Megyn Kelly Kicking Ass And Taking Dumps

Megyn Kelly is making a name for herself as the spunky morning talk show host who gathers up her Jones New York dresses, squats down, and takes massive steaming Megyn Kelly dumps on her guests. The former Fox News correspondent and perpetual owner of a... read more

Emma Stone Versus Anxiety

I don’t understand how attractive women could have anxiety. Or how someone seven years of age could suffer from it. The list of problems anyone under the age of ten has to deal with are very short. Unless your last name is Sandusky. read more

Jordan Peele Working On His Version Of Inglorious Bastards

Lately it’s been the random Klan rallies that’s been grabbing all of the headlines for unnecessary fuckery. We should all be grateful to Hollywood for faithfully cashing in on sensitive topics like racial divide in America. Someone somewhere is writing a screenplay for... read more

Sasha Pieterse Explains 70-Pound Weight Gain That We Care About

Pieterse is technically a celebrity, so by default her weight gain was no fault of her own. And because she's a celebrity, looking like the product of an Ashley Graham Kirby sucking in JonBenét Ramsey is brave. Dems the rules.  read more

Young Dolph Shot Famous

The three musts of a legit rapper are to get in with a crew using some kind of slang for the word money, to be subject to an arrest on weapons charges, and to be shot somewhere famous. If possible, by or with or adjacent to Suge Knight.  read more

Khloe Kardashian Becomes Third Pregnant Kardashian

If you bet on a large demographic spike in the birth of half-black half-Armenian out of wedlock children in 2017, you're about to be rich. This isn't exactly Saruman breeding armies of Man-orcs, but it's the closest example we have on regular earth. read more

Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 64: Alia Shawkat's Nude Debut And Lady Gaga Topless

It’s a week of firsts on Amazon’s Transparent, not only does former Arrested Development star Alia Shawkat make her nude debut, the show is also making waves for showing TV’s first transgender full frontal! Over on Netflix Lady Gaga makes an outdoor business meeting a... read more

Sarah Jessica Parker Still Alive, Has Four Fans To Take Shopping For $400

Only a place like Manhattan could offer the sense of refinement associated with post-menopausal women owning their sexuality in colorful garbage, and no one says "I've lost touch with reality" more than New York City's most famous horse in clothes, I mean, clotheshorse,... read more

Sara Sampaio Sexy in Denim and Shit Around the Web

  Ric Flair's many conquests, caption competitions, and more! read more

Kate Beckinsale Stalker Innocent Of All Creep Charges Against Him

And it was written, no celebrity accusation brought against Terry Lee Rep shall prosper. Especially those formed by Kate Beckinsale.  read more

Richard Simmons Forced to Pay Enquirer's Legal Expenses

Richard Simmons sued the National Enquirer and their satellite outlets last year for claiming he'd become a woman. As per the headline, "He's Now a Woman!". Fairly definitive.  read more

Weiner On Ice for Next 21 Months

Former Congressman and husband to Hillary Clinton's asexual lesbian confidant, Anthony Weiner, cried before the judge who sentenced him to 21-months hard time for sexting his junk and rape fantasies to a 15-year old girl in the Carolinas.  read more