the worlds least surprising story

Paris Hilton spent day two in Hawaii yesterday, and did she make sure that every possible instant was documented by the paparazzi, even during her time underwater? Of course she did. Why wouldn’t she. (image source = splash news)[gallery id="10020"] read more

hahaha, you suck jenifer aniston

It seems like every time Jennifer Aniston does an interview she spends half her time talking about Brad Pitt and how she doesn’t think about Brad Pitt anymore and Brad Pitt was a long time ago and I enjoyed my time with Brad Pitt but that part of my life (the part with... read more

no gd way - update

On September 20th, DJ AM, Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and four others were in a Learjet that crashed shortly after takeoff, killing all but AM and Barker. On February 12th, Continental flight 3407 crashed on its way from New Jersey to Buffalo, killing all 49 people on... read more

annalynne mccord is a good driver

90210 star AnnaLynne McCord wrecked her car today on La Cienega in West LA when she ran into the back of a new Range Rover. No one was injured. One prominent website is suggesting the accident was AnnaLynnes fault because she got distracted while masturbating and thinking... read more

hey its that girl no one knows

I don’t know what madman thought it would be a good idea to do this years Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue without Marisa Miller, but I hope he got fired. I hope he got fired, I hope they stole his car, seduced his wife, punched his kids in the face and planted child... read more

which two are most popular - update

Despite it being around 40 degrees when they did it, Melody Thornton and Nicole Scherzinger pranced around all sexy on the way to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in NYC yesterday. The rest of the Pussycat Dolls got all bundled up and therefore shall remain nameless. As you... read more

mandy moore got married

Us magazine has confirmed that Mandy Moore got married to Ryan Adams yesterday in Savannah, Georgia. She’s 24 and he’s 34 and they’ve dated off and on since December of 2007, although there was always a rumor that she was having an affair with UFC president Dana White.... read more

brad is banging the nanny. maybe.

The cover story for today’s Star magazine claims that Angelina Jolie caught her lover Brad Pitt makin the moves on a “pretty young nanny.” He was allegedly rubbing her back, which several of my girlfriends swear is what people mean when they say “third base”. This nanny... read more

i hate you so GD much

Paris Hilton showed up in Hawaii yesterday with her new bf (some doofus from the Hills) and, uh, she does realize this isn’t her own private beach, right? Because it doesn’t seem that she does if you watch her prance down to the water for the paparazzi. After seeing this... read more

more britney bikini madness!

Britney spent her second day in a bikini at a hotel pool in Miami today. She basically just relaxed and played with her kids, which included a few jumps into the pool. At first her jumps were awkward, but they got better as she kept at it. Then, on one jump, she jumped... read more

hayden is kind of a bitch, part 2

24 hours ago there was a story on Us magazines website about Hayden Panettiere. Long story short, she’s a bitch. Now OK! magazine has a gushing love letter of their own, claiming she is using her - ahem - "star power" on the set of Heroes to get her ex boyfriend Milo... read more

what in the hell is that

Czech supermodel Eva Herzigova hit the beach today in Saline, France, and suffice to say she's looked better. I used to be in love with her. Now she’s spooky looking, something you'd see in a wedding dress on a haunted pirate ship. Where on earth did her tits go? That... read more