bar refaeli is in a bikini (update!)

Physically perfect girl Bar Refaeli was in Mexico this weekend, and the only thing hotter than Bar in a bikini is Bar in a bikini with two friends, who are also hot chicks with big tits and in bikinis. In fact these pictures are a little too good, and when they ended I... read more

monday morning headlines

ANGELINA JOLIE - has been estranged from her father Jon Voight for almost a decade, but he was in Venice this weekend spending time with her and Brad Pitt and their army of kids. Also this weekend, I put my dick in a milkshake. Coincidence? (msnbc) THE HURT LOCKER -... read more

jayde nicole is 24

Playboy's 2008 Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole celebrated her 24th birthday this weekend, and even though she looks way way better with no clothes on (under the cut), she still looked fantastic in this ridiculous dress and a crown. This must be how rich people live. I... read more

god i hate you so f**king much

On her birthday last year, Jennifer Love Bacon dressed up like whatever that bitches name was in that movie and stood outside Tiffanys. This year, she peered out from behind her gate then walked into the street because someone was banging on her food dish. No not really.... read more

friday afternoon headlines

TIGER WOODS - almost threw away what matters most, but his apology this morning has made up a lot of ground. EA Sports, Gillete, and Upper Deck all issued statements of support today, at least opening the door to Tigers return. What coquettish little flirts you are. (... read more

jay-z doesnt party with white people

In London this week for the British Music Awards, Jay Z won the Brit for Best International Male, then hosted a lavish after party attended by every big name you can think of. As long as you can't think of any white ones. One guest told the Daily Star... "Jay-Z is a... read more

sean penn is going to jail. im kidding of course.

Nicole Richie got her second DUI after driving the wrong way down the Burbank Freeway while high on vicodin and marijuana. She served 35 minutes in jail (more). Lindsay Lohan was charged with 2 DUIs, 2 counts of possession of cocaine, transporting a narcotic into a... read more

read this palm you gypsy bitch

Some Romanian woman was accused of abusing children and when visited by the police, she slapped one of them. I don't speak Gypsy, but according to Patrice O'Neal, after that the cop inquired if she might perhaps read his fortune. Knowing what a rush she must have been... read more

robert pattinson in details

Here are finally the pictures from Details that made news last week when Robert Pattinson went public about the nightmarish hell he suffered through during the photo shoot, and explained that the scars are still with him. "I really hate vaginas. I'm allergic to vaginas.... read more

the live tiger woods press conference (update!)

Ooohhh, just a few more minutes! I wonder what he'll say? I bet it's surprising! UPDATE - This is the most important story in the world, so I assume everyone saw that he's going back to sex rehab after this. That guy in Austin picked a bad day to crash a plane into the... read more

the oscars were almost enjoyable

Steve Martin actually did a good job when he hosted the Oscars in 2001 and 2003, and although Alec Baldwin is a dirty god damn hippie, he's a tremendous actor and entertaining guy. So together they should be fine when they co-host the Academy Awards on March 7th. But the... read more

battle of the dorks

Ben Affleck was almost todays big winner, because this morning in Santa Monica, Feathers Jones (NOTE - I don't know their names) was threatening to look like even more of spaz while catching a football than Affleck did 14 months ago. Tuffy Jonas looks as gay as any guy... read more