Tove Lo Refreshing Pussy Dress

Finally, somebody wearing a uterus dress and not talking about the pending confiscation of their reproductive rights. Swedish singer Tove Lo is known for taking off her tops regularly during her concert performances and also that amazing music we couldn't name even under... read more

Alessandra Ambrosio Filled With Big Ideas

Sure you were blessed with good genes, but can you take that to the next level and add travel tips on moisturizing and packing beach dress coverups for moving between hotel room and shoreline. It's unclear if models are simply that stupid or if the women's magazines that... read more

Twitter Is a Shitty Parent

Twitter has 974 million accounts. About a third of those are active users, the rest bots or dummies or abandoned accounts. Every year Twitter makes a big deal about suspending a minuscule fraction of active accounts for abusive behavior. read more

The Kanye Thing Starting To Make Sense

Contrary to popular belief, you can be mentally ill and a huge asshole. Meaning, you don't get to walk around acting like a major cunt and blame it on your illness. Some schizophrenics think the clouds are cartoons. Others stab strangers in the subway station. Those ones... read more

Donald Trump Coming for Kristin Davis' Black Baby

It's hard to relate the visceral hysteria taking place in Hollywood over the Trump presidential victory without being here. Picture World War II London schoolchildren packed into basements as bombs fell upon their city. Only picture them far less brave. Also, picture... read more

Mr. Skin Podcast Hosts a Nude Thanksgiving

We're fresh off the 2016 AMAs this week, and the red carpet provided a bounty of bare babes! With Olivia Munn in a see-through dress, Chrissy Teigen showing off shaved lower lippage, and Nicki Minaj stroking her kitty live during the ABC broadcast, this may go down as the... read more

Alicia Silverstone Naked to Protest Wool

Jesus, PETA what now? It started with preventing ranchers from forcing farm animal genitals first into the extruder. We all winced and said, fine. Now it's no wool. That's fucking hair. read more

Adriana Lima Does Some Foxy Boxing And Shit Around The Web

Adriana Lima boxes in some skimpy workout clothes. She's selling something. Just say yes and save some hassle. Her vagina is sweating for God's sake. read more

Anna Faris Owes Five Grand For Her Starving Chihuahua

Any story regarding Anna Faris or husband Chris Pratt must begin with, they are so super cool and chill for Hollywood. People blurt it out reflexively. It must be true. And not in the way everybody said the same thing about Jared Fogle. Though he did always seem to have... read more

Mariah Carey Wants Her Fair Share

Mariah Carey is seeking revenge on her ex-fiance the best way possible, inflating her breasts and cinching her waist until her duodenom becomes clogged with last night's Pepperidge Farm binge. read more

Reese Witherspoon Launching Digital Site for Women to Be Women

Because only ninety percent of the magazine and basic cable market is focused on a female audience, Reese Witherspoon is launching Hello Sunshine, a digital media channel designed around positive and uplifting news and entertainment for women. It certainly brings to mind... read more

Kanye Says Something Nice About Trump, Hospitalized

A black dude calling out Hillary Clinton and Beyonce in the same breath is plenty enough precursor to a forced hospitalization. A pro-Trump quote is a mandatory 5150. read more