The worlds greatest dress

Audrina Patridge, star of "Whatever The Hell It Is She Does", celebrated her 24th birthday Saturday night at Eva Longorias restaurant Beso in this awesome dress that through some trickery of physics somehow kept her giant rack wrapped up all night. Don't even bother... read more

Aww this sucks

Obviously the big movie release today is the JJ Abraham's take on "Star Trek", but "Terminator: Salvation" is less than two weeks away, and today Warner Brothers released a 4-minute trailer (see it here), confirmed the rumor that Arnold Schwarzenegger will appear in the... read more

Oh WTF ever

Let me get this straight; Monday night, Jack McCollough got headbutted by Kiefer Sutherland. Pictures of him taken on Wednesday (this) showed a cut on his nose, maybe a quarter-inch long, but little other apparent damage. Yesterday it came out that Kiefers attorneys were... read more

God you suck Paltrow

There's an auction on eBay (over here) for the Johnsons Clean Water Initiative, and even though she's balancing doing nothing with doing nothing, Gwyneth Paltrow made time to volunteer someone else to do something. What an angel she is. Don't be confused by the 5... read more

no men under 30, please

Megan Fox must be every Hollywood perverts dream come true, the best thing to happen to sexual predators since steel barrels and lye, especially when she says stuff like this… MEGAN FOX says she is not interested in pretty boy actors such as ZAC EFRON — claiming blokes... read more

Sacha couldn't sit for 3 days

Very obviously when Sacha Baron Cohen commits to a bit, he commits completely, even in ways - oh dear God please - never make it to the screen. The Sun UK says... SACHA BARON COHEN couldn't sit down for THREE DAYS after a bid to bleach ALL his body hair went badly wrong.... read more

kiefer has turned himself in

Kiefer Sutherland surrendered to authorities this afternoon in New York and was charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly headbutting designer Jack McCollough Monday night. After he was photographed and fingerprinted, Sutherland walked out of the precinct at about 6... read more

john and kate plus sex tape

There hasn't been anything on here yet about the scandal around Jon from "Jon and Kate Plus Eight", because I have no idea WTF that means. I know what the words "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" mean individually, but string them together like that and you might as well say,... read more

london book signings are way better

I've only been to one book signing, and that was for some guy who wrote a book about haunted civil war battlefields. And I didn't really "go" as much as I was, "getting coffee at the Starbucks inside Barnes and Noble and his little table was uncomfortably close to the... read more

Paula Abdul has still got it

Paula Abdul mocked the very premise of her own show last night when she lip-synched her new song on "American Idol", and no one expects you to watch this whole clip, because that would be mean, especially since you only need to see two things to understand her idiocy:... read more

this is much better

These new pictures of Kelly Ripa in a bikini are very much like the other pictures of Kelly Ripa in a bikini, except greener. (image source = splash and mavrix) [gallery ids="263541,263551,263561,263571,263581,263591,263601,263611,263621,263631"] read more

kiefer is under arrest. sorta.

I have a hard time accepting that a quarter-inch cut (this) after a slight altercation requires police action, but apparently it does, because - according to a story broken by the Daily News - Kiefer Sutherland will surrender to prosecutors, maybe as early as today, to... read more