Nurse Christina in high-res

This is my favorite kind of post because it looks like I'm doing something but all I'm really doing is replacing the low-res pictures of Christina and Dr. PissinMeOff that I put up yesterday with high-res copies. These are still kind of grainy, but they're big enough that you can actually hear Ryan cry as some guy who is not him paws all over his dream girl. Much as I would do if this were happening to Marissa more

New King Kong footage is online

Itread more

Justin Timberlake is ruining Shrek 3

Radar Online says today that Cameron Diaz practically cast her boyfriend Justin Timberlake in a key role in Shrek 3, and now the couple is ruining the movie. The trouble began when DreamWorks politely - but not seriously - asked Diaz if she had any ideas for the role of King Arthur, the pivotal character in the third movie. Diaz immediately pushed for Timberlakeread more

Hollywood Halloween costumes

I guess big Hollywood stars are too cool to dress up for Halloween. People like Hillary Duff think they can go to costume parties and just wear the same weird crap they normally wear. Even her poser boyfriend did some kinda-cool Clockwork Orange thing. I wore something like that a few years ago, but then me and my buddies got a little carried away and just started throwing pumpkins at kids. But dont worry, its cool, more

Kelly Brook naked in Three

Slow news day + Halloween night + Halloween party = random picture video time! This time of dreamgirl Marissa Miller Krista Allen Kelly Brook! Yeah, lets do it! This is one of the clips from the movie Three, the movie Kelly is suing because she felt certain scenes were too explicit and she didn't want them to be seen. Umm, it didn't work. This scene is Kelly topless in the ocean writhing around with some dude, more

Brad Pitt is emotional

I hope everyone loves Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie news, cause that's all that is pretty much going on today. The latest is that Pitt allegedly broke down to the point of crying and was overheard on the telephone telling Angelina, "I can't live without you." The tabloid Celebrity Living says that Pitt made what was described as a panicked and animated cell phone call to Jolie while confessing his feelings. Brad more

Ummm ... holy crap, dude

I don't know if anyone can get to Ryan over on our sister site Gorilla Mask today, but you might want to take away his belts and shoelaces before he sees these pictures of his girlfriend in a super hot Halloween outfit getting molested by her fiance, Jordan Bratman. This is unequivocally the worlds greatest costume, even though I'm not sure why a doctor and sexy nurse would be handcuffed. Probably his idea. This more

Angelina is saving space for Brad

Angelina Jolie has tats on almost every part of her body, with one notable exception. Her ass. Until now. Adding to the 11 she already has, rumor has it that she is planning to get a tattoo of a bunny, which represents Brad Pitt's birth year in the Chinese calendar, on her butt. She will also reportedly get the names of her two adopted children - son Maddox and daughter Zahara - tattooed on her back. If I were more

Site News

Time now more self important idiot rambling about my personal life, since Iread more

Britney Spears is not delicate

MSNBC reported yesterday that Britney Spears was less than charitable when husband Kevin Federline brought home some music heread more

Hollywood is pissin me off

I have no idea what Wrestling Observer Newsletter is, but, according to them, WWE Superstar John Cena is set for the lead role - Major 'Dutch' Schaeffer - in a remake of 1987's Arnold Schwazenegger flick, Predator. This follows a rumor a few months back reported on the great movie site Latino Review that original director John McTiernan had been offered the job to do a Predator remake or sequel. 'Observer' was more

Mr. Sulu is gay

George Takei, best known as Mr. Sulu on Star Trek and from his voice work on the Simpsons, comes out of the closet in the new issue of Frontiers. In the interview, the 68-year-old actor discusses his childhood in a Japanese-American internment camp, his 18-year relationship, his siblings' inability to accept his homosexuality and his ultimate decision to come out publicly. Takei says: "It's not really coming out, more

Mustaches are for foxes only

I hope it doesn't sound like I'm bragging, but I'm fuckin hot. Not as hot as this handsome stranger, but, c'mon, who is? Crowd around ladies, there's plenty of stache to go around. But first, a word of warning: if you come, come ready and able, cause foxes like this love their women all night long, baby. Their seductive open collared shirts may only give you a glimpse of the goods, but don't you worry your more

Kong is long, expensive, probably boring

The New York Times is saying today that the first cut of Peter Jacksons remake of King Kong has come in at over 3 hours in length and a budget well over 200 million dollars, substantially longer and one third more expensive than Universal Studios had anticipated. Hollywood has increasingly relied on big releases that bring in as much as half of their ticket sales on the first weekend, but long films receive far more

Angelina Jolie is official

Angelina Jolie was told yesterday that an Ethiopian judge ruled she is the legal guardian of baby daughter Zahara. Jolie was concerned she may lose custody of the daughter she adopted in June when the alleged mother of the little girl - who it was said had died of AIDS - came forward to thank Jolie for giving her child a better life. Under Ethiopian law, the adoption papers needed to be refiled because details more