Oscars Tries to Get Just the Right Amount of Black Actors

After the 2016 OscarsSoWhite hashtag caused Hollywood to feel a tinge of regret during their evening of self-adulation, the Academy coincidentally nominated a record six black actors and actresses for the 2017 edition. read more

Britney Spears Bio Pic Could Be a Paradigm Shifter (VIDEO)

Britney Spears rose to fame as a child entertainer turned semi-attractive Southern girl pop star who fit the dress. She was an empty vessel with tits and excellent music producers. read more

SNL PC Polices Itself

SNL indefinitely suspended a writer who made a joke about Donald Trump's son Barron. It's pretty uncool to make jokes about a possibly autistic ten year old. In that vein, maybe it's uncool to bring him onstage in front of a hundred thousand people. read more

Hana Gabey Odiele Comes Out As Intersex

Hana Gabey Odiele is a Belgian model who was born with undescended testes. This is when you have an empty nut sack. Usually a boy's balls drop around nine months. read more

Kim Zolciak Insists Her Daughter's Ass Is Untouched

Kim Zolciak who makes babies with men who can support her desire to live in a mansion and look fuckable from a distance into her fifties is taking a stand against people suggesting her nineteen year old daughter has had butt injections. read more

Draya Michele Bikinis Like A Champ And Shit Around The Web

Draya Michele in a teeny tiny bikini will make you smile. You don't need to remember who she is on TV. Look at her ass. read more

Women Turn on Taylor Swift Who Will Pretend to Give a Fuck

Women who spent this past weekend belting out their gynecological bona fides have started attacking the posers who didn't show up to march. It's only a matter of time before women turn on each other. You can't abort cattiness. read more

PETA Going All In on A Dog's Purpose

PETA has thrown it's entire animal rights weight behind protesting the saccharin family film, a Dog's Purpose, after somebody sold TMZ a video of an animal trainer shoving a shepherd into a water stunt during production. TMZ promptly titled the clip, Shepherd Abuse Video.... read more

Chrisette Michele Shit Canned by Spike Lee for Inaugural Sing

Soul singer Chrisette Michele made up a whole bunch of MLK Jr. reasons why she agreed to perform at the Trump Inauguration, though forgetting to mention the quarter million pay day for her thirty minute performance. She's not broke, but that's good money. read more

Karen Gillan Reassures

In the upcoming Jumanji reboot absolutely nobody asked, British actress Karen Gillan appears alongside The Rock, Jack Black, and Kevin Hart. So, the movie could have had any title. Jumanji already had the pre-printed coffee mugs. read more

Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner Have Paris Figured Out

Some large number of pro athletes have older relatives who also excelled at the sport. Greatness isn't random. These chicks didn't wind up in see-through tops with hundreds of cameramen tracking them through Paris Fashion Week by some collision theory similar to the Big... read more

Young Thug Has A Legit Gripe With The Man

Whatever you want think of race issues in America, there's a serious problem with policing. Whether certain cops are specifically targeting blacks or just poor people with shitty legal representation who happen to be black is a matter of semantics. read more