Dakota Johnson Tight Sports Bra And Shit Around The Web

Dakota Jonhon may be the last woman in Hollywood without fake tits. It's an extremely noble gesture. Sad that she'll never work again after 50 Shades. read more

Amanda Lepore Doll Parts

Amanda Lepore is an inspiration to boys everywhere. If you've got a schizophrenic mom to sign the papers and wish to spend four to six hours a day on makeup and costumery throughout your life, you too can be a tranny icon. read more

Rosie Huntington Whiteley With Child, Without Bra

A lingerie model turning thirty has two jobs. Launch a bra and panties sub-line with a major retailer and get knocked up by wealthy entertainer ten to thirty years your elder. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley locked down H&M and Jason Statham, respectively. read more

Royals Fan Punches Woman In Face For Equality (VIDEO)

A man wearing a Kansas City Royals jersey at Kauffman Stadium punched the shit out of a woman. This isn't the soft jab of someone who wants to teach a bitch a lesson. He wanted her dead. read more

Bella Hadid Can't Afford Knickers

The Hadid sister that nobody asked for almost flashed vag while hoping out of a car in London. Bella Hadid was leaving the restaurant Sexy Fish. Not ironic, planned. read more

Serena Williams Pregnant Load

Female journalists worship Serena Williams, lest she demolish their Skull Island chic walk up lofts. This Serena Williams "sexy as hell" and "greatest athlete ever" nonsense requires the very best of the tireless feminist cabal. read more

Aaron Hernandez Tributes Pouring In

Heartfelt tributes to obvious murderer Aaron Hernandez are still trickling in after his appropriately creepy death. Hernandez was reportedly found in his cell with the door blocked off, his finger cut, and the bible verse John 3:16 scrawled in blood on his forehead. read more

Ashley Laconetti Tommy Lee Sexual Assault Limbo

Any sentence that starts with the phrase Former Bachelor Contestant is not going to end well. Former Bachelor Contestant will never be booked for a movie or open a trendy restaurant. Mostly just death and general histrionics. read more

Huma Abdein Fell on the Weiner Sword

Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign is the first of what will likely be several books to come on how Hillary Clinton tanked a supremely winnable election. To save you time, she's an unlikable shrew who blames the shit out of everybody but herself and her... read more

Nicki Minaj In An Arm Bra And Shit Around The Web

Nicki Minaj covers her giant titties with her hands. They keep making the breasts bigger. The hands stay the same. read more

Farrah Abraham Freshly Single

Farrah Abraham is that last icicle of the Spring melt. She's going to drip into non-existence before she ever lets go of that eave. The science of whoredom is fairly fascinating. read more

Kirsten Dunst, Rashida Jones Porn Stars For Calvin Klein (VIDEO)

Kirsten DunstandRashida Jonesaretheunlikelybut welcomed pairing in the new CalvinKleinUnderwear ad shot by Sofia Coppola. Dunst is as fuckable as ever.Coppola sexed up Dunst in The Virgin Suicides. Dunst then flashed some of the best tits in Hollywood in Melancholia. Now... read more