Lauren Cohan In A See Through Top For Issue 5 of STNDRD Magazine

Photo Credit: STNDRD Magazine [gallery guid=804057] read more

Kanye West Sent To Anger Management Classes

Legally registered asshole Kanye West plead no contest to battery charges and was sentenced to two year probation and anger management classes. The charges stem from an incident in July when West lost it on a photographer named Daniel Ramos and beat the shit out of him... read more

The Duke Porn Star Was On The View (VIDEO)

The Duke porn star known as Belle Knox, whose secret career was outed by a really unimaginative frat boy at her school, appeared on The View yesterday to talk about why, among other things, she got into porn in the first place. Much to the surprise of people who think... read more

Mariah Carey's Breasts Celebrated St. Patrick

Based on the holiday photos that Mariah Carey posts on her Instagram account, we could probably make a case that the private greeting cards that she sends to friends and family are downright pornographic. Nick Cannon's 44-year old wife showed off her St. Patrick's Day... read more

Khloe Kardashian Will End An Interview If You Stop Talking About Her (VIDEO)

People in Australia must love their news as boring as humanly possible, because that's the only reason that would explain why anyone over there would give a crap about Khloe Kardashian's appearance on the morning show Sunrise today. The Kardashian sister whose origins... read more

St. Patrick Was an Asshole

George Washington exploited slaves, Christopher Columbus was a heartless racist, and Martin Luther King Jr. liked to bang women not his wife. But what St. Patrick did might have out-assholed all of his fellow holiday honorees. There were never any snakes in Ireland for... read more

Jenna Bentley Is Still an International Model

You don't just get handed the title of international model. First, you have to model, second, you have to model internationally. I haven't seen international model Jenna Bentley's enormous yabbos since the scandal with her grinding on top of some old guy on the beach.... read more

Leann Rimes Couldn't Find Anything to Wear to Little League

It's not divorce that fucks up kids, it's their bio and step moms coming to their Little League showing off their tits to outdo each other that will get you into a small animal torture pathology. Eddie Cibrian made a kid with Brandi Glanville, then she sold her cheating... read more

Pamela Anderson Seems Happy and Naked Again

Who says you can't go home again? Pamela Anderson is back together with her first-person POV erotic documentary film producer ex-husband, Rick Salomon. Apparently her teen boys are getting along with him famously during their week back from their conscientious objector... read more

Bruce Jenner Loves Manly Shit Like RC Helicopters

The Kardashian publicity machine came up with the line a few months back that Bruce Jenner is still very much a man totally into sports and riding his motorcycle and flying his remote controlled helicopters. They also mentioned bear wrestling, sexually assaulting peasant... read more

Viviana Figueredo Has a Thong and a Mysterious Past

Used to be you could be from Paraguay and tell people you were whoever you wanted to be and they had no way of looking you up. But now digital media and a fifth grade knowledge of Spanish has made it impossible to hide from your Paraguayan hooking past. This chick... read more

Newman Is Still Alive

The rumors of Seinfeld actor Wayne Knight's death have been greatly exaggerated. Over the weekend a bullshit fake TMZ website claimed that the dude who played Newman on Seinfeld had died in a traffic accident in Pennsylvania. Many Facebook messages were posted with... read more