Nic Cage may have dropped his son when he was drunk

As you know, Nic Cage was arrested 8 days ago in New Orleans because he was drunk and yelling at the police, which they hate, and he reportedly grabbed the arm of his annoyingly hot wife Alice Kim during an argument about where they lived. Now on top of all that, a new... read more

Lindsay Lohan will be on the Tonight Show tonight

Yesterday, just two days after taking her 5th mug shot, Lindsay Lohan taped an interview for the Tonight Show that will air Tuesday, and this morning the Today Show had a clip of Jay Leno asking her a question. So let's play a game. One of these quotes is from her... read more

Rachel Bilson is in a bikini, part 2

Yesterday morning there were tons of pictures from the weekend of Rachel Bilson in a red bikini on a beach in Barabdos. Long story short; her ass is fantastic. But there were also pictures of her in a black bikini, and I set those aside to post later in the day. Now,... read more

Hayden Panettiere showed off her misspelled tat

Hayden Panettiere went to the Tribeca Film Festival on Sunday in this sexy backless dress that showed off her tat. It says, "Vivere senza rimipianti", which is Italian for, "To live without regrets". The good news is that probably means she's slutty. The bad news is it's... read more

Paula Abdul will probably be the fourth X-Factor judge

As Simon Cowell closes in on the final two to fill out the judges panel for the American version of the X Factor, it's clear he wants a mix of personalities, ranging from the cool respected professional (LA Reid) to the emotionally unstable drunk (guess). "I've always... read more

Charlie Sheen got dumped by Bree Olson

If there's one thing I know about porn stars, it's that they're perfect girlfriend material. Steady as a rock, they are. So I was surprised when pictures of Charlie Sheen on his Torpedo of Truth tour last week only showed him with one goddess, only one of his two... read more

Nicole Scherzinger is a good dancer

Nicole Scherzinger dressed up like a sexy Indian and danced around this weekend to shoot the video for 'Right There', the first single from her new solo album. Back when she was in the Pussycat Dolls, people would say the band wasn't very good but she was the best one.... read more

Rachel Bilson is in a bikini

Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen are apparently not broken up like they're supposed to be, and to prove it this weekend they were on the beach in Barbados. If you don't know, Rachel is the perfect looking one in the red bikini. Hayden is the pasty one with a sunken... read more

Lindsay was stunned when she got 120 days in jail

When Judge Stephanie Sautner reduced Lindsay Lohans felony theft charge to a misdemeanor at around 2:00 on Friday afternoon, Lindsay was on top of the world, no doubt thinking she had beaten the system once again and nothing could ever take her down. About 30 minutes... read more

Monday morning headlines

LEANN RIMES AND EDDIE CIBRIAN - got married this weekend in a surprise ceremony at a private home in California. This will make their inevitable cheating that much more exciting. (people) BEYONCE AND JAY Z - were reportedly set to perform at the royal wedding between... read more

Mel Gibson has finally done an interview

Okay I'm still deathly ill, I may or may not tap out for today, but it's very much worth mentioning that Mel Gibson has finally spoken about the tapes that leaked online 9 months ago, the ones where he was able to expand on his earlier rantings and offend all the groups... read more

"Three points for Gryffindor!"

You know how, in the Harry Potter movies, when they were in class, Hermione Granger would always have the answer whenever the teacher asked a question? Okay well now picture that but with Hermione looking vaguely lesbian, because Emma Watson, who of course played... read more