jessica simpson is on 'entourage'

Yesterday Jessica Simpson filmed a guest appearance on 'Entourage', the dumbest fucking show on television. It sucks now, it's always sucked and if anyone thinks otherwise they're an idiot. As if that isn't humiliating enough, Jessica didn't even get her own trailer. She... read more

tyra is writing books now

Tyra Banks is a barely functioning retard who can't string 10 words together and have them be related in any way, but she has amazing tits so everyone puts up with her. Needless to say this makes her an ideal choice to write a series of fantasy books. The series will... read more

brooklyn decker is in a bikini

Sport Illustrated supermodel Brooklyn Decker has a starring role in the new Adam Sandler movie with Jennifer Aniston, and while filming in Hawaii today, Brooklyn put on a bikini and then rubbed oil onto her amazing tits. They haven't decided on an official name for the... read more

the sexy miley lapdance pictures now has sexy video

Late last year, pictures surfaced of Miley Cyrus grinding her teen ass into director Adam Shankman at a party in Hollywood. Even though Miley was underage it wasn't a huge controversy because Shankman is gay, and teen girl ass means nothing to them. It's almost as if she... read more

lets all do what teri hatcher does

Teri Hatcher is a 45-year-old monster who has been single with no real boyfriend for 7 years, and who is so malnourished and dependent on botox that she she looks like a necrophiliac's date. Needless to say, I bet she has lots of good advice on dating and looking young... read more

marisa miller needs to loosen up

Marisa Miller was one of the big stars at the MGM Grands Wet Republic in Vegas this weekend, though for some reason she never stripped down to a bikini. It's disappointing but it makes sense. When you're a bikini model you can't exactly go to the pool or the beach and... read more

elisha cutbert is disapointing

Elisha Cuthbert is in Hawaii this week, just like the last few times she's been on Tyler. The difference being, this time she's put on like five hundred pounds and looks like hell. Also she seems to be alone this time. That's not coincidence. She's probably only there... read more

kendras sex tape has more than one guy

Another reason people think Kendra is behind the sale of her sex tape is the question of ownership. If two people are on a tape, who owns it? The guy or the girl? And since you can't sell something you don't own, if they're partners, wouldn't they have to agree to sell... read more

audrina patridge in a bikini

Audrina Patridge hosted a pool party for her 25th birthday at Liquid in Vegas over the weekend, and they're surprisingly boring considering they feature a girl with a hot body mostly naked. I seriously could have just right-clicked the description of these pictures, and... read more

heres that porn star mel gibson had an affair with

To recap, Asa Akira is not the porn star from Poland who Mel Gibson allegedly had an affair with, but she's way hotter than the porn star from Poland, and so I have a picture of Asa because I don't appreciate the Polish girl trying to make my website all fug. The real... read more

meg ryan is gettin me all hot

At some point a plastic surgeon put a duck bill on Meg Ryans face for some reason, I guess as a prank or something, and maybe that's why she won't get implants to firm up her tits so they don't sag down parallel to her elbows. That's understandable. But why no bra? She... read more

everything is all better now

Earlier this year, Jenna Jameson stood in front of reporters and accused Tito Ortiz of beating her up, even claiming he threw her into a bathtub and tore ligaments in her shoulder, but that was almost 2 weeks ago, and there's no point in living in the past, so yesterday... read more