Mariah Carey Shows Off Her Famous Body And Shit Around The Web

Mariah Carey and her massive yabbos bikini and lingerie their way into our hearts. She may not be for you, but surely you have an awkward uncle who also tugs one out regularly. read more

Lena Dunham Fattest Mermaid

There's a reason you don't see corpulent mermaids, presumably they have to tread water nearly 24 hours a day, only stopping to fuck 80's movie stars. There are also not giant tubs of red vines or Jamba Juice locations or whatever Lena Dunham is doing to increase her thigh... read more

Miley Cyrus Buzzkill

Miley Cyrus took to Instagram to eviscerate the increasingly consumer driven nature of Christmas while wearing four separate Christmas themed outfits that she purchased. She also bought a Christmas light necklace, antlers, and a big red and green bow for her head. read more

Elizabeth Turner Okay Dukie

Every rule has an exception. This Guess model is blond with big tubes and she's also smart. She graduated last year from Duke University, which has been in the news of late or the past fifty years for matriculating an inordinate number of assholes. read more

Gigi Hadid Is Your Model of the Year

Gigi Hadid was named Model of the Year by the international body that oversees such accolades and accreditations. Worth noting that there is no similar designation for nuclear physicists. read more

Kylie Jenner Didn't Fuck on Tape

It's no small admission for Kylie Jenner to call bullshit when a blurry clip appears on a random website claiming it's a video of dude fucking her. How rigidly have you been maintaining that fuck diary your mom gave you at eleven? read more

Avril Lavigne Pegs Zuckerberg

When you're worth fifty billion, consider hiring a professional give your material a once over before taking the stage. Zuckerberg did a selfie-promo for Jarvis, the new A.I. technology from Facebook that will speak extremely eloquently while secretly selling your online... read more

George Michael Dead, Kate Moss Had Access

Three days ago Kate Moss bragged to BBC radio that she lives next door to George Michael and has a ladder set up that allows her access to his backyard any time she wishes. Now, George Michael is dead on Christmas Day under mysterious circumstances. read more

Merry Christmas 2016

The biggest day of the year for heart attacks is December 26th. Which goes to show how hard people will hang on to be able to get loaded and tell off their loved ones. Set to holiday music. read more

Paris Jackson Bikini Makeout Session On The Beach And Shit Around The Web

Paris Jackson makes out with her d-bag boyfriend in a bikini. Lucky bastard. You didn't even have to get a reach around from her dad to get in there. read more

Eliza Dushku's Ass Makes the Grade (The Mr. Skin Minute Video)

The end of the year is the time for the top everything. Including the top bottoms. Not the Andy Cohen type. They say ass men like to fuck, while tit men also like to fuck. Men are wired pretty simply. read more

Larsa Pippen Bucking On Her Future

Among the set of fifty or so rappers with a single fake name, Future seems a noteworthy master of his domain. He's fucking everybody famous. Or every light skinned black model and celebrity. Everybody has a category run making a run. It's a base. read more