Bryan Cranston Frightful Of Boogeyman Manson

Bryan Cranston is full of glee now that Charles Manson is dead. I never thought much of anyone who was fearful of a hippie or could easily be overpowered by women.  read more

Help, Fletcher Cox Is Banging My Wife

A man in the saddest state of affairs is suing Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle, Fletcher Cox, for banging his wife and making her no longer love him. read more

Old School Congressman Joe Barton Got Caught Up in New School Dick Pics

If there's any lesser remarked downside to the sexual harassment allegation avalanche, it's the increasing number of senior citizens we have to see naked. With Charlie Rose, the nudity was implied. With Texas Congressman Joe Barton, it's now in focus. read more

Kendall Jenner Beats Gisele on Model Money Chart

Jenner took home $22 million this past year compared to Bundchen's lackluster $17 million. There's no relevant list for male models since they make squat and conveniently omitted from all gender pay gap calculations.  read more

Natalie Portman D-Minus Harassment Tale Dominates the Last Men on Earth Podcast #111

Be sure to subscribe to the Last Men on Earth podcast on iTunes. Apple takes all the upside, but once a year they mail us a piece of Steve Jobs embalmed back hair to snap into our Christmas nog. read more

Miss Universe Contenders and Shit Around the Web

Twerking singers, chicks naked under aprons, and more! read more

Jennifer Lawrence Back On The Prowl

Being from Kentucky, Lawrence was obviously sexually abused by her father, leading her to fall for a man who, again, honestly looks like the textbook thumbnail for a middle-aged child molester. Not even funny, just, true. The fact that he helped bolster Lawrence's street... read more

Danica Patrick Done Racing Forever

When a woman behind the wheel crashes and cries it sounds like the precedent to a divorce. But this time it was Danica Patrick and she’s officially calling it quits with the tarmac in 2018 after the Indy 500. read more

Pink Is Peter Parker

I encourage entertainers to take on risks mostly because it makes for good conversation starters with strangers. What brings two people who never spoke closer than watching an uncensored video of Pink in a million pieces after a cable malfunction.  read more

Busy Phillips Not Here For Body Shaming

The only thing worse than being fat is forgetting how fat you actually are until someone reminds you in public. Busy Phillips got her fatty pants wake up call at drug store from a fan.  read more

Ray Allen Catfished by a Dude Who Claims They're Lovers

Fatal Attraction may be thirty years old, but its message is timeless: there's no such thing as free sex. Doubly true for side sex for a married man. At some point, some loon's boiling your daughter's pet rabbit in a crockpot. read more

Charlie Rose Naked Passion For His Work

By way of advice for a man never arrested in his life, don't insist that half the charges against you are inaccurate. All or nothing, Chucky. read more