Mariah Carey is joining Simon Cowell on X Factor

American Idol is actually having a decent year, mostly thanks to Steven Tyler, but Pop Idol was a huge smash in the UK too before Simon Cowell left to start a show that was damn near identical, the X Factor, and forced it off the air. Now he's putting together an... read more

Vanessa Hudgens was licking some kind of powder (UPDATE!)

Vanessa Hudgens spent the weekend at Coachella with her dorky new boyfriend Josh Hutcherson (this doofus), and on several occasions she was seen taking out a ziploc bag with a white powder inside, then licking the powder off her fingers. It could have been anything in... read more

Nic Cage was arrested for domestic violence

After seeing Season of the Witch, it's hard to believe Nic Cages life could get any more embarrassing, but this weekend he was arrested for domestic violence after getting gold-medal winning drunk and grabbing his wifes arm during an argument in the French Quarter (NOTE:... read more

America hates Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus will kick off her new tour in just 12 days, starting in South America and Australia. Thankfully it also ends in South America and Australia. Miley tells Fox... "I just think right now America has gotten to a place where I don't know if they want me to tour or... read more

Ashton Kutcher is a f**king idiot

It only takes a minute to find hundreds of horrific tales about human trafficking. The most common are about girls, usually in their teens, who are kidnapped, held as slaves and forced into prostitution. Or they're trying to escape an oppressive government or undeveloped... read more

Jessica Simpson wants a low cut wedding gown

Jessica Simpson is engaged but hasn't chosen a time or place to get married yet, because according to her the number 1 priority is to find a wedding dress that will "flatter her physique". Unfortunately she's working with designers and not magical wizards, so it's a long... read more

people dont like Gwyneth Paltrow because theyre lazy and jealous

Gwyneth Paltrow is out promoting her new cookbook this week, and before we get to the part where she explains why some people don't like her, here are a few quotes from the book. Maybe there will be some hints in there. "I had my first bowl of gazpacho when I was fifteen... read more

Friday morning headlines

LINDSAY LOHAN - was believed to be the favorite to play Victoria Gotti because Gotti is friends with Lindsays mom and was demanding it. Not true. "Though it was said that I insisted she play my part, that's not true. I didn't insist and actually have no say in who gets... read more

Superman will get beaten up by a girl too

I think most people were so glad when Michael Shannon was cast as General Zod in the Superman reboot, if only because it meant we wouldn't have to see another dumbass Lex Luther movie if nothing else, that they pretty much stopped paying attention to the casting after... read more

Warner Bros is getting tired of Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen (seen here being mobbed by ones of fans as he arrives in Toronto for another "Torpedo of Truth" show) has been saying lately that he's in talks with Warner Bros. about returning to Two and a Half Men, and even said there's an 85 percent chance that they'll... read more

Hayden Panettiere is adorable

Hayden Panettiere isn't really my thing, but she looked fantastic last night at a benefit in Santa Monica for the Surfrider Foundation. She's sexy and cute at the same time, and that's hard to do. To top this she'd have to lay on the floor naked and play with baby tigers... read more

Amanda Seyfried collects dead animals

Amanda Seyfried spent last week with her boyfriend Ryan Phillippe in Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world, where a young couple in love can drink champagne at Les Ombres, taken an evening cruise down the Seine as the lights shine on Notre Dame, or buy a... read more