did mtv go too far?

By brendon December 09, 2009 @ 12:46 PM


It’s possible this fancy gentleman was offended by a young lady wearing a hat indoors, and in this clip he’s saying, “Madam please remove your hat” in accordance with Jim Nortons Hat Removal Service, but more likely is WHATTHEFUCKWASTHAT!

MTV is getting tons of very justified criticism for their new show “Jersey Shore”, and not just from groups offended by what they consider Italian stereotypes, but because of the preview clip during the closing credits showing female castmate Snookie getting punched in the face. Hard.

Domino’s Pizza has already pulled their ads from the show, and others are threatening to do the same. I’m no PC homo but it’s sort of amazing they would show a clip of a girl getting punched in the face. Although to be fair to the dude I wanted to at least smack her in the head and I was barely even paying attention.

kristin davis has still got it

By brendon December 09, 2009 @ 11:31 AM


Kristin Davis took a break from filming ‘Sex and The City 2′ to hit the beach in St. Barths, and I can only hope the movie will be even half this hot. Her shorts are generously cut to hug her unique shape, yet in a bright and colorful print similar to the ones so popular with the young people these days, while her sensible top shows off her breast-free torso while still keeping things classy.

(source = pacific coast news)

you have got to be god damn kidding me

By brendon December 08, 2009 @ 7:45 PM


If you spent most of your adult life carefully cultivating a respectable, almost antiseptic, reputation like Tiger Woods has, there would only be one thing worse than cheating on your beautiful wife with some dirty porn star. And that would be cheating on your beautiful wife with two dirty porn stars. Deadspin says…

(Tigers other girlfriends) annoyed the crap out one of Tiger’s mistresses — a person who actually considered herself a “full-time” of Tiger’s thanks to years of faithful service to his virulent sexual appetite. Ladies and gentlemen, meet Veronica Siwik-Daniels aka Joslyn James, a double-D brunette whose specialties include being double-penetrated on camera in many NSFW films.
(A) Facebook friend of Miss Siwik-Daniels, said that this status update she posted on Dec. 2 was meant for all the ladies running their mouth about her man, Eldrick.
“I find it comical when certain individuals have no life of their own and want to be ME…so terribly bad. LMAO!”
The emphasis on “ME” was Veronica’s way of respecting her unique relationship with Tiger and not becoming part of the screeching hordes.

This guy is a fuckin weirdo. There are some insanely good looking porn stars these days, like Tori Black and Asa Akira, but Tiger wants none of that. If Joslyn James came up to me in a bar, my first question wouldn’t be, “Will you have sex with me”, it would be, “So how long have you been a woman?”

elin hit tiger in the head with a golf club

By brendon December 08, 2009 @ 6:04 PM

SNL had a skit this weekend about Elin Nordegren kicking Tiger Woods ass, and some reports have hinted at the same thing, but someone in a position to know this sort of thing told me that Elin really did hit Tiger Woods in the head with a golf club on the night of his car wreck, after the fight that began when she found out about his affairs.

It’s already known that Ellen smashed his Escalades window with a golf club and that Tiger was treated for lacerations to his head and was going in and out of conciseness when the ambulance arrived. At the time his wounds were attributed to the crash, even though paramedics described the scene as within “spitting distance” of Tigers home. So either Escaldes are perfect killing machines and simply leaving your driveway is enough to behead you, or Tigers head was already injured. That would also account for this diagram done by the Florida Highway Patrol, which shows Tiger was swerving long before he drove into a tree.

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tiger woods is a homewrecker

By brendon December 08, 2009 @ 3:43 PM

Holly Sampson

One of the whores that Tiger Woods was allegedly cheating with was porn star Holly Sampson. Considering her name was prefaced by “porn star”, you may find this hard to believe, but now some guy is claiming his marriage to Holly fell apart because she was seeing Tiger. INF Daily says…

Tiger Woods mistress, Holly Sampson, (was married to) Sebestien Guy. Holly’s marriage lasted only 5 months due to the pressure of Tiger Woods requests to be with her.

I guess it might have been that, but other websites have been reporting about her marriage problems for some time.

Holly is bored with her significant other. He seems to be a bit of a douche as well as a huge asshole. He drags Holly to a party where he mingles with the other guests, so she takes off and fucks the valet.

That site, MILFs Like It Big, has video evidence to support their claims. And MILF Humiliation is reporting that, “Holly can’t resist the power of a cock rammed in her mouth.”

If what they say is true, Hollys husband is just looking for a scapegoat. He should have spent less time worrying about Tiger and more time ramming his power into Hollys mouth. What part of “can’t resist” did this guy not understand? Those carefully chosen words seem to indicate that Holly has previously attempted to resist the power of a cock rammed in her mouth, but can’t because it’s so wonderful, in her opinion. Not to sound like a Monday morning quarterback, but if this guy didn’t want his wife to have lots of cocks rammed in her mouth, he shouldn’t have married one who can’t resist that very thing.

NOTE – This post originally named Hollys husband as Karl Larsen. That was incorrect. Her husband was in fact named Sebestien Guy.

lindsay is a good model

By brendon December 08, 2009 @ 1:30 PM


Ever heard of Muse magazine? Yeah me neither. But Lindsay Lohan was more than happy to take off her clothes for them and pose in these dumb pictures. Gosh Muse magazine, thank you so much!

(NSFW NOTE – she’s straight up topless in some of these.)

you’ll never guess who directed this commercial

By brendon December 08, 2009 @ 12:57 PM


The new Victorias Secret commercial directed by Michael Bay has finally arrived (see it here), and it’s very much like a regular Victorias Secret commercial, except more Michael Bay-ey.  Get out your checklist:

- Shot of a character very far away, walking toward the camera but blurred as heat rises up from the road? Damn right.

- Hero shot from below, framing the character with a blue sky behind them? You know it!

- Incoherent action? From start to finish my friends.

- Thoughtful characters? Not a one.

- Explosions? Why wouldn’t there be!

There’s no sassy black character who’s had it with all your motherfuckin bullshit or an elderly Asian character who has no reaction to the insane action going on just a few feet behind him, but why would Bay give that away for free when people will pay 12 dollars for it.

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all new tiger woods drama

By brendon December 08, 2009 @ 11:34 AM

Details are still sketchy at best, but a 911 call sent paramedics to Tiger Woods home in Florida this morning around 2:30 am, and they took a woman in her 50s with light blond hair out on a stretcher and rushed her to the hospital.

The womans name has not been released but it is believed to be Elin Nordegrens mother. A woman resembling Elin was seen arriving at the hospital, driving a black Escalade with a license plate number just one digit off from the black Escalade Tiger was driving when he crashed 10 days ago, and the NBC affiliate in Orlando reports seeing Elin leave the hospital.

Some reports are saying the woman was on life support, others are saying she has actually been released from the hospital. Other other reports say the patient initially refused medical attention, while different other other reports say she was receiving oxygen as she left Woods’ home.

In other news, pumas have been discovered on the moon, but who cares about that.  TIGER WOODS TIGER WOODS TIGER WOODS!!!