Rhian Sugden in A Bikini

If you've got a decent mug and less than three cracked teeth in British junior high, the local Patriots Fund disburses money for a tit job and a calendar to mark your first topless appearance in Page 3 of the U.K. Sun. read more

Kate England And Saya Song Porn Star Yoga

It's going to take a shit ton of historical perspective to determine if letting our porn stars out in the daylight was a good idea or not. A thousand years from now it'll either be discussed as the birth of third wave enlightenment or the genesis of this horrible crusty... read more

Rob Kardashian Spins the Wheel of Death (VIDEO)

Still Fat Rob Kardashian has chosen the manner of his own destruction. An E! six part reality series. The weakest link of the cum soaked coven has signed himself and his baby mama over to a staged documentary that will ultimately cost him his life. Your life is what you... read more

Ryan Lochte Stupid Or Liar

Ryan Lochte and some of his Olympic swimmer buddies were robbed at gunpoint in Rio when fake cops pulled over their taxi, just another reason the next games should be held in Ann Arbor in an old guy's cul-de-sac. In Lochte's version of the events he comes off as either a... read more

Johnny Depp Rock And Roll

Amber Heard and her team of unethical lawyers are releasing the most embarrassing dirt they have on Johnny Depp in hopes of squeezing a few extra million out of him. Please factor in this behavior when discussing your make believe gender pay gap. As it turns out their ace... read more

Bella Thorne Bikini Bike Ride

This chick clearly got fake tits, but nobody wants to talk about it. She's Disney so that wasn't supposed to happen. A glitch in the Matrix of some kind paid for by her parents. Now she's got huge honkers and she's booked into movies through 2019. The gender pay gap is... read more

Sara Jean Underwood Titacular Treats And Shit Around The Web

Sara Jean Underwood has some of the best tits around. She's in Oregon, so epicenter there and exploding out geographically in tit domination. Go on, call them fake and reveal your true self. read more

The Game Fucked Three Kardashians

In The Game's new rap single, Sauce, he falls back on old rap memes about being much bigger, badder, and bolder than any of his industry peers. The street respect antics grow tiresome from guys living in posh penthouse condos and rolling cash into their smartly vested... read more

Demi Lovato and Mom Mocking the Zika

There's nothing funny about Zika. If you exclude the tiny shrunken baby heads and the fact that the British government is warning Englishmen not to let prostitutes in Florida suck their cocks this summer due to possibilities of oral transmission. read more

Fergie Seems Cooked

Every star talks about going out on top. Few do. Jeter put a date certain on his time and left. Big Papi is going out one of the best hitters in the game. Also, ten muscles sizes bigger than he started. A-Rod waited until it was painful. So did Kobe. Money is often... read more

Serena Williams Murders The Twerk (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus popularized Twerking and there it should've died. Maxim went fatal toilet bowl circle and named that marmoset faced midget the hottest woman in the universe. Twerking became a worldwide meme. read more

Big Brazilian Pokemon Go Ass

For all their shortcomings and shitty handball matches, Brazil excels at the production of vulcanized rubber, chicken parts, and attainable looking sixes with enormous fake asses. read more