Keshas idiocy is blinding

Normally we're the ones who have to suffer because of Ke$has dumb outfits, but she was wearing some 3D glasses as she left Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, and since the world is already 3D, that meant she couldn't see anything and was stumbling around like an idiot. She... read more

Michael Brea from Ugly Betty chopped off his moms head

Yannick Brea really lost her head during an argument with her son this morning, and by that I mean he chopped it off with a sword while chanting religious passages. Yannick (not pictured above, or else this would have been fine) is the mother of Michael Brea, who is... read more

Charlie Sheen might be cleared by his text messages

It's illegal to choke a girl and lock her in your hotel bathroom, unless she's awesome and into that kind of thing. And that appears to be the case with Charlie Sheen and Capri Anderson, which would explain a lot regarding their New York City hotel room drama last month.... read more

Charlie Sheen is suing that whore he kidnapped

Capri Anderson is of course the porn star who no one, even other porn stars, seems to have ever heard of until the police found her locked in Charlie Sheens hotel bathroom last month. She's been quiet about the incident since, until yesterday, when she went on Good... read more

Miley Cyrus turns 18 today

Only 12 states actually have 18 as an age of consent (30 states have 16, the other 8 have 17), but, whatever, because Miley Cyrus is now officially "legal", I guess. So if you wanted to have sex with her in Hawaii AND Delaware, your day has arrived my friend. Over the... read more

Monday afternoon headlines

KIM KARDASHIAN - is reportedly dating Halle Berrys ex, Gabriel Aubry. He of course is a model who first came to the US when he left Quebec and traveled to New York. Just like the 9/11 hijackers. Hmm. Isn't that interesting. Oh but I'm sure that's all just a big... read more

I feel the same way Ke$ha

Ke$ha was one of the big nominees at last nights painfully boring American Music Awards (ratings were down 22 percent from last year), and as E! pointed out this morning, even she looked bored and/or embarrassed by her dumb outfit. She just stood there like a lump on the... read more

how do people not know who Shay Maria is

Last week the Windows phone girl jumped out of anonymity and into our hearts when someone on twitter told me her name is Christina Cuenca. And after that I got lots of email about other anonymous hot girls, but more than anything else I got this picture. Followed by, "A... read more

Lindsay Lohan has been fired from her only remaining job

To recap, Lindsay Lohan was supposed to make a big comeback in the movie Inferno, a bio-pic of 70's porn star Linda Lovelace. The movie was all set to go, except that it doesn't own the rights to the story, it doesn't have financing, or a script, or a cast or a director... read more

Justin Bieber is the Artist of the Year

Music awards are dumb in general, music award shows are practically retarded, and music award shows where the winners are determined solely by fan voting are off in the corner putting their dicks in an open light socket. I give you the 2010 American Music Awards. Justin... read more

inviting Kelly Brook to parties is a good idea

Kelly Brook was at the Playboy Energy Drink launch at the Funky Buddha in London last night in this fantastically tight dress, and apparently she got a short hair cut at some point. And, I'm as shocked as anyone, but HOLY SHIT does she look good. Girls always - ALWAYS -... read more

Paris Hilton is taking back the streets

Paris Hilton, in front of a camera crew while wearing a diamond Chanel necklace and black stiletto heels, volunteered her time today to help the Hollywood Beautification Team paint over graffiti, some of it tags left by the MS-13 gang. And she wasn't even scared. She was... read more