julia roberts seems upset

Julia Roberts started screaming profanity at a paparazzi who was apparently following her around all day, but when not yelling "fuck" 1500 times, she takes the time to be quite helpful. When she yells "aim higher", he does in fact aim the camera higher, which centers her... read more

miss usa 1991 does porn - update

Miss USA 1991 Kelli McCarty starred on the NBC (?) soap opera "Passions" for seven years, but has now made the lateral move to MILF Porn. Yaaay, you did it! TMZ says...McCarty is now a "Vivid Entertainment" girl -- and has just wrapped on her first XXX feature,... read more

kelly osbourne is under arrest

Kelly Osbourne was arrested outside a London club after slapping a gossip columnist who called her boyfriend “stupid”. Which, when you consider he's the mincing gaywad in the picture above, seems kind but whatever. Us magazine says...Witnesses claim Osbourne threw a fit... read more

i dont feel so good - update

It's so uncomfortable to see Madonna trying to dress young and sexy, like she is here in this promo shot for "Hard Candy", according to today's Daily Mail. It's an old lady mostly naked except for a bunch of random shit, like a boxing glove and a mink wrap. It's the kind... read more

pam anderson is ... umm ...

Pam Anderson hit the beach in Malibu not once but twice this weekend, and unfortunately half of these pictures look more like an oil painting than a picture, so it's hard to tell if she even looked good or not. One thing I can tell is that her bikini is tiny, yet her ass... read more

miranda kerr is a fatty

Miranda Kerr did a shoot for Victoria's Secret in St Barts this weekend, and girls who aren’t Victoria's Secret supermodels should take comfort in the fact that even Miranda Kerr has cellulite. Fat bitch. Or maybe that’s just a weird angle and trick of the light... read more

joaquin phoenix is doing great

The emails I got were way more interesting when I thought they said Joaquin Phoenix Raping, but what it said was Joaquin Phoenix Rapping, as is him turning that shit out on the mic at a club in Vegas Friday night. People seem surprised that Joaquin is now an incoherent... read more

how much to just burn it

A nude photo of Madonna, taken well before she was a music superstar and still making ends meet as a nude model, is expected to sell for at least $10,000 at Christie's auction house this weekend. Which makes some sense until you actually see it (here, very very very... read more

this is clearly not katy perry - update

For some unknown reason this picture has been showing up all over for like a week now with people claiming it shows Katy Perry (uncensored version here), and now even reputable sites like Fleshbot are running open-ended posts about it. And It does sort of look like her,... read more

i heart lily allen, part 19

I simply don’t understand why everyone doesn’t love Lily Allen as much as I do. Unless you’re a narcissistic sociopath like Perez who declares anyone who doesn’t kiss his ass as a blood enemy. That’s why he doesn’t like her, and it's why he makes up blatant lies about... read more

15 months in jail

In April of 2008, a Dutch male model named Audun Carlsen filed charges against 80's pop icon Boy George. Carlsen claimed George handcuffed him to a wall and beat him with a chain after a fight following a naked photo shoot. That, as it turns out, is illegal. You can’t... read more

marmaduke and huckleberry grylls

Bear Grylls stages part of his show "Man vs Wild" of course, but he's graduated from Eton and the University of London, earned a second dan black belt in Shotokan karate, served three years in the UK Special Forces and only left when he did because his parachute ripped... read more