Blac Chyna Stripping for Two Now

Still Fat Rob Kardashian and his fiancee Blac Chyna continue to make paid strip club appearances waiting for the Kardashian family to concede to their demands to book themon the show for one million. A rich white kid used to be able to extort their parents just by bringing around a trashy black chick and extolling the virtues ofbareback. You can't play that interracial reproductive danger hand in Kardashian more

Johnny Manziel Hard to Kill

Johnny Manziel has been a famous drunk for so long now it's hard to imaginehe's only twenty-three. He has a solid ten years before he's at the Lamar Odom brothel cashing out his life stakes for pussy and death mints. Since being cut by the Browns, akin to being dumped by an ugly girlfriend, Manziel's been clubbing in L.A. with claims he's living with various former Browns and Texas A&M teammates who have no more

Khloe Kardashian Recalls Her Pretty Baby Moments

Kris Jenner forced daughter Khloe Kardashian to get beauty treatments when she was just thirteen. It was a facial and a sneaky armpit waxing. You have acne and male pattern hair growth. You think the nice neighbor man paying our electric bill needs to see that? Khloe recounts the event like she's Jodie Foster talking about that one time on a pinball machine. I remember when I was like 13 years old, my mom made me more

Duggars Raps for Jesus

Jessa Duggar was the hot one on 19 Kids and Counting. Also the one molested by her brother, Josh. God has a plan. You will be gifted with good looks such that your brother may cum faster staring at you with his hand under your nightgown. The plan has many moving parts.Jessa is the star of a new reality show featuring her and her sister, called Jill & Jessa: Counting On. Also featured are Jessa's husband, more

Brian Austin Green Gets Back in There

With the instincts of a stripper about to lose her bread winner, Brian Austin Green knocked up Megan Fox for a third time. Pretty slick, survivor. Fox filed for divorce Green last Fall after flipping through iCal and realizing her husband hadn't worked in seventeen years. Green claims to suffer from vertigo which renders him unable to work or do the dishes. He takes care of the couple's two toddlers at home more

Bono Is Still Fucking Annoying And Shit Around The Web

For some reason Bono was speaking before congress on ISIS. Writing Achtung Baby makes you a foreign policy expert. He said that we should send Amy Schumer and Chris Rock to Syria to combat ISIS with laughter. Umm...shut the fuck up, Bono you're drunk. Why do people listen to this Irish douchenozzle? (TMZ) Stephanie Princi and her tits try to sell you pricey water. (Last Men On Earth) Daisy Lea takes off her bikini more

Selena Gomez in A Bikini for GQ

Selena Gomez has decided she no longer cares what people think about her. Like a drunk or an asshole or a drunken asshole. Gomez claims she's had to live her life since being a child actress with people constantly chiming in with their opinions. Sort of like if you had parents who weren't afraid to confront you because you were supporting the entire family. I chose this. So I'm not gonna sit here and say, ''Oh, more

Lamar Odom Covets the Juice

Lamar Odom may be one of those Keith Richards addicts who simply can not be killed. The Five Chinese Brothers successively impervious to gin, crack, molly, smokes, and herbal viagra. That doesn't mean you just stop trying. Since waking from his stroke induced coma, Odom has been challenging himself to walk well enough to get his ass back to the bar. Once his dick is working again, he can re-introduce whores by more

Lindsay Lohan's Parents Unite Around Rich Boyfriend

Lindsay Lohan may beengaged to a wealthy kid from RussiawhereMean Girls is still the number one movie on Pirate Bay. Lohan's parents canceled snorting and drinking and beating the crap out of each other for one evening of detente to express their mutual affection for 22-year oldEgor Tarabasov who they've never met in person. That can't be an unintentional oversight. Michael Lohan: He has a lot of strong connections more

King James DMs PAWG

Lebron James sent a direct message to meaty-assed Instagrammer Rachel Bush. Bush promptly posted a screenshot of the message because that's standard operating procedure for girls who have selected the exciting career field of posting pictures of themselves in thongs to the Internet LeBron is married and Bush is dating the safety for the Cleveland Browns. Which sounds like the setup for a rebooted Three's more

Bruce Jenner Still Clinging To His Junk

Bruce Jenner is balking at going full Caitlyn. He's not yet ready to give up the package. It's the final step on this wondrous voyage of self-discovery, self-involvement, and self-absorption.When you can grab the cock and nuts out of Master Kan's hands, it is time to walk the earth a woman. Even Jenner refers to the lopping off process as 'gender confirmation'. Which seems odd since the working fable is that he more

Coco Porn Props Her Baby (VIDEO)

If Coco hadn't been able to conceive a child forher best sex shoot prop ever, she would've had to purchase one in an Albanian bazaar. This fucking baby is the best thing that ever happened to thekumquat shapedmodel. Coco's photo and video work over the last four months consists of her with a string up her ass making kissy faces to her baby she named Chanel. Featuring your infant in your soft core porn work is more

National Equal Pay For Women Day Is the Best

National Equal Pay For Women Day isn't the first holiday based entirely upon a myth. In fact, most of them are. Columbus didn't discover America. St. Valentine didn't believe in taking your chick to Fudrucker's only to witness her soul crushing disappointment. The simplistic and completely unsubstantiated sloganthat women earn 78-cents on the dollar to men continues to spread throughout the land. It's the basis more

Josie Canseco Has Chosen

The nature versus nurture argument rages on in second generation celebrity and model kids choosing modeling over Starbuck's barista or mollyaddict as their career path. The benefit of going into modeling without actually needing the work is you get less Terry Richardson cock in your face. You don't have to have that two grand to bring your mom over from Slovakia and you can already get yourself meetings with more

Screech Is Free And Shit Around The Web

Dustin "Screech" Diamond was released from jail a month early for being good at moping floors and biting down hard during sexual assaults. You'll recall that Screech was arrested for stabbing a guyon Christmas at a bar where you deserve to be stabbed I wonder how long it will be before he's back in jail? (TMZ) Alessandra Ambrosio in a tight blue tank top is fucking amazing. (Last Men On Earth) Barbara Palvin wants more