Amanda Bynes Already Left Her Treatment Facility

The main reason that we haven't heard anything new about this year's leading contender for the Biggest Batshit Celebrity Award, Amanda Bynes, is that she had been receiving psychiatric treatment at the UCLA Medical Center. But according to TMZ, that's over now because... read more

Ashley Greene Is Dating This Random Guy

Ashley Greene could be a neo-Nazi with a horrible secret past of murdering children, but even if that was true she'd still be the hottest kid-killing Hitler fan out there. That's why it's kind of disappointing that she's dating this random bearded guy in a tank top... read more

Kim Kardashian's Huge Breasts Arrived At Paris Fashion Week

Rapper Kanye West showed up to the Givenchy runway show at the Paris Fashion Week yesterday with his girlfriend and amateur porn star, Kim Kardashian, and a lot of people are saying that she looks great for having recently given birth to their daughter, North West. And... read more

Kate Upton Is Dating a Ballroom Dancer, That's Disappointing

I don't know why I feel let down that Kate Upton dumped a bunch of guy including a Cy Young award winner for a dude who does the rumba. Yes, I know women love a man who can dance. They also love men who cry and dress in flowing billowy clothing and cycle on their periods... read more

Irina Shayk Gets Wet in V Magazine

Here's the trick to being a photographic genius. Find a really good looking girl and get her wet then take her picture. There's some other minor details involved, like taking your top off, Coco, if you want to be really famous, but that about covers most of it. I know a... read more

Miss Teen USA Sextortionist Captured!

Some guy much younger and smarter than me figured out how to hack remotely into personal computer cameras and turn them on secretly. Most notably, the web cameras of young women changing their clothes and getting in and out of the shower. This dude eventually found his... read more

Gwyneth Paltrow Says She Could Accept a Cheating Husband

As part of her pretense to being an understand wife in promotional support of her new film on sex addiction, Gwyneth Paltrow says she could accept some wandering by her husband. She would also not rule out romantic relationship with a sex addict. 'No couple is the same,... read more

Dita Von Teese Sues Over Hurricane Sandy

Dita Von Teese is suing an insurance agent for not assuring she had 'acts of nature' coverage for her show last fall in New York that got canceled when Hurricane Sandy blew into town. She says she's out $100K in props and wardrobe and signature European cloth tampons... read more

Victoria Silvstedt Tries Selling Something Other Than Her Vagina

For the women who wants to know what it feels like to be a high class prostitute, Victoria Silvstedt has launched her own lingerie line. The pieces are pretty simple. Bras, panties, camisoles with built in mobile credit card processors. Victoria says her lingerie is made... read more

OJ Simpson Stole The Cookie From The Cookie Jar

Famous murderer and Samsonite salesman OJ Simpson was caught stealing cookies from the prison cafeteria. You'll recall that OJ is serving jail time for armed robbery after he and some armed friends tried to snatch back some OJ memorabilia in Vegas. The report states that... read more

WNBA Players Kissing Helps Shatter Lesbo Myths

Apparently, it's a personal foul in the WNBA for two players on opposing teams to kiss during games. This in stark contrast to off the court where the butchy ladies of basketball are knucklepacking each others cooches until their scissors have gone dull. I guess we... read more

Joe Gorga Likes To Get His Rape On

Disgusting Guido douchebag Joe Gorga added his two-cents on his wife's pro-rape book tour on the Bethenny Frankel show. We told you a couple of days ago that Melissa Gorga says in her book Love, Italian Style: The Secrets of My Hot and Happy Marriage that marital rape is... read more