Jay Z Makes Songwriters Hall Of Fame

Do you actually know anyone who's been to a Hall of Fame of any kind? Sounds really fucking lame. You get a pass if you're in Cleveland because what else is there to do. Same with Cooperstown. read more

Sarah Dunsey Fake Sex Trafficking Stunt (VIDEO)

17 year old high school drop out Sarah Dunsey of Logan, Utah, went missing from the MGM Grand last month. A few days later her mother, an unemployed slightly overweight model named Amie Ellis posted a YouTube video along with her husband, begging for help. read more

Next Norwegian Up And Shit Around The Web

Frida Aasen is your next future Scandinavian swimsuit and lingerie model winner. It's a genetic lottery. Sorry, Serbia, back to the drawing board. read more

Viki Odintcova Risks Death To Bring Life to Your Dick (VIDEO)

For the longest time, the limits of the modeling sciences were looking good and showing off your breasts. Everything is about to change. read more

Lea Michele Making Magic

It's been a month since Lea Michele promised her second album heavily influenced by great singers such as Celine Dion and herself and Tiny Tim. Her first album 'Louder' thoroughly tanked but a followup was offered because her Glee following has yet to ebb and she didn't... read more

Kylie Jenner's New Tits Like the Old Tits Only Bigger

It's unclear how many tit jobs Kylie Jenner's undergone since puberty but add up her reps denials and divide by two to be conservative. read more

Kate Moss To the Rescue

Teen model Lottie Moss is out of control with the partying. Her mum has called in the big guns for support. Older half-sister Kate Moss. There's something to be said for seeking counsel from somebody who's been there before in terms of booze and drugs and sleeping around... read more

WNBA Players Not Abiding Them Straights

According to former WNBA All-Star Candice Wiggins, the women's basketball league is not as inclusive and diverse as all their press releases incessantly repeating those buzzwords. In explaining why she retired prematurely, Wiggins asserts the league is 98-percent lesbian... read more

Eric Holder Cha-Chings Again With Uber

Former Obama administration Attorney General Eric Holder was one crafty motherfucker. That's not the worst thing you can say about a lawyer. It might be the best. read more

Will Smith's Obsetrician Is Fucked Up

The guy who delivered Will Smith as a baby is serving life in prison for killing live babies with scissors and then feeding their remains to crabs on the Jersey Shore. Smell a Jayden and Will Smith father/son vehicle? read more

Milo Yiannopoulos Ousted

Milo Yiannopoulos was booted as the editor of Breitbart for a multitude of reasons such as his schtick is super obnoxious even in British. Also, when you try and piss everyone off, some of them get pissed off and turn on you. read more

Bella Thorne Bikini Vacation Adventure And Shit Around The Web

Bella Thorne doesn't eat or drink and fucks in a healthy manner so she'll look great in a bikini. The least you can do is imagine you can help her career and she wants to say thanks. read more