Sienna Miller is single

According to UK paper the Sunday Mirror, Jude Law has ended his relationship with Sienna Miller after discovering that she cheated on him with Daniel Craig, the man most often mentioned as the next James Bond, and a friend of Law's. A source told the Mirror: "Jude is in pieces. Daniel was one of his closest friends. He can't believe Sienna could do this to him. Yes, he cheated on her with the nanny, but he has more

Kate Bosworth is friendly

Even though Kate Bosworth is nice enough to stop on the street and give directions to total strangers, I donread more

Jennifer Aniston is not taking calls

According to the Canadian paper London Free Press, Jennifer Aniston hung up on Brad Pitt when he recently tried apologizing to her for the pain he's caused by his romance with Angelina Jolie. Her friends say she's bracing for the inevitable wedding between Brad and Angelina, who are reportedly seeking to adopt a child orphaned by hurricane Katrina. If that happens, they would have three of the seven children she more

Rachel McAdams is 29

Rachel McAdams is rather attractive. And since today is her 29th birthday - and also because Donald Passman was nice enough to free up some of my bandwidth - I think it would be nice if we honored her blessed day by showing her topless in the movie My Name is Tanino. Iread more

Donald Passman is a lawyer

Donald Passman doesnread more

Charlize Theron will flinch

Charlize Theron says she was severely disciplined and punished for bad behavior while she was growing up, even being spanked and whipped so hard by her by her mother she got welts on her thighs. "God, I was spanked. I was more than spanked - I was whipped. Definitely. With whatever was around." Theron admits she was once hit so hard with a metal coat hanger - for spilling soup on her school uniform - she was left more

Britney Spears is delusional

Britney Spears has asked the Mattel toy company to create dolls in the likeness of her, husband Kevin Federline and their new baby son, Sean Preston, for fans to play with. She has also asked for doll versions of her mom, father, older brother Bryan and younger sister Jamie Lynn to be added to the collection. Britney is hoping the Barbie-style range will also include a toy replica of her 5 million dollar more

Lindsay Lohan is not in trouble

Lindsay Lohan will not be charged in the auto accident she had with Raymundo Ortega in Beverly Hills on Tuesday. Reports say that Ortega will be charged for making an illegal u-turn and causing the crash that sent Lohan to hospital. Early reports suggested she was speeding to avoid photographers, but now police have turned their focus on Ortega, who was looking for a parking space when he was hit, but insists he isn' more

Jessica Biel is the Sexiest Woman Alive

Esquire magazine reveled their Sexiest Woman Alive last night after a pointless and painful 6 month tease, during which - even though her identity was instantly obvious - they dropped poorly written and creepy hints, punctuated by awkward unfunny jokes. Their choice, of course, is Jessica Biel. Which is kind of baffling. Not that Biel isnread more

Justin Timberlake is an actor

The Irish Examiner is reporting that Justin Timberlake is being sought after to play one of the most controversial figures in rock history in a new biopic - Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten. And even Rotten himself approves of the choice. "I've asked Timberlake to do it. He hasn't said yes but I think it would work because he's a damn fine singer but he's beginning to look bored." This isnread more

Kate Moss is under arrest

Various wire reports today claim that Kate Moss will be arrested on drug charges when she returns to the UK. Moss is currently at the Meadows drug rehabilitation clinic in Phoenix, but is set to be questioned by police when she returns. If convicted, Moss - who was secretly filmed doing lines of cocaine and cutting lines for boyfriend Pete Doherty in a London recording studio - could face jail. Police have more

Jessica Simpson is a victim

The unthinkably great Radar Online is reporting today that yesterdays tabloid beating of Jessica Simpson by both US and Life and Style magazines was more about retaliation for her signing an exclusive contract with OK! Magazine than any real breaking news about her marriage. Says Radar: "The $200,000, 2-year deal, set up in August by her gossip-column feeding dad, Joe Simpson, reportedly locked Jessica into more

Katie Holmes is pregnant

People Magazine is reporting that Katie Holmes, 26, is pregnant with the child of her fiancread more

King Kong poster is online

The teaser poster for King Kong arrived online today, the first movie by Peter Jackson since his work on the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Jack Black plays an overzealous filmmaker who leads a crew to a mysterious island to take his last shot at success. Adrien Brody plays the brooding screenwriter, Naomi Watts plays the beautiful but unknown actress, and I play an ex-hotshot quarterback, kicked out of the league for more