Britney Spears Tramp Stamp Adjacent

Britney Spears got a tattoo of a crossright above her pussy. The Bible explicitly forbids graven images, and almost certainly those aimed at making you look impossibly more slutty. Jesus wasn't all that judgmental and in fact associated with prostitutes. read more

Stitches Get Bitches

Florida rapper and probably welfare recipient Stitcheswas arrested in Floridaafter he pulled his Porche into a handicapped spot at a Whole Foods. Racial profiling seems pretty wrong, but face tat profiling seems completely within reason. read more

Netflix To Reboot Queer Eye For The Straight Guy

You can't stereotype people. Unless you're gay, then you may do whatever you want. There are no such thing as gender norms? When's the last time you saw a trans lady wearing sweatpants? Do actual women go to lunch in a ballgown? read more

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Shanina Shaik In A Bikini Is A Beautiful Thing And Shit Around The Web

Few women look as amazing in a bikini as Aussie, Shanina Shaik. Still, going ugly early never hurt a man in the pocket book (and other advice from my father). read more

Utah Teacher Who Mounted Three Students Gets Hard Time

It's unclear at what point one becomes a cougar, but usually it's that precise moment when you throw caution to the wind and make it plainly known to strange men that you're down to get fucked. Like right now. read more

Bella Thorne Naked and Afraid

Woman prone and naked in the fetal position used to be a sign for somebody to fetch a blanket and somebody else to fetch the on-call psychiatrist. The skinny frame and alphanumeric tats and fucked up hair sealed the 5150 application process. read more

Malia Obama Scoring All the Good Jobs

The Weinstein film company sorted through all their resumes of applicants for their much sought after New York summer internship program andrandomly picked Malia Obama. The same thing happened last summer when Halle Berry was choosing assistants to work with her on her TV... read more

Joss Whedon Doubles Down

You could think of Hollywood director Joss Whedon as an outlier in the entertainment industry's collective Le Roy cheerleaders twitching hysteria response to Hillary Clinton losing. But he's not even close to the exception. read more

Anastasia Ashley in A Bikini

Surfing is considered a sport by many who surf. Also, guys who want to bang girls who surf. This is different than football or basketball which nobody calls a hobby and not merely because of the contract values. read more

Thao 'Sandy' Doan Chose the Wrong Eighth Grader to Boink and Shit Around the Web

Teacher Thao 'Sandy' Doan extorted for $28K by eighth grader she was boning, crazy shit. Looks like the boys are fighting back. Finally, after all that free sex with grown women. read more

Constance Wu Hits Casey Affleck With Offending the Craft

Hollywood was bound to consume itself after falling impotent in the national debate. Like any pack mentality animals when the hunt is poor. read more