Congress Found Out a Guy Got Dragged Off a Plane

Leave it to Congress to hold an on-camera hearing a month after a viral news story grips Americans wasting time at work. read more

Met Gala Benefiting Fashion Victims

Each year starsgo for avant-garde on the Met Gala red carpet. They end up looking like either overdressed waltzing trash heaps or Forever 21 assault victims. Last night's event was no different. read more

Buy A Dodge, Get Butt Fucked By Vin Diesel (VIDEO)

Vin Diesel stars in a new ad campaign for Dodge titled The Brotherhood of Muscle. The same name of a gay bar where guys get worn like finger puppets. read more

Jaden Smith Brings His Hair

Jaden Smith is losing shock value in his unisex dress code so he upped the ante by bringing his own hair in his hand to the Met Gala. The annual event features dozens of the best looking people in the world wearing millions of dollars worth of disposable fashion while... read more

Cavs Brief Glimmer of Hope

For about four hours on Monday, Cleveland Cavaliers fans rejoiced with word that Tristan Thompson had given Khloe Kardashian the old heave-ho, thereby freeing their team from a succubus jinx and opening the door to a back to back championship. read more

Porn Stars Do It In the Vrischikasana

The porn star job has one strict requirement. Flexibility. As it applies to every single element of your life. read more

Fox News More Harassment Claims, More Resignations

As a workplace entity, Fox News is the Jenga tower of dick jokes and come-ons to female employees. You had to know somebody was going to pull a block that sent the entire edifice of triple chinned dudes with bad combovers crumbling read more

The Game Did Not Have Third Base With That Woman

The Game had a reality show on VH1 called She's Got Game in which he would date a weird whore each episode and then pick one to awkwardly bang once and not call back. It is assumed whoever stole the least shit on set became the winner. read more

Nicole Scherzinger Rambling

Nicole Scherzinger formerly of the Pussycat Dolls is promoting a TV movie remake of Dirty Dancing. Sounds like that will be even shittier than the original Dirty Dancing, which is no small feat. Why not reboot Gigli or Battlefield Earth? read more

Zoe Saldana's Blockbuster Body and Shit Around the Web

Danielle Knudsonasstastic photo shoot (DrunkenStepfather) Tygaparties with bikini-clad blondes on a yacht in Miami (TMZ) Victoria Bonya caught skinny dipping in the surf (TaxiDriverMovie) Daphne Groeneveldtopless Scooby snacks (EgotasticAllStars) Ariana Grandeworks her... read more

Let the Fyre Festival Lawsuits Begin

For a sixty year old guy, Mark Geragos is a surprisingly spry ambulance chaser. Michale Jackson, Gary Condit, Kesha, Scott Peterson, Chris Brown. Who shall stand for the rights of the rich and annoying to get away with horrible shit? read more

Kelly Ripa Chooses Seacrest

In the world of big news for the indolent, Kelly Ripa ended the long tease of her new co-host for Live announcement with a blessedly short skit before naming Ryan Seacrest. read more