Congressional Candidate Alejandra Campoverdi Is a Victim of Her Own Sexy

Former Obama staffer and Congressional candidate Alejandra Campoverdi urges potential voters in the upcoming special election to stop thinking of her as the hot model chick who once appeared in Maxim. If anything, look at her recent hot Instagram swimsuit photos. read more

Juno Gender Biased Table Read

Director Jason Reitman is staging a live table read of Juno, a ten year old moviehe directed which nobody has talked about in ten years. The table read will benefit Planned Parenthood. Can't we just donate twice as much and skip this thing, Honey? read more

Chelsea Clinton Justly Compensated

Bill and Hillary Clinton at some point decided they needed to have a kid to further their political careers. He then wistfully grinned and she cackled in delight as they drew up plans of world domination with their prop baby in tow. read more

SI's Definition of Full Bodied Just Got Much Better and Shit Around the Web

Myla Dalbesio almost makes the rest of SI's body positive corporate social messaging acceptable. read more

Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett Bump Bagels in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Any excuse to talk about a lesbian scene is one Mr. Skin loves taking read more

Hide Your Gold

Every holiday is some excuse to eat and drink to excess. They used to be more about things like Jesus being born and resurrected, battles for Independence, or mystical happenings. Now they're trips to BevMo for themed cocktail mixes. This is in no way a criticism. read more

Somebody's Robbing All the Rich Stupid People

If you've got a few coins to your name, you keep it in a bank protected by bullet proof glass and an ex-Samoan wrestler squeezed into an uncomfortably tight private security outfit. read more

Lea Michele Not Taking Any Chances

Lea Michele's sophomore album finally has a release date. If you're in the micro demographic, you'll be receiving a Free Standing Insert in your Target mailer. read more

Ask Tyler: You Could Be Famous

Tyler: My name is Isabella and I am a 19-year-old model/actress living in Kansas City. I’m a huge celebrity and pop-culture junkie and every time I’m on blogs like this one I think to myself, what is the difference between the girls you write about and me? Why couldn't I... read more

Lena Dunham Workout Shamed

Lena Dunham has been working out under the discreet care of Tracy Anderson, fitness guru to the world's most pretentious celebrity clientele. The Bosc pear shaped Dunham expressly noted she was not working out to lose weight. read more

Lipnicki Was Bullied

Jonathan Lipnicki, the kid actor who played Renee Zellweger's bespectacled son in Jerry Maguire, is opening up about his experiences being bullied following his quick rise to stardom in 1996. read more

Amy Schumer Gets to Bottom of Her Poor Reviews

Amy Schumer's latest special on Netflix has received an inordinate number of online viewer ratings, leaning heavily negative. Schumer's certain the shitty comments are a consequence of alt-right haters. read more