Alec Baldwin Is Pretty Pissed At The Daily Mail

Alec Baldwin already quit Twitter once before because he was pissed off about something, so it shouldn't be a surprise that he quit Twitter again in another hilariously pissy rage. Except this time, it was his "Alec Baldwin Foundation" profile that was deleted, because... read more

Kate Upton In Vogue Brasil

Photo Credit: Vogue Brasil [gallery id="5628"] read more

Justin Bieber's Fans Are Idiots (VIDEO)

Jimmy Kimmel sent a fake reporter out in Los Angeles the other night before Justin Bieber's show at the Staples Center to ask his fans some made-up questions for his "Lie Witness News" segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Among the things that he asked were whether or not they... read more

50 Shades of Grey Gets a Release Date

Despite having no cast, 50 Shades of Grey has a release date. August 1, 2014. It doesn't need a cast. Or a script. Or much of anything really other than a dark, semi-private structure for frustrated moms to shift their hose and tickle their beans beneath their frocks... read more

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd Finally Free to Marry

If you're already married, you're not as good a person as Kristen Bell and Dax Shepherd. The newly named Sexiest Celebrity Vegetarians badly wanted to express their undying affection for one another and validate their powerful baby-producing lovemaking with the ritual of... read more

Happy Birthday, Khloe Kardashian

You never see Khloe Kardashian named in any most-hated celebrity lists like the rest of her family. She's considered to be the 'nice' sister, a label typically reserved for the fat sister. Like here. Khloe spends her days Tweeting love letters to the world and wondering... read more

Erin Heatherton Models Lingerie

I have no clue how women pick out their underwear. I assume they do that 'this looks cute' thing they do to most everything they purchase or desire. I just pick out what's on sale at Target that won't hurt my nuts. I gave up the whole notion of trying to look good in... read more

Justin Bieber Being Sued For Being a Street-Fighting Bad-Ass

In the unlikeliest court case ever (this week), a paparazzi with the muy Hispanic name Jose Osmin Hernandez Duran is suing Justin Bieber for MMA-style kicking him in the ribs. A few months ago Duran was taking pictures of Biebs and his ex-beard Selena Gomez when Justin... read more

Aaron Hernandez May Have Killed Before

Aaron Hernandez is like one of those superhero guys with a normal day job who prowls the city at night standing on rooftops looking for trouble. Only, Aaron was looking to get into trouble. And I guess he got into a bunch of it since cops are also investigating him for a... read more

James Gandolfini Laid to Rest

It was like a real mob funeral. A New York cathedral packed with dignitaries and crying women in their finest. Everybody felt like they knew James Gandolfini. That has something to do with being a fat man of few words. The quiet fat man is an archetypal character with... read more

Paulina Gretzky In A Bikini

Big time athletes usually first have that hometown wife when coming up. The one who stood by them through their rough years in junior sports leagues, nursed their young bruised egos, let them get into their pants when they needed a lift, cleaned their dirty jerseys when... read more

Georgia May Jagger Is Good Looking

It's probably not easy growing up with a famous dad. Everybody refers to you as so-and-so's kid your whole life. Getting a Porsche when you're sixteen and a condo in Paris at eighteen and shit like that probably take the edge off. It also helps to be really good looking.... read more