shut down the beaches!

Ice T and his wife CoCo were in Miami today, and it weren't no time at all before pictures started floatin around that proved just that. Sheriff Brody begged the city council to shut down the beaches but they wouldn't listen. Didn't wanna start a panic, scare off the... read more

jude law had a good weekend

The last few days have probably been some of the best Jude Law can remember. He hasn't had a movie make more than a million dollars, total, in the US since 2006, the same year Sienna Miller ended their engagement and dumped him after he fukced his nanny. But look at him... read more

i dont feel so good

Rihanna spent the Christmas holidays back home in Barbados, and yesterday she launched her attack on my erection when she went to the beach in this disturbingly small bikini. If her ass was the size of her chest and her chest was the size of her ass, it would have been... read more

katy perry in the top 100

[gallery guid=809186] read more

brittany will be buried today

Brittany Murphy will be buried today at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Los Angeles, in a ceremony that is expected to be attended only by close friends and family. Radar says… Brittany will be interred in the Bright Eternity section and the guest list includes approximately 20... read more

alessandra is getting personal

Victoria's Secret supermodel Alesandra Ambrosio was in St Barths two weeks ago, and while she was there she twittered a bunch of personal candids. It's a real tribute to professional photographers, because as it turns out she looks fantastic no matter who takes the... read more

jessica simpson is sad

God only knows why, but apparently Jessica Simpson is still hung up on Tony Romo, and so it was the perfect finale for her terrible year when he got engaged last week to 23-year-old Candice Crawford, just 5 months after he dumped Jessica. The Enquirer says... "Jess was... read more

megan gale is close to perfect

Aussie model Megan Gale spent yesterday on a beach in Sydney with her comedian boyfriend Andy Lee, star of the wildly popular radio show, 'Hamish and Andy'. He's the one who spends all of his time in these pictures either on his knees as if bowing down to worship her, or... read more

sienna miller is a mystery

Sienna Miller is in Barbados with her mom today, and the pictures of them holding hands on the beach at sunset either capture a surprisingly sweet moment of someone you don't hear many flattering stories about, or prove once and for all Sienna will try to seduce and fuck... read more

hit-girl is bad ass

‘Kick Ass', directed by the great Matthew Vaughn, has a new red band trailer focusing on Hit-Girl, a 12-year-old superhero who fights crime by shooting bad guys in the face or chopping off their legs. She's just slightly more hardcore than I was at 12, when my 2 coolest... read more

jessica simpson is a natural beauty

Jessica Simpson is a little under the weather this week, so last night the role of "Jessica Simpson" was played by her understudy, Andy Samberg. (source = splash news online) [gallery guid=809191] read more

i wish it was christmas today - (update!)

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