hollywood is so weird

Last night was game 1 of the NBA Finals, and as you probably know the LA Lakers beat the Boston Celtics at home. You also probably guessed that the Staples Center would be filled with big Hollywood stars, because they're such hardcore basketball fans. Big stars like... read more

i'd like to hear what ashton kutcher has to say

After you're done admiring this picture of Ashton Kutcher driving his 15,000 pound CXT truck which gets 7 miles to the gallon, you should check out this video of Ashton blaming the Republicans for the BP oil spill and shedding a tear for the environment. As you watch it... read more

kristen stewart is really sorry

In the July issue of British Elle, ‘Twilight' star Kristen Stewart compared being followed by the paparazzi to getting raped. And after that, "the blogosphere exploded in outrage". In other words, 5 self-important nerds and unloved cows in baggy jeans demanded an... read more

lindsay lohan is drug free. allegedly.

It may seem surprising that Lindsay Lohan hasn't set off her SCRAM bracelet since being ordered to wear it on May 24th, but keep in mind she's been on prescription pain killers most of the time since then. And those are allowed for some reason. Also there's the fact that... read more

anna paquin is deceptive

I don't consider Anna Paquin attractive, but she looks okay naked, and the banner picture of her in a clingy shirt in the water off Hawaii is not bad. "How bad could it be", I asked myself. The answer was, "AHHH-ewwgross, whatthefuck, whyyy", though I may not be spelling... read more

james cameron will not be fixing the oil spill

James Cameron doesn't really understand story structure in movies, but he has spent over 3000 hours on deep water dive sites like the Titanic and the Bismarck, and he holds several patents for inventing cases and robotic equipment made to handle the extreme pressure and... read more

Rue McClanahan is dead

'Golden Girls' star Rue McClanahan died today at the age of 76, after complications of being 76. Did people think she was immortal or something? She had to die at some point. Good riddance you old bitch. The real headline this morning should be about Nicole, who wants to... read more

thursday morning headlines

KENDRA WILKINSON - is popular with someone at Hulu, who used tags like, "untalented" "moronic" and "prostitute" to describe this weeks show. In the past Kendra has said she worries people will label her "a porn star". So hey, good news. (thx to joseph) GARY COLEMANS EX... read more

kelly brook. in playboy.

Girls really don't seem to understand how awesome tits are. Last week some naked pictures of Kelly Brook were re-published. And it was great. So that's that, girls might think. We've seen her tits. Now we can move on, right? Wrong. No. You shut your mouth, little girl.... read more

wednesday headlines

GARY COLEMAN - was legally single when his "wife" made the decision to have him taken off life support. They got divorced 2 years ago. It would seem she's not taking the break-up very well. (radar) DEMI MOORE - is writing a book about her life in Hollywood, and she may... read more

gary colemans wife is helpful

Gary Colemans 911 call, the call made by his wife after he slipped and hit his head (he of course died 2 days later) has been released and it's pretty damn depressing. His worthless wife describes the scene but doesn't do much else because all the blood is freaking her... read more

sandra bullock is tired of hiding

The MTV Movie Awards air this Sunday, and it might be interesting for the first time in 10 years because it's hosted by the great Aziz Ansari, but also because Sandra Bullock will make her first public appearance in two months to receive the "We Made This Up So You'd... read more