Khloe Kardashian Has Changed

There's never been an oblong duckling who's worked harder, spent more money, or cried more tears to Jesus to be pretty like her whore sisters than Khloe Kardashian. A constant barrage of surgeries and implants and cinches and bleaching and lasers has turned Khloe Kardashian into some type of perfect black baller cupcake of sex. The question can never be, was it all worth it, it has to be, what was the more

Lil Wayne Seizes Up

There's actually a pretty serious drawback to having an unequivocal addiction to codeine syrup and most likely a closet case of the AIDS. Lil Wayne has been having pretty regular seizures on his private jet. If you're going to flop around at least do it in more

Madonna Is Gay In Time of Need

It's getting about that time where you take Old Yeller out behind the barn and put a shotgun in her mouth. Madonna loves attention. Just not the kind you get from your husband or children or anyone you know personally. Madoona responded to the mass shooting in Orlando with a bunch of self promotional garbage that she's too far gone to recognize as more

Josephine Skriver in A Thong

According to some decidedly amateur research, this Victoria's Secret model is working more than any of her fellow thong servants. There are no straight men working in the lingerie empire which leads to a far less obvious reason for her fast more

Goldman Sachs Paid For Hookers

Banking giant Goldman Sachs stands accused of hiring prostitutes for Libyan officials so they would stack friendly patsies on their country's massive oil money investment board. To which Goldman Sachs responded, fuck yeah we did. Naughty Moroccan chicks with crazy tight more

Alessandra Ambrosio Ass Wardrobe Malfunction And Shit Around The Web

Alessandra Ambrosio's ass flashed during a photo shoot on the beach. She compared it to growing up in Brazil and letting older men lick her budding breasts in exchange for cooking oil and quickly waved it off as no big more

Lorelei Taron in A Bikini

Soccer is the beautiful game. Insomuch as the sport is boring as shit but you get the hottest tail. Professional hockey players do remarkably well with model quality pussy. Baseball players the worst. Football players could do well but pretty women don't take well to beatings so defensive ends stick their dicks in low rent hookers and call it a more

Claire Danes Has Something on Her Mind

Claire Danes looks nuts on Homeland. She looks nuts jogging. She's probably super stable. Or fucking nuts. You wouldn't know which until you come to in a tangle of harpsichord strings with your eyes burning from Febreze Mediterranean more

Keri Russell Scarlet Letter Tits

Keri Russell is a private woman who privately started fucking her co-star Matthew Rhys on The Americans a couple years ago. That meant she had to give up her husband. He was a carpenter. Like Jesus if Jesus didn't much cotton to his wife fucking dudes at more

Meg Ryan Face Is a Thing

Meg Ryan shocked viewers at the Tony Awards with her startling new appearance. A girl has a new face. Though not particularly shocking. It's like seeing a Motocross rider in a cast. It's not that more

Omar Mateen's Dad Seems Like a Fun Guy (VIDEO)

The gay hating Jihadi mass murderer in Orlando comes from good stock. Omar Mateen's father Seddique is something of a celebrity among the Afghani diaspora, hosting a native language YouTube talk show where he routinely praises the Taliban and sometime casually mentions that he's the real President of Afghanistan. It's almost like you don't need the mustache anymore to tell when people are more

RIP Christina Grimmie

Some psychotic asshole killed musician Christina Crimmie outside of her show and then shot himself after her brother tackled him. The narcissism involved is alarming. Why not just shoot yourself first? You can't watch the news when you're dead, more

Time For Persky To Step Down

The sister of Brock Turner's rape victim was concerned the night of the incident. At least you can't get AIDS from manual manipulation. Ask Caitlyn Jenner. There is a massive outcry for the judge who gave Turner six months in prison for finger blasting a corpse to be fired. Judge Aaron Persky played lacrosse at Stanford. How the fuck else did he get elected?read more

Olivia Wilde's Fake Muff Still Bemuses (Mr. Skin Minute Video)

Some years ago grown women started shaving and waxing their carpets to be more alluring to men who liked completely hairless women. So, men who fancied prepubescent girls. It's not entirely creepy, but you have to admit it's more Japanese businessman leaning than you'd more

Sara Jean Underwood Master Craftsman, Woman

However you label this new career option of posting tits and ass pics to social media, Sara Jean Underwood does it better than anybody else. The Kardashians have more followers, but no sane man would fuck them. Whatever creepy sex wedge designs you have for Khloe Kardashian fades when she starts picking gristle out of her teeth with a KFC more