gary colemans wife is helpful

Gary Colemans 911 call, the call made by his wife after he slipped and hit his head (he of course died 2 days later) has been released and it's pretty damn depressing. His worthless wife describes the scene but doesn't do much else because all the blood is freaking her... read more

sandra bullock is tired of hiding

The MTV Movie Awards air this Sunday, and it might be interesting for the first time in 10 years because it's hosted by the great Aziz Ansari, but also because Sandra Bullock will make her first public appearance in two months to receive the "We Made This Up So You'd... read more

megan fox in a bikini, part 3

Megan Fox and that guy whose name I can never remember are on day 3 in Hawaii, and that means day 3 in a bikini, and day 3 of answering persistent rumors that their relationship is in trouble. It looks ok here. Could marriage be next? Only they know for sure and he aint... read more

detective freckles has found a loophole

This looks more like Lindsay was blowing some guys and when they threw her out she got stuck in their underwear, but it's actually some wrap she has to wear because she got her wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. Gosh I wonder if she'll request any refills for her powerful... read more

damn. hey there miley. whats goin on, baby.

Miley Cyrus had a show at the 1515 in Paris last night, and maybe I'm alone on this but she looked kind of hot. She's no supermodel but she's kind of trampy and that goes a long way. Straight into my pants, for example. She just has to hope her hips don't get any bigger.... read more

mariah carey is pregnant

One time my girlfriend and I had a new puppy and he was black with white patches and we were trying to think of a name and she said "what's black and white and fat" and I said "Mariah Carey". That's not a great story or anything but I need to fill these first few lines... read more

tuesday afternoon headlines

M.I.A. - is not happy with the way the New York Times portrayed her in an article, so she posted a phone number on her twitter page. And it turned out to be the reporters. What a coincidence! (twitter) RAMPAGE JACKSON - says acting is gay. And since he's a UFC superstar... read more

charlie sheen is going to jail

Charlie Sheen made a huge mistake when he ran around the house with a knife and threatened to kill his wife on Christmas Eve, and that mistake of course was that he did it somewhere other than LA. He did it in Aspen, where they have laws, and those laws are applied even... read more

megan fox in a bikini, part 2

Megan Fox spent a second day on the beach in Hawaii, and this time she looked even better than the first time. Although this time was frustrating because it looks like her suit is just barely staying on. Seems like something should slide up or down or slip out at any... read more

lindsay lohans new movie might be too sexy

Lindsay Lohan's big comeback was supposed to begin with her role as 70‘s porn pioneer Linda Lovelace in the film "Inferno." It was perfect. Except they don't own the rights to the story, the director has no idea whats he's doing, they don't have a cast and they don't... read more

megan fox. in a bikini.

Megan Fox and her boyfriend were in Hawaii this weekend, and I'm pretty sure these are the first Megan Fox bikini pictures ever. Well not "ever" but the first candids since she became a big star. And despite regular rumors that she and whats his name are splitting up,... read more

jessica alba. in a bikini.

Jessica Alba spent Memorial Day just south of LA in Newport Beach, and it seems impossible to believe but these are the only two pictures of her in a bikini. Fuck. Off. Nice pictures, dick. This is bullshit. This is Jessica Alba. In a bikini. This is serious business. I... read more