Neil Patrick Harris is cool

Most interviews with actors are boring because most actors are dumb as rocks, and the ones that aren't are usually to scared to say anything even remotely honest or controversial. Neil Patrick Harris is neither of those, and that's why he's actually interesting. So he'll... read more

Brad and Angelina might be getting married. Here.

Every few months there's a story either saying Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are getting married or that they literally hate each other. Today it seems we've landed on... "married"! In Jodhpur, India. Splash says... The couple has apparently chosen their spiritual guru... read more

Julia Stiles denies being a homewrecking whore

(NOTE - this was the only Julia Stiles picture I could find where she wasn't at least a little bit weird looking. that's her in the gray, all the way to the left) In 2002, Michael C. Hall married actress Amy Spanger, whom he met while they starred in the Broadway... read more

Tyler has sexy readers

Santa can just skip me next week, because the final "sexy reader" vote of the year is the best one ever, and it's the best gift I could have asked for. Unless it would have been possible for me to actually bang these girls, which in hindsight would have been much much... read more

Demi Lovato seems nice

Some candid pictures of Demi Lovato have leaked online, and if you think you're excited to see her grinding on other girls and licking them, check out the dude who's actually in the room with them. That dude just came in his pants. [gallery ids="708962,708972"] read more

Megan Fox. in yoga pants.

I don't know who invented yoga pants, but I feel like I should. And schools and banks should be closed on his birthday to honor this great, great man. And if it's December 25th, guess what? Hit the bricks, Jesus. Weren't you actually born in July or something anyway?... read more

Mel Gibson doesnt like Winona Ryder, the Jews

Mel Gibson hasn't had the greatest PR in the world the last few years, and thanks to Winona Ryder telling this story to GQ , that's certainly not gonna change today. "I remember, like, fifteen years ago, I was at one of those big Hollywood parties. And (Mel Gibson) was... read more

Jessica Alba at the 'Little Fockers' premiere

Jessica Alba was at the New York premiere for Little Fockers last night, because apparently Jessica Alba is in Little Fockers. You wouldn't know it by the commercials though, because, yes, that "I'm watching you" gag and the fact that the made up name "Focker" sounds... read more

some whore at Diddys party lit her hair on fire

Stand up comic Kevin Hart (who most white ppl have never even heard of but is a superstar in the black community) was MC'ing a party for Sean Combs Tuesday night at the club London in NYC, and when he decided to switch scenes and do it official by the hot tub with his... read more

Jade Ewen is a good model

Jade Ewen of the UK girl group The Sugababes is the new Ultimo lingerie girl, and today she modeled some stuff in London. Seeing these pictures on here really brings back good memories, back to when I first heard about Jade. Because it was when I downloaded these, about... read more

Thora Birch has a creepy relationship with her dad

If you don't know, Thora Birch, who became famous as the adorable little girl in movies like Patriot Games, is the daughter of Carol Connors and Jack Birch, who were both porn stars in the 70's. In fact they met while filming Deep Throat, maybe the most famous porn movie... read more

Julia Stiles is a homewrecking whore

I didn't watch even one episode of Dexter this year because in last years finale they killed Julie Benz and so fuck them, but Julia Stiles was added to the cast as Dexters new love interest, and apparently might be the reason Michael C. Hall is divorcing Jenifer... read more