Brooklyn Decker Is So Hilarious Now (VIDEO)

Brooklyn Decker Threesome from Brooklyn Decker Brooklyn Decker is one of the stars of the new CBS comedy Friends with Better Lives, which you probably haven't watched yet and have no intentions of watching anytime soon, but it will still somehow be on TV for the next 10... read more

Andrea Calle In A U.S. and Colombian Flag Bikini

Remember when we used to have a big drug war and we had commandos and pilots in Colombia and Bolivia strafing the farms with poison so they couldn't grow their coca leaves causing Paris Hilton to bicker fiercely with her drug connect about high prices. I'm glad we won... read more

Don't Be Left Off the Denounce Racism Train

America has two open sores. The lingering haunt of racism and the cynical competition to disavow racism as rapidly, universally, and mindlessly as possible. Racism is a cliche in itself, the remnants of bygone eras of thoughtless tribalism that encouraged the masses to... read more

Felicia Smith Is an Educator First

I don't care how you couch it, when a grown female teacher is sexually gratifying a teenage male student, that's rape. Totally awesome bitching kickass how do I get me some rape. Felicia Smith kept her clothes on when grinding one of her middle school students. He was... read more

Donald Sterling Is Not Going to Like This

Black girls without bras hanging out by the hallowed NBA court. Donald Sterling is going to shit fit. It's okay to listen to Rihanna's music, or fuck her, I mean, bleep her, but she can't be coming to the games and sitting where everybody can see her. She might distract... read more

Hilary Duff Still Not Divorced

I can't fucking sleep until I know whether or not Hilary Duff is going to divorce her retired hockey husband, what's his name. Separated, estranged, rekindling, consciously uncoupled, then back holding hands at Coachella just two weeks ago. I'm riding an emotional roller... read more

Is Selena Gomez Porking Legolas?

Selena Gomez has been seen around town with the very pretty Orlando Bloom. The two were spotted canoodling outside of the Chelsea Handler live comedy show at the L.A. Forum where half of Hollywood were ordered to attend by their shared publicists. When the photogs... read more

Tori Spelling Was in the Hospital, Not That You Noticed

Tori Spelling took a break from her troubled marriage and hiding from landlords and her new Lifetime reality show, Tori Weighs Less Than Her Cat, for a pro forma six day stint in the hospital. The last five times Tori went to the hospital, she came home with either a new... read more

Mom, Sean and I Are in Love

When I close my eyes and imagine hell, I picture Lucifer cackling while Sean Penn insists on taking me as his date to a Chelsea Handler live performance. But for Charlize Theron, the world's best looking woman with low self esteem, she got all dolled up and even brought... read more

Ashanti Suddenly Seems Important Again

Singer Ashanti hadn't released an album since 2008 before this year's BraveHeart, but six years can almost be an eternity when it comes to a music industry that is packed with young, sexy singers. So because one always has to do with the other, Ashanti posted some photos... read more

Iggy Azalea Shows Off Her Booty Onstage In Detroit

Photo Credit: AKM-GSI [gallery ids="1740068,1740069,1740070,1740071,1740072,1740073,1740074"] read more

Selena Gomez And The Jenner Sisters Are Feuding

If your day isn't complete without a terrible celebrity feud involving people who should be fed to lions, then it's time for you to start packing it up. Ageless elven Bieber cock addict Selena Gomez reportedly cut ties with her BFFs, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, after the... read more