Thursday headlines, with Poppy Montgomerys ass

MEL GIBSON - was boo'd by crowds at Cannes today, and here it is on video. He's really gotten his comeuppance now. I bet he's simply devastated. (huff post) LARS VON TRIER - won the top prize at Cannes in 2000 and was the runner-up twice, but he's now banned after... read more

'Terminator 5' just got cancelled

Just a few weeks ago, the biggest story about Arnold Schwarzenegger was that he was set to return to acting, most notably, reprising the role that made him a star. Which I assumed meant as Hercules, making me look like quite the fool. But now, with fathers day just a... read more

South Park made fun of Schwarzenegger

Hopefully Maria Shriver didn't sit down last night to relax and watch some TV, assuming that, as long as she avoided the news, she wouldn't have to hear anymore about her husband and his serial killer-like penis. Because Matt and Trey will sometimes turn in episodes of... read more

Bar Refali is trying to make DiCaprio jealous

One reason I rarely date international supermodels anymore is because they can't handle getting dumped. They're used to everyone fawning all over them, so when I tell 'em to hit the bricks they get all clingy. The same thing might be happening to Leonardo DiCaprio, who... read more

Arnold Schwarzenegger had two sons born the same week

As you may have noticed, something would have to have acid for blood in order for Arnold Schwarzenegger to not fuck it, and now the whores are coming out of the woodwork with the revelation that he had a child with his maid 13 years ago. One has even hired the worlds... read more

Elisabetta Canalis needs to think this through

George Clooneys girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis (who still looks a little trannyish sometimes) spent another day lounging around on a yacht in a tiny bikini in Cannes yesterday, then did some modeling. Also on a yacht. But those pictures weren't as good so they're behind... read more

January Jones had an affair and got pregnant

It's been almost a month since January Jones announced that she was pregnant, but she still won't say who the father is, and according to the Daily, that's because he's married and they had an affair while filming 'X-Men: First Class'. Which seems like a pretty good... read more

Kanye West is not dating Kate Upton

Over the weekend, Kanye West was spotted on his hotel balcony in Cannes kissing an unknown blond girl (pics here and here). I mean, I'm sure he knows who she was, but no one else did. So yesterday, the Sun decided to say the girl was 18-year-old Sports Illustrated model... read more

Arnold has pretty weird taste

I try not to ever say anything mean about people who aren't public figures and who never wanted to be in the spotlight, but the new pictures of Mildred Patricia Baena, the maid Arnold Schwarzenegger got pregnant 13 years ago, are really putting that to the test. Umm...... read more

the first picture of Arnold Schwarzeneggers son, mistress

(UPDATE: now with new and better pics, and more here) It was very noble of the LA Times when they refused to release the name of the woman Arnold Schwarzenegger had an affair and child with over a decade ago, or maybe they just knew tabloid sites like TMZ and Star would... read more

George Clooneys girlfriend is better in bikinis

George Clooneys girlfriend, Italian model Elisabetta Canalis, was in a bikini on a yacht in Cannes yesterday, and my favorite part was when she was crawling around on her hands and knees. Another sexy model did the same thing on Mel Gibsons yacht later in the day, but... read more

Lars von Trier isn't really a Nazi

This morning at Cannes, Danish director Lars von Trier had a press conference (which you can watch here) for his movie 'Melancholia', starring Kirsten Dunst. Now, if you don't know, von Trier is pretty goofy, and he'll say goofy shit in interviews because that's easier... read more