Jessa Duggar Given Permission to Side Hug Her Boyfriend

Jim Bob and Michelle have 19 kids and no relevant source of income outside of their evil-box TV money other than 'undefined real estate earnings'. God told them to manufacture babies until they were spent shells, and now onto the next generation of who knows how many... read more

Naya Rivera Shows Off Under Boob Posing With Big Sean For Terry Richardson

Photo Credit: Terry Richardson [gallery guid=805133] read more

Jimmy Kimmel Proves The Media Is Full Of Unoriginal Idiots (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have been done for a while, regardless of what they or anyone else said, because he's trying to become a serious actor and she's more interested in rubbing her ass all over Robin Thicke, pretending to rap and sticking her tongue out for ... read more

Fernanda Marin Wears Bikinis For A 138 Water Ad Shoot

Photo Credit: FameFlynet [gallery guid=805134] read more

Snoop Lion Won A Pound Of Weed On The Floyd Mayweather Fight

Before Floyd Mayweather Jr. defeated Canalo Alvarez on Saturday night, rapper or reggae star or whatever Snoop Lion apparently made a bet with his "Mexican buddy Lui" that Floyd would beat his ass. Snoop was right and he won a giant bag of weed for it, so he posted some... read more

Zac Efron Might Have Had A Big Cocaine Problem

Further proving that most celebrities are the victims of their own narcissistic desires to be mentioned by the tabloids and gossip sites on a daily basis, actor Zac Efron allegedly not only went to rehab recently for substance abuse, but he also finished his treatment... read more

Kerry Rhodes Being Black Balled for Having Gay Balls

Everybody and their brother is coming out of the closet these days. Even bandwagon straight dudes are talking about digging the cock, just like they used to love the Yankees and spinning class. But it looks like the NFL isn't exactly clamoring to get their hands on gay... read more

Arianny Celeste In A Bikini

Someday I'd like to take a girl to the beach that causes me to get into lots of fights. Just one hot girl that all the other guys are checking out and hitting on and forcing me to use my two months of jiu-jitsu training from ten years ago to take out. Maybe an Indian... read more

Kim Zolciak Sends a Reminder She's Pregnant

NFL wife Kim Zolciak sent out a picture of herself pregnant in a bikini that I can't imagine she knows whether it's covering her baby hatch or not. She's excited to be pregnant. Also, she really fucking loves attention. Either way, it's better than a picture of some... read more

Liam Hemsworth Dumps Maxim's Hottest Woman in the World For This Ugly Chick

I'm not exactly sure what Liam Hemsworth was thinking when he broke off his engagement to Miley Cyrus and started bumping uglies with Eliza Gonzalez. Miley Cyrus and her tongue and those teeth and that marmoset face and her tiny spastic boy body in exchange for this? I... read more

Kabbalah Founder Dies, Ashton Kutcher Seems Not Lost

Philip Berg, the founder of the Kabbalah Centre in Los Angeles passed away yesterday, drowned in a pile of money, as the prophecies foretold. For those not familiar, Kabbalah is the Jewish-rooted mystical religion famous actors and musicians join when they don't want the... read more

Kylie Jenner Is Demure

Can Kylie Jenner get some freaking privacy already? If she wanted you to look at her, she'd be walking around in a bikini on a reality show or spending her days on Twitter and Vine and Keek and Instagram and Facebook posting pictures and videos of herself. She just wants... read more