Anne Hathaway is in this months GQ, and lo-res copies of a few of the pictures were around last week, but now, finally, some high quality versions of all the pics have made their way online. This must be a welcome relief to Anne, who can take comfort in the fact that her... read more

ireland baldwin has gotten her revenge

America first met Alec Baldwins daughter Ireland (who is 13 in these pictures from last year, btw) in 2008 when he left a message on her phone calling her a "rude, thoughtless little pig", among other things. And since women are black-hearted monsters, she's probably... read more

jessica simpson seems flattered

Black and white alike all hate John Mayer now after his comments about women and race were published in Playboy yesterday. The only person who seems happy about it is Jessica Simpson in this TMZ video, because him saying she was a tiger in the sack is the best press... read more

what a sexy girl

Lady Gaga was in New York last night to play a party for amfAR, hosted by M.A.C, and out of all her crazy looks, this is the one I hope catches on. I like girls who look like they have some horrible plague-like infection and boils all over their face. And dull brown... read more

what in the hell is that

You may find this hard to believe, but Debbie Gibson put on a bikini for the new InTouch magazine (full size picture here), not as some kind of warning, but because she's happy with the way she looks. "I'm at 114 pounds. I was okay at my previous weight, but I felt like... read more

ok! magazine is deceptive

Kendra Wilkinson is having a rough week. On Sunday her husband had on on-sides kick bounce off his face in the SuperBowl, and now people are noticing how suspiciously good she looks on the cover of OK! magazine, considering she gained 55 pounds for a pregnancy that ended... read more

john mayer really is an asshole

The vast majority of John Mayers Playboy interview (now online at is made up of the reporter occasionally interrupting while Mayer composes a love letter to himself. The Jessica Simpson stuff has already been covered, but Mayer goes on to explain why he's... read more

i wish i was in an earthquake

Angelina Jolie is in Haiti today to visit earthquake victims in her role as a goodwill ambassador for the UN, casting further doubt on my theory that this Haiti thing was just a viral ad campaign for the bluray release of '2012'. The actress has determinedly pushed aside... read more

jessica simpson is awesome in bed

This Jessica Simpson story from John Mayer (as told to Playboy, recapped here by is way hotter if you ignore what she looks like now and remember what she looked like then. Back when she was Daisy, as in Duke, instead of Glazy, as in Donut. He dubs 29-year-old... read more

new and improved heidi wants to do playboy again

The last time Heidi Montag was in Playboy, the pictures were about as erotic as shark attack photos, but that was before she got DDD implants. She had to buy the implants, but the self-confidence that came along with them was free (hint-hint ladies). MSNBC says... "Heidi... read more

bradley cooper has a secret

Bradley Cooper attended the premiere of his new unwatchable movie 'Valentines Day' last night, and either putting on bronzer is harder than I imagined or he's secretly Batman and someone threw flour at him. People aren't generally two dramatic different shades like this.... read more

Michael Jacksons face was tattooed on

For years people have been saying, "Michael Jackson sure does have an interesting look. What's his secret?" Would you believe it had to do with drugs and barbaric cosmetic procedures? Yes I assumed you would. Fox News says... Sixty-one photographs of the former pop... read more