katy perry knows how to dress

Speaking of Katy Perry, she wore this fantastically designed leotard to a dance studio yesterday in Hollywood. I don't know which studio in particular though. Try looking through the police blotter in today's paper. If there's a story about dozens of guy jerking off at... read more

katy perry has had enough

Katy Perry was one of the guest judges last night on 'American Idol' when they stopped in LA, and you may find this hard to believe but she seemed to be annoyed by Kara DiWhateverhernameis, and even threatened to throw a drink in her face. Rawwrr! This kittens got claws!... read more

britney has solved the haiti crisis

The United States now has 20,000 troops in Haiti to distribute food, water and medical supplies to those effected by the earthquake, but there's still a need for more of basically everything. Except for a silver Versace dress. They're good on those. BRITNEY SPEARS has... read more

doutzen kroes is a good model

I used to date a girl from Holland (she swallowed!) so I have a special place in my heart for Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes, seen here yesterday in St Barths shooting for Victorias Secret. I also have a special place in my pants for Dutch supermodel Doutzen Kroes. I... read more

john travolta has solved the haiti crisis

The bad news is that the airport in Haiti can only handle 130 flights a day, so it's been hard to get all the supplies and experts needed to help those effected by the earthquake. The good news is that one of the planes landing today was from Hollywood, and it was filled... read more

naked jwoww pictures are for sale

Jenni Farley, who you may but probably don't know by her nickname "JWoww" on the MTV show 'Jersey Shore', has become famous for her fantastically huge implants and tops that barely cover them. Now comes news that naked pictures of her are for sale, as was implied by... read more

miranda kerr > haiti

There's a lot of talk these days about the people of Haiti and how we need to help them, but these pictures may blow the lid off that scam. Miranda Kerr is on a Caribbean island just like the people of Haiti are, and just like them she barely has any clothes, but you... read more

jessica simpson has solved the haiti crisis

Dozens of fancy Hollywood stars paused from yelling at their Haitian housekeeper last week to go pitch in at the 'Hope For Haiti Now' telethon, and because of them it raised over 61 million dollars. Jessica Simpson wasn't part of the telethon, but she wants to help too.... read more

tiger has saved his marriage

Tiger Woods has somehow saved 200 million dollars his marriage to Elin Nordegren, despite sleeping around with at least 14 different women during their 6 year marriage. Seemingly convinced of his contrition, Elin has called off the divorce. Radar says... Elin had made up... read more

miranda kerr is a good model

Miranda Kerr is in St Barths to shoot for Victorias Secret this week, and it's easy to see why she's such a high paid model. She doesn't have huge breasts like girls are supposed to, but instead of getting implants or suicide, she bends over a lot with her ass out. It's... read more

screw you hippie

The new and improved Heidi Montag told the Sun UK last week that even though she loves her new DDD breasts after getting bigger implants, she won't rest on her previous accomplishments. She has new goals, and those include moving up to H, because her name is ‘Heidi'. Get... read more

this cost NBC $25,000 per second

While most of the bits about Conan spending millions on new characters in his final days as 'Tonight Show' host were just a joke, one thing that was very real was the tab he was running up by playing famous songs as the intro music for guests. Those songs really do have... read more