Two Coreys Molestation Abides

Sex crimes on kids have a tendency to linger longer than Pennywise himself. Corey Feldman has been spilling the beans on his own child actor involuntary bottoming piece by book for sale piece over the past quarter-century. read more

Madonna Voting Naked for Hillary

Hillary Clinton's campaign is pushing two fronts. Female celebrities getting naked to encourage voting and essays by apologetic men in HuffPo and similarly leaning publications about how people who dislike Hillary only do so because she's a woman. read more

Bella Thorne Might Fuck a Chick, She Might Not

Since coming out as bisexual almost weeks ago, Bella Thorne has conducted a whirlwind promotional campaign for the bisexual community. The crux of Thorne's efforts have been posting snuggling photos with her friend also named Bella with whom she says she isn't... read more

Lindsay Lohan Sells Her Soul to Turkey

Lindsay Lohan signed away her publicity rights in Turkey to a made-up company with zero Google search results for the sum of two million dollars. read more

Brad Pitt Maybe Not Too Faithful

According to a report Angelina Jolie's friends wrote, Brad Pitt definitely had an affair with Marion Cotillard and having your healthy ovaries cut out is a fantastic idea. read more

Donald Trump Fat Shaming Victim Has A History

Hillary Clinton mentioned Alicia Machado the other day because Donald Trump once called her Miss Piggy decades back. Way to stay on message. These are the issues that matter to most Americans, who are mostly obese by the way. read more

Peter Thiel No Longer on a Roll

Gay vigilante billionaire Peter Thiel was racking up wins. He bankrolled the Hulk Hogan campaign that killed Gawker, revenge for outing Thiel a decade earlier. He was the lone Silicon Valley CEO to come out for Trump and scored an awkward but prominent prime time speaking... read more

Britney Spears Sweaty (VIDEO)

Many people noted that Britney Spear's performance at the iHeart Music Festival reminded them of the bygone days Britney Spears. She even wore the old school headset microphone to pretend she was singing words against the completely pre-recorded tracks. It's like watching... read more

Rita Ora Oktoberfest Tits And Shit Around The Web

Rita Ora dresses like a busty beer wench for Oktoberfest. There may be no hotter dress up costume for girls than German beer maid. Naughty nurses are for men with medical office fetishes. read more

Joe Simpson Alley Catting

Since leaving his leather pants ministry-ship and heterosexual marriage, Joe Simpson has spent the better part of his days hanging by pools and pretending to be a talent manager. It's unclear who he manages outside of one young model, Jonathan Keith, with whom he travels... read more

Rob Kardashian Hands Out His Whore Sister's Phone Number

If you're over twelve and you're in Twitter battles, it's time to look in the mirror. If you're Still Fat Rob Kardashian and you're revenge Tweeting your whorish half-sister's personal phone number, it's time to add some arsenic to the jardiniere on your Jersey Mike's... read more

Gender Wage Gap in TV Reaches Alarming Non-Existent Levels

Discussing anything television money starts and ends with everybody on The Big Bang Theory making $20 million plus per season. If you can wrap your mind around a cookie cutter laugh track sitcom dulling American brains week after week to being the most watched show on... read more