Trump Lookalike Seems To Be Having Fun

Alison Jackson actually makes a decent living as an artist so you must give her some deference to rank commercialism. If you're going to spend dollars doctoring up a Trump lookalike and a reasonable set, you're not going to satirically homage Trump giving a speech on... read more

Gigi Hadid Has Some Hot Legs And Shit Around The Web

Gigi Hadid has better legs than her sister Bella and her face has expression too. If that's your thing. I could go either way. Uninterrupted mannequin gaze is underrated on the fairer sex. read more

Tara Reid Proudly Fading Away

Tara Reid had her shot at burning out. She's defaulted into fade away. About a pound a week. The woman locked up on a leash in a cargo container in Carolina came out looking ruddier after two months in storage. read more

Body Shaming Goes Criminal

The former Playboy model who snapped a photo of an older naked woman at her gym and "accidentally" shared it publicly with a catty tagline will face criminal charges from the L.A. city attorney. Mike Feuer cited violation of a law he essentially invented to announce... read more

Robert Durst Back In Hollywood

Robert Durst is perhaps the biggest casualty of the attention seeking reality TV scrub demographic, including the multitudes of dead people found face down daily in Van Nuys motels. read more

Mariah Carey Worth Six Million Per Year

Mariah Carey's rejected prenup from James Packer seems increasingly devoid of humanity. It appears she was attempting to lease out her rejuvenated vagina and he's basically Lex Luther. read more

Blind Cosby Rape and Ashley Graham Fat Support on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #66

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast we discuss Bud Light discontinuing their Amy Schumer feminism commercials, Bill Cosby's rape exception defense, the very meaning and lack of meaning of "fuckboys", wonder who the fuck would fuck Mariah Carey, or not fuck her for... read more

Ireland Baldwin Seems To Have Things Under Control

If you're a parent in Al-Raqqah, you curse the fates as you inevitably watch your sweet boychik grow up to be an ISIS decapitator. If you're a divorced celebrity couple, you await your daughter's first grown up nudes. She's a fashion model like Sasha Grey is a thespian. read more

Jennifer Lopez Sideboob And Shit Around The Web

Jennifer Lopez's big ass and sideboob are still awesome. She's putting something in her water that keeps her incredibly youthful. Literally. Hormones and silicone. read more

Westworld Orgy Scene Is Television At Its Logical Conclusion (Mr Skin Minute VIDEO)

Due to the emasculation of mainstream American society, and the complementary reduction in sexuality displayed on broadcast channels, premium cable is picking up the slack by merely going porn. read more

Jessica Biel's Whale Tail Will Be the Best Thing About Shock and Awe

A bunch of actors and Rob Reiner all got together at a Hillary Clinton fundraiser and decided to make a movie about how the Bush administration lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq as a pretext for invasion in 2003. You know, that movie everybody's been... read more

Mariah Carey Back To The Grind (VIDEO)

Mariah Carey is avoiding the depression of her engagement break by funneling her energy back into her work. Largely pretending her pipes are still functioning behind that massive wall of complicated chest procedures. read more