites. Radar, TMZ and the Sun all mention today that, despite a court order commanding him to stay 50 yards away at all times, Chris Brown waited in an... read more

Kevin Federline has still got it

Kevin Federline played golf at the Ryan Sheckler X Games Celebrity Classic outside LA yesterday, although at first I thought it was Winnie the Pooh. And he was smoking. I said, "No Winnie The Pooh, don't smoke, the kids, they look up to you!" But it's okay. It's just... read more

Katy Perry got a tat

But not that one. The one on her chest that says "Josh Grobin" (which is misspelled, I'd like to add. The singer, the one she allegedly stated dating in March, spells his last name Groban) is fake. But she did get ink on the back of her ankle early this morning in the... read more