adrianne curry understands marriage

Adrianne Curry briefly had this picture on her twitter page this weekend, showing how she dresses while cooking dinner for her husband. She's like a freshman dorm poster come to life. (full size pic here) read more

jenny mccarthy is an idiot, part 3

People like Jenny MacCarthy blame vaccines for giving their kids autism, specifically vaccines containing a mercury based additive called thimerosal. Thimerosal was removed from these vaccines in 2002 and the rate of autism has not decreased, but McCarthy blames it... read more

kendra is dead to me

Hank Baskett is having a bad few months. As a special teams player for the Colts, he had an onside kick bounce off his face in the Superbowl against the Saints. The Saints went on to score and win. Then his contract expired and the Colts didn't try to resign him. And now... read more

jessica simpson is gross

Jessica Simpson has apparently made it her mission to be as unattractive as possible, and if gaining 50 pounds wasn't enough, now she reveals that the only thing getting used less than her treadmill is her toothbrush. "I don't brush my teeth. No, really! I just use... read more

alice eve is in maxim

I don't know if you knew this, but "She's Out Of My League" opens in theaters today. More importantly, Alice Eve and her huge breasts are in the new issue of Maxim. She's British, and went to some fancy prep school and then Oxford, so she and I should date because I'm a... read more

katherine heigl is delightful

Katherine Heigl has a reputation as a difficult pain in the ass who no one wants to work with, a reputation that is extremely justified. The latest example of this comes from the set of 'Greys Anatomy', where she's being Katherine Heigly again. Entertainment Weekly... read more

lindsay has still got it

Lindsay Lohan spends most of her time in Paris these days, because the attitude over there is more relaxed than in LA or New York and she can just be herself for a little while before getting back to acting. And also because she's starting to look like Brian Peppers now,... read more

jessica simpson isnt helping

On Monday, people started to freak out because Howard Stern didn't realize everyone was supposed to ignore that Gabourey Sidibe is morbidly obese and has to wash herself with a rag on a stick. After a clip of him ended up on youtube, all the other fattys and outcasts... read more

sean penn is lying about how wonderful he is again

Sean Penn has done tons of interviews lately to let people know that he doesn't want attention for his charity work in Haiti, and to his credit he mostly talks about himself as part of a team. The only story that has come out about him specifically involved his rescue of... read more

timberlake is cheating on jessica biel again

Jessica Biel was in New York last night to introduce the documentary, ‘Summit on the Summit: Kilimanjaro', which has something to do with the people being able to get clean drinking water (note - she's for it). Jess actually climbed Kilimanjaro last year as part of the... read more

christina ricci looks fun, drunk

Christina Ricci was at the after party for Jean-Charles de Castelbajacs fashion show in Paris last night, and she was either really really drunk or dead. She can't weigh more than 90 pounds (bikini pix, topless tat pic), so she could suck on a towel dipped in whiskey and... read more

is jeremy renner gay?

When ‘The Hurt Locker' star Jeremy Renner got the news that he was nominated for an Oscar as Best Actor, some people wondered about the hug between him and his male co-star. Those stories settled down after he was reportedly hitting on Jessica Simpson at a party in... read more