Scarlett Johansson Working Mom

It's cool to be compassionate, but don't tell Holocaust survivors you understand their plight because you once manned a pizza oven. People don't like it when you hang out with them so you can put it on your resume. read more

All The Trump Name-Calling, One Finally Lands

Millions have tried to demean Trump with angry name calling. On their Twitter feeds, Instagrams, Facebook, TV shows, SNL skits, concert stages, Washington Mall rants. Lots of Hitler this and Stalin that. Racist, sexist, pedophile. read more

Girls Making Their Own Breaks, It's Fucking Beautiful

America is fast becoming a nation of whiners. Ironically, the most vulnerable persons among us, young skinny white models, get up every day, shut their mouths, and show off their tits and ass in public to catch a break. That's called gumption. Also something else if that... read more

British Soap Opera Chick Seems Hotter Than Ours And Shit Around The Web

Helen Flanagan has big perfect yabbos for a British afternoon TV chick. Imagine shitty soap operas, now with English accents. It's how I picture Hell. read more

Netflix Has a White People Are Tools Comedy Too (VIDEO)

Netflix hurriedly announced the release of the ten-episode series, Dear White People. The satirical racial comedy is based upon the 2014 movie of the same name that absolutely nobody saw outside of Sundance where it received a twelve out of ten, numerous standing... read more

Sara Jean Underwood Slipped a Tit

Try as you may. Try as you might. If you spend your days trying to bare your body naked save but a tiny patch over your nipples and baby maker you're going to have some R-rated gaffes. read more

Mischa Barton's 'Roofie' Explanation Has Some Holes

After Mischa Barton was hauled away from her own home half naked and screaming nonsensical crap over her back fence, her publicists got into a tiny room and concocted a statement Barton issued about being slipped a date rape drug when out for drinks with friends. Pretty... read more

Somebody Get Nonna A Freaking Cocktail (VIDEO)

Despite the occasional ham handed step into drive-by feminism, Ariana Grande largelysellsherself as awrithingfuck toy. It's not sexist. There are plenty of young guys making bank in rap and shitty pop music with the same middling IQ and cynical brandplan. read more

Charles Oakley Typical Knicks Fan (VIDEO)

Legendary NBA brawler, Charles Oakley, is under the impression that New York Knicks Chairman James Dolan doesn't like him very much. It might be related to Oakley repeatedly calling out Dolan for running his former team into the ground. Hard to argue the scoreboard on... read more

Kim Zolciak's Son a Prodigy

Kim Zolciak made the news when her four year old son filled out a class questionnaire "introducing" his father and mentioned that he likes his dad because his dad lets him hold his real gun. The preschool worksheet came to the attention of the general public when Zolciak... read more

Vogue Slims Down Ashley Graham

The March issue of Vogue is devoted to celebrating "all types" of women. In order to accomplish this, their cover features six super hot models and also Ashley Graham. The cover reads: Women Rule! Fashion's Fearless Females. The Beauty Revolution. No Norm is the New Norm.... read more

Rich Homie Quan Punches People

Rapper Rich Homie Quan appears to be about 5'6" 130 pounds and just paid $60,000 forknocking out a bouncerat a nightclub. Either Rich Homie Quan is a fighting prodigy along the lines of Bruce Lee, or this bouncer was a huge fucking pussy. read more