JWoww is in a bikini

By brendon March 21, 2011 @ 4:18 PM


JWoww put on a bikini and went poolside in Miami earlier today, and just look at her expression as she admires her huge implants. She’s so pleased, so proud, she’s practically beaming. You’d think she was watching her son win the heisman.

(image source = fame)

Lady Gaga is losing her hair

By brendon March 21, 2011 @ 3:12 PM

Lady Gaga

I’m naturally beautiful with a classically handsome face, so I basically roll out of bed in the morning and look amazing, but there are other people who God hates, so he makes them ugly. Like Lady Gaga. She’s only 24 and she has to slather on so many chemicals to look human she’s already losing her hair.

The icon is already facing repercussions because of her addiction to fashion.
She’s bleached her hair so much that it is falling out (and) now has to “get a chemical haircut because my blonde hair is falling out”.

The amazing thing is that her hair color is the least of her problems. If you had to make a list of all the things wrong with Gaga, “brunette” wouldn’t even come up until like day 7.

CBS wants Charlie Sheen back at work

By brendon March 21, 2011 @ 1:20 PM


The reason that some people think Hollywood only cares about money is because Hollywood only cares about money, and so with that in mind, CBS President Les Moonves is reportedly trying to find a way to get Charlie Sheen back to work on Two and a Half Men, despite the fact that he’s an unstable and violent lunatic. But Moonves has a plan; just ignore it.

(Moonves) is ready, willing, and able to forgive and forget all of Sheen’s recent antics and continue broadcasting the series.
Moonves has been speaking directly with top execs at Warner Bros. Television (and) ‘Men’ co-creator and executive producer Chuck Lorre.
“Moonves wants to get the show back on the air. He’s all for it. He says certain people need to forget anything and everything Charlie’s done recently and just move on with the business at hand.
“The core issue is, as he put it, the volatile relationship between Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre. He believes that if CBS and Warner Bros. TV honchos can find a way to get Chuck and Charlie to speak again, cooler heads will prevail.”

Yeah Sheen seems pretty rational, so I’m sure this can all be worked out. Just go over to his house, he’s probably out back with a red striped shirt and patch over his eye, ready to launch a homemade rocket so he can be an outer space pirate, but if you hurry he can be back in the office by Wednesday.

was Bradley Cooper cheating with Jessica Biel?

By brendon March 21, 2011 @ 11:58 AM


Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger announced this weekend that they had broken up after dating for about 2 years, and popeater makes it sound like it was simply a case of two people being at different points in their lives.

“She’s 41 and has an Oscar. She’s starting to think about children and settling down while Bradley loves his life exactly as it is. It’s taken him a long time to be an A-list actor, and he’s enjoying all the perks, fame and opportunities that have come his way following ‘The Hangover.’”

Star however is here to whore that shit up.

Bradley was sneaking around behind Renée’s back with Hollywood hotties Sandra Bullock and Jessica Biel — and there are photos to prove it!
One of the pictures shows the actor leaving a hotel minutes apart from one of the beauties and an eyewitness told Star they looked “flustered and unkempt.”

I’m not gonna lie to you, unless the hotel they’re talking about only has one room, that’s maybe not the strongest body of evidence I’ve ever seen. Just because you’re around someone who is flustered doesn’t mean you get to have sex with them. If that was the case I would just dry hump Megan Fox down the street.

Katherine Heigl is in a bikini

By brendon March 21, 2011 @ 7:14 AM


Katherine Heigl and her big tits and her cigarettes and her husband Josh Kelley were all in Miami this weekend, and, years from now, these might be remembered as the definitive Katherine Heigl pictures.

This all by itself is almost everything you need to know about her. She either smokes 24 hours a day or she’s a dragon, and she has a pissy attitude but she’s blond with D’s so people put up with it. But this (and this) is what she looks like without all the makeup and $800 haircut, and it’s not that great. I know at least 10 guys who are sexier than she is, and that’s troubling for her, the guys, and damn sure for me.

(image source = splash and fame)

it’s the new Wonder Woman. No, really.

By brendon March 18, 2011 @ 6:26 PM


Coming Soon has the very first picture of Adrianne Palicki in the new NBC version of Wonder Woman (full size here), and holy shit are you god damn kidding me.

She looks like a model for a Halloween website, and there’s no reason for it because it takes 3 seconds to run a search and find a hundred sexy Wonder Woman costume ideas. Like photoshopped Megan Fox. Or photoshopped Megan Fox as Supergirl which for some reason comes up. Or Veronika Zemanova (nsfw versions here). Or any of these drawings. Or Denise Milani. She does look better than Kim Kardashian did though, and Olivia Munn, and this naked black guy holding his penis. But not as good as her and Supergirl about to do it. Or naked and losing at strip poker. She’s 300 feet tall and her clothes are ripped off and a machine is making love to her for some no doubt rational reason in this one. Naked while a guy jacks off on her here, though that may not be an official Wonder Woman cartoon. This one is just Kim Possible naked while some green girl shoves a vibrator in her ass, and to be honest I don’t feel like that one should have even come up during my sexy Wonder Woman costume search. Is it sexy? Yes, of course, obviously, but not only are they not Wonder Woman, they’re not even wearing costumes.

In summation, NBC has the worst Wonder Woman ever except for two $10 costumes and a masturbating hermaphrodite. Way to go, NBC. Clap. Clap. Clap.

Sofia Vergara is attractive

By brendon March 18, 2011 @ 4:10 PM

Sofia Vergara On The Set Of 'Modern Family'

Sofia Vergara and her amazing cleavage were on set for Modern Family today, and my philosophy for running a website is to post pictures of hot girls with huge boobs. That’s how I roll.

(image source = flynet)

Ashley Greene is resilient

By brendon March 18, 2011 @ 2:47 PM

Ashley Greene, Jared Followill

It was just yesterday morning when a rep announced that Ashley Greene had broken up with Joe Jonas after dating for 8 months. Immediately after that she spent the rest of the day with Jared Followill, the bass player for Kings of Leon.

Who ever could have guessed that an attractive woman would be an ice cold, black-hearted monster who cares nothing of the trail of broken hearts she leaves in her wake? Not me!

(image source = inf daily)