Lindsay Lohan has been fired from her only remaining job

To recap, Lindsay Lohan was supposed to make a big comeback in the movie Inferno, a bio-pic of 70's porn star Linda Lovelace. The movie was all set to go, except that it doesn't own the rights to the story, it doesn't have financing, or a script, or a cast or a director... read more

Justin Bieber is the Artist of the Year

Music awards are dumb in general, music award shows are practically retarded, and music award shows where the winners are determined solely by fan voting are off in the corner putting their dicks in an open light socket. I give you the 2010 American Music Awards. Justin... read more

inviting Kelly Brook to parties is a good idea

Kelly Brook was at the Playboy Energy Drink launch at the Funky Buddha in London last night in this fantastically tight dress, and apparently she got a short hair cut at some point. And, I'm as shocked as anyone, but HOLY SHIT does she look good. Girls always - ALWAYS -... read more

Paris Hilton is taking back the streets

Paris Hilton, in front of a camera crew while wearing a diamond Chanel necklace and black stiletto heels, volunteered her time today to help the Hollywood Beautification Team paint over graffiti, some of it tags left by the MS-13 gang. And she wasn't even scared. She was... read more

Wesley Snipes is finally going to jail for tax evasion

It's been two years since Wesley Snipes was convicted of tax evasion, and he's managed to stay out of jail all this time, but today a judge denied his request for a new trial and ordered Snipes to surrender and begin his sentence. E! says... "The defendant Snipes had a... read more

Jimmy Kimmel kicks ass

GQ has their annual Men of the Year issue out right now, and I haven't even looked at it because I'm sure it's a bunch of idiotic choices that don't make any sense as usual, but one thing they did get right was calling Jimmy Kimmel the best late night host. And he proves... read more

Friday morning headlines

HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS - opened this morning at 12:01am, and based on pre-ticket sales it has a shot at breaking The Dark Knights 158 million dollar opening weekend record. It's made around 30 million already, but the entire weekend is expected to be... read more

Chris Brown is trying hard to make amends

Chris Brown has been, rightfully, one of the most hated figures in Hollywood ever since he beat Rihanna until she was almost unconscious. Before that night he was a guy who everyone generally liked, and since that night he has said time and again how sorry he was and... read more

someone bought a push-up bra (it was Jessica Lowndes)

Sometimes attractive-sometimes not 90210 star Jessica Lowndes was a party last night for something that I forgot to write the name down for, but all that matters is that Jessica got a push up bra. These could actually be the definitive Jessica Lowndes pictures. She's... read more

Tom Cruise is still braver and/or dumber than me

When we last saw Tom Cruise, he was hanging off the side of the Burj Kahlifa in Dubai, running along the side of the 124th floor, filming stunts for Mission: Impossible 4. But clearly that's for pussies, so today Tom was sitting on top of the tower, at the very peak of... read more

Erin Barry is getting dumped now too

The bad news for Tony Parker is that Eva Longoria is divorcing him because he was "sexting" with the wife of one of his teammates. The good news is she's single now too! OK! magazine says... A local San Antiono TV station, KENS 5, exclusively reports that former Spurs... read more

Eva Longoria got revenge

When Eva Longoria found out her husband Tony Parker was "sexting" with Erin Barry, the wife of Parkers San Antonio Spurs teammate Brent Barry, she knew her marriage was over, but that's not what she told Parker. Because she wanted to exact some sort of revenge first. Why... read more