Melania Trump Goes Lesbo

If you ask any mainstream media outlet, Donald Trump is now spiraling out of control as if he hasn't been a ludicrous buffoon trolling anyone outside of his immediate family for the past year. The same could be said for his whore trophy wife Melania Trump. read more

Alicia Vikander Cleavage Peeks And Shit Around The Web

Let's check out Lara Croft's, (Alicia Vikander), cleavage. I mention Lara Croft so I don't have to mention the past five indie tranny movies and you'll still want to look. read more

No Country for Old Men With Tits

E! is canceling I Am Cait after two seasons of what they unashamedly referred to as a documentary of a transitioning transexual. That sounded more grown up than Gay Bruce Gets Tits and Rides a Party Bus. Which is what the show was, though somehow producers managed to make... read more

Melissa Lori in A Bikini

In the old days, a tiny chick with small tits could never get her nude body in the door of glamour modeling. Upon finally making it naked onto the porn version of Playboy run outside of international law from a boat anchored off Cyprus, this chick from Queens noted... read more

Petition To Stop Film Critics from Being Critical To Suicide Squad is the limp pale dick at the BBC party that is the Internet. If anybody tells you they signed a petition, look at them as if they just announced they stuck their finger up their ass to determine their colon health. Fans of the Suicide Squad comic... read more

Cara Delevingne No Clothes No Problem

Cara Delevingne is the perfect rich chick who knows how to get exactly what she wants. Mostly top end modelings gigs and other hot chick vagina. Delevingne is twenty-three and already rivaling Bradley Cooper and Leo DiCaprio on model tail conquest lists. She's fishing... read more

Sharon Osbourne Cries Over Ozzy's Wandering Dick Diagnosis (VIDEO)

Sharon Osbourne took to her talk show to tearfully announce that her husband Ozzy Osbourne was entering sex addiction therapy, or would be, after a summer rock tour with Black Sabbath. So, the worst place for a sex addict. The table of supportive women and one extremely... read more

Taylor Swift Knows The Game

After being caught lying about her involvement in Kanye West's shitty song, Taylor Swift did the smart thing and shut the fuck up for the allotted amount of time before you're issued a new victim card. It seems unlikely Swift will ever acknowledge the fact she was busted... read more

Rapper Drama

This rapper guy's name is Drama which is appropriate since he was just arrested for making terrorist threats and is being held without bail. Drama was visiting the office building of Phaedra Parks who is on Real Housewives of Atlanta which is not surprising because she... read more

Mr. Skin Podcast Rolls On

This week is jam packed with celebrity nudity from theaters to the boob tube to Blu-ray, and Mr. Skin, Jimmy Failla, and Andrea Lowell are back to break it all down for you! read more

Lady Gaga Always Working

Lady Gaga has been showing off her tits rather obviously since breaking it off with her fiancé who probably never really intended to marry her. It's somewhere in that moment when she asks you why you always fuck her from behind that you need to start acting like a... read more

Draymond Dick Valued at $100,0000

Vivid has this shtick of firing off letters to people caught in sex scandals and offering them a million dollars to appear in porn. Somebody in the public relations department told them it was a rich idea years ago and they've just not quit. After so many such letters you... read more