EXCLUSIVE - the Lindsay sex tape

A plan is in place for Lindsay Lohan to release two hardcore sex tapes. She has refused this offer several times already, but competing groups are now driving the price to insane heights. The producer loaning her the Maserati is not the only one in porn trying to get her... read more

morning headlines

BRUNO – the first cut of the follow-up to “Borat” has received an NC-17 rating. Maybe because of the scene where the black baby he bought arrives in a cardboard box at the airport. Or because you can see the baby in pictures of Bruno having gay sex. And yet he’s still a... read more

what is your deal, buddy

I don’t know why that old man is so pissed off, or why he’s wearing a bikini, but Pam Anderson hit the beach in Malibu yesterday and while her kids were playing in the water, she sat nearby with a sewing needle and patched up a pair of their shirts. Which is actually... read more

this chick has good timing - update

Tamara Mellon picked a good time to break-up with Christian Slater and then go to Hawaii in a bikini, because today she’s the most famous person on earth doing anything even remotely interesting. She’s not that hot, but she is the founder of Jimmy Choo shoes, so she’s... read more

that memo is kickin ass

JenniferAniston Producers for "The Baster" sent threatening letters to the crew saying they’d be fired if they acknowledged, talked to or glanced at the tabloids or paparazzi. Well, shocking news everyone; today is the second day of filming, and the four main photo... read more

halle berry is ready for another baby

It’s only been one year since Halle Berry gave birth with boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey to thier daughter Nahla Ariela, but Halle says she already knows she wants another. People.com says...Berry confirms to Ellen DeGeneres on her show that she wants another child. "My mind... read more

madonna is a kidnapper and bully

Madonna is back in Africa today to trick the government of Malawi into letting her adopt a little girl, and so far it's going great, with Madonnas effortless charm enchanting everyone she comes in contact with. Yesterday the singer was branded a 'child kidnapper' by the... read more

britney is good at shorts

Britney used to have a huge, fantastically awesome rack (here), and even when she was going insane last January it was still pretty good (bam). Now it’s gone completely, somehow, but at least she’s still pretty good at wearing shorts. Mostly. Even here there are a few... read more

lindsay is totally gonna do porn

Everyone knows that Lindsay Lohan has thrown away all of her money and now she can’t get a job, so it was noteworthy to say the least when she started driving a $130,000 Maserati last week. Who the hell was paying for that? Well, it was… Dennis DeSantis -- a porn king... read more

uhh ... hm

Look, I want to believe that whoever this is, she’s a very nice woman. I bet we’d be best friends. But I swear to God I’ll kill her if she’s the one who did this to Megan Fox. Because when my beloved Megan - normally perfect as a new days promise or the laughter of a... read more

christina looks bouncy

Christina Aguilera’s breasts made an appearance in LA this weekend, followed a few seconds later by Christina herself. Are these the greatest pictures ever taken? Um, well, no actually, but they’re still pretty great. (image source = pacific coast) [gallery id="9948"] read more

these two guys are safe. for now.

A friend sent over the wildly insulting letter being given to the crew of “the Baster”, the Jennifer Aniston comedy that starts filming today in NYC. The letter reminds everyone that the media will go to any lengths to get pictures of Jennifer Aniston standing outside in... read more