january jones and the journey of secrets

By brendon June 11, 2010 @ 6:22 PM


The January Jones car crash story seemed plausible enough (she was distracted by the paparazzi and scraped a few parked cars on the already dicey side streets of West Hollywood) but now witnesses who aren’t Jones tell a more detailed account, involving deception, alcohol and celebrity chef Bobby Flay instead of the paparazzi.

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holly madison is fun

By brendon June 11, 2010 @ 3:33 PM

holly madison playboy 110610

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the Playboy Club, and to celebrate Holly Madison dressed up as one of the Bunny Dealers at the Palms in Vegas. It was a wild night, filled with alcohol and gambling and hot girls with big tits. It brings back some great memories.  I got invited to a party once too, and there was a girl there. True story!!!

(picture source = wenn)

jodie foster beat someone up

By brendon June 11, 2010 @ 12:46 PM


(note – I don’t have any Jodie Foster pictures, but I wanted to be respectful of her lifestyle choice so I posted a bunch of pictures of girls kissing)

Jodie Foster has been accused of battery by a 17-year-old cry baby, who claims Foster poked him and grabbed his arm after he took her picture with his phone. As you read this keep in mind that Foster is 5’3”, maybe 130 pounds, and 47 years old.

“Jodie Foster attacked my son at the parking lot at The Grove,” the father told Radar. “Jodie pushed and shoved him leaving scratches and bruises on his arm.”
“My son was at The Grove with his girlfriend (wwtdd editors note: open your eyes dude) and they were going to see a movie. He saw Jodie Foster and is a big fan so went over and took a picture of her.”
“She came after him, poked him in the chest and said, ‘Do you even have a mother you slime ball?’”
“He didn’t mouth back at all and was scared of her.”
“On top of it all, he’s a minor!”
“This left a really bad impression on my son about her. He used to be a big fan and now he has a bad taste in his mouth. He’s a good kid; kind of small for his age. There was no threat to Jodie.”

Oh I don’t doubt that. The only way that twink will hurt anyone is if his asshole is too tight.

According to a police report, the incident occurred on May 29 between 1:50pm and 2:00pm with a report of battery and bodily force. The description reads:
“Vict while at The Grove saw susp and began to take pics of susp with his camera then walked to the valet area of The Grove. Susp followed vict, poked him on his chest, grabbed vict by his left arm causing visible injury.”

Even if you doubled everything she’s accused of, I don’t care. Good. I’m glad she poked this creep. We’re not at the fucking zoo, leave her alone.

did sarah palin get breast implants? no.

By brendon June 11, 2010 @ 12:09 PM


Us magazine has an exclusive interview with a secret source today, and he says the story about Sarah Palin getting new breast implants is absolutely ridiculous.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous.”

If you don’t know, this rumor began on the political blog Wonkette three days ago. They linked to this picture and then essentially said Palin got implants. It’s pretty obvious she didn’t (ahem) but for some reason this is still in the news. Here she is back in 2007 touring Kuwait (video). So her breasts haven’t changed. In my opinion this is even worse. She has some nice C’s already, but she could upgrade to a pair of amazing DD’s in a snap. But she won’t for some reason. It’s madness. Look lady, do you want to be President or not?

january jones and the car crash of doom

By brendon June 11, 2010 @ 11:45 AM


‘Mad Men’ star January Jones has had bad luck with cars this week. Wednesday she had the “walk of shame” thing (this), then last night she got into a car crash (not the sexy one pictured above however). TMZ says…

Jones allegedly slammed into three parked cars and left the scene.  
?(she) was driving a Range Rover around 9 PM last night when she allegedly lost control, hit the other cars and caused some major damage.  We’re told a witness reported the accident to police and claimed that January fled on foot after saying, “I can’t deal with this commotion.”  ?Police tell us that while officers were on scene investigating January returned and claimed she fled because paparazzi were trailing her.?January was not cited or arrested, but her car was impounded and police have launched an investigation.  Police say no alcohol or drugs were involved.??

If the paparazzi were right on top of her it’s understandable that January freaked out, but she needs to stay calm under pressure. Not like that time when we were playing Truth or Dare at a party and I admitted to being raised as a girl until the state intervened in my teens. I got flustered.

friday morning headlines

By brendon June 11, 2010 @ 10:16 AM


ELIZA DUSHKU - posted this hot picture on twitter from the NBA Finals between the Lakers and Celtics. Her boyfriend Rick Fox is mostly famous for his time as a Laker but he was drafted by the Celtics. Going over to the other side is something Rick and Eliza have in common, it would seem. (twitter)

BRADLEY COOPER AND RENEE ZELLWEGER - might be getting married. Or they might not be. Life is funny like that. (wonderwall)

LINDSAY LOHAN - needs a new assistant because the last one just quit. Wait, she had an assistant? For what? I don’t mean to brag but a daily routine of sleeping until 4pm and then getting drunk at Marmount seems like something I could manage all by myself. (popeater)

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gaga says, “lets go mets!”

By brendon June 10, 2010 @ 5:32 PM


Lady Gaga went to the Mets-Padres game last night earlier today in New York, and naturally she wore some insane outfit, in this case a leather jacket over a bikini. Still not clear if she was getting the attention she so desperately craves, once she got there she got drunk and started antagonizing everyone. Popeater says…

After getting into a pointing match with a pair of imposing looking gents, Gaga, wearing sunglasses and a headband, retreated to a luxury box. The ‘Bad Romance’ diva and her entourage then grabbed some beers and proceed to give booing fans the middle finger.

Even more alarming is the eye-opening reminder that Gaga is pretty fug in real life. I can see why she puts so much effort into looking good. Especially since being hot is awesome. They don’t even make me pay taxes.

dina says lindsay has done “absolutely nothing wrong”

By brendon June 10, 2010 @ 2:51 PM


Lindsay Lohan started drinking again Sunday night, and her lawyer admits it, but Lindsays mom Dina is taking it all in stride. And by that I mean she’s a reprehensible cunt who refuses to discipline her whore daughter, who now lives in a world of delusion where she’s never at fault and everyone who thinks otherwise is just jealous.

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