friday morning headlines

COLLEGE HUMOR - is having their Americas Hottest College Girl contest. Remember this hot bitch? Oh good you're nodding (I can see you through your webcam, btw). Well that's Nikki. And everyone should go vote for her. Because she reads Tyler too, and she asked me to put... read more

thursday afternoon headlines

MICHELLE BOMBSHELL - is one of the models used for the plastic surgeon who did such an awesome job on her breast implants. Geoff found this and thought I might want to see some tits. He guessed correctly. (screencap) JEFFREY DAHMER - may have killed Adam Walsh, the son... read more

kim kardashian is f'n hot

Less than 2 years ago, Kim Kardashians ass looked like this in a bikini (and this and this). Today in Miami she filmed a commercial for a diet pill called The Greatest Fucking Pill Ever, and now it looks like this. Although there may be some side effects, like it might... read more

jay leno is a lying scumbag

Jay Leno told Joy Behar (wait what) that both he and Conan O'Brien got screwed by NBC, and considering Jay never should have been fired in the first place, he has a good point. Except that he made it backstage at 'the Tonight Show', and he just glosses over why Conan got... read more

haylie duff is much improved

It can't be easy to have a sibling who is way more famous and sexy than you. I know it still haunts my brother (editors note - zing!). So a while back Haylie Duff went and had plastic surgery on her nose. Among other things, apparently. Bouncy things. Good for her. She... read more

anna paquin is bisexual

All girls are bisexual of course (the ones who say they're not just don't have any hot friends) but most don't have the courage to admit it. That's why you need to ply them with alcohol. But Anna Paquin has given in to desire and tasted her forbidden passion and she... read more

sandra bullock looks great

For the first time since news broke that her husband was banging all kinds of whores, Sandra Bullock was seen in public yesterday. Sort of. John Gotti came back from the dead to drive her from her house in the Hollywood Hills to her agent in Beverly Hills, but she was... read more

rachel uchitel is rich

Rachel Uchitel was the first girl outed for having an affair with Tiger Woods, and even though over a dozen girls have made similar claims since, by most accounts Rachel was the most serious. And yet she's been the only one to shy away from the press, the only one who... read more

damn you kim kardashian

There better be a mermaid warning us about cthulhu in the blue tent thing behind Kim Kardashian, because that's the only excuse for that nerd with the camera to film anything but Kim and her unthinkably perfect tits on the beach in Miami today. On a scale of 1 to 10, her... read more

katy perry was made for bikinis

Katy Perry and her dopey boyfriend are in Mexico today, and even though she's annoying as hell, if any guy says they wouldnt bang her, they probably did so with one hand on their hip while snapping their fingers in a circle. (image source = splash news online) [gallery... read more

january gessert didn't break up reggie and kim

January Gessert is the waitress at Red Rock on Sunset who reportedly had an affair with Reggie Bush, which led to his breakup with Kim Kardashian. But today her attorney Gloria Alred held a press conference so January could deny all this. None of that is important or... read more

jesse james had sex with two girls and a guy

Jesse James is reportedly begging Sandra Bullock for another chance, but with each passing hour it seems like some new story comes out that will make that impossible. Like unprotected sex with a complete stranger during an orgy, for example. artist Eric... read more