Kirsten Dunst is sooooo sexy

Disgusting troll Kirsten Dunst refuses to fix her teeth because she thinks stars who don't look perfect are the sexiest. She admits her mother is constantly nagging her to straighten her front teeth so they look more human, but the actress insists her smile is a part of her that is extra special. "That's one of the things I like about me. Messed-up teeth are so sexy." And, to emphasize her point, Dunst admits she more

Jessica Simpson is an awesome dresser

Maybe this is the tetanus shot talking, and I don't mean to brag, but I do more around here than just give you the secrets those Wall Street fatcats don't you to know! Like these pictures of Jessica Simpson with music legend Nick Lachey. Wait, no, I meant to say "Jessica Simpson with a see thru shirt". A see-thru shirt and also a belt with a triangle shaped target in the center. This is somewhat similar to more

Christina Aguilera is thoughtful

Christina Aguilera, who is set to marry longtime boyfriend Jordan Bratman this Christmas, has asked wedding guests to remember the victims of recent natural disasters and donate to charity instead of buying them wedding presents. On the invitation, the couple wrote: "While we celebrate the richness of life and all the circumstances that have blessed us in career and love, we are mindful of those who are more

George Clooney is leaking

George Clooney says that injuries suffered while filming the movie Syriana left him in such intense pain that he entertained suicidal thoughts and continues to suffer short-term memory loss. A scene that showed two thugs abusing a victim tied to a chair became all too real when Clooneys chair was kicked backwards and his head smashed on the ground, damaging his spine. Clooney says: "I tore my dura, which is the more

Cameron Diaz is an idiot

Cameron Diaz surprised a class at Stanford University when she helped lead a lecture on environmentally friendly design. Diaz's appearance Thursday came as part of taping for an MTV show called Stand-In where celebrities teach a class. A champion of liberal causes, Diaz served as a sidekick for friend and renowned environmental architect William McDonough, a consulting professor at Stanford. "He's very charismatic, more

Janet has a secret 18 year old daughter

Janet Jackson's former brother-in-law made an incredible claim during a radio interview on Saturday, saying that Jackson has a secret 18-year-old daughter. The stunning allegation came from Young DeBarge, whose brother James DeBarge was briefly married to Janet, now 39, in the 1980s. Janet was just 18 she she eloped with James. Their marriage was later annulled but Young claims that Janet and James are the parents more

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So, I feel like an ass for even mentioning this, cause Iread more

Extreme Makeover is not good at research

Pretend television carpenter Ty Pennington and the staff at Extreme Makeover: Home Edition should maybe consider a background check before pissing away half a million dollars to build houses for drunk gun-wielding felons. According to the Portland Press Herald: "A disabled lobsterman who received a $500,000 log home from the TV show "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" in an episode yet to be aired has a criminal pastread more

Elisha Cuthbert has a problem

Close your eyes and picture the ultimate stalker. What do you got? Lots of money, lots of free time. Cutting edge tech gear. Above the law. Well, welcome to Elisha Cuthberts nightmare. The New York Post says: "Bill Gates doesn't have much time for anything but computer wizardry, moneymakingread more

Lindsay Lohan is a redhead again

These were taken of Lindsay Lohan last night as she left super hotspot restaurant Koi in West LA. And even though I said she was a redhead, its kind of hard to tell if her hair is red or brown here. What's not hard to tell is that I hate the new nail polish trend where it's all scuffed up on purpose. It doesn't even look like nail polish anymore. It just looks like she drew on her nails with a sharpie cause she more

Jillian Barberie is fun

If I told you guys how lazy I was, you'd never believe me. Please take my word on it. I mention this now because I've never gotten around to writing a disclaimer for this site. But if I had, it would apply to stuff like this - an IM chat I had with a friend last night who is very much in a position to have seen this sort of thing first hand. The topic was Fox NFL weather hottie Jillian Barberie and her rep around more

Claire Danes is reasonable

Claire Danes tells the Sun UK this morning that she struggled to act in a sex scene with co-star Steve Martin in their new film Shopgirl. The 24 year old Danes admits being nervous about the scene with the 60 year old Martin, until realizing that the anxiety she felt personally is exactly what her character would feel. "The age difference seemed a little awkward, but the movie is about that. I didn't want to be more

Rocky is about to get a beating was the first to report last night that light heavyweight king Antonio Tarver is in the final stages of negotiations to play the nemesis in the upcoming Rocky 6. Sylvester Stallone - who was born in 1946 - will step back into the ring as Rocky Balboa and Tarver will play Mason Dixon. Rocky 6 begins filming in the next few months. Mason Dixon's nickname in this is "the Line". And that entire more

Avril Lavigne is skinny and pale

A few of the sexy readers stopped taking back the streets long enough to point out this NSFW picture, apparently of Paris Hilton naked, thatread more

Cameron Diaz is really smart

According to Contact Music, Cameron Diaz says that when she was growing up in Long Beach, science appealed to her much more than acting, and her goal was to embark on a career as a scientist had she not found quick success as a model. She says: "I really think I would have gotten into some sort of science, like zoology, or you know, oceanography, or something like that. I'm fascinated with how the planet works. And more