The Simpsons Losing Apu Character To Social Justice

Too many people have too much time on their hands. Nitpicking at everything in the past and incessantly searching for something to be offended by.  read more

What Vogue Editor Wrote About Taylor Swift Inc. Will Give You Diarrhea

I like to believe that Taylor Swift Inc. has reached the Born This Way era of her career - meaning that audiences are getting tired of her schtick, sniffing out the realization that she would refinance their mortgages at low low rates if she thought she could make a buck,... read more

House of Cards to Continue Without President Underwood

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Mr. Skin Podcast Ep 74: Mr. Skin's Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2017

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Kendall Jenner Rapes Christmas, Again (VIDEO)

Practically speaking, Christmas was ruined long before Kendall Jenner was born unto this world to be a wind-up sex toy for various rappers and athletes like her half-sisters before her. read more

Angela Magana Blames Sexism for Her UFC TKO

Some people like watching women bloody one another, some find it abhorrent and disconcerting. Two camps. Try not to think too much about what your camp says about you. read more

Justin Bieber Bodyguard Busted On DUI

The first rule of driving drunk is don’t do it. The next rule if you’re into taking risks is don’t crash into cops. But Justin Beiber’s bodyguard, Michael Arana, is someone that is not to be outdone.  read more

Elizabeth Hurley Bustily Ever After and Shit Around the Web

Katy Perry does the worm, Top 10 nude scenes of the year, and more! read more

SNL Thinks Sexual Harassment Is A Joke

The spiel spewed by SNL categorized as comedy will never cease as long as they continue to cater to the easily offended. The propaganda they recently pushed completely ignored that most female celebrities suffer from cognitive dissonance. read more

Hide The Women And Brew, Tiger Woods Golfing Again

Tiger Woods is a great example of an athlete past their prime still holding on to unrealistic expectations. When you dabble in divorce and DUI at that age you should be ready to throw in the towel on being a decent person.  read more

Weekend TV Tits Roundup

Oh you wanted a twist? Starting right now we're going to cover weekend television tits and asses - which we're practically drowning in considering the fact that comedies and dark dramas alike know how to turn a girl out. read more

Katy Perry And Warren Buffet Here To Diversify Portfolios

Katy recently confirmed that she has access to the internet and uses it for more than just watching cat videos. Unbelievable, I know. read more