what in the hell

Fashion photographers are all weirdo perverts, so of course when Cindy Crawford (43 by the way) posed for the April issue of Allure magazine, the pictures they took only make sense if you, like them, spent the last 20 years getting high then nailed in the ass. But at... read more

kiss kate moss for just $10,000

The Sydney Morning Herald says that Kate Moss entered herself as a prize in a charity auction, and the highest bidder gets to kiss her while she’s dressed up as a cop. For some reason. “Prize” might not be the word I'm looking for. (She) sold the smooch for 5000 pounds... read more

megan has come to brighten the day

On one hand being a paparazzi must suck because you spend 19 hours in a car waiting for Jessica Alba to get her mail and peeing on your self because peeing in a cup while sitting down is practically impossible and it turns out you pee a lot more than you think you do and... read more

morning headlines

BOX OFFICE – “Knowing” beat “I Love You Man” and “Duplicity” to open at number one this weekend. They made 24.8, 18 and 14.4 million. It’s thought “Love” was hurt by the NCAA basketball tournament, because they share a similar audience, whereas optimistic Nic Cage fans... read more

matthew nolan killed a guy

Most people know that Christopher Nolan directed and co-wrote “The Dark Knight”, “Batman Begins” and “the Prestige”, and that his brother Jonathon co-wrote Knight, Prestige and “Terminator: Salvation”, but the eldest Nolan brother is a wanted man as well. In Costa Rica.... read more

bruce willis got married

Bruce Willis married his girlfriend Emma Heming yesterday at his vacation home in the Turks and Caicos islands. E! News says…(Willis), 54, and the 32-year-old British model met through friends and began dating last year. Guests at the Caribbean wedding included Willis'... read more

just stop right now

Hayden Panettiere hit up Eva Longorias restaurant last night, and she should go back home and never come out again because this is the best she’ll ever look. She had breasts somehow, just like a girl does. But then she was lead away by some mysterious cloaked hand into... read more

saturday headlines

METALLICA – in a club that held little more than two thousand people. Metallica played a surprise one-hour show at the SXSW festival in Austin last night. Lead singer James Hetfield said, "Here is the grass roots. Here is the basis of why we like music. Artists getting up... read more

arent there laws against this

It seems like forever since Kate Moss walked around London showing everyone her tits. I think it was Tuesday. Needless to say, last night she promptly took care of that. (image source = wenn) [gallery id="9981"] read more

cameron diaz is a natural beauty

A lot of people think that Cameron Diaz is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, if not the world. A lot of people have been horribly misinformed.[gallery id="9982"] read more

oh good, it gets worse

A number of questions are beginning to surface concerning Natasha Richardson and the care she received in the hours leading to her death. Hey look, an easy to read timeline that explains what I mean but took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out and do:12:30pm... read more

lindsay lohan is a big star

Back in January, Lindsay Lohan did some modeling for the spring line from Fornarina (here). So today is the second day that I’ve ever heard of Fornarina. This time it’s because her new ad has arrived, and as you might expect, its a feast for the senses. They started at... read more