Halle Berry was almost eaten by a shark

That headline is a lie, but Halle Berry is off Seal Island in South Africa for a shark movie called 'Dark Tide', and while filming today a Great White breached and ripped apart a seal decoy. Angry and with a growing hunger, it then disappeared back into the thing Halle... read more

Snooki was arrested today for public drunkenness

Even at her best Snooki looks like someone just drew a face on a thumb, but today the lucky residents of Seaside Heights in New Jersey got to see regular Snooki and drooling Snooki in handcuffs and with her diaper riding up to expose her ass. Because she was so drunk... read more

Lindsay Lohan continues to humiliate herself

It seemed impossible, but Lindsay Lohan has sunk even lower into the gutter, because just before she went to jail, and while she still had her SCRAM bracelet on, she filmed a scene for the Underground Comedy Movie, directed by and starring Vince the Sham Wow Guy. And... read more

Tara Reid forgot something

Tara Reid got drunk and exposed her vagina in a brand new location last night, this time in Saint-Tropez, France, which is exciting news unless you know who Tara Reid is. For the rest of us, the only way these could be any less of a turn on is if she started peeing. The... read more

tyler has sexy readers (but no vote this week)

So I used to post scandalous pictures of the sexy readers on facebook before the 500 dollar contest thing on Friday (details here), but facebook is run by nerds who have spent their lives with hot girls never ever having sex with them, and yesterday they exacted their... read more

Laurence Fishburnes teen daughter does porn now

Unless Laurence Fishburne is a huge fan of the 1990 Wilson Phillips hit 'Impulsive', he probably won't want to watch this video of his 19-year-old daughter Montana announcing that she's doing porn now. Because "porn" is those movies where men and women have sex. Also... read more

JLo and Steven Tyler are the new American Idol judges

Bored indifference is sweeping the nation today because there's been a series of reports, breaking one after another, about the new judges panel for American Idol. First Ellen DeGeneres announced on her twitter she was leaving after just one year, then Kara DioGuardi was... read more

the Other Guys

.................................. SPONSORED POST ................................. In ‘The Other Guys', Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are average NYPD cops who have to step up and fill in for supercops Dwayne Johnson and Samuel L. Jackson. It's a daunting challenge,... read more

Kelly Brook is a trouble maker

Kelly Brook went to the dentist today in LA, and the temptation to knock her out and rape her had to be just unbearable. It is anyway, I could see her in a police station and I might try it, but to have her walk into your life wearing some flimsy little dress that just... read more

Ali Larter is really really pregnant

It was only two weeks ago when people started to wonder if Ali Larter was pregnant and just 9 days ago that her rep confirmed it, but she and her husband went to the farmers market in Santa Monica, and either she's really good at keeping secrets or she got raped by a... read more

its the Thor comic-con trailer

(NOTE - trailer is still up, just give it a few seconds to load) The 5-minute 'Thor' trailer shown exclusively at Comic-Con over the weekend is now slightly less exclusive, because it got leaked online today. Chris Hemsworth as Thor, Natalie Portman as Girl and Anthony... read more

thursday morning headlines

JESSICA SIMPSON, ELTON JOHN AND JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE - are the 3 biggest names rumored to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol, but Simpson hasn't been offered the job, and John and Timberlake turned it down. Sean Combs says he'll do it, and that might be the smoothest... read more