Kirstie Alley Hates Leah Remini For Leaving Scientology

Long long ago hot person Kirstie Alley is infuriated with former cult member Leah Remini for leaving the Church of Scientology. Remini made a vocal exit of the religion that worships alien space explorers earlier this year because, you know, it's 2013. Alley went on... read more

Rose McGowan Makes 40 the New Topless

Women really do have a short window to show off their breasts. They can't start until eighteen and the major magazines that pay are shooing them away by twenty-eight. It's like a running back's career in the NFL. You've got a small handful of years to build your legacy... read more

Snooki Has Sex Toy Plans for Miley Cyrus

Snooki thinks that she and Miley Cyrus should be best friends and have the sluttiest Christmas ever. The pint-sized Guido came to Miley's defense saying that she sees a lot of her gnarled trollish self in Miley. Snooki believes that the two clam carriers could really do... read more

Rob Kardashian Is a Big Boy with a Small Water

Let's be honest, if you're a dude with one slutty sister, life is hard enough. If you're surrounded by a gaggle of slow witted chunks, you're going to either spend your life getting into fights or stress eating a shitload of Cheez-It's. Or both. Rob Kardashian just wants... read more

Coco Austin Is Making A Line Of Sex Toys

Photo Credit: Coco/Instagram [gallery guid=804678] read more

Elle Macpherson is a Freak of Nature

Here's Elle Macpherson arriving at Art Basel at the Miami Beach Convention Center with her husband, Jeffrey Soffer, and the only thing that's really important here is that she is 49 years old. What's the big deal? A lot of women are 49 years old, right? Sure, but if you... read more

Things are Going Great for Joey Fatone (VIDEO)

Bosley Hair Restoration is bringing out the big guns in its newest celebrity infomercial, as the company has enlisted two of the biggest names in bald men who will do anything for money. Appearing in this ad are Brady Bunch star and guy who used to sleep with Adrianne... read more

Play it Cool, Gerard Butler

Actor Gerard Butler went out for a stroll in South Beach yesterday, as he was probably taking a break from making underwhelming action films by scouting for women to drunkenly pass out on top of. One woman seemed pleased to meet him, as she asked him for a quick picture... read more

Elsa Marotta In A Bikini On The Beach In Miami

Photo Credit: PCN, WENN [gallery guid=804681] read more

Beyonce Posts Bikini Vacation Photos To Her Tumblr

Mrs. Carter joined her husband in his 22-day vegan challengewhen her staff alerted her to the fact that there'd not been a fresh news story on her in almost forty-eight hours. They were going to go with a cute mommy and me beach time story during her Jamaica tour stop,... read more