Carrie Fisher Dead But Not Star Wars Gone

Disney has received permission from Carrie Fisher's surviving family members to use cut-up footage of her for use in Star Wars IX. Not to be confused with Star Wars XIII which had already completed principal photography prior to Fisher's passing. read more

David Schwimmer Teachable Moments (VIDEO)

David Schwimmer took time away from splitting with his cocktail waitress baby mama to launch a video series exposing common everyday moments of sexual harassment. Surprisingly, picking up your cocktail waitress didn't make the cut. read more

Ask Tyler: Where's My Happy Ending?

Dear Tyler: I hope you don't give me an asshole answer. I'm not lying when I saw I'm crying as I write this. I was legit the hot girl growing up. I looked no different than the girls you post on here. One day I woke up, 32, single, never married, no kids. I walk down the... read more

Danielle Bregoli's Dad Expresses Concern

When you're fourteen, you're dependent on Dr. Phil and packs of virtual child molesters to lift you toward the fame light. Danielle Bregoli is famous for talking like Gary Oldman in True Romance and dropping out of eighth grade to commit petty crimes. read more

Janet Jackson, Newly Single Mom

Janet Jackson and Wissam Al Mana are divorcing to celebrate the three month birthday of the child Jackson cooked up in her older lady womb. The split happened five minutes after Al Mana remembered he's forty-two and owns every single foreign car and fast food outlet in... read more

Mel B Picking Up Steam

There are two people going to war in the divorce and eventual child custody matter of Stephen Belafonte and Mel B. Only one of them seems to have a plan. read more

Busy Phillips Uber Murder

According to Busy Phillips and her imposingly gay chick flick screenwriter husband, the couple was almost assassinated by their Uber driver. If you ask the driver, they were the most obnoxious drunks he's had the displeasure of dealing with. read more

The Rock And Vin Diesel Butt Hurt

Dwayne Johnson apparently legitimately hates Vin Diesel. It likely started with Vin acting like a prick because he's jealous of The Rock. Basically, Diesel is a shorter, more doughy Dwayne Johnson and probably has issues with his sexuality, whereas Johnson could get a BJ... read more

Anne Hathaway Perfect Tits (Mr Skin Minute VIDEO)

Anne Hathaway realized that she could combat her personality with her banging bod back in 2005's Havoc. She writhed on the couch while grabbing her tits over a decade ago. Hathaway's agent was happyshe found her calling. read more

Millennial Couples Have Started Voluntarily Uploading Their Sex Videos Online

Gone are the days of trying to hack your roommate’s iCloud account in order to access their hot girlfriend’s homemade porn stash. In a bizarre new twist, it turns out it’s 2017 and couples are actually voluntarily uploading these videos online themselves. read more

Billie Lourd Bikinis In St. Barts And Shit Around The Web

Billie Lourdbikinis with eternally shirtless boyfriend Taylor Lautner in St. Barts. Get off on either one. Nobody's judging. Though definitely tracking, in case we do begin the eugenics one day. read more

Phoebe Price Slipping Nips and Taking Names

There's no way to cute up being intentionally naked in public in the middle of the day for attention. The naked cowboy has a shtick people have come to accept. Phoebe Price pales in comparison. read more