Tori Spelling Offered Big Bucks For Her Sex Tape

Mmm, just the words Tori Spelling sex tape are enough to give a man a four hour erection. The thought of that pucker fish face moaning and groaning while her husband who once had a job fondles her off-centered sandbags. I'm buying. Steve Hirsch from Vivid thinks a... read more

Lais Ribeiro Models Lingerie For Nordstrom

Photo Credit: Nordstrom [gallery ids="1621622,1621632,1621642,1621652,1621662,1621672,1621682,1621692,1621702,1621712"] read more

Lindsay Ellingson Was A Sexy Model For Halloween

Victoria's Secret model Lindsay Ellingson attended the UNICEF Masquerade Ball in New York City last night, and at first I had no clue who she was, because that mask is just so incredible. When she showed up to the red carpet wearing it, I bet that all of the... read more

Rihanna Posts Bikini Photos To Her Instagram In The Dominican Republic

Photo Credit: Rihanna/Instagram [gallery ids="1621312,1621322,1621332,1621342,1621352,1621362,1621372,1621382,1621392,1621402,1621412"] read more

Corey Feldman Signed Books With His Angels

Corey Feldman continued his efforts to expose Hollywood's biggest scumbag pedophiles, who he claims are still alive, working and making more money than anyone on the planet, by hosting a book signing in New York City yesterday. To show how worried he is about these... read more

Miley Cyrus Posts 'Pornkinzzz' Photo To Twitter

The Universe's Hottest Piece of Tail Ever according to Maxim simply can't stop being controversial. That little tacky-tongued marsupial went and posted pictures of pumpkins carved as weed and porn and the f-word to boot to her Twitter account. This is Millennial punk. I... read more

Miley Cyrus Is Lil Kim For Halloween

Miley Cyrus revealed her Halloween costume on Instagram last night, and she went retro with her joy for showing off her titties and dressed as rapper Lil Kim from the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards. Did Miley pick this costume as a statement within a statement, as she, like... read more

Guess Jeans Picks Their First Non-White Girl

Guess has decided to name its first non-white Guess Jeans girl. Priyanka Chopra. She's Indian. I know this because they've making a big deal out of the fact that she's Indian. Considering their jeans are worn mostly by Hezbollah organizers, it seemed about time to get a... read more

Ke$ha Was Born At A House Party

Crazy slut demon Ke$ha gave Yahoo News a little insight into her life by telling the tale of her mother giving birth to her at a house party. It seems that her mother Pebe Sebert, (yes, Pebe), thought it would be a good idea to invite some friends to the house while she... read more

Georgia May Jagger Poses In Lingerie For Terry Richardson

Do you ever look at celebrity photos and think, shit, I could take photos like that? Yeah, you probably could, Pete Parker. But can you get Georgia May Jagger to strip down to her pleather panties in your apartment? That's the trick. Terry Richardson's place for a goofy... read more

Chris Brown Wants to Understand Why People Get Upset When He Hits Them

You may remember that last time Chris Brown went to anger management counseling, he learned that he can't be leaving visible marks on his bitches when he gets to feeling like a boiling teapot. But that was court appointed counseling. In the manner of the new celebrity... read more

Kanye Believes He and Kim Are More Important Than the Obamas

Kanye West is having another bout of saying shit that makes sense in his world. This time he's claiming that the Blessed He and Kim are more influential than President Obama and his wife Michelle. It all went down when the megalomaniacal semi-decent rapper sat down with... read more