blake lively is up there somewhere

Lots of fancy Hollywood stars descended on Miami this weekend to watch the New Orleans Saints win Superbowl 44, among them 'Gossip Girl' star Blake Lively, who hung out on her hotel balcony in a bikini with Chace Crawford. God knows why he was there but it sure as hell... read more

what the hell

It seems impossible that this is a coincidence, but a photographer taking pictures of Charlie Sheens Mercedes', the car that was stolen from his home then driven off Mullholland to crash down to the valley below, found a second car. This one is Bentley, and it's not yet... read more

everyone loves charlie sheen, part 2

It had to be disappointing for Denise Richards whoever stole Charlie Sheens car and drove it off a cliff that the car didn't explode in a big fireball. That he wasn't in the car when it happened is also unfortunate. Actually if he could have been in the car, then had the... read more

leif garrett may or may not be a prostitute

Ian Halperin is a well known Hollywood reporter who routinely reports things that are either categorically untrue or already well known to anyone who pays attention. But he's also had New York Times bestsellers and his Michael Jackson book was well reviewed by respected... read more

everyone loves charlie sheen

Charlie Sheen was fast asleep early this morning when he received a call from OnStar after the airbags were deployed on one of his cars. He looked outside but didn't see the car. He didn't see the car because he wasn't looking at the bottom of the canyon, which is where... read more

friday morning headlines

QUESTLOVE - might have overreacted yesterday when he insinuated that the NBC commissary menu for black history month was racist. Turns out the chef who planned the meal is a black woman and she based the menu on things she liked to eat. But then this morning, right when... read more

if you play your cards right, the lapd might arrest you

Dr. Conrad Murray of course is the doctor who's accused of killing Michael Jackson, albeit unintentionally. His attorneys have been meeting with the LAPD all week and he will attempt to surrender later today, but the worthless dipshits entrusted to enforce the law aren't... read more

what in the hell is that

Just yesterday someone sent me an article about Australia making it illegal for girls with small breasts to do porn, and I didn't mention that sooner because I've been busy moving to Australia. So, while I'm not entirely sure what it is that supermodel Erin Wasson... read more

theres no f**king way

Conan O'Briens final 'Tonight Show' was two weeks ago tomorrow, and last week NBC managed to go all 5 days without embarrassing themselves in some new fascinating way. It was the beginning of a new era, one where they would stop looking like incompetent retards, an era... read more

brittany murphy could have been saved

The LA County Coroner has determined that Brittany Murphy died on Dec. 20 at the age of 32 due to pneumonia and an iron deficiency anemia exacerbated by multiple drug intoxication. A toxicology report detailing what those drugs might have been is complete but won't be... read more

thursday morning headlines

BIG BANG THEORY - with the laugh track removed is confusing. How will I know if a joke has been told? They should have a blinking light system in the corner that tells me when to laugh. Green means laugh, Yellow means it's time to catch your breath from laughing, and... read more

tiger leaves rehab this week

For the first time in over two months, Tiger Woods may have something to be happy about because Radar says he will finish his time at a sex rehab today or tomorrow, and his wife Elin Nordegren has already arrived in Hattiesburg, Mississippi to pick him up. But in even... read more