Another Young MTV Reality Show Member Dead

The life expectancy of an MTV reality show cast member settles in right around your sub-Saharan nation with ebola water enemas. You're lucky to get off with a moderate heroin habit and a series of non-violent felony arrests. read more

Khloe Kardashian Making Bank

The journey of Khloe Kardashian since putting her head through a windshield and stunting her intellectual growth at a Kardashian seventeen, or around a standard twelve has been one of struggle, triumph, and tons of fucking and swearing and crying. read more

Porn Productions Not as Light and Lively As They Seem

It's easy to imagine the well-adjusted and mirthful characters in and around porn sets. Though strung out addicts and child abuse victims whose STD sores have their own sinister mustaches is slightly more apt. Years of fictitious media depictions have led people to... read more

Lena Dunham's Alternate Persona Apologizes

In an apology where she accepted zero responsibility, Lena Dunham said sorry to any women who may have felt slighted by her podcast comment that she wishes she had experienced an abortion of her own. It's always awkward when somebody who declares themselves a champion of... read more

Chandler Parssons Perving Out On Instagram

If you're in the NBA being injured 300 days a year has its perks. You still get paid, and you have a ton of time to try and pick up on Instagram models, a pastime far less fruitful than hitting on real models in real life. read more

Gay Bachelor Former Rentboy

Logo is doing a gay version of The Bachelor called "Finding Prince Charming." If your girlfriend DVR's this consider breaking up with her. In the least shocking news of the day it turns out Prince Charming used to be a prostitute. read more

Josie Canseco Gets Topless In Black And White And Shit Around The Web

Christmas comes early with these topless shots of Josie Canseco in black and white. If you imagine dad Jose Canseco is pissed, you simply are not thinking like Jose Canseco. read more

MTV's White Guy's Video Will Be Missed

Everything is politics now. Media, social, entertainment. It's all politics. It's how scores of particularly younger people have chosen to identify themselves when religion or sports or Bud vs. Miller are no longer valid means to self-identify. read more

Paris Jackson in A Bikini

It's fairly amazing how Michael Jackson's children are able to lead the typical lives of well-off teenagers in Los Angeles despite their unique heritage and paternity. Paris Jackson is doing what any eighteen year old girl with a trust fund would do. read more

Libby Chamberlain Sells out Pantsuit Nation

Pantsuit Nation was a Facebook page phenomenon for every women and woman leaning man who ever felt disenfranchised, put upon, victimized, discriminated against, or merely emotionally flummoxed. So, a ton of people. read more

Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini In Brazil

If you ever wonder what makes good looking women commercially successful versus merely kept, keep an eye on how often they are off versus always on. read more

Azealia Banks Keeping Everyone in the Loop

Since complete strangers can't witness your miscarriage, Azealia Banks went on social media to discuss the recent loss of her pregnancy, or as she claims it occurred. It's possibly cruel to suggest a woman is faking miscarriage news, but the last several things Banks has... read more