Kiefer is a hero. Or not.

Last night Guest of a Guest broke the story that Kiefer Sutherland headbutted fashion designer Jack McCollough in the face Monday night, and now sources close to Sutherland have confirmed the story to TMZ. We're told witnesses say the alleged victim -- Proenza Schouler... read more

kiefer is a dangerous drunk

There's not a single thing about this that makes an ounce of sense, but did Kiefer Sutherland bail on his superhot girlfriend to go knock out some gay designer I've never heard of over Brooke Shields? Yeah sure, why not. Last night, the biggest event of the NYC social... read more

This is freakin me out

Kelly Ripa went swimming this morning in Miami before filming "Live with Regis and Kelly" a few hours later, and I wish she hadn't because her belly button is making me extremely uncomfortable. It sticks out so far it even casts a damn shadow. I think she's hot but this... read more

Dom DeLuise died last night

Dom DeLuise was sort of like Bernie Mac in the sense that, because of his mannerisms and delivery, everything he said was 10 times funnier than it should have been. Paget Brewster is the same way. They can deliver a line that would die in the hands of most other actors.... read more

Victoria Silvstedt is a pro at this

I wish I had been born as a tall sexy blond and then got big fake tits, because lounging around a pool in a bikini for a living looks like something I could do. (who: Victoria Silvstedt. where: Marbella, Spain. when: 5-2-09. image source: Flynet) [gallery... read more

oprah gave jenny a talk show

Jenny McCarthy first got famous in 1993 when she showed her vagina in Playboy, but really found her calling when her 2-year old son was diagnosed with not-autism then not-autism then not-autism then autism (1). So clearly her son had autism, and she blamed vaccines for... read more

megan fox is underutilized

As part of the promotional push for "Transformers 2", Megan Fox has a new video up exclusively on Which is another way of saying Megan Fox has a video completely ruined by Esquire and GQ have a unique talent for never ever doing anything right.... read more

the Sad Cartoon Turtle found love

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bragging but "The Sad Turtle Finds Love" would be a pretty good title for a children's book. Something about never giving up, and how you never know what this day may hold. 20 minutes before you met the true love of your life, you had no... read more

Kelly Ripa is a hot bitch

Some things to take away from these pictures of Kelly Ripa yesterday, down in Miami with her hunky husband and their three kids, in town to film "Regis and Kelly Live." Picture 4 - Yeah, yeah you like that? You like rubbin it all over? Well I got some white stuff you can... read more

Beyonce seems reasonable

I'm not sure if this is gonna post either, but if so, you're getting a nice reminder that you better do exactly what Beyonce wants or she'll lose it on your ass. In this clip from her show in Rotterdamn, she freaks out for no apparent reason. At the 45 second mark, she... read more

they paid for her implants?

I didn't think this was the kind of thing beauty pageants did, but apparently it is, because the Miss USA pageant is now confirming that they paid for Miss California (yes that one) to get breast implants before the Miss USA finals. The Huffington Post says… Friday... read more

are you out of your GD mind

I freely admit I'm a complete fairy when it comes to heights, so there's no number low enough to measure the odds of me ever stepping foot on the Ledge at the Sears Tower in Chicago. ...these new glass enclosures that extend 4.3 feet beyond the side of the building.... read more