prepare to get turned on

Last week it was reported that JWoww from the MTV show 'Jersey Shore' was the subject of some naked pictures being shopped around. You may have noticed no one bought them. Probably because we were all hoping for the real hotness to get naked. And now it's happening, I'm... read more

i think im in love

British model and TV star Jessica-Jane Clement is in Thailand this week as part of her world tour to make flat chested girls feel bad about themselves, presumably sponsored by Allergan. And she's worth every penny because she's fantastic. Maybe even perfect. If she was... read more

most actors are dicks. some are not.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy ‘The Hurt Locker' star Jeremy Renner was on the set of ‘Today' this morning with co-star Anthony Mackie (who easily could have gotten a Supporting nod) and director Kathryn Bigelow when the Academy... read more

you stay classy, simon monjack

Us magazine opens this article by asking, "Want to attend a event honoring the late Brittany Murphy?" They must have heard me say, "you're damn right I do," because after that they detail how Britanys grieving husband has set up a charity with a vague goal about helping... read more

and the nominees are...

The Academy Award nominees were announced just moments ago in LA, and what jumps out is ‘The Hangover' for Best Picture, a category that has expanded this year to include 10 nominees. Also noteworthy is Kathyrn Bigelow (James Camerons' ex-wife) for Best Director, making... read more

monday afternoon headlines

KRISTEN BELL - is engaged, and I'll tell you who the lucky fella is when we come back. And we're back: Dax Shepard. (wonderwall) SCIENTOLOGY - is profiteering in Haiti. "Yeah, no wonder Travolta was over there, haha," Brendon said to buy time while he looked up if... read more

joe jackson might be the devil

Prince Jackson and sexy Austin Powers his sister Paris were forced on stage last night at the Staples Center in LA to accept a Grammy for their dad Michael, their first public appearance since his televised funeral in June. Which, by the way, was also held on that same... read more

christine hendricks knows how to dress

‘Mad Men' star Christina Hendricks was one of the presenters at the Directors Guild Awards Saturday night, and she took to the stage in a dress that hugged her unique shape. By that I mean it was cut low as hell and pushed up her huge breasts to very very very... read more

lady gaga gets it

This was the second outfit Lady GaGa wore at the Grammys last night, and AHHHH WTF! To be honest I really do appreciate that she's at least trying new things, she's at least trying to be different and original and that's all I can ask for, but good lord she is unpleasant... read more

this is gonna be a good movie

Celebuzz has a contest up today where you can win a date with Whitney Port as part of the promotion for the movie ‘She's Out Of My League' (red band trailer for that here). I'm not here to help, but if I were them I would have had a contest based around the stars of the... read more

todays top story

Katy Perrys outfit for the Grammys pretty much sucked (pictures here, here, here), but she made up for it with this low cut dress at the EMI after party, guaranteeing her a place on Tyler and a night full of stilted conversations while guys pretended not to stare at her... read more

look at me everyone

Lady GaGa was of course the center of attention last night at the Grammy Awards, even though her only wins came for Best Dance Recording and Best Dance Album. She was shut out of the big 3 categories, Record of the Year (Kings of Leon), Album of the Year (Taylor Swift),... read more