asian people have "goofy" faces

A few days ago, Miley Cyrus got in trouble because that picture above leaked out, and in it she and her friends are seemingly make fun of Asian peoples eyes. But not to worry, because that silver tongued devil has posted an apology on her website, and this should take... read more

this isnt helping

Jennifer Aniston is a lunatic. Her obsession with Brad Pitt is well documented, even though they broke up 4 GD years ago. But surely she’s stopped talking about it by now, right? I'm joking of course. Of course she hasn’t stopped talking about, as you can see in this... read more

kristen stewart really likes weed

It's not clear where this picture came from (full size here), but Twilight star Kristen Stewart has only been on this page once before, and that time was because she loved weed too. She gets points for consistency if nothing else. read more

kelly clarkson denies shes gay

I find it impossible to believe that anyone asked, but Kelly Clarkson would like you to know she’s not gay. Us magazine says..."I get that all the time. People are like, 'Are you secretly a lesbian? Because I'd really love it.'"Lesbians tell it to me all the time," she... read more

wtf! - update (!)

Aww god dammit. Is everyone in Hollywood on HGH except me? This is bullshit. If anyone out there has a hookup for HGH let me know. I’m not kidding. I want that shit. Tom Cruise was a mess a few months ago, now look at him yesterday in Brazil. He's like a damn underwear... read more

a hero we can believe in

A 28-year-old from Houston has just broken the world record for the largest implants after her latest surgery brought her chest up to 38KKK, although it's not clear if she loves big tits or is just really really racist. The New York Post says...Sheyla Hershey's massive... read more

jude law is all man

Jude Laws looks are fading faster than the Nazis at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but at least – despite a solid B cup - he still looks better in real life than he does as woman for the new movie "Rage". Man, maybe I wont get that sex change operation after all. The... read more

joaquin phoenix isnt joking

The last we heard Joaquin Phoenix was ditching acting to become a rapper but really it was all a Borat-style hoax orchestrated by Phoenix and Casey Affleck. Phoenix seemed insane, but it was really all a joke. But now he’d like to make clear that, oh no, he’s batshit... read more

jessica simpson is doing great

Thinking back to just a few years ago and it would seem that Jessica Simpson should have been the easiest career in the world to manage. People liked her, she was super hot, big tits, a decent singer and actress. She was like Britney, except better in every way. But her... read more

oh no she di'ent!

In case you didn’t know (and good lord why would you) Hollywood is remaking "Bonnie and Clyde". It’s a pretty popular decision, because the original with Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty was so unsatisfying and left a lot of unanswered questions, but believe it or not, ... read more

i heart lily allen, part 24

Finally. Jeez this took forever. People kept sending me these links (thank you, by the way) but I could never find the pictures. Until now. Oh, I know, I bet you’re all just as giddy as I am to get more Lily Allen posts. Eeeeeeeee!!!!!Lily Allen clearly wasn't going for... read more

now this is more like it

I should probably mention how alarmingly skinny Jennifer Connelly has gotten, except that I feel this is a reasonable and attainable fitness goal for most women. She looks terrific. Nice and thin. And I can't help but admire her whorishly short skirt. Although you have to... read more