bouncy bouncy

Jennifer Tilly is a hardcore poker player, and Saturday night she played in the Seventh Annual World Poker Tour Invitational in LA. More importantly, she made her case as the worlds hottest 50-year-old. And by that I mean, “tits”.[gallery id="10063"] read more

chris brown is really sorry

As part of the big reconciliation weekend for Chris Brown and Rihanna in Miami today, just three weeks after beating the shit out of her, Chris held a little pool party for some bitches, Zero percent of whom were Rihanna. It’s kind of touching to see him take this so... read more

look out rihanna!

Chris Brown and Rihanna are in Miami this weekend of course, and that bitch better mind her manners unless she wants another one of these. (image source = mavrix online)[gallery columns="6"] read more

she took him back

Less than three weeks ago, Chris Brown beat up Rihanna on their way home from a party the night before the Grammys. When he got done with her, she looked like this, and her injuries were described like this:There were major contusions on both sides of the singer's face --... read more

"give chris brown a break"

Kanye West filmed an episode of VH1 Storytellers that will air Sunday, and since Kanye can't go 30 seconds without saying something dumb, the unedited footage was bound to deliver. Not that you would know it if you watched the show of course. Some of West's choicer... read more

megan fox is here to help

Today is depressing, the last two posts had a kid and a girl getting smacked around, so look, Megan Fox is back from yesterday to cheer everyone up. Yeah, titties, wooh! Dance Megan dance! "C’MON BABIES SHAKE THEM TITTIES, I GOT MONEY YOU GOT KITTYS..."[gallery... read more

the rest of the world sucks

I think its safe to say that Azharuddin Ismails week is going downhill. Sunday night he was at the Academy Awards as one of the starts of Slumdog Millionaire (he was even on Tyler) but today he’s back at Dell Customer Service in the slums of Mumbai and this morning his... read more

chris brown to plead self-defense

Rihanna Daily says that Ri has now left Punta Mita, Mexico, after spending Tuesday and Wednesday there to celebrate her 21st ... wait, "Punta"? Really? Doesn’t that mean, you know, "vagina"? Those Mexicans are perverts, but that’s a good way to get people to visit your... read more

yes, please do set up the clit

It feels like there should be more separation between innocuous words and filthy words. Especially at the end of the word. "Clit" and "clip" are really close. It can be confusing when words sound so similar. Like one time I was at a party and the party was loud and I... read more

tila tequilla forgot something

Tila Tequila looks like Gizmo from Gremlins, which is actually more insulting for Gizmo than it is Tila, but at least she’s dedicated to being a slut. She dresses slutty all the time. Good for her. Too bad she doesn’t have a bigger rack. I think another good idea would be... read more

gisele and tom got married

Gisele Bundchen and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady got married yesterday around dusk at the St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica. Us magazine says...The ceremony was "very small and intimate," a source tells Us, adding that guests mostly consisted of... read more

gwyneth paltrow is better than you

As you may know, back in September, Gwyneth Paltrow started an advice website called Goop. She said, "My life is good because I am not passive about it", and she wanted you to know that one of the reasons she's a millionaire actress is because she invests in what’s real... read more