HuffPo Proudly Discriminates

In case you're horrible at guessing the names of Executive Editors at feminist led news outlets, it's always Liz. Liz Heron at the Huffington Post, which serves as a daily digest of what's important to liberal leaning college educated white women, posted a photo of her editorial staff meeting to Twitter to highlight the diversity of the leaders in progressive thought at the online Time Warner owned more

Ciara Tits Win Every Billboard Award

The Billboard Music Awards serve as a reminder that erhu plucked tunes over Chinese restaurant intercoms is not the world's most annoying music. Teenaged girls like super shitty music. Followed closely by teenaged boys trying to get laid by teenaged more

Chris Brown's Baby Mama Whoring Up the Baby

Chris Brown took exception with the mother of his daughter posing two year old Royalty for a Junior Beaver Hunt submission. It’s crazy to me that a parent would OK dressing our daughter like she 16. I ain’t cool wit that. SHE IS 2!!!! It's possible Brown meant eighteen for flashing full vagina. Or never, you know, if she's your more

Lindsay Lohan Swimsuit On A Yacht

Lindsay Lohan credits her new underaged Russian boyfriend with everything from inspiring her to get back into acting to eradicating her herpes with Stoli shooters and Eastern black magic. Less credited is his willingness to front recreational drug money and stay mum on how Lohan's several years past going braless on a moving more

Victoria Silvstedt Swimsuit Trolling At Eden Roc

Every mid-May Victoria Silvstedt pushes pudding into the mouth of her older fat French benefactor by the Eden Roc hotel pool while keeping her eyes out for her next human IRA. At forty-one, Silvstedt is the Bartolo Colon of gold digging. If you wanted to blast a load in Bartolo Colon's bottom, snap a keepsake, and start a new life under the name Claude in the former Eastern more

Jared Leto Fairly Badass

Jared Leto might be an androgynous Scientologist drone who sees dead people but at least he can fucking do something. That's him in the front climbing a cliff in Yosemite. Being sober definitely has its benefits. If your lifestyle affords it, imagine how braindead and enticed by shiny objects you have to be to spend your days looking at shoes on more

DiCaprio Commits Cardinal Sin

Leonardo DiCaprio took a private jet from Cannes to New York to accept an environmental award and then took one back to Cannes, equaling the carbon footprint of the continent of Africa and NASCAR combined. DiCaprio's people explained he didn't charter the jet, just got a ride with someone who was already going. If the entire world lived like this Phoenix would be more

Emilia Clarke Got Naked Again (VIDEO)

Emilia Clarke made some big to-do about how she was giving up nude scenes because has never once asked a man what he prefers. Respectability is in the eye of the beholder. Who's ever been rude to a good looking naked woman?read more

Hasselhoff Has Nothing Left, Or a Hundred Million

David Hasselhoff is in court trying to get his alimony payments to his ex-wife Pamela Back reduced from a couple hundred grand a year closer to a number resembling zero. Hasselhoff claims he has four grand left in the bank. Bach's attorneys did some digging and claim Hasselhoff is worth north of a hundred million and is still taking in over a million a year in new income. That's pretty decent "what the fuck does he more

Petra Nemcova Does The Bikini Pin-up Thing And Shit Around The Web

Professional hot person Petra Nemcova wore an old timey style pin-up girl bikini in Cannes. She probably looks like a gal your grandpa had on the nose of his B52 in WWII only, you know, more

Tyga's New Girlfriend Seems Sophisticated

Tyga, who seems to owe a ton of people a ton of money, showed up in Cannes with a brand new trophy girlfriend. Something to get over Kylie Jenner. You never forget the first seventeen year old who insisted on anal without more

Scott Disick Minimalist Money Monster

It's an uncommon man who literally fucks his way into money. Ski bum Scott Disick worked his dick into a Kardashian and came out on the other end with several million in the bank. Opportunistic men used to have to bathe old ladies in the tub for this level uptick in prospects. You could do a pros and cons worksheet to determine if this is more

Porn Slipping Away (VIDEO)

Pornhub is launching a program called BangFit, where you earn points and an unclogged aorta by plugging your lady in different high-energy butt slapping positions. Because the bulk of online porn visitors clearly have girlfriends they can regularly jackrabbit for parlor game virtual more

Megyn Kelly Faces Justified Criticism

Megyn Kelly's much hyped interview with Donald Trump consisted of her lobbing him a bunch of softballs and laughing at his jokes like a schoolgirl in heat. This is surprising since prior to the interview Kelly was nearly infallible in the eyes of the media, having withered Trump's lowly attacks about her period without crying onstage, as was apparently the more

Ariel Winter Cashing In

If there's one thing Ariel Winter doesn't want to speak about, it's her tits. She's testing compliance by showing them off in various revealing tops. Fuck, look at those beasts. I mean, look away. Which one is body shaming again?read more