Rita Ora Brings The Titties To The Party And Shit Around The Web

Rita Ora is a world ambassador for large titted women. She used to be an ambassador for women with smaller breasts. She must've met the ambassador for silicone enhancements. read more

Megan Marx And Tiffany Scanlon, Lesbians the Way God Intended

Until there's a mass suicide among producers, actors, and viewers of reality television, the best thing that ever happened to supposedly unscripted television is these two hot chicks from The Bachelor Australia. read more

Trump's Deportation Plans Not Yet a Go

Somewhere in the secret documents that couch fainters believe will be driving Trump's Final Solution is a rating system for foreign chicks that either keeps them domestic or puts them on transport back to Ausland. Melania stays. read more

Amber Heard Comes Out Against Domestic Violence (VIDEO)

Somewhere in her seven million dollar settlement is a clause clearly stating Amber Heard can never publicly state Johnny Depp beat her. Whether he did or he didn't, she clearly made that suggestion in the press and to the judge prior to and during her divorce settlement.... read more

Iskra Lawrence Underwear Sermons on the Subway (VIDEO)

Iskra Lawrence, the less atIskra Lawrence, the less attractive British version of Ashley Graham, hit the New York City subway to explain to random people trudging to and from real jobs how far she's come in her own body acceptance. read more

Colin Kaepernick Liked Fidel Castro Halfsies

Colin Kaepernick is trying everything he can do to win a single football game this year. Also, to stir up socially progressive controversy. He's succeeding at one of those. read more

Melania Trump Hailed As A Hero

Slovenian president Borut Pahar has reached out to Menalia Trump to congratulate her for "raising visibility of our central-European country." First of all your name is pretty similar to Borat. That's not really a name joke, but a jab at the state of your country. read more

Anthony Michael Hall Facing Seven Years

Anthony Michael Hall seems like a pretty angry dude. Rumors abound around town about his temper. He turned down Farris Bueller's Day Off to become a serious actor, meaning a malcontent with a drinking problem. Probably mental. read more

The Black Friday Mr. Skin Lifetime Special Is the One You Want

Because you want to get your Christmas shopping done like a sane person, while drinking a beer and watching the game, now's the time to get the return of the $99 Lifetime Mr. Skin Membership Special for Black Friday. read more

Sara Jean Underwood Little By Comparison

Sara Jean Underwood has six million Instagram followers. Kim Kardashian has eighty million. Go figure how we rank our titty chicks in this world. East German judges have anything to say on this? read more

Jenna Discroll Screwed the Pooch And Shit Around The Web

Jenna Driscoll sexted her boyfriend with photos of herself fucking a pit bull, now she's busted for animal cruelty. Did anybody ask the dog? read more

C'mon, Australia, They're Already Fucking, Let Them Be Married for a Year or Two

Chicks still can't marry other chicks in Australia. Something you don't hear a lot about from the tourism board. Also, koalas bite and carry rabies. You don't need sixteen hours without Wi-Fi to get to that. read more