Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 73: Cara Delevingne and Michelle Dockery's Nude Debuts

This week on The Mr. Skin Podcast, everyone's favorite celebrity nudity expert has got a couple of big-name nude debuts for us read more

Massage Envy Spas Prove That Women Don't Like Happy Endings

In what may come as a surprise to people who don't think things through logically, the nation's largest strip mall franchise massage parlors stand accused of having rogue masseurs touch their female clients sexually.  read more

Blasphemy! Stassi Schroeder Insists Actresses Blow Producers Voluntarily

Schroeder mentioned that maybe some of the chick actresses who went up to those fat producers hotel rooms did so knowing exactly what was waiting for them. read more

Demi Rose Maxi Cleavage and Shit Around the Web

  Instagram erotica, boob tube nudes, and more! read more

Kris Jenner Compares Daughters To Leaky Faucet

During the Jenndashian brothel family holiday celebration, Kris Jenner insulted faucets everywhere when she compared them to her drippy slut daughters. E!'s Keeping Up With the Kardashians: A Very Kardashian Holiday transported us to a dinner table decked out for either a... read more

The Weeknd After Katy Perry And Beiber’s Sloppy Seconds

The Weeknd is a womanizer who has his eyes on everyone’s leftovers. More specifically what Justin Bieber doesn’t want.  read more

Peter Thiel Dancing on the Corpse of Gawker

A guy with endless cash who doesn't care for pussy or public approval is an altogether a new variable of villainy, even if you hate Gawker, which you should. read more

University Of Tennessee Not Hiring Jerry Sandusky's Boy Wrangler Greg Schiano

As with the Harvey Weinstein scandal, it's difficult to believe perpetrators' inner circles are unaware of abuse. Especially since instead of assaulting his victims in private hotel rooms like a baller, Sandusky was soaping up boys in locker rooms accessible to a number... read more

Naya Rivera Beat Up Her Husband While Walking Their Kid

There are few truisms in life. Among them are the fact that child actors don't grow up well. Like those unexploded ordinances they find from former wars. It's only a matter of time before kablooey. read more

Padma Lakshmi Teaching Her Daughter the Art of the Humble Brag

Lakshmi joins a cast of genetically blessed women on social media finding empowerment by going make-up free or showing off stretch marks or pregnancy bulges and still looking amazing. read more

Rebel Wilson Won Legal Lottery

According to Bauer Media the only thing authentic about Rebel Wilson was her obesity.  She lied about everything else like age and real name. And the kicker was some body positivity judge actually sided with Wilson and awarded her $4.5 million dollars.  read more

Katy Perry Can’t Stop Winning, Outsmarts Nuns

Katy can really rub people the wrong way. There are so many properties for her to pick from yet she wants the holy place. I’m almost positive it’s for satanic rituals.  read more