Ruby Rose Mean To The Help

Ruby Rose admits she threw some french fries at her server and also that she's a not very interesting person who has a short haircut. She insists it was totally justified because they took a long time to bring out her food and then offered to buy the table a round of drinks to make up for it like total assholes. Rose is sober as you'd expect and obviously disapproves of anything fun such as drinking or chowing more

Jane Sanders Runs Burlington Into the Ground

Think of Socialism as putting your teenage daughter in charge of the family credit card and dad's only response can be driving Uber nights to cover the cost. Bernie Sanders' wife Jane Sanders ran Burlington College using the principles of finance gleaned from post-Romanov schoolbooks in Russia. Sanders took out massive loans under the college's name to acquire land being auctioned off by the Catholic Church to more

Kristen Stewart Returns To Previous Muff And Shit Around The Web

Kristen Stewart continues her lesbian experimental phase with ex scissoring partner Alicia Cargile. The two have been seen at Cannes together sticking it to all their former lesbian partners with secret lesbian gang signs. You know they exist. No, it's not the tongue between the two more

Victoria Silvstedt Hungry Like the Wolf

Cannes doesn't officially begin until Victoria Silvstedt shows up to the Eden Roc looking for her next big score. It's like watching the crocodiles surface as the gnu return to the watering hole each Spring with their young. If the crocs did anal in exchange for their more

Maria Fernanda Quiroz Taking Jobs Americans Won't Do

Mexican TV really is the best. It's like they polled one hundred undocumented workers outside Home Depot as to what they liked to watch when they get home in the evening. So you get twelve-year old girls in sexy dresses crooning country ballads, telenovelas featuring chicks in heels beating the crap out of each other, and a midget in a devil costume whacking fat guys on the knees with an oversized foam more

Laura Jane Grace Burns Birth Certificate (VIDEO)

North Carolina is among the stalwarts who believe you can legislate against the social acceptance of boys being girls or girls being boys. The dick wants what the dick wants. Whether that be boning the counter girl at Arby's missing her left front tooth or lopping that fucker off and going by more

Rob Kardashian Stuck

There's the look. That moment you realize you knocked up a stripper and she's taking selfies with some random dude that used to finger her for ten bucks at the downtown more

Calvin Klein Pedo Bear Bucks and Kesha's Rape Love Songs on the Last Men on Earth Podcast #45 (AUDIO)

On this week's Last Men on Earth podcast, Matt and I tackled the tough subjects of vegans seduced by meat, Calvin Klein seducing the underraged, Gwyneth Paltrow cash seduction by way of gold plated dildos, and Ronan Farrow and Kesha refusing to let go of their criminally unfounded rape charges. Ronan Farrow is a dude. It took me a while to figure that out as more

Emma Thompson Wants Young Chicks Off Her Front Lawn

Emma Thompson is pissed that Hollywood is employing social media stats to drive much of their current casting. This as opposed to the long standing tradition of casting the actress who will fuck Michael Bay the roughest on his black leather divanread more

Stella Maxwell Side Boob And Shit Around The Web

Stella Maxwell is an Irish hottie with a penchant for taking off her clothes. Her tits are small but satisfying. Like an appetizer. Entree requires lesbian credentials. Find those embarrassing photos from your freshman more

Susan Sarandon Settles On a New Rack

Susan Sarandon made a statement at the Cannes Film Festival by showing up on the red carpet dressed in a dude's tuxedo and flat shoes. Cannes has had a long tradition of enforcing a dress and heels only policy for women attending their numbingly elitist French film event. Why not protest somebody's invite-only private party by dissing the dress code?read more

Eiza Gonzalez First in Line

When Trump speaks of the big door in the magnificent wall at the Southern border letting in all the good people, presumably he's speaking of chicks like Eiza Gonzalez. Quit being dodgy. Make it clear that the small fraction of the Mexican population not requiring an underwire bra gets in more

Eliza Dushku Ass First in the Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

Turning thirty-five isn't the best time to decide you don't want the camera revealing your tits. You get that kind of leverage when you're twenty and Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a lock for syndication windfall. This is the kind of shit you think about when you get into the bowels of Mr. Skin. It's not rocket science, but it makes for more pleasant conversation than where cock and balls can more

Hailey Baldwin Fractured

Hailey Baldwin's metatarsal snaps every reckless evening she spends with Justin Bieber. It's a more virulent strain of chlamydia. Bieber keeps tossing Stephen Baldwin VIP concert tickets to keep him from connecting his daughter's STD stigmata to more

Azealia Banks Suspended

Twitter suspended Azealia Banks for a bunch of anti-Muslim rants at former One Direction band member Zayn Malik. She despises him being half Pakistani, being Muslim, being white pretending to be black, being a "sand nigger", coming from England where people have fucked up teeth, and posing as a tough guyread more