one year ago today

It was one year ago today that Heath Ledger was found dead in his Manhattan apartment. He was 28, and had just finished work as the Joker in "The Dark Knight". I'll never forget where I was when I heard. I had just gotten Megan Fox into reverse cowgirl and she was begging... read more

i heart lily allen, part 20

I think Lily Allen is adorable, and I don't have to explain our love to you, so of course I’m going to mention that she had two new songs released yesterday. One is a live version of "He Wasn’t There" that she did yesterday for the BBC, and the other is a cover of the... read more

marisa miller is a bad influence

I hope there are no impressionable kids from super religious families in St Barts today, because those kids aren’t supposed to drink or masturbate, and both of those things are gonna seem like an exceptionally good idea once they see Marisa Miller. If I were on that beach... read more

menace in a bunny hat

The reason people think Paris Hilton is a spoiled selfish bitch is because Paris Hilton is a spoiled selfish bitch. Here, watch, the AP and I will prove it...Word comes to us late on a Sunday night at the Sundance Film Festival that Paris Hilton left the Hollywood Life... read more

janet jackson is gettin me all hot

I bet Janet Jackson is all ripped out under that big baggy black coat. Because she’s all into working out and eating right. That’s why she was on the cover of Us magazine in a bikini. Twice. She works out and eats right. She doesn’t do steroids, a cutting cycle like... read more

being a model looks hard

No one loves seeing Marisa Miller in a bikini more than me, and she hit the beach again yesterday, this time with fellow Victoria’s Secret Angel Selita Ebanks. Marisa is there all the time lately. Makes me wonder, because she knows I'm gonna see this. After all this time,... read more

anthony kiedis missed a spot

ANTHONY KIEDIS - "Hey is the sunscreen worked in, did I miss any?" COOL GUY - "Uhh ... no, no that got it." (picture source = pacific coast)[gallery ids="61881,61891,61901,61911,61921,61931"] read more

it was suicide

Paula Goodspeed was the lunatic who went on "American Idol" and was obsessed with Paula Abdul. She would draw life-size pictures of Abdul and follow her around, then was found dead outside Abduls fancy Hollywood mansion last November. Golly, I wonder how she died. A... read more

ive got inauguration fever!

No not really. I think we both know I'm too dumb to talk about politics, but technically it's my parents fault that I'mdumb, not mine, so I'm not gonna beat myself up over it. Besides, that shit is depressing. The internet is fun. Politics = Obama May Reverse Abortion... read more

holy mother of god

Since President Obamas inauguration is the big story today, sex-kitten reader Nadia sent in this link showing what’s inside the Secret Service Yukon XL that follows the presidential limo. Namely, the Dillon M134D Gatling Gun, a six barreled, electrically driven machine... read more

Mr. President

He knew this was today, right?[gallery columns="6"] read more

move that stupid kid

These pictures of Matthew McConaughey's girlfriend Camila Alves and their son Levi are frustrating because that stupid kid is in every shot. I think we all feel the sexual chemistry between me and these pictures, but that little bastard had to go cock block. It didn't... read more