Michael Jackson Outed Posthumously

The guy who administered Michael Jackson's fatal dose of pain killers is calling out Jackson as a pedophile. Conrad Murray did two years for executing Jackson by way of administering hardcore sleepy time opiates then leaving the room to go text his bitches. He's probably... read more

Kourtney Kardashian Raking

Gwyneth Paltrow skirts the long arm of the law when she promotes shit like vacation spots and vagina rejuvenating cremes without disclosing the fact she's being compensated. The FTC is pretty clear on the matter. You have to declare if you're a paid sponsor or just a... read more

Lindsay Lohan Balcony Drunken Serenade (VIDEO)

After Lindsay Lohan deleted all her hooker bitch Russian whore cheating motherfucker posts from social media, she tipped back a couple or three more gimlets and waited for her boyfriend to arrive back at the flat. The Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf second act moved out on... read more

The Real Victim of the DNC Email Leaks

The DNC email leaks confirmed what most already knew -- people who work in national politics are wonky sinister losers who take themselves far too seriously. Also, they watch shitty movies and find Rachel Maddow attractive. Following the standard that the only thing... read more

Tobias Strebel Died of a Broken Bieber

A year later and plastic surgery addict Tobias Strebel (a.k.a. Toby Sheldon) has been declared dead due to drug overdose. A year is a long time to wait on the cause of death for a 30-something guy found alone and unresponsive in a motel room in the North Valley. The... read more

Ashley Graham Fat Farming and Gay Sulu On the Cutting Room Floor in the Last Men on Earth Podcast #53 (AUDIO)

There have to be more important issues of the day than the shit we discuss on our podcast. Look at all those sexless souls with buttons and vintage hats at the conventions. They're doing the yeoman's work of this nation. Cheering, drinking, and sharing money with the... read more

Selena Gomez Goes Deep (VIDEO)

Selena Gomez has something on her mind. It's been stewing while she put words to her thoughts. It's like watching Russians try to karaoke Blinded by the Light. Gomez welled up with tears in Jakarta as she spoke to kindness and the human condition on stage. Her fans... read more

Bella Hadid Bikini Show And Shit Around The Web

Bella Hadid has overtaken her older sister Gigi Hadid in popularity. It's probably the fake lyme disease that propels her ambition. Symptoms of fake lyme disease included showing off your tits a ton and demanding privacy. In that order. read more

Aldon Smith Lacks That Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi (VIDEO)

In the future that started ten years ago, people will be judged entirely by dumb shit they film themselves doing. Social media is one large stupidity test. Case in point, Aldon Smith. The talented NFL linebacker is set to come off a one year suspension for DUI, subsequent... read more

Rio Seems Ready, Part Eleven

As the world turns its eyes to Rio for the grand unveiling of the Third World Olympics, there are continued signs that the lawless post-colonial slum town isn't quite prepared. Decapitated bodies and robberies are one thing. Crime stats are easily fudged. Zika babies... read more

Lindsay Lohan Can't Have Nice Things

Lindsay Lohan seemed settled down with a young wealthy Russian man who believed in her creatively and as important, supported her financially. Somebody left the keys to the liquor cabinet out and everything went to hell. read more

Britney Spears Ass View (VIDEO)

The only thing creepier than having a dude sneak up on a woman at a gym and film her ass crack is for that same woman to order her intern to do the same. The Jason Voorhees eye view is quite becoming a lady. read more