Chrissy Teigen's Butthole Takes Center Stage

Chrissy Teigen continues her relatability tour by divulging information about her asshole to fashion magazine Marie Claire. Only real magazines get the inside butthole scoop. Oversharing is flirty and fun when you're the drunk chick every guy wants to fuck in the... read more

Police Force Lindsay Lohan to Return Shit She Stole from Her Ex

Lindsay Lohan continues to state that her former young and wealthy Russian boyfriend Egor Tarabasov abused her during their time together. It's unclear if the abuse was before or after Lohan went out of her way to describe Tarabasov as far superior to any man she'd been... read more

Warriors Not Going to the White House

Rumors started swirling about the Golden State Warriors deciding not to attend a White House congratulations ceremony within five minutes after they won the title. A relatively slow mobilization time for the Trump hysterical media. It was late.  read more

Bow Wow Looking for Believers (VIDEO)

Assuming you omit porn and gambling from the rankings, the oldest profession on the Internet is posting crazy ass amateur videos captured on camera. The second oldest profession is faking crazy ass videos and insisting they are real.  read more

Mayweather vs McGregor Another Stupid Test

A fool and his money are soon parted. Often by Pay-Per-Views at $99 a pop. $109 for HD. You want to witness your consumer idiocy in high def.   read more

Alison Brie Topless Subjugation and Corinne Olympios Disney Rape on Last Men on Earth Podcast #89

On this week's  Last Men on Earth podcast , we explore Alison Brie's healthy sized breasts in-depth, wonder how ABC/Disney got in the Girls Gone Wild business, consider Dennis Rodman as the world's last hope for survival, deconstruct the Katy Perry livestream, and wonder... read more

Kara Del Toro Cleavage Tornado and Shit Around the Web

Alison Brie glows, Katie May has chiropractic trouble, and more! read more

Uber Falling to Little Tiny Inappropriate Comment Pieces

The fall of the executive staff and brand image of Uber is hard to pin down precisely. There was certainly a huge bullseye on the company after CEO Travis Kalanick joined the Trump Presidential economic advisory board. A move lauded by nearly nine percent of people in the... read more

Dani Mathers Hires Crisis Manager

Dani Mathers is turning her misdemeanor conviction for shooting denigrating photos of chunky seniors in her gym locker room into a huge positive. Step one, hire a crisis manager. read more

The Bachelor Going to Pay Through the Nose For Filming Sexual Assault

The unfolding of the events in the low rent Mexican resort hosting the production of Bachelor in Paradise is like the Manchester bombing information coming out, only much slower, and not even close to as important. Sketchy details are emerging on multiple sides of the... read more

Beyonce Brings Twins Onto the World

There has yet to be a movie made creepier or more terrifying than simply following the Twitter feeds of Beyonce fans. They've got the nickname Beyhive. Cute at twelve. More Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders at thirty-two.  read more

Kylie Jenner Snapchat Doll Parts For The Big Show (VIDEO)

Caricature of distorted feminity Kylie Jenner took to Snapchat to share a glimpse of her life in plastic. Spoiler: Not fantastic. The nineteen-year-old proudly displays her eviscerated youth in a yellow bikini that never thought things would end like this. read more