posh at the after party

If you just look at the thumbnails here, Posh doesn’t even look real. She looks like those sketches fashion people do when they work out new designs. All straight lines and sharp angles. I bet you’d need a shoehorn just to get your penis in her. Or start before you get... read more

anne hathaway at the academy awards

No one is more perplexing to me than Anne Hathaway. She's clearly not pretty in any way, yet people insist on pretending like she is. I could maybe see her as a lead on some TBS show where a pig is an FBI agent for some reason or something like that, but I refuse to... read more

a touch of class for the oscars

Katie Price brought some much needed elegance to the Elton John AIDS Foundation party, although Katie Price lending her name to a benefit to cure STD's sounds a little self serving if you ask me. (picture source = getty images)[gallery id="10094"] read more

eva longoria at the after party

Eva Longoria weighs 19 pounds but was still the "fat one" because she had to pose next to Victoria Beckham. It's stuff like this that gives women eating disorders. Hopefully. Remember Eva, no one likes a fatty. (picture source = getty images)[gallery id="10095"] read more

bouncy bouncy

I don’t know where Natasha Henstridge has been lately, but I'm glad to see that her breasts have gotten 18 times larger. I don’t know how she’s doing it. I think it might be magic. (picture source = getty images)[gallery id="10096"] read more

live at the academy awards

4:04 – okay if I have to watch this nonsense, I’m draggin you down with me. You’re not special. 4:11 – even after a few years, it's weird to see Heidi Klum and Seal together. He seems like the nicest guy in the world, but she’s so hot, and he looks like something on Star... read more

what in the hell is this

Miley looked ridiculous in this dumb dress of course, but you have to keep in mind that she's a dimwitted bumpkin. Just be glad she didn’t wear cut off jeans held up with a rope belt. [gallery id="10097"] read more

kim kardashian has a slight problem

I hope you're not afraid of getting super turned on, because Kim Kardashian hit up Mr. Chows last night and didn’t seem to mind that her dress was sticking to her ass the whole time. Her boyfriend Reggie Bush was no where to be found, probably because he knew I'd be... read more

would you hit it?

Not bad, huh? Nice rack too. So before you open any of the thumbnails, go to the comments and talk about all the things you’d do to this hot little piece. Then come back and open the pics. I don’t wanna say why yet, because it will ruin the surprise. (image source = fame... read more

paris is paid in coffee and KY

The front row at a Fashion Week runway show used to be lined with fashion savvy stars like Victoria Beckham, Lenny Kravitz and Madonna. They were all paid to be there of course, but then the economy went to hell, and now you could find bigger names at a Georgia boat show.... read more

annalynne mccord is fired up

AnnaLynne McCord was the highlight of last nights premiere for the cheerleader movie "Fired Up". I just hope all the jokes in the movie are as clear as the enormous "FU" on the poster. I don’t like most Hollywood comedies because the jokes are too subtle. This movie looks... read more

the winners list has leaked. maybe.

Actually there’s probably zero chance this list is the real list of Academy Award winners. Some are saying it is or at least might be (like NBC in LA), but the Academy says it can’t be because there is no list. There is no letter sent out like this to academy officers.... read more