Rose McGowan Surrenders to Cops

In a twist not at all ironic, Rose McGowan turned herself into the police on outstanding charges. She's been fighting for this very thing to happen to Harvey Weinstein since she first broke her paid-NDA and declared him her rapist.  read more

Amber Heard No Longer Bisexual

The last thing I want to hear right before I de-pants my date at the end of the day is her disclosing that she’s unsure if she’s really into men or not. Believing that I would up for that kind of buffoonery will get you kicked out of whichever 2-star motel next to a... read more

Sarah Hyland Slams H8ers For Naked Boyfriend Selfie Shaming

No one on this Earth has ever or will ever be more marginalized than Modern Family star Sarah Hyland, who is pretty much nailed to the cross every damn day by all of the h8ers out there criticizing her plastic surgery, anorexia, and now boring naked Instagram selfie with... read more

Kevin Spacey Now Walks the 'Gentle Path'

Kevin Spacey was spotted by paparazzi slogging his yoga mat and juice around the Meadows rehab clinic in Arizona. This is the go-to sex addiction clinic for famous people running from shame and criminal charges. read more

Kylie Jenner Will Soon Be Some Rapper’s Wife

Kris Jenner is probably the only mother on this planet that congratulates their kid after getting pregnant by a rapper. Now she can pat Kylie on the back for not only scoring a paternity pension if they ever split but alimony payments as well. read more

Who Left The Internet More Broken: Nicki Minaj Or Kim Kardashian?

When Paper Magazine announced in 2014 that Kim Kardashian was going to "Break the Internet," worried users assumed she was going to sit on it and crush it with her centaur ass. This obviously wasn't the case, and instead we were treated to ass and tit shots that did peak... read more

LiAngelo Ball Saved From Captors

If you can’t call in a favor from the president of your country to get your son out of jail you’re not “Big Ballin.” That’s about the only way he can spin this situation after embarrassing the brand, college, and country.  read more

Justice League Got the Male Gaze Amazons and Bored White Women Are Pissed

Thanks to a male director and male wardrobe designer, the Justice League Amazons are showing much more skin than their counterparts in the Wonder Woman version, helmed by a woman with a female wardrobe designer. It's the Grassy Knoll, but discussing breast plate size. read more

Tania Marie Spicy Meatball and Shit Around the Web

Sexy singers showing off, nudity on DVD and Blu-ray, and more! read more

Colin Kaepernick Is Your GQ Citizen of the Year

The long history of the GQ Citizen of the Year award dates back to about 24 hours ago. There's not a single mention of this named award anywhere to be found before GQ made a big publicity splash by naming Colin Kaepernick their winner. read more

Em Rata Selling Herself In Swimsuits

When you have no talent you better add selling yourself to your resumé. Why reinvent the wheel when you can just throw your name on it?  read more

How To Get Into Hugh Hef’s Final Mansion Party

I wonder how many people were waiting for Hugh Hefner to die so they could put chicks with dicks as centerfolds and throw a celebratory bash at his mansion without the obligation of inviting the man himself.  read more