Brendan Fraser has still got it

Fame Pictures has these pictures of hunky actor Brendan Fraser in LA today, and the caption reads: "Brendan Fraser shows off quite a large belly as he walks around town on July 13, 2009." Then in the second to last picture, they thankfully put a big red circle around his... read more

Angelina Jolie is awesome

One time that dipshit who plays the lead moron on that piece-of-shit show "Entourage" made sure the paparazzi were ready with their cameras before he gave a quarter to a homeless guy (link). In an unrelated story, Angelina Jolie made a trip to the Walter Reed Military... read more

Pay attention Katy Perry

These pictures of Monica Cruz (sister of Penelope Cruz) on a beach in Ibiza today looked hotter when they were thumbnails, but she still looks better than Katy Perry so there you go. Latin chicks are always tan and they have gorgeous long hair, but they're all nuts. It's... read more

Katy Perry really sucks

Katy Perry was somewhere yesterday. In Europe. I don't know where. Let's just say France. Katy Perry was in France yesterday, and she hung out for a while at her hotels pool in this boring Old Navy bathing suit and at no point did she do anything good. Instead of putting... read more

Bruno opened huge

I don't know if you've heard anything about this "Bruno" movie, but it opens today. Following a tireless promotional tour and very good early reviews, (70 percent on rottentomatoes, Roger Ebert said, "Here is a film that is 82 minutes long and doesn't contain 30 boring... read more

with your host, Rick Cartman

The last we saw Chastity Bono, it was using the name Rick Cartman to host the Sexy Action News Team (side-by-side). But last night it made an appearance at the Outfest Film Festival, and I would make fun of it some more, but it has a skinny girlfriend with long hair, and... read more

10 Xanax a night

The tabloids could have a cover story that says, "You're Looking At This And Reading These Words", and lots of people would still be like, "Yeah whatever. I'm so sure." Wednesday the Enquirer said Michael Jackson had taken 10,000 pills over the last 6 months of his life.... read more

Aww what the hell

In the last few weeks, Marilyn Manson took time out from living in 1997 to start dating Stoya (the porn star. Picture Megan Fox if Megan Fox was into piercings and anal. NSFW pic here), Billy Corgan went out with LA weather-girl Jackie Johnson, and now Wicked Chops Poker... read more

Demi Moore is not bad

Demi Moore is 46, and this is her today in a bikini in the Bahamas. That Benjamin Button thing isn't real is it? Because she seems to get better looking, her body gets in better shape, with every passing year. If this keeps up she'll win Miss Teen USA in 2027. (hq jump ... read more

Please kill yourself

There's a very good reason why Gwyneth Paltrow is widely considered the most annoying person in Hollywood. If you've forgotten what that might be, here's her latest newsletter to talk down to you remind you. As I write this, I am finishing the amazing three-week-long... read more

This is gross

Just about two weeks ago, The Enquirer claimed Morgan Freeman, who is 72, has been having a nearly 10 year affair with his step-granddaughter, 27-year-old E'Dina Hines. Now they ratchet up the uncomfortable imagery by saying Morgan and E'Dina are set to get married. She... read more

Lindsay really is a bitch

Remember when Johnny Depp tipped a waiter $4000 two weeks ago? Okay, well this is the exact opposite of that, mainly because Depp understands his good fortune in life and is grateful for it, whereas Lindsay Lohan is a spoiled whore. The Sun says... LINDSAY LOHAN found... read more