gaga has had tons of sex with strangers

This is gonna seem shocking, and I'm sorry you had to find out this way, but Lady Gaga reveals in a new interview that she's kind of a slut. Oh I know. A mostly unattractive girl with a good body who desperately craves attention used sex to get it. She might be the first... read more

lindsay is writing a book

Has she ever even read a book? From PopEater: "I write a lot and it's very therapeutic for me because then I can see what's happening on paper. I've started writing a book. It's going to take a while, all my life experiences. I started writing it a year ago. There's a... read more

im so happy right now

Sofia Vergara had some award or something for ‘Modern Family' last night, and OH MY FUCKING GOD is she fantastic. She must be one of the worlds greatest athletes to walk around in high heels with those magnificent breasts outweighing the rest of her by a hundred pounds... read more

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are having an affair!

No not really. But because Angelina Jolie took Billy Bob Thornton from Laura Dern when they worked on ‘Pushing Tin' and Brad Pitt from Jennifer Ani-chin when they made ‘Mr. And Mrs Smith', and now she's making 'the Tourist' with Johnny Depp, you can expect some version... read more

thursday morning headlines

GEORGE CLOONEY - didn't look quite as cool in his yearbook as he does now. The only way this picture could be any more 80's nerdier is if they had photoshopped him over a floppy disk. He must be smiling because it was early and the other kids hadn't taken his backpack... read more

the marriage ref returns tonight

'The Marriage Ref' settles into its regular spot tonight after 'the Office', and every week big Hollywood stars will come on to help real married couples having problems. As you can see in the ad, they even got Larry David and Madonna. "Together at last", I squealed in... read more

90210 had a good idea

A new storyline for '90210' features star Jessica Lowndes gettin it on with her lady friend, bringing the shows status with the public from "Nine Oh Who?" to "This looks like a really good show." E online says... (It can) check "insincere sapphic erotica" off its to-do... read more

jessica simpson is still mad at john mayer

When John Mayer told Playboy that sex with Jessica Simpson was like a drug that he could never get enough of, it was the nicest thing anyone had said about her in two years, but for some reason she's expected to act like she's been attacked. says... "I was so... read more

"i can't hear you because of my huge breasts."

Salma Hayek read a 'Dora The Explorer' book to some kids in Burbank for some reason but I didn't read that part because who cares. Her dress was boring and the only good part was when she leaned over a little bit to answer questions from the kids. Questions like, "What... read more

megan fox is good, not a slut

Megan Fox doesn't get the credit she deserves as an actress and still gets labeled as slut who skates by on her looks, but I'll continue to stand up for her because when you love someone that's what you do. And also because I know all too well what it's like when people... read more

trista sutter is kind of hot

If you don't remember, Trista Sutter was on 'the Bachelor' or 'the Bachelorette' or 'Whore Island' or one of those stupid shows where contestants get to fuck the star, and she's actually still married to the dude who won her vagina. I don't know his name. Let's call him... read more

morning headlines

OK GO - has made another video for 'This Too Shall Pass', this one built around a Rube Goldberg machine that took 4 months to build. It's a panoply of complex triggers and engineering. In related news, I learned the word "panoply" yesterday. (billboard) BLANKET JACKSON -... read more