now this is more like it

When you’re as ugly as Katy Perry is, subtlety is the enemy, and needs to be treated as such. So it was very wise of her to go to a Grammy party Saturday night with her giant titties practically falling out of her top. And this isn’t really relevant but she has really... read more

paris got skinny as hell

Paris Hilton walked the red carpet at the Grammys last night, and holy crap she got skinny. Not that it matters. I can't keep track of all the different looks and styles shes had over the years, but they never work, she's still fug as hell. At this point her best bet... read more

chris brown punched rihanna?

WTF. Multiple sources have reported that R&B superstar Chris Brown surrendered to police last night and was charged with a felony after he allegedly struck an unidentified woman during a fight early Sunday morning, but now Fox News is saying that woman was his... read more

what in the hell

I couldn't even guess how Brooke Hogan managed to get on the red carpet for the Grammys, but whatever. Do we know for a fact that this is a woman? I remember some bikini pictures from like two summers ago where the front of her bottoms looked oddly full. If that wasn't a... read more

see. told you.

So earlier (here) I was saying how Carrie Underwood normally looks super hot but didn’t Saturday night. But then, here, in these pictures a day later, she looked fantastic. So see, I was right. I'm amazing!(picture source = getty images)[gallery id="10135"] read more


Kelly Clarkson haseaten herself out of the career she could have had, but Clive Davis has remained loyal to her. This can only mean two things. One, her voice is too good to ignore. Two, he’s planning to harvest her organs because he’s 190 years old. I made up the second... read more

radiohead kicked ass

I didn’t watch the Grammys because they have a long history of never doing anything right and also there was a James Bond marathon on Starz, but Radiohead did kick ass when they performed with the USC marching band. USC probably thinks they’re pretty cool right now, but... read more

oh hey look ... its ... um ...

Deadmau5 was on the Grammy red carpet too. Oh yes. That’s right. Deadmau5. Why do I suddenly feel 900 years old.(picture source = getty images)[gallery id="10137"] read more

carrie underwood has done better

Carrie Underwood is super hot, but something was off when she went to the pre-Grammy party for Clive Davis. I can't quite put my finger on it. But I will. I'll stare at these pictures until I figure it out. I try to think of hot girls as an opponent, as prey, and only... read more

paul walker is cool

Paul Walker has always kept a low profile in Hollywood, and has openly made fun of attention whores like Lindsay, and maybe that’s because he’s cool, or maybe it's because he didn’t want people to know he was dating an underage minor. Star has learned exclusively, the... read more

maybe bale isnt so bad after all

It would be easy to imagine that everyone in Hollywood hates Christian Bale now since that tape made him sound like a lunatic. But it would also be easy to imagine a half giraffe, half pig called a "giraffapig". My retarded point being, it’s easy to imagine stuff, but... read more

christine hendricks ftw

These are pictures of Christine Hendricks at the "Mad Men Live Musical Revue" at NATPE. I don’t know what that means, so at first this little write-up thing was a long rambling mess. So I deleted it. Basically it went like this: blah blah blah blah tits.[gallery... read more