hilary duff is blown away by her engagement ring

About 10 days ago, Hilary Duff became engaged to hockey player Mike Comrie while on vacation in Hawaii, and now comes word that he spent over 1 million dollars on her ring. At least that's what he told her just before his blowjob. These pictures would be a really good ad... read more

lindsay lohan is a terrible model. mostly.

Lindsay Lohan did a photo shoot to go along with her condescending interview in the Sun over the weekend, and although the pictures are boring, at least the originals are enormous. So you can zoom in and check out the scars from her cutting and the sun damaged cleavage... read more

mylene klass is in a bikini again

UK model and singer Mylene Klass looked good but not great yesterday in a bikini on a beach in Barbados. But today she's in a top that pushes her breasts together, thus making them appear larger, and now looks way better. During a morning press conference, President... read more

these two are officially pretending to date

All the weird and unpopular teen girls who write fan fiction about Edward Cullen dreamily showing up in Biology one day and realizing they're not ordinary, they're special and amazing, need to put their dreams on hold, because he's now admitted for the first time that... read more

johnny depp is concerned about the west memphis three

Watch CBS News Videos Online Most big Hollywood stars normally only get involved with "let the killer go" cases when gang bangers execute cops or shoot old women in the face with a shotgun. But Johnny Depp isn't like other Hollywood stars, so when he does stuff like this,... read more

everyone hates jay leno

Normally when a talk show kicks off, they move heaven and earth to book the biggest names in Hollywood. Not just A list stars, but entertaining personalities who can get an audience to tune in and who always do well. Stars like Tom Hanks, George Clooney, Will Smith, and... read more

just stfu lindsay

Lindsay Lohan broke down the walls and bared her soul in a very revealing interview this weekend with the Sun. She talked about her troubled past, how she beat her addictions to drugs and alcohol, and what she's learned from her misspent youth. A few quotes... - "My past... read more

you might wanna face the other direction

UK model and singer Myleene Klass is in Barbados today, and she almost went topless after a giant wave snuck up behind her. Unfortunately she kept all her clothes on, so the bad news is we don't get to see her naked. The good news is, anyone without enough sense to face... read more

bar refaeli is in a bikini (update!)

Physically perfect girl Bar Refaeli was in Mexico this weekend, and the only thing hotter than Bar in a bikini is Bar in a bikini with two friends, who are also hot chicks with big tits and in bikinis. In fact these pictures are a little too good, and when they ended I... read more

monday morning headlines

ANGELINA JOLIE - has been estranged from her father Jon Voight for almost a decade, but he was in Venice this weekend spending time with her and Brad Pitt and their army of kids. Also this weekend, I put my dick in a milkshake. Coincidence? (msnbc) THE HURT LOCKER -... read more

jayde nicole is 24

Playboy's 2008 Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole celebrated her 24th birthday this weekend, and even though she looks way way better with no clothes on (under the cut), she still looked fantastic in this ridiculous dress and a crown. This must be how rich people live. I... read more

god i hate you so f**king much

On her birthday last year, Jennifer Love Bacon dressed up like whatever that bitches name was in that movie and stood outside Tiffanys. This year, she peered out from behind her gate then walked into the street because someone was banging on her food dish. No not really.... read more