why wont you die, bitch

Yesterday was an important day for Lindsay Lohan because she had a deposition with her attorneys about the time she stole an Escalade and went on a high speed chase down PCH in 2007. Serious stuff. So of course Lindsay didn't do it and went shopping instead. Then she... read more

kate hudson is disapointing

Is there anything hotter than a flat chested actress with a lumpy stomach in a bikini shoving fattening food into her fat face? Yes. Yes there is. Thousands of things actually. But we don't have any of those thing right now. What we have is Kate Hudson. [gallery... read more

ashley dupree is naked in playboy

Ashley Dupree will be on Opie and Anthony tomorrow morning to talk about her time as an escort and her part in bringing down Eliot Spitzer, who was Governor of New York when he saw her as a client. More to the point, she'll talk about taking all her clothes off and... read more

charlie sheen is a degenerate

Charlie Sheen once bought a $6000 sex doll, dressed it as a cheerleader, paid two hookers to have an orgy with it, then chopped off its hand with a cleaver, wrapped it in a blanket and disposed of it in a dumpster (source). I just want to make sure everyone knows what... read more

charlie sheen is an idiot

When the police arrived at Charlie Sheens house on Christmas day after he threatened to kill his wife, he admitted that he broke her glasses among other things, but now his lawyers want all that thrown out. And it might work too, as long as they try his case on a TV show... read more

elin is divorcing tiger

After it was revealed that Tiger Woods cheated on Elin Nordegren with around 20 different women, including porn stars and prostitutes, he gave a robotic apology and said Elin was the most important thing in the world. He even retired from golf to devote 100 percent of... read more

heidi montag was sexually harrassed

Heidi Montag used to be a boring idiot, but then she got DDD implants and now she's really smart and funny. Unfortunately for Adam DiVello, executive producer of 'the Hills', Heidis new level of intrigue might get him sued for sexual harassment because of an incident... read more

hugh hefner says tiger and jesse james are creeps

Hugh Hefner has had three girlfriends, all at the same time, and they all lived together, and he did that not once but twice. Before that he had seven girlfriends. So when he calls a guy a creep for sleeping around, it's safe to say that guy is a piece of shit. Asked by... read more

kara dioguardi is naked in allure

People seem to really dislike 'American Idol' Kara Dioguardi, but I'm not sure why. She seems okay to me. The key is to never watch 'American Idol' and have no idea what it is she does exactly. Then when she gets naked for the new 'Allure' magazine (full size here), you... read more

i think im in love

If there's one thing all guys love on girls, it's big giant thighs and hips. Especially when the rest of them is normal. We love girls who look like congruent triangles. And that's the hot look Gaga went with when she landed in Narita, Japan today. Sexy? You better... read more

jessica simpson looks ... better?

Jessica Simpson is in New York today, and last night she showed off her long not short hair when she attended the 125th anniversary of Good Housekeeping, whatever the hell that might mean. It's hard to know what to think after seeing these pictures. Sometimes it looks... read more

tuesday morning headlines

PAM ANDERSON - owes $493,000 in back taxes to the state of California. Hopefully she'll pay it soon. Because that's the problem with California. They don't collect enough taxes. (huff post) JESSE JAMES - had to pay off one of his whores because she could prove he cheated... read more