Demi Lovato Accentuates Her Cleavage and Shit Around the Web

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Child Protective Services Digging into Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's Anchor Baby

Department of Children and Family Services fucks up any number of cases, but to give them credit, they don't back down from digging into rich and famous people's potentially abused kiddy shit. read more

Nicki Minaj And John Mayer Go At It On Social Media

When "I have a black friend" won't work, openly flirt with a black woman on the internet. Then and only then will it be possible to reclaim a spot on the Billboard Hot 100. read more

Fashion Week Doling Out the Gross Consumerism Feminism

There aren't many weeks in the year quite as blatantly self-unaware as Fashion Week. The trendy consumer culture of haute couture shouts from the private rooftop parties about inclusiveness, fat models, feminism and super well-dressed resistance. read more

James Woods Tried To Bang 16-Year-Old Amber Tamblyn

A new Twitter confession from superstar Amber Tamblyn is just the latest development in a prissy online bitch brawl between Armie Hammer and James Woods over Woods' comments regarding Hammer's role in Call Me By Your Name. Hammer plays a gay twenty-four-year-old graduate... read more

Kirk Cameron Hurricane Comments Cause Social Media Outrage Storm

Celebrities who can't keep their mouth shut or comments to themselves about serious issues should be stripped of their high ranking human statuses. Apparently Kirk has become God's sole spokesman on why hurricanes happen. read more

Guess The A-List Celebrity Gunning For That Oscar

The Ronald McDonald origins biopic is off to a rough start. read more

Wes Scantlin Stuck In A Puddle Of Legal Problems

Wes Scantlin was busted trying to board a plane with a BB gun. Maybe almost catching a beat down by airport security for a full bottle of water being over the liquid ounces limit you forgot to throw out is understandable. But a BB gun is kind of hard to misremember.  read more

PewDiePie Drops the N-Bomb

Watching a Swedish dude play video games on a YouTube channel isn't the same thing as watching a woman flick her bean on a Russian cam network. If you don't know why, you're probably a large fan of PewDiePie.  read more

Victoria Justice Doles Out Cleavage and Shit Around the Web

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Lenny Dykstra Slides Into Lena Dunham's DMs

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Sinead O'Connor Hits Rock Bottom, Finds Dr. Phil

After about your seventeenth published suicide video, he will come to you. Dr. Phil's like Candyman, only he offers reasonably lucrative paid appearance contracts. Also, you can spin pretty much any story you like provided you weep and accept his counsel in the end. read more