Shakira was robbed in the middle of a song

Shakira gave a concert in Monterrey, Mexico, last week, and new video shows that while walking through the crowd and touching hands with her fans, one of them pulled a ring right off her damn finger. E! says... Shakira quickly noticed that her bauble had been deftly and... read more

Charlie Sheen hints he'll get his job back, is lying

Charlie Sheen has done everything but beg for his job back at Two and a Half Men, saying he would do it for the fans when in reality he's desperate for money, but no matter what the reason, Sheen said tonight it might really happen. Deadline writes... Sheen has been... read more

Kim Kardashian is a fitness model

I'm not surprised that there's a company with a product that can change the shape of a girls ass, and that they hired Kim Kardashian to promote it, I'm just surprised that the product isn't hot dogs. It's actually Sketcher's Shape Ups, the workout shoe designed to tone... read more

Catherine Zeta Jones is bi-polar

The last time we saw Catherine Zeta Jones, she was in London to receive a medal from Prince Charles (wait, what?). She was with her husband Michael Douglas, going through a crowd of paparazzi and then screaming, "How dare you punch me" like a crazy woman (video here).... read more

Scarlett Johansson moved in with Sean Penn

Scarlett Johansson and Sean Penn have only been dating for two months, in part because she only announced she was divorcing Ryan Reynolds four months ago, but today Us magazine says she's already moved in to his house in Malibu. Wow what an idiot. Is he dying or... read more

“Wait, don’t leave! I’m not done!’’

Fresh from getting boo'd off the stage in New York, Charlie Sheen took his show to Boston last night and proved he can drive audiences away no matter where he goes. The Boston Globe says... Just before 10 last night, as hundreds of disgusted spectators streamed toward... read more

oh f**k you, People magazine

People magazine has named Jennifer Lopez as the Worlds Most Beautiful Woman, and they must mean off on some fantasy world because that's a ridiculous fucking statement. She's ok looking when she's all dressed up (*), but she still has a big ass and no tits. She's round,... read more

Lindsay Lohan is still pretending to be in movies

Lindsay Lohan joined John Travolta at a press conference in New York this morning to promote their new movie about John Gotti. Granted Lindsay isn't actually in it yet, but she's supposed to play Gottis daughter Victoria, who was also there along with her brother, a... read more

Scarlett Johansson isn't pregnant, just fat

If one day you put on clothes that aren't tailor made to hide all your flaws and suddenly people see that you're kind of chubby, so much so that your publicist has to officially declare that there's not a second person inside of you, that's maybe not the most flattering... read more

Kirstie Alley lost her shoe on Dancing With The Stars

Kirstie Alley lost her shoe in the middle of her performance on Dancing With The Stars last night, but since her partner does all work, all the "heavy lifting" if you will, it was fine. And now people are starting to say she could win the whole show. Which is amazing... read more

Lady Gaga busted her ass

This video apparently shows Lady Gaga during a concert in Houston, wearing some of her ridiculous platform boots and singing with one foot on the keys to her piano and the other on a bench that looks hastily built. I wonder what happens next. I bet it's surprising! read more

Kaley Cuoco and others are naked in Allure magazine

Kaley Cuoco of Big Bang Theory, Bridget Moynahan of that one movie where Will Smith played a reluctant hero, Ashley Tisdale of some Disney thing I can't remember, and Keri Hilson of I couldn't even guess (I'm racist so I'll assume a Tyler Perry movie) are all in the new... read more