Zahia Dehar's Pastries Must Be Delicious

Zahia Dehar's story is a unique one, truly an example of the American dream, except for the fact that she has nothing to do with America. At the age of 17, Zahia was a prostitute in France and became the center of a huge sex scandal involving players on the French... read more

Kim and Kanye Can't Turn Away Baby Money Fast Enough

Bearing her rapper boyfriend's bastard baby has changed Kim Kardashian. So we are told. So much so that when some Australian magazine offered her $3 million for first photos of her stupidly named daughter, Kim said nay. She and Kanye do not want their offspring living a... read more

Katie Price Dressed As A Sideways Vagina

Katie Price is a jack-of-all-trades, as she's a singer, author, actress and, most importantly, a woman with extremely large fake breasts. But like most celebrities without much actual talent, she also has her own fragrances, including "Stunning" and "Besotted", because... read more

Rihanna Showed Off Her Cooch In Germany

Rihanna performed in Hanover, Germany last night, and it was business as usual for the singer who once forgave Chris Brown for bouncing her face off of a car window like she was invented by James Naismith. Rihanna teased the crowd by rubbing her crotch and sticking her... read more

Christina Milian Smoking An E Cigarette In A Bikini

I hate people who smoke e-cigarettes. They're just masturbating in their mouths. Smoke a fucking cigarette. Don't smoke a cigarette. If you really want your nicotine in a lung healthier format, try a suppository. There's nothing worse than a drug addict trying to get... read more

Laura Elizabeth Whitehurst Bears Her Student's Baby

Women really do make the worst fucking sexual predators. They're just as messed up as men in most every way, but they simply lack the antisocial detachment necessary to properly molest, say, the high school students in their classroom. A male teacher would know to cover... read more

Aaryn Gries Is One Great Looking Racist (VIDEO)

What's the world to do with a hot female racist? Paula Deen was easy to handle. She's a fat Southern cook. She's replaceable. But this chick Aaryn Gries who's been whispering nasty comments about gays and Asians and blacks on live Internet feeds from The Big Brother... read more

Alec Baldwin Threatens To Quit a Bunch of Shit

Alec Baldwin is threatening to not only quit Twitter but acting too. In an interview in Vanity Fairhe talks about how it's Twitter's fault that he keeps saying stupid shit. He said of social media in general that, "It's just another chink in your armor for people to come... read more

Remind Me Again, Did Courtney Stodden Get a Boob Job?

Yeah, that's right. Photo Credit: PCN [gallery id="5593"] read more

Jessie James In A Bikini

Jessie James is a name that sounds like it should belong to a porn star. It must really. But it doesn't. It's that country singer who just got married to Eric Decker on the Broncos. She's wearing a necklace with the universal sign for 'I'm your super fucking hot wife... read more

Washington State Bans Sexist Words

Washington state eliminated sexism today by enacting a law that bans gender-denoting words. The bill, signed by governor Jay Inslee, had any word that contained words like man or woman removed from all documents, papers, and books. So, penmanship is now handwriting,... read more

Lindsay Lohan Celebrated Her Birthday In Rehab

It'd be easy to feel sorry for Lindsay Lohan who spent her birthday in Malibu rehab. The smokes canteen still closes at 10pm, birthday or not. Lindsay is left only to play Pictionary with her rehab buddies stone cold sober. How many times can you draw a picture of a... read more