Rihanna Looks Like a Cocktail Ad

Now, we're easing into the home vacation. A little drinky poo and Rihanna's in a tight bikini with her ass in the air signaling boats to come visit her island nation home. Sometimes, you need the warm waters of the Caribbean to lap over your privates to inspire the next... read more

LeAnn Rimes Ain't Wearing No Damn Bra

LeAnn Rimes isn't insisting upon your good wishes or sympathy or even to take her side in her various cat fight battles with her husband's former wife. She just wants you to look at her tits. Just keep an eye on her body and everything else will work itself into place.... read more

Naomi Campbell In A Blue Bikini At The Beach In Kenya

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI, Splash [gallery ids="1701632,1701642,1701652,1701662,1701672,1701682,1701692,1701702"] read more

Cara Delevingne In A Blue Bikini On A Boat In Barbados

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI, PCN, Splash [gallery ids="1701452,1701462,1701472,1701482,1701502,1701512,1701522,1701532,1701492,1701542,1701552"] read more

Looking Good, Paul McCartney

The super wealthy celebrity holiday tour continues with Paul McCartney and his wife, Nancy Shevell, as they hit up Salines Beach in Saint Barthelemy for some pasty white fun in the sun, and I'm not being a sarcastic prick – Paul looks great. Considering the guy is... read more

Chelsea Handler Wants You To See Her Ass

According to some people I've never met, Chelsea Handler is very funny and highly-respected in Hollywood as a comic and talk show host, and when I thought she was in her late 40s, that made a lot of sense, because I thought she'd put in a lot of hard work in her long... read more

Courteney Cox Was A Third Wheel Down In Mexico

Jennifer Aniston and her fiancée, the guy who isn't Brad Pitt, took a little lovers trip to Los Cabos in Mexico this weekend, and Courteney Cox tagged along because she probably had nothing better to do than catch up with her dear, old friend. But maybe there was... read more

Britney Kicks Off Vegas By Being Fat and Dog Walking Mario Lopez (VIDEO)

I don't get it. Britney Spears descends from the rafters looking like Prince Fielder trying to fit into last year's jersey, lip-synchs some of her hit songs, and walks Mario Lopez around on a leash, then collects $20 million? Jesus, Britney, what do you get when you... read more

The Phil Robertson As Jesus Penis Sculpture Is Here

Where there is controversy to be sculpted, you'll find Daniel Edwards. Like so many who work in the sculpting medium, Daniel is a lighthearted free-spirit type of guy. His past works have included naked fat Oprah in a golden sarcophagus, Britney Spears giving birth on... read more

Cindy Crawford Should Never Stop Taking Off Her Clothes

You know I love that Cindy Crawford mole. It's back, but it's being tainted by that topless dude in these photos. Why go to the trouble of getting Cindy Crawford rubbing her titties up against a tree then throw some random guy into your photos. I get the female fantasy... read more

Rihanna Isn't High Enough Yet

Rihanna usually gets pretty naked when she gets back in her home country of Barbados. Based on the fact that she's still dressed like the awkard stepsister with pouch issues can only be explained by the lack of THC and booze in her system. She must've just got there.... read more

Red Lobster Isn't Closing, Stop the Fucking Riots

Seafood is like sex. If it's coming too cheaply, it should make you nervous. How Red Lobster manages to serve up its bottom feeder buffet to hungry human starfish at suspiciously low costs remains a mystery. All I know is some chick in the LAWeekly set off a frenzy when... read more