kim kardashian is dating already

Back in June someone told me that Reggie Bush was cheating on Kim Kardashian with a receptionist at East Jefferson Hospital in New Orleans, so the new rumor that he slept with a waitress from Red Rock on Sunset sort of fits that same mold. But before anyone starts... read more

this should fix everything

Lindsay Lohan has been a self-destructive, drug-addicted brat for about 4 years now, but the real problem has been her eye color. That must be why she has some new blue contacts. It's good to see her conquering her demons and making the changes that will get her life... read more

sandra would have hit jesse with a baseball bat

Back In January, every woman in America hated Tiger Woods, except for the two dozen that he was having sex with. And when Sandra Bullock was asked about Tiger and the rumor that his wife hit him with a golf club when she discovered his affairs, Sandra agreed that... read more

friday morning headlines

HAYDEN PANETTIERE - is in Taiji, Japan (again) to protest the annual dolphin slaughter. Asians could argue they're the best race because of their contributions to science, engineering, architecture, and pussy, but they lose points for terrible music and INSAAANE... read more

jolie and pitt are in real trouble

Angelina Jolie is in Venice this week filming 'The Tourist' with Johnny Depp, and despite weekly reports for 4 years that they secretly hate each other, Brad Pitt is there too with all 6 of their kids. And yesterday Angelina and their daughter Vivienne (one of the twins... read more

so why did lindsay fall down

When Lindsay Lohan fell down Tuesday (pictures) during a night of partying that lasted until 5:30am, it wasn't really clear why she fell. Was she drunk again, or was it a simple accident that could happen to anyone? Well the Post thinks they know the answer, but I don't... read more

kelly bensimon and her bikini are not bad

Kelly Bensimon of the ‘Real Housewives of New York' was poolside in Miami today, and even though she's 41 if anyone says they wouldn't attack that ass like it just stole your wallet they're either a liar or a gay liar. I dated a girl who was 12 years older than me for a... read more

Now this is more like it

Victoria's Secret supermodels Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel were at the SLS Hotel in LA today to mark the 15th anniversary of the VS swimsuit catalog, but the star of the show was Alessandra Ambrosio, who is so insanely hot it doesn't even matter that she's flat... read more

and now we're up to 4

Sandra Bullock thanked Jesse James when she accepted her Academy Award three weeks ago, and he cried and smiled proudly, which made him look like a real scumbag in hindsight because it turns out he was banging some dirty whore the whole time. Wait did I say "whore"? I... read more

sandra bullock had no idea

As a third woman has now come out and admitted to having an affair with Jesse James while he was married to Sandra Bullock, People magazine is reporting that she was absolutely blind sided (see what I did there) by his infidelity, and truly had no idea there were... read more

hackjob squareass is back

Ke$ha has been in Australia all week, and yesterday she and her shapeless ass made their triumphant return to the beach. Which is amazing because if I looked like this at the beach I would fight someone to the death if they tried to drag me there. My blood would streak... read more

jennifer love chewit is an idiot

I'm sure everyone has already been to NPR today, but if you haven't, there's a review of Jennifer Love Hewitts advice book on dating. And it's every bit as dumb as it sounds. Keep in mind she just got dumped for like the 50th time. Nonetheless some masochist collected a... read more