Rihanna and Ryan Phillippe "totally had sex."

Last week there was a rumor that Ryan Philippe, who is supposed to be dating Amanda Seyfried, was hitting on Rihanna, but then people were saying Ryan was really still with Amanda and Rihanna was sexting Colin Farrell. Now Us says that Rihanna and Ryan have been hooking... read more

Lindsay Lohan is back in court today

Lindsay Lohan will be back in a courtroom this morning (for now on just assume she's in court unless otherwise noted), at 8:30am pct, to determine if her felony theft case will go to trial. Her attorney has said that Lindsay would accept a plea deal if it would keep her... read more

Hayden Panettiere is friendly

Hayden Panettiere was having lunch in Venice yesterday, but not with her boyfriend, boxing heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko. That gave two different guys the opening they needed to hit on her. One was a dog, and he actually got to make out with her, but the real... read more

Jennifer Aniston is embracing her spinsterhood

The fact that anyone even noticed is probably a sign that we're all doomed and nothing will ever get better, but not only did they notice, but apparently it's big news that Jennifer Aniston cut a few inches of her hair off. People says... Jennifer Aniston has bid goodbye... read more

Tuesday afternoon headlines

EMINEM - has cast porn star Sasha Grey to star in his video for Space Bound. If there's not a lyric about his semen being "face bound", now would be the time to add it. (the sun) ALYSSA MILANO - is pregnant for the first time, with her husband Dave Bugliari, an agent at... read more

private Olivia Wilde pictures have leaked

Private candid pictures of Olivia Wilde, taken by her ex husband, have leaked online, but that really makes these sound hotter than they are. Because she's not naked. Releasing private candids of your ex wife really implies she was gonna be naked. But she's not. This is... read more

Miley Cyrus kicked her dad off 'the View'

Last week Billy Ray Cyrus told GQ that he regrets not being a stronger parent to his daughter Miley, and that he thinks his desire to be her friend instead of her father gave her a certain amount of power which has put her on the wrong path. Well tomorrow he was supposed... read more

Emmy Rossum explains how she prevents "penetration"

In real life it's easy for a girl to avoid "penetration". The most common ways are by claiming my hour is up or by snickering when I ask her out. But what if that girl is a really really hot actress, and she's naked, and she's filming one of her many graphic sex scenes... read more

Rihanna wants to do it with Colin Farrell

If you're a girl, currently alive, there's at least an 8 percent chance that Colin Farrell has had sex with you. Like Rihanna for example. He hasn't banged her yet, but she is a girl, on earth, so he probably will at some point. And soon, if Rihanna gets her way. The Sun... read more

afternoon headlines

KACEY JORDAN - is the porn star who won't stop talking about her time with Charlie Sheen, and now she even says she had an abortion last Thursday that could have been his. Or it could have been from a different celebrity the week before. She doesn't really sweat the... read more

Monica Bellucci slipped out of her dress

Monica Bellucci had some issues with her dress staying put while being interviewed with Robert De Niro during the 61st Italian Music Festival, mostly because the host practically humped her when she came on stage. She had bigger concerns than wether or not her nipples... read more

Olivia Munn and Matthew Morrison went out

Olivia Munn and Glee star Matthew Morrison went to Madison Square Garden yesterday to watch the Rangers and Flyers play, and he was probably hoping for more than a high five at the end, but to be fair, she did wear a flannel shirt. To a hockey game. It's not like she... read more