Ashley Graham in A Bikini

There has to come some time when you have millions of impressionable Instagram followers that you consider potential damage you might do to strangers. Most of those followers are young women and most have no clue you're putting shit out there to make yourself money. They... read more

Zayn Malik's Memoirs Seem Particularly Bereft

Celebrity memoirs are being churned out for progressively younger celebrities. Books come easier when you don't write them yourself. This boy band singer is twenty-three. He's not even sharing his best stories of his crazy long four year career. Those involve fucking tons... read more

Prince Harry Shtupping an American of Color

The British royal watching world is a flutter because that's their static state. Lots of fucking fluttering. More so now that Prince Harry is dating an American, who also happens to be half-black, and also happens to be divorced. read more

Jessica Zharnest and Lexi Fragola Dressed As Fuckboys For Halloween

A large majority of major media outlet bloggers are now young females. That makes it impossible to escape the barrage of feel good stories where women are adulated for owning the world for some messaging endeavor that before social media would've been maybe earned them a... read more

Bill Cosby Too Blind To Remember Rapes

Smug lawyers are fond of saying the American justice system is "perfect." Those guys should be put in jail for parking tickets. Bill Cosby's latest defense in his rape trial is the premise of a movie he and Richard Pryor passed on in the mid 80's. read more

The Greatest TV Orgy of All Time According to Mr. Skin

A massive orgy on the set of HBO's Westworld has blown Mr. Skin's mind. And that's no easy task. On this week's podcast he talks about the makings of what he has declared "The Greatest TV Orgy of All Time", including plenty of genital-to-genital touching. The announcement... read more

Alicia Arden Brings a Certain Panache to Dia de los Muertes

Dia de los Muertes is the Mexican holiday where you celebrate your deceased family members. Like the seventeen recently beheaded by the Sinaloan cartel in a hair straightening shop in Jalisco. read more

Anthony Weiner Enters Rehab

Anthony Weiner has entered rehab for "cybersex addiction" meaning his therapist is probably Doc Emmett Brown. If you were to cast a Peeping Tom in a movie he would look exactly like Anthony Weiner. Part of this leads to the conclusion that his perviness may be genetic. read more

Salma Hayek Tiene Tetas Muy Grande And Shit Around The Web

Salma Hayek shows off her giant tits in GQ Mexico. Not bad for a late 40-something woman. The body and the desire to keep people interested. Still not watching Frida. read more

Charlie Sheen Might Be Opening for the Indians

Charlie Sheen has let everybody know he should be throwing out the first pitch at a Cleveland Indians World Series game because he played the iconic Indians relief pitcher in the first two Major League movies years ago. Though not so long ago that it hadn't still been... read more

Nicole Scherzinger Living the Life

Nicole Scherzinger is a solid reminder that slender Hawaiian chicks with big full breasts generally do well for themselves. Scherzinger's always been good looking, something she merged with her more middling musical talent to be cast in numerous chick performance bands in... read more

Emma Watson Feminist Droppings in the Subway

That cheeky Emma Watson is up to something fiendishly clever. She's dropping paperback copies of Maya Angelou's Mom & Me & Mom around the London Underground to turn unsuspecting travelers into gender empowered thieves. read more