I may be the only person on earth who hasnt had a shot at Eva Longoria in the past year. She's been linked with Keifer Sutherland, JC Chavez and even god-dammed Fez. Not to mention ex-husband, Tyler Christopher, who she didn't actually divorce until this past March. But now the website Contact Music is reporting: "Eva Longoria has finally confirmed she's dating Spurs point guard Tony Parker. The actress hit the gossip...read more


From Contact Music: "Mariah Carey accidentally flashed her breasts at stunned fans during a TV show in Germany when her dress fell apart. But the red-faced superstar saw the funny side, quipping, "Someone bring me a jacket or the show's off, we all know how quickly these images can spread around the world." I only put this up to show off Mariah Carey's silver tongue for improv comedy, cause, somehow, remarkably, there...read more


Good news if you're a pretentious jackass, American Express is now rolling out an ultra exclusive Titanium Card to slowly replace the invitation-only Black Card, currently the card of choice for such image paranoid idiots as Lindsay Lohan, Jay-Z and Sean Combs. The new card will have a 2,500 dollar annual fee and a minimum 250,000 dollars of required spending, but it comes with an unlimited credit line and members...read more


Stop me if you've heard this one before: 1) B-List actress who used to star in crappy WB drama falls out of the spotlight. C) Actress meets with Tom Cruise 7) Actress converts to Scientology. %) Actress now the lead in a hard to swallow work of fiction with leading man Tom Cruise! Ever since Keri Russell scored her plum supporting role in Mission Impossible III, the Felicity alumna has "suddenly become very...read more


To the best of my knowledge, I've never had sex with Brittany Murphy. And I think I'd remember because a little of her seems to go a long way. She always seems to have that manic energy, and I don't care how hot her voice is, eventually I'd have to tell her to shut the hell up. But I admire the fact that's she's been on several USO tours in Iraq and she dates regular guys like you or your friend (not me though, I'm a...read more


Female First UK is reporting that "Black Eyed Peas" singer/eye-candy Fergie admitted this week that she was addicted to hard core drugs up until just a few years ago. She claims she began taking Ecstasy in her 20s before her habit spun out of control and she started experimenting with harder narcotics. She confessed: "I stopped meeting the girls, broke up with a boyfriend and started going out and taking Ecstasy. I...read more

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From Female First UK: "Britney Spears wants to get a tattoo of her child's name after she gives birth. The pregnant pop babe, who is expecting her first child with husband Kevin Federline in October, told viewers . that she wants the inscription done to commemorate becoming a mother. She said: 'I like the idea of the moment being captured forever'." You know that saying, "If you love someone, set them free. And if...read more

First look at Underworld 2

Some make-out worthy pictures of Kate Beckinsale from the sequel no one has been waiting for showed up online yesterday, and far be it for me to imply that Underworld 2 looks like a piece of crap or anything, but unless I can find a description that features the wordsread more


Ever heard of a little something called W magazine? Yeah, me neither. But apparently Katie Holmes is on the August cover, and youread more


In what I hope is just a test of my gag reflex, IMDb is reporting that Quentin Tarantino is now dating Shar Jackson, Kevin Federlines ex and the mother of his two kids. I accidentally saw 2 seconds of a gay porn one time (Karl from the Superficial was one his third glass of Chablis and insisted he sent the wrong file) and the bile in my throat then can only be compared to the bile in my throat now, when I just...read more


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7.21.09 banners

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the marriage ref premiere

'The Marriage Ref' had a preview last night after the Olympics, but it settles into its regular spot this Thursday. The show looks at real married couples having real problems and tries to determine who's at fault. In the 30-second spot above, I would have to blame the wife. Maybe if her coat was as shiny as the dogs, her husband would pay more attention to her. And of course the dog bites her leg. Legs are delicious....read more

win 'fight club' on bluray

Okay sorry this is so late in the day. I had to sweet talk someone into giving me more copies of this, but I have 25 copies of the 10th Anniversary of 'Fight Club' on BluRay to give away. I'm not very good at contests, so I guess we can do a scavenger hunt. The first 25 who send in these three things win: 1. A picture of a turtle on a surfboard. 2. Winnie the Poohs real name. 3. Use the word "eschatologically" in a...read more

this guy

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