Kelly Brook Models Lingerie For 2014 New Look

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These Two Should Just Do It Already

Anna Kendrick already sparked the horny imaginations of regular dorks everywhere when she described how Katy Perry finger fucked her cleavage at the Grammys, but now she's backing up their potentially hot lesbian actress/singer affair with images. Anna tweeted a picture... read more

Leilani Dowding In Valentines Day Lingerie For A Photo Shoot In Los Angeles

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Kristen Stewart Is Still Such A Fashion Icon

Not only are there people in Hollywood who think that Kristen Stewart is a good actress, but there are also fashion designers and critics who think that she's the best dressed woman in the world. Both of those ideas are ludicrous, because she seems like she wouldn't even... read more

Holland Throws Big Gay Party for Gay Skater in Sochi (VIDEO)

First, Obama reached into his deep bag of awesome tricks and sent an airplane full of gay ambassadors to gay parachute onto the anti-gay Russian Olympics. Now Holland just threw the biggest gayest party ever for their openly gay speed skater who won the gold medal in the... read more

Dennis Rodman Gives North Korea A Cleveland Steamer

Dennis Rodman went on quite a big bender in North Korea. How big? Shit, piss, and puke all over your hotel kind of big. Rodman was in North Korea putting on an exhibition game and figuring out ways to betray his country through sheer stupidity. After he did an angry U.S.... read more

Jessie Andrews in A Bikini

Jessie Andrews is attempting the delicate maneuver of backing down from double-dildo porn action into playful bikini modeling. A few of the more prolific porn stars have tried to pull this professional de-escalation in the past to mostly poor results. Porn is like a kid... read more

Copenhagen Has a Very Dramatic Zoo

I used to think the zoo was boring. A bunch of drugged out kidnapped beasts playing with their feces cakes. But the Danish people got the zoo entertainment factor figured out. When young Marius the Giraffe came up DNA non-blessed for breeding, zookeeper Bengt Holst went... read more

Coco Knows How to Celebrate

Coco celebrated word that she and her old man were getting a new talk show by flashing her tits to a frightened Asian couple on the freezing streets of New York. This is not entirely unlike how my Aunt Maureen announced she was getting a new husband and moving to Texas... read more

New Bieber Egging Video Emerges

A new video has emerged in which you can hear Bieber during the now infamous egging on his neighbor's house. The incident occurred a while back when Bieber and his loser buddies pelted his neighbor's house with eggs supposedly causing $20,000 worth of damage. You can't... read more

Miley Cyrus Can't Stop Flashing Her Cans

Here's a little tip for photographers. If you want girls to get naked for your pictures, shoot in black and white. It's instant artistic standing. I'll be shooting monochrome to allow the light to capture your honest self. Now get your damn titties out and give me a... read more

Valentino Apologizes for Hawking Purses at Philip Seymour Hoffman's Funeral

Among the idiotic jobs you may not know exist is celebrity spotters for fashion companies. These Mensa candidates scan all the paparazzi photos to see if any celebrity is wearing or holding any of their client's high-priced child-labor sewn goods and then alert the... read more