Miley Cyrus Still Blathering About What Her Cunny Prefers

Miley Cyrus got a good kick in the promotions department when after splitting with Schwarzenegger's USC bio son she started making out with chicks and announcing she was gender fluid. That was something labeled incredibly 2015 before 2015 was even out. read more

Outrage Over Updated Kim Kardashian Halloween Costume

Internet outrage, as infinite as the stars in the universe, has turned its attention on an online costume company that every year puts out a controversial title of two to garner simplistic media attention. Fuck, guilty. read more

Jim Carrey Gives the Gifts That Keep on Flaring

The mother of Jim Carrey's deceased girlfriend Cahtriona White is suing Carrey for wrongful death. It's pretty crazy that a jury can rule you killed someone and your punishment is having to pay a shitload of money. Maybe we should have a flat rate on this. Why should you... read more

Vikram Chatwal Tries To Burn Dogs

Sikh Manhattan playboy Vikram Chatwal apparently got fucked up on some kind of drug and took his two dogs outside his apartment and tried to burn them with a makeshift aerosol can and lighter torch. Doing this means you're clearly psychotic, doing it in public on a busy... read more

The Clown Thing Has Reached Its Logical Conclusion

A young married couple in Wisconsin were busted by police for dressing up like scary clowns to scare cars and people passing through the neighborhood. They weren't arrested for being asshole bandwagoners, but because during their evening out antics they left their... read more

Charlotte McKinney In Glorious Gif Form And Shit Around The Web

Here is Charlotte McKinney being sexy in gif form. You really do want to see her in motion, not so much the talking, but the bouncing. It's the bouncing that get's you hooked. read more

Alessandra Ambrosio Isn't Rich By Accident

Brazilian models aren't any better looking than their industry counterparts. Some of them barely crack an eight. They just work a shit ton harder. You can't compare a girl raised in relative luxury or even celebrity with a chick who's backup job is fishing plastic bottles... read more

Arianne Zucker Responds

Arianne Zucker has finally responded to being the subject of the Trump-Billy Bush hot mic audio tape from 2005 where Trump said he better start using Tic-Tacs for his breath in case he started kissing Zucker on the set of Days of Our Lives. read more

Billy Bush Put On Ice

Billy Bush has been suspended indefinitely from the Today show because he went along with Donald Trump's pussy grabbing locker room talk eleven years ago. On the face of it this isn't fair. It's not like Trump gave him the idea and he's been grabbing pussies for the past... read more

Kesha's Got Something To Hide

Kesha's lawyers filed a motion to block Dr Luke from releasing her medical records, even though the idea probably never occurred to him much like having sex with or raping her. Luke's people initially got the records from Kesha when she sued him for rape. She then dropped... read more

Lily-Rose Depp Growing Up Depp

You reap what you sew. Johnny Depp's teen daughter who stares angrily at the sky when you mention the word "school" has been busting around the hot shopping spots with her older British male model boyfriend. His name is Ash. It's only kind of like she's fucking her... read more

Bella Thorne Birthday Mountings

The tattoos look decidedly fake. The hickey real. Sex before war. Bella Thorne celebrated what everybody has agreed to call her 19th birthday by mounting her boyfriend on Instagram and later wandering the streets showing off a hickey. read more