kendra was a good choice

Levis had everything in place for yesterdays Power Slide competition in Santa Monica:- Kendra Wilkinson sliding on something? Check- Kendra in a push-up bra and slutty shirt? Done.- A midget, preferably Wee-Man? You know it. Someone should play Sabre Dance whenever she's... read more

lindsay is sending mixed signals

Lindsay says she’s tired of being a target of the paparazzi, but it's kind of hard to believe she hates the attention when she goes to clubs night after night after night. When you commit to an action that has one possible result, 100 percent of the time, it’s hard to... read more

heidi klum is pregnant

Heidi Klum is so impossibly gd good looking that, even when you combine her DNA with Seals, hers is so hot the result is a cute kid. She could probably mate with an actual seal and the result would still be a kid better looking than 90 percent of earth. And its a good... read more

lindsay wont go to rehab

I have no trouble believing that those who care for her want Lindsay Lohan to give rehab one more chance, but OK pushes the limits of credibility when they claim her mom Dina was one of those people. In the predawn hours of what should have been a peaceful Easter, Lindsay... read more

vanessa has weird toes

Celebrity interviewing climbed to even greater heights this month when Self magazine (via the Sun UK) got Vanessa Hudgens to talk about her legs and feet for five minutes. Magazines are dying, huh? I wonder what the problem could be. "I’ve got big calves that look good.... read more

hulk hogan agrees with oj simpson

We could go back and forth all day trying to figure out who killed what, while throwing out a bunch of technical mumbo-jumbo about “murderer” this and “blood soaked” that, but you have to admit that OJ Simpson pays a lot less alimony than Hulk Hogan. A fact Hogan is very... read more

mels new woman is a good dancer

Mel Gibsons new commie girlfriend is a singer back home of course, where she’s known as the “Russian Britney Spears”. Actually I don’t know if that's true but people are always saying dumb shit like that so it’s probably true. Point being, for the video of “Utro Bez Tebya... read more

angelia is pregnant

Star magazine will sometimes say just about anything but today they seem pretty confident with not one but two exclamation points in their headline that Angelina Jolie is pregnant again. Also there's a catfight over Rob."Yes, Angie is pregnant." A source close to the... read more

britneys got a new man

Last month, a story came out saying Britney was “dating” one of her back-up dancers, some totally-straight-and-not-gay guy who calls himself Geo. Then reports surfaced saying she was doin it all over the place with ex back-up dancer Kevin Federline. Now, both the Daily... read more

its mels new woman

24-year-old Russian pop singer Oksana Pochepa (not to be confused with Russian musisician Oksana Kolesnikova) has told the Sun UK she is dating Mel Gibson, and she doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. Oksana, who first hit the Russian charts aged 13, said yesterday: “... read more

afternoon headlines

MEL GIBSON - should brace himself for “the costliest celebrity divorce ever”. Expected to lose half a billion dollars, he’ll easily pass other celebrity divorces like Michael Jordan (168m), Steven Spielberg (100m), and Paul McCartney (48.6m). And his wife has hired... read more

ms. classy, party of one

Top Model Shauna Sand continued her assault on Americas eyes last night when she went to One Sunset dressed essentially in lingerie and a little coat. She promptly took the coat off of course. And who could blame her. She looked so stuffy all bundled up like that. I... read more