kendras sex tape cover

The DVD cover for Kendra Wilkinsons sex tape came out yesterday (full size pic), and the first image they have sort of looks like she's giving oral but I think that's just her tongue. She still looks uncomfortably young to me in this. I wouldn't know if I should fuck her... read more

lindsay cant get a flight home, is lying

Lindsay Lohan only has today and tomorrow to complete 3 alcohol education classes, or else the judge claims she'll issue a warrant for Lindsays arrest. But this sweet little lamb had to go to Cannes to get drunk work, and because of that big volcano she sort of heard... read more

monday afternoon headlines

TWO GIRLS WHO READ TYLER - need votes for their doc about military families as part of the Pepsi Refresh Everything campaign. And so they made this video and wrote on a girl with huge breasts. I found it very moving, and now I love military families! Unless the girl with... read more

miss usa is a good dancer

Miss Michigan Rima Fakih was crowned Miss USA last night, the first Arab American to ever win the title. It was a proud day for all Arab Americans, a feeling that would last all the way until this morning. Mojo In The Morning producers have been contacted by... read more

rachel uchitel is posing for playboy

Rachel Uchitel got famous by sleeping with other peoples husbands, so you'd think she'd be flattered to pose for Playboy. Playmates are some of the finest people to ever live, and she should be honored to be in their company. All of us should be really. So she said yes... read more

taryn manning is better than expected

Taryn Manning played some soccer and went for a swim on the made-up sounding Turks and Caicos islands yesterday, and even though I've never pictured her in a bikini before, this is way better than I would have guessed. She still looks terrible, but I didn't even expert... read more

kendra is behind the sex tape, part 4

Some people are saying that Kendra Wilkinson is lying when she acts all heartbroken over the impending release of her sex tapes. Those people are correct. She's certainly behind the sale to some degree, and now it's being reported that she was so serious about selling... read more

lindsay lohan is wising up

LIndsay Lohan got drunk and whored around Cannes this weekend, including last night, which is noteworthy because she now has 3 days to complete 4 classes in her court ordered alcohol eduction program. And we're already in extra-time because we're 7 months into the... read more

jessica sutta > everyone else

The only thing better than a hot girl is a hot girl with dark red hair, and if any guy disagrees, what he's really trying to tell you is how much he loves cock. Jessica Sutta has always been the hottest member of the Pussycat Dolls, and she proved it again today after a... read more

charlotte lewis says roman polanski raped her too

When he was at the peak of his fame in 1977, director Roman Polanski drugged and anally raped a 13-year-old girl while she begged him to stop. That was illegal in LA back then (misdemeanor now), so he scurried off to France to live with the rest of the perverts. He's... read more

lindsay is in big trouble now. (im just kidding of course)

Yesterday it was reported that Lindsay Lohan was shopping herself around to get a free trip to Cannes, because free is the only kind of trip she can afford. Apparently it worked, and now she's going to Cannes, and so what if this means she won't finish her alcohol... read more

this kid is gay now

Is this kid retarded? Run, you dummy. You're in a modern fable about witches, and Shauna Sand (nsfw) and Taylor Wane (nsfw) are trying to steal your skin. Pornstars are supposed to be hot. Not... whatever the hell that is. Move you idiot. Leave these whores to the pros.... read more