megan fox is a tease

Megan Fox had to know that her bra was peeking out of the top of her shirt as she shopped for furniture on Robertson yesterday. And hopefully that’s the kind of furniture she has in her house. Lots of thick bulky wood. Because I could hide in a lot of that stuff. (image... read more

paris bought a diamond dashboard

Whenever you buy a new car you immediately notice how many other people have that same car. I assume Paris Hilton is going through the same thing with her pink Bentley, so now she wants to customize it. Like with a Garfield suction cupped to the window, or a sticker of... read more

jlo will take your stuff

Honest to god there are some celebrities that you never ever ever hear anything good about. This story is about Jennifer Lopez. Try and guess where this is headed. The New York Post says...(she) borrowed $50,000 worth of diamonds from Robert Mouawad to attend the launch... read more

aww what the hell is this

There are persistent rumors that Megan Fox and Brian Austin Greene faked their breakup for publicity, and pictures of them shopping together yesterday on Ventura wont help. When a girl breaks up with a guy, they’re not supposed to spend this much time together. I’ve had a... read more

they got married. maybe.

Star was the first to report that Rihanna was on her way to reuniting with Chris Brown (here), 8 days before People and TMZ confirmed that she was back with him last Friday, so don't dismiss their claim that they got married. Or do dismiss it, whatever. It's your life... read more

usher was too hard on chris brown

Yesterday Usher was one of the first black celebrities to say anything negative abut Chris Brown putting Rihanna in the hospital. When seen looking at this picture, Usher said... "I'm a little disappointed in this photo. After the other photo. C'mon, Chris. Have a little... read more

brit begins her tour

Britney Spears began her comeback tour last night in New Orleans, her first real tour in 5 years, and although understandably nervous, the early major reviews have been good. MTV said......welcome to Britney's Circus, a big, huge, loud, funny, nonsensical three-ring... read more

thats way too much teeth

Am I just seeing what I want to see or is Annalynne McCord forcing the back of her own head down to deep throat a banana? If so, I appreciate her enthusiasm, but she needs to work on other things before we get to her gag reflex while being degraded. Starting with the... read more

the magic bra is back

One or twice a month Paris Hilton puts on enchanted underwear that makes it appear as if she’s built like a girl, and last night was one of those nights. It’s not immediately clear why she dressed like Superman, but she’s got a lot of work to do if she wants to be the... read more

well-fed is in new orleans

KFed and his new plus sized figure showed up in New Orleans yesterday for the start of Britneys new tour. It was the same day Brit was announced as the new spokesmodel for Candies. Kevin was supposed to be down there to watch their kids but all that talk about candy made... read more

vanessa hudgens at watchmen

Vanessa Hudgens' hot little ass went to the US premiere of "Watchmen" last night at the Chinese in Hollywood, and she did it in the shortest skirt allowed by law. It might not even be street legal. She's so naughty. Her vagina could be all coarse like a lions tongue and I... read more

jennifer aniston at marley and me

The UK premier for Cottonelle the Movie was last night n London, and I can't explain why but I thought I would post pictures of Jennifer Aniston. But ... umm. Ahem. Yeah. Look, it's like 4am, and there's no way in hell I'm waking up and lookin at her fug ass for 30... read more