Julianne Hough has new leaked pictures, is still boring

Despite being ordinary in every way, Hollywood is forcing Julianne Hough upon us as if she wasn't one of 10 million completely interchangeable blond girls in LA. And now she's so famous she's even gotten her phone hacked and her private pictures leaked online. But don't be fooled, take it from me and that black lady behind Julianne in the headline picture; her cracker ass need to stop thinkin she all that and go more

Sarah Jessica Parker is gettin me all hot

Sarah Jessica Parker and her veiny arms were out in New York this weekend, and the only way I can explain her career as a movie star is the same reason the Twilight books are so popular. Because women are always complaining about being held to a double standard of beauty, so when they read about some plain girl or see a movie with the feral wolf-like thing in these pictures, it makes them feel good about more

its Imogen Thomas in a bikini

UK model Imogen Thomas is in Marbella, Spain, today to finish up her 2012 calendar by taking pictures of her in and then not in a bikini. It's a good thing only girls have boobs. If the sun had tits this fantastic I'd be blind after spending ages 12 through Now staring directly into more

Sorta like this

LINDSAY LOHAN - spent her first day out of rehab at the gym, and HOLY CRAP she looks terrible. She's 24. She looks 44. She's aging faster than the Emperor when Mace Windu attacked him. (wwtdd) JUSTIN BIEBER - is on the cover of Vanity Fair this month, and his mom says that, "after a personal encounter with God, she believes that she and Justin have been put on earth to bring light and inspiration to the world." Wow, more