Bella Thorne Censored Nipple Throws Teen Vogue

Leafing through any girls magazines these days is tantamount to a seminar in tortured feminist sexual politics. What happened to bad hair day confessions and diary entries about the cutest boy ever? I'm making that up, I have no clue. I did once read a Tiger Beat. read more

Ice-T Details 'Jungle Sex' With Coco

Coco Austin met Ice-T while he was filming on set and she was recommended to him as a girl he might like. Color that intro any way you like. It's how relationships were formed throughout history before women were allowed to own property. read more

Drake May Have Knocked Up a THOT

THOT is one of the stupidest Urban Dictionary entries ever, but the black gossip sites love to drop it constantly so white people can re-use That Ho Over There and sound like they're on to something special. read more

Target Remains a Hot Bed of Victimization

Most of societies great social struggles are played out within the walls of your typical Target box store. Tranny bathrooms, girls toys no longer allowed to be colored pink, and body shaming. Tons and tons of body shaming. read more

Navy Seal Busted for Making Porn With His Porn Star Wife

It's hard to think of something stupider than marrying a porn star. The odds of bad shit in your future just rose by ninety-nine percent. The upside is your wife is fucking tons of other men. read more

Carmelo Anthony Getting Traded And Divorced

Less than forty-eight hours after Phil Jackson publicly stated that Carmelo Anthony was getting traded, a story comes out on TMZ that he and his weirdo radio DJ reality show wife are splitting. She will most likely ask for compensation and she earned it. read more

Nicole Meija Really Confident

Fitness model Nicole Meija took to Instagram to rant about how people were criticizing her recent weight gain. To make her point she found an extremely unflattering photo of herself and put it on blast. read more

Karrueche Tran Bikinis Well And Shit Around The Web

Karrueche Tran is a good looking woman with a Chris Brown problem. It's like herpes, if the flareups got you shot outside a restaurant one nightby a crying skinny guy in a shitty ski mask. read more

'Survivor' Jeff Varner Loses Day Job After Outing Trans Tribe Mate

Jeff Varner made headlines last week for outing his trans fellow Survivor: Game Changers contestant, Zeke Smith. The real estate company Varner worked for has officially canned his ass. read more

Halsey Figured It Out

Chicks who spend a ton of money trying to get attention are waisting their cash. Pop singer Halsey walked around Coachella with her shirt up wearing a see-through bra. That'll cost you ten bucks. read more

Ask Tyler: Sex Free Marriage Ain't Free

Ask Tyler: My wife and I don't have sex. I want a divorce. I have kids and I don't want to mess up my family. How fucked am I just because I'm a good dad? read more

Prince Search Warrant Reveals Pills Everywhere

The Minnesota police have released the search warrant issued after Prince’s death on April 21st, 2016. His passing is still considered to be an accidental overdose of the painkiller Fentanyl. The singer’s Paisley Park home was found to contain enough opioids in different... read more