Kennedy Summers And Khloe Terae Will Work For Food

Everybody wants to shut down underaged sex tourism in Southeastern Asia, but it's not like the kid workers go back to brushing their ponies at exclusive boarding schools. Newtonian physics explains the action and reaction inevitability. Is Tommy Hilfiger hiring unskilled 9U in Cambodia to pick up the slack?read more

Blac Chyna Opens Up

The world's largest clickbait site, DailyMail, hosted a party in Cannes they titled the Seriously Popular Yacht Party, just in case you weren't sure how underwhelming it would be. Blac Chyna arrived with the veins in her chest construction site popping out like an irate high school chemistry teacher when somebody removes the HCL from under the safety more

TV Academy Tries To Stop Whitney Houston Emmy Auction

Some of Whitney Houston's less talented family members are attempting to auction off an Emmy she won 30 years ago just like she would have wanted. She was a crack head. Don't impute more

Drake Lets Terrorists Win

In the wake of singer Christina Grimmie's shooting death at the hands of an obsessed fan, Justin Bieber and now Drake have cancelled all meet-and-greets associated with their tours, breaking the hearts of coked up thirteen year olds across the nation. Not only are Drake and Bieber pussies for altering their behavior over mass hysteria, they're also too big of pussies to admit why they did it.

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Record Police Fucking and Michael Jackson's Porn Collection Exposed on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #49 (AUDIO)

On this week's Last Men on Earth we cover the insanely unimportant topics of the first non-tranny Arthur Ashe Courage Award winner, the squelching of the book on Hillary Clinton's nasty habits, O.J. scheming to fuck Khloe Kardashian in a forced conjugal, an ambitious teenager fucking 31 cops from her mom's police department, and we both agree that it's tasteless to judge another man's porn collection then judge more

Elsa Hosk Bares For Vogue And Shit Around The Web

Vogue is a pretty stupid magazine for the most part, except when they talk hot models like Elsa Hosk into getting naked just between us girls. It doesn't really make sense for a magazine that's about clothes but more

Ariel Winter Trap Tits

The rape culture circular logic proceeds thusly. An anti-body shaming celebrity posts a picture of herself in revealing dress. She awaits somebody on social media to comment on her tits. She responds with a comment about personal choices and their relationship to female empowerment. A female blogger on a stupid sounding female click bait blog owned inevitably by Time, Inc. pens a you-go-girl article about the more

Alessandra Ambrosio Rides 'Em, Gay Cowboy

If you're a hot chick, a gay best friend is as key to your happiness as the guy you married for convenience, kids, or your ass waxing esthetician. You could easily live without those others. Your fellow models are far too sinister to confide in anything more than the state of the zika virus in their home more

Karate Teacher Stephannie Figueroa Arrested For Sending Nudes To 11 Year Old Student

Once Congress is done posturing on gun control, it's time to get down to the business of female teacher predators. There has been a stiff rise in the number of twenty and thirty-something female teachers throwing themselves sexually at their students as young as hairless. The public seems divided as to the right balance between punishing sexual predators and applauding the good fortune of shy boys getting fully more

Kendall Jenner Ditched Her Bra and Fucked Her Friends

Attractive girls can never be friends. Public attention and notoriety is a fixed pie. If that bitch gets it, you lose it. There's no rising tide lifts all boats sentiment seeping through these posing girl social more

Ali Family Member Tries To Sell Funeral Footage

A member of Muhammed Ali's family reportedly secretly filmed Ali's private funeral and is shopping the footage around and asking for a million bucks. He probably won't be invited to the Christmas Party. It seems cell phones were not allowed so he must have wired up some cool spy more

Selma Blair Has Demons

There's no better way to cap off a Father's Day holiday retreat with your young son and husband than getting lit up on prescription meds and wine and getting carted off the airplane in a stretcher. It wasn't about you this one day. Apparently she just couldn't handle more

Celeste Guap Underaged Pussy Imbroglio

This chick just brought down the Oakland Police Department. Assuming you ignore the corruption, scandal, incompetence, and internal ethics investigations before she even arrived. Celeste Guap is the teen daughter of a police dispatcher who also hooked on the side because Skecher's don't pay for themselves. Celeste's name started to appear in IAD reports when the department was investigating the suicide of an more

Caroline Wozniacki Cleavy Treats And Shit Around The Web

Caroline Wozniacki one of those rare world class female athletes that could also be some kind of model. That's probably sexist. Though not as sexist as wanting to bang her in her tennis skirt while calling women's professional sports a sad more

ESPY's Righting the PC Ship

The ESPY's switched things up this year by naming somebody courageous to be the recipient of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Zaevion Dobson was a Tennessee high school football player who threw himself on top of three girls during a drive by gang shooting, taking the bullets and saving their lives. Seems reasonably brave.

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