edward norton got fired from 'the avengers'

When it was announced that Marvel and Paramount had finally found a way to make a movie based on "the Avengers", finally assembling the superhero team of Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Nick Fury, the Black Widow and other comic icons, nerds everywhere set... read more

"if you get raped by a pack..."

I was mostly offended by the part where he made fun of breast implants. Sick son of a bitch. I hope the cops lock this bastard up and throw away the key. (WARNING: this obviously has extremely NSFW language) read more

page views always die on friday afternoons

Traffic always dies on Fridays, so I think I'm gonna start posting pictures of some of the incredibly hot readers who send in pictures like this girl did. I started posted some on the Tyler facebook a few months ago and it was suggested that we should have a weekly... read more

lindsay lohan has 12 days left

Lindsay Lohan used a fake Birkin that she found in the trash to hide her face while stopping at an art supply store last night. Maybe she wants to make a scrapbook before she goes to jail, to organize pictures of her and her family and chronicle her time in the... read more

jwoww is legitimately hot

‘Jersey Shore' has obviously run it's course and no one cares anymore, so I bet JWoww would be really honored to know that I would still do it with her. She and Snooki (image not available) stopped by Sirius and talked about season 2 of the show, but much more... read more

mel gibson told oksana he'd bury her in his garden

Mel Gibson has gotten a lot of bad press lately, but finally someone is saying something nice about him. Turns out he made a promise to his girlfriend that he would bury her in their rose garden after she passed away. It's kind of sweet really, that he would want to keep... read more

lady gaga was on the today show in the rain

Lady Gaga performed on the Today Show this morning as part of the Toyota concert series, because nothing says shocking nonconformist like performing on the Today Show in between commercials where Toyota apologizes for their brakes not working and killing a bunch of... read more

did mel gibson beat up this girl too?

Violet Kowal is the porn star from Poland who says Mel Gibson had an affair with her while his girlfriend, whom he had an affair with while married, was pregnant. And since Mel Gibson is reportedly a violent sociopath, In Touch asked her if he ever got violent with her... read more

Ashley Greene was hot

New York City is in the middle of a heat wave, with temperatures in Central Park reaching 103 degrees on Tuesday and 101 yesterday, but Ashley Greene defines courage, so she went for a walk anyway. One thing that helped her stay cool was pulling up her shirt, even though... read more

mel gibson is under investigation

For several days now there have been reports that Mel Gibson beat his ex girlfriend, once so severely that she lost two teeth and suffered a concussion. Are these allegations true? Did he hit his ex wife as well? Was he wearing a Big Dog muscle shirt and jean shorts when... read more

lindsay lohan thinks jail is a violation of her civil rights

The problem with Lindsay Lohan is that she doesn't seem spoiled enough, so last night she promptly took care of that on her twitter page. Chief Justice Freckles called class into session and then made the case that it was a violation of her civil rights for a judge to... read more

conan was nominated for an emmy. jay leno however...

As everyone knows, NBC fired Conan O'Brien as host of the Tonight Show after just a few months and then gave the job back to Jay Leno. Essentially NBC pissed away 200 million dollars while making Leno look like an asshole, and then re-hired him. His ratings have dropped... read more