whitney houstons still got it

Whitney Houston has been getting lots of very justified criticism in the past 24 hours for her crappy performance of "I Will Always Love You" in Brisbane, Australia this week (before and after up top, video of her entire performance under the cut). The song is famous for... read more

george clooney bought an island for his girlfriend...

George Clooney of course owns a home (the Villa Oleandra) on Lake Como in Italy, which you may remember as the place where the French guy lived in 'Oceans 12'. In the middle of the lake is Loreto Island, and now Clooney owns that too, or at least his girlfriend does... read more

and this is why

This headline only makes sense if you read it as the second part of the headline right above it. Just so you know. Anyway, if any girls out there are wondering why their boyfriend doesn't buy them an island, it's because they don't look like this. Girls who look like... read more

its michael jacksons 911 call

Although difficult to understand at times, the call from the ambulance to the hospital that pronounced Michael Jackson dead on June 25th has leaked online, which is bad news for Dr. Conrad Murray, who claimed Jackson was only a little bit dead when the paramedics took... read more

sony fired jennifaa yopez

Jennifer Lopez has been with Epic Records for the past 11 years, and her next record was due out in April, but last night she announced she has signed with a new label and the record would be released in the summer. "I have fulfilled all my contractual obligations to... read more

morning headlines

BRAD PITT AND ANGELINA JOLIE - were photographed makin out in Paris on the set of her new movie. Perhaps all part of their intricate plan to trick the media into thinking they're still together, which is apparently crucial for some reason that no one has ever bothered to... read more

elizabeth hurley is incredibly literal

Elizabeth Hurley attended a charity event in London last night for something called the Naked Heart Foundation, and to get into the spirit of things, she showed off her Naked Breast. Which reminds me, Elizabeth Hurley is 100 percent invited to my bulimia awareness event... read more

hilary duff is blown away by her engagement ring

About 10 days ago, Hilary Duff became engaged to hockey player Mike Comrie while on vacation in Hawaii, and now comes word that he spent over 1 million dollars on her ring. At least that's what he told her just before his blowjob. These pictures would be a really good ad... read more

lindsay lohan is a terrible model. mostly.

Lindsay Lohan did a photo shoot to go along with her condescending interview in the Sun over the weekend, and although the pictures are boring, at least the originals are enormous. So you can zoom in and check out the scars from her cutting and the sun damaged cleavage... read more

mylene klass is in a bikini again

UK model and singer Mylene Klass looked good but not great yesterday in a bikini on a beach in Barbados. But today she's in a top that pushes her breasts together, thus making them appear larger, and now looks way better. During a morning press conference, President... read more

these two are officially pretending to date

All the weird and unpopular teen girls who write fan fiction about Edward Cullen dreamily showing up in Biology one day and realizing they're not ordinary, they're special and amazing, need to put their dreams on hold, because he's now admitted for the first time that... read more

johnny depp is concerned about the west memphis three

Watch CBS News Videos Online Most big Hollywood stars normally only get involved with "let the killer go" cases when gang bangers execute cops or shoot old women in the face with a shotgun. But Johnny Depp isn't like other Hollywood stars, so when he does stuff like this,... read more