Bethenny Frankel May Be Staging Her Ex-Husband Stalker Battles

The National Enquirer is running with a piece that Real Housewives cast member Bethenny Frankel may be playing up contentious battles with her ex-husband in order to create dramatic content for her reality show. To save everybody time on validating the claim -- no shit. read more

Danny Masterson Maybe Master Rapist

Danny Masterson, known for That 70's Show and for looking like Seth Rogen in The 40 Year Old Virgin, is being investigated by the LAPD for allegedly raping three women. The story has more ins and outs than a bout of consensual sex between Masterson and Rogen. read more

Russian Politician Devises Grand Scheme

Apparently Russia has a problem with violent soccer hooligans. This sort of behavior tends to happen when rubbing alcohol is readily available but no jobs. Curiously these guys can still afford admission. Looks like it's wax lips for dinner again tonight kids. read more

Nicki Minaj Tits With Visors And Shit Around The Web

Nicki Minaj shows off her giant tits and wears a stupid visor for some reason. Actually, it's how you'd request her to dress if you two were alone back at your place after dinner. read more

Chainsmokers Making EDM Great Again

EDM is the perfect music genre for millennials. Men devoid of masculinity save for ironic beards and slogan wear press play on their expensive computerized music boards and emote to auto-tuned spoken word tracks. read more

Naomi Watts Does the Shit Other People Don't Do (Mr Skin Minute VIDEO)

For every fifty annoying self-promoting virtue-signaling vapid rich white girl problem actresses in Hollywood, there's one who is just doing her job. read more

Alison Brie As an 80's Pro Wrestler Seems Like a Decent Bet

Netflix is going to win June by releasing its throwback women's professional wrestling series G.L.O.W., starring Alison Brie as a struggling actress who turns to low rent professional grappling. read more

Four Unsettling Words: Lena Dunham Tit Chandelier

Lena Dunham channeled Rihanna by creating an ornate tattoo under her breasts and sharing the powerful image with the world. While Rihanna has sold 60 million albums, won eight Grammy awards, become an international fashion icon, and fucked Matt Kemp nearly into an MVP... read more

Nadine Muller Breastfeeding With a Purpose

Nadine Muller has a message for all you breastfeeding haters. It's the same as the last fifty or so such messages from hot chicks looking for an excuse to show off both tit and baby on Instagram. This is beautiful. read more

Neverland Back On The Market

The Neverland Ranch is perhaps the greatest bachelor pad of all time, assuming the bachelor is a serial gay pedophile. The firm that bought it just slashed the price from 100 million to 67 million. If you have that kind of money why burden yourself with finding kiddy porn... read more

Lisa Kudrow Makeup Shamed

Lisa Kudrow was clearly the most talented cast member on Friends, which is both a compliment to her and an indictment on the rest of the cast. Watching Courtney Cox act is akin to watching Charles Manson speak at a parole hearing. Just say your piece and get it over with.... read more

Hot Dental Tech Bags Three Local HS Football Players and Shit Around the Web

Inspired by Trump's call to inspired ambition, 42-year old Mary Fletcher stands accused of seducing numerous boys on the Mount Shasta High School football team. Make America Post Coital Again! (Casey Anthony) read more