Miley Cyrus Least Interesting Person In The World

Miley Cyrus is super unique and oozes individuality just ask her. There's something to be said for trying too hard. Are you a six? No problem just get a weird haircut and put fake horse teeth over your existing large teeth. read more

Kesha Walks Away

Kesha has dismissed her lawsuit against Dr Luke which means she either got a huge settlement or is just trying to Irish Goodbye her fake rape accusation. He's suing her for defamation which should be a slam dunk since she testified under oath against the crux of her own... read more

Miss Teen USA Checked the Box for Caucasian, Non-Hispanic

Beauty pageants are a throwback to the time we chose leaders by placing a crown on the top of some recessive gene baby crone from a super wealthy family. Not so much has changed. People who have free time to get miffed at tons of shit got super miffed at how white and... read more

Channing Tatum's Giant Head Will Be the New Splash Mermaid, This Changes Everything

When Hollywood ran out of ideas and decided to start remaking films from the 80's, everybody complained for a bit about lack of novelty and creativity but eventually shut up and paid for tickets. Now they're remaking the same classic films but with a twist. A male mermaid... read more

Ariel Winter Forgot To Wear A Bra Again And Shit Around The Web

Ariel Winter was nippin' hard in a tight shirt and no bra. It's the fifth wave of feminism. I can't name the first four, but this one seems the most likely to get you off as a man. read more

Amber Rose Throat Babies

Amber Rose is a disgusting woman who plays up how disgusting she is as part of her TV and online persona. That makes it incredibly hard to nail down her precise grossness rating. Are your sores visible or do you keep them touched up? Let's run through the epidemiological... read more

Lindsay Lohan Smoking for Two Now

Lindsay Lohan bolted for Sardinia on the heels of blowing up wasted at her Russian boyfriend and declaring herself pregnant. She's been chain smoking cigarettes on the beach which either means she's lying about that pregnancy part, or she's following in her mom's... read more

Draymond Green Dick Pic Remorse

Draymond Green is a super talented ball player. That's the predicate for why any athlete is allowed to be such an enormous jackass. Green's at least somewhat responsible for costing his team an NBA championship clinching game, having been suspended for excessive ball sac... read more

Lea Michele Nude Body Honoring the Fallen

Lea Michele honored the third anniversary of driving Dead Cory Monteith to his death by flashing her bare body in Women's Health magazine with a tattoo of his Glee character name 'Finn' on the side of her ass. It's times like these you remember why they invented more... read more

Bruce Jenner Finally Gets the Cock

Bruce Jenner went longer on his plan to get cock without being labeled gay than any man before him. Fuck the decathlon gold. His signature achievement is in the plotting, surgeries, press releases, wardrobe, speeches, and down low camouflage cover stories all with the... read more

Naked Melania Trump Pictures Because Scandal Has Come Full Circle

There are very few sizable media outlets or newspapers that have or will be endorsing Donald Trump. The New York Post is one of them. The Post led their weekend edition with 21-year old photos of Melania Trump naked and the headline The Ogle Office. That doesn't even make... read more

A Lifetime of Celebrity Titties For a Franklin and Five Tubmans ($199 Forever Deal For Mr. Skin)

Men of all ages spend most of their time trying to get paid or get laid. You take a break every now and then to call mom and let her know you're not in jail. That's the bottom floor of achievement. You've got to throw some naked titty looking time in there as well. You... read more