Kanye Offers Up Anal and Pudding

A white South African rapper named Ninja shared a story about that time he went to work at Kanye's house on some tracks and Kanye just weirded the fuck out of him. Ninja has a reputation for being extremely eccentric himself. This must be what it's like when some progressive soul joins a fetish club on a whim and ten minutes into the first get together realizes everybody else there is way more into leather than he had...read more

Dustin Diamond On Being In Jail

Dustin Diamond reunited with his Saved by the Bell castmate Mario Lopez to discuss going to jail for stabbing a guy just like they'd always talked about doing as teenagers. Diamond was getting shitfaced in a bar on Christmas when a bunch of guys started calling him Screech and getting rowdy with his girlfriend.read more

Barry Bonds Not Cool With N Bombs (VIDEO)

Barry Bonds is pissed because a bunch of kids at his daughter's expensive private school in Los Angeles were caught on video chanting rap lyrics "I fucked yo bitch nigga" while probably high on bath salts and in the process of impregnating one another. Somebody shot the kids singing and mixed the footage with stats about how fancy private schools don't have many black students.read more

Trump Made a Pass at a HuffPo Columnist Thirty Years Ago and Why That's Super Important

Either Hillary Clinton's opposition research team is barking out orders to counter the 'Bill pawed women' re-hashed stories, or every single veteran female reporter on the East Coast is coincidentally writing a survivor's tale of how Donald Trump once made a pass at them in the 80's. Long time New York Times columnist and now downgraded Huffington Post opinion writer Lisa Belkin penned a feature piece about how Trump...read more

Baby Announcements Getting More Interesting

Candice Swanepoel is having a baby by some dude she met in Paris when underaged. Or overaged for modeling. You wouldn't know except for her posting pictures of her distended belly in topless photos on Instagram. She'll likely be pregnancy shamed. Once the initial wave of masturbators have finished their ceremonial spunking.read more

Charlotte McKinney Luscious Yabbos And Shit Around The Web

In the history of planet Earth there have been few perfect big tits. Two of them belong to Charlotte McKinney. Another way in which we've solved the gender pay gap without much effort.read more

Bartolo Colon Big Sexy and Making Babies

It's no shock that rich and famous people get special treatment in the court system. Mets super tubby pitcher Bartolo Colon arranged for the Manhattan court to agree to label his paternity and child support civil suit as Anonymous v. Anonymous in the public record. Colon then decided to save a buck by representing himself in the case, causing his real name to be registered as the counsel, alerting every journalist in...read more

Bella Hadid Tits And Falcon

French dudes won't quit inventing adorable ways to meet visiting American women. At least in the movies where Gerard Depardieu is a handsome teddy bear and not an obese trainable peeing in the aisle of a commercial aircraft. Some guy landed his trained falcon next to Bella Hadid in the middle of a photo shoot in Cannes. In case you thought your Tesla was still getting traction.read more

Tianna Gregory in A Bikini

Tianna Gregory is a fitness model with artificially accentuated curves whose risen to thee million Instagram followers and gaining. By standard rules of commercial exploitation, that means Gregory scores around three grand per sponsored post. She's not filling inventory at Kardashian rates, but you book one a week and you've got yourself $150,000 a year supplementary income from showing off your ass on social media.read more

Robin Wright Victimized By Gender Pay Gap for Up To Eleven Seconds

Robin Wright spoke to a Gender Pay Inequality crowd at the Rockefeller Foundation, sharing her harrowing experience of victimization and oppression in compensation for her work on House of Cards. Wright discovered that she was only earning $420,000 per episode compared to Kevin Spacey's $500,000 despite the fact their characters clearly co-equally headline the show in screen time and importance.read more

Jessica Alba Gets Sued A Ton (VIDEO)

Jessica Alba's environmentally friendly organic products company is being sued, again. It's unclear if her Honest Company is the subject of so much legal attention because of Alba's celebrity status, or because they refer to themselves as The Honest Company while producing their all-natural products in a recalled hover board battery disposal plant in Guangdong.read more

Melania Trump Juicy Tidbits

Melania Trump opened up in a rather bizarre interview in which she literally called herself intelligent and proceeded to talk about how she likes fancy shoes. Her token humorous anecdote came in the form of describing her stay at a Holiday Inn in Iowa and how it wasn't up to her normal standards but she just "went with it." I'd imagine you did, didn't you grow up drinking toilet water in the former Soviet Bloc and...read more

Adrien Brody Can't Judge

Adrien Brody did an interview on Jenny McCarthy's radio show so he's either not thinking straight or banging her. He let it be known that he doesn't mind working with directors who've been accused of heinous crimes because life goes on and he needs the work:read more

Chyna's Final Days Seemed Particularly Unhappy (VIDEO)

Former WWE wrestler Chyna spent the last decade of her life on that spiral toward early substance abuse death. This wasn't Prince singing Little Red Corvette to throngs of thousands right up to his Percocet demise. This was the long, slow, depressing bankruptcy of drugs and alcohol and mental illness. Naturally, some fucker filmed it.read more

Beyonce Sweats Made in Sweatshop

Just weeks after launching the seven-hundredth celebrity athletic wear line of the year, Beyonce is under fire for claims her Ivy Park sports bra and female empowering booty shorts are manufactured in Sri Lankan sweatshops. The truth of the assertion lies less in the obvious exploitation of dirt poor Southeastern Asian garment factories and more to the definition of sweatshop.read more