Ashton Kutcher and Sara Leal had unprotected sex

By brendon October 12, 2011 @ 11:48 AM


So apprently Sara Leal did an interview with Us weekly as well as the Sun, and the headline from this one is that Ashton did not use a condom when he banged the stranger he just met in Vegas. Which is dumb but I hardly blame him. You could slam my dick in a car door when I have a condom on.

(more bikini pics of Sara on celebuzz)

its January Jones and her bastard baby

By brendon October 12, 2011 @ 11:29 AM


The first pictures of January Jones new baby were taken yesterday as she left an office building in LA, and that would be the look on my face too if I had to spend all my time with January Jones.

(huffington post)

Rihanna is Esquires “Sexiest Woman Alive”

By brendon October 12, 2011 @ 11:15 AM

Rihanna in Esquire Magazine

I meant to mention this yesterday but Esquire has named Rihanna as the Sexiest Woman Alive. I’m not sure how they reached this conclusion, but I can only assume it involved picking random names out of a hat.


Chaz Bono survived another cut on DWTS

By brendon October 12, 2011 @ 11:14 AM

Despite having among the lowest scores for the fourth straight week, Chaz Bono survived yet another elimination round on ‘Dancing With The Stars’ last night.

Instead it was Chynna Phillips who was sent home after receiving a score of 21 (out of 30) for her routine on Monday. Bono also had a 21, just beating out Carson Kressley of ‘Queer Eye For The Straight Guy’, who was in last place with 20 points. The top score of the night went to Rikki Lake, who got a 29. So a tubby housewife with 2 kids out-danced a skinny gay guy. Is this show filmed on Earth 2?

huffington post

Sara Leal says she and Ashton had sex for 2 hours

By brendon October 12, 2011 @ 10:37 AM


Sara Leal is the girl at the center of the Ashton Kutcher-Demi Moore cheating controversy, because a few months ago she was on her knees at the center of Ashton Kutcher. Well now she’s done her first interview, with the Sun, and Ashton will no doubt have mixed emotions about this. The highlights:

– he wanted a three way with her friend but that didnt happen.
– they had sex for two hours.
– he told her he was separated from Demi.

Sara said: “We had sex twice. Everything felt natural. We were having a good time. One thing led to another. He was good but it wasn’t weird or perverted or creepy. I was attracted to him and he was attracted to me.
“He had great endurance. We were up for a while. It was about two hours.”
Sara told how they fell asleep after their romp. Then Ashton congratulated himself on his conquest before she left at around 9am on Saturday, September 24 — his wedding anniversary.
Sara said: “The last thing I remember him saying was he did a good job. We woke up and I was wearing a robe. He opened it up and I was like, ‘What are you doing?’ He was like, ‘Just checking. OK, I did good! You’re really pretty.’ “

“Just checking. OK, I did good”? The fuck? That’s a pretty weird thing to say to a strange girl you banged while you were drunk. It’s like he’s been fooled before. At least he seemed happy when it turned out she was a girl, or else this interview would have taken a really weird turn.

everything is gonna be ok! or not!

By brendon October 11, 2011 @ 6:29 PM


Last night Ashton Kutcher tweeted his wife Demi Moore not once but twice, and the reason people say “the silence is deafening” is because of situations like this. Because she never replied. In fact she stil hasn’t done anything to quiet the rumors that he cheated on her and they’re getting a divorce. This would be a pretty easy rumor to kill if she wanted too, but she won’t say a word, and he seems to be getting more and more desperate. It’s almost like watching one of those bullying suicides play out in front of us.

(image source = fame)

is Beyonce pregnant or not?

By brendon October 11, 2011 @ 4:59 PM

In August, Beyonce announced that she was pregnant, and almost immediately people started noticing that her “baby bump” seemed to radically change in size from day to day. The rumor quickly began that she actually was not pregnant at all, but that she and Jay Z had hired a surrogate to have their baby and Beyonce was wearing a prosthetic piece to make it look like she was pregnant for attention. Adding new credibility to this awesome rumor is that her “bump” seemed to fold in half then pop back into shape as she sat down to do an interview on Sunday (gif above).

ABC News asked her publicist about this today and was told the rumor was “ridiculous, stupid and false.” But screw that. It’s more fun to think she’s faking it. And she would too because this way she gets nine months of attention for being pregnant, then 6 months of, “oh my god she got back into shape so fast, she’s amazing.” We both know Beyonce would eat that shit up.

Luckily most actors and singers are practically retarded, and she’s both, making her full-on retarded, so now we just have to sit back and wait for her to put the prosthetic on wrong, then explain why her bump in now on her back.

Leonardo DiCaprio is not dating an Australian model

By brendon October 11, 2011 @ 3:04 PM


If your reaction to that headline was, “yeah, good, fuck that douche,” you should probably stop reading now, because (SPOILER ALERT) he’s actually dating 2 Australian models.

The Telegraph says…

(DiCaprio), who is in Australia working on Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Great Gatsby’, was last week linked to former Australia’s Next Top Model’s Alyce Crawford, who had been spotted frequenting his suite at The Star casino.
But The Sunday Telegraph can reveal he has also struck up a steamy relationship with another Aussie model, 20-year-old Kendal Schuler (pictured).

Oh good. This is great, because if the billionaire actor wasn’t banging more than one hot model with a sexy accent I would have just died.