hooray for eating disorders!

By brendon October 05, 2012 @ 4:08 PM


Ever since those fat pictures of Lady Gaga were published, she’s revealed that she’s been bulimic and anorexic since she was 15, posted pictures in her underwear and topless, and today she walked around the town of Juan les Pins, France, in tiny shorts and a bra with a spring in her step and a positive energy. She’s slayed that dragon called “eating” and let her eating disorders work their magic. It’s a real success story.

(image source = fame/flynet)

Stacy Keibler can’t take a hint

By brendon October 05, 2012 @ 3:15 PM


Three days ago it came out that George Clooney was ready to break up with Stacy Keibler, but here they are at the ‘Argo’ premiere in Beverly Hills last night. Did she not read the article? It had quotes and everything so it had to be true. In fact I bet she wasn’t even invited to this, and she rode there on the bus and then had to run like 3 blocks to catch Clooney before he went inside. What a psycho.

Hulk Hogan has a very cordial sex tape

By brendon October 05, 2012 @ 11:32 AM


If you’re gonna deny the existence of a sex tape, like Hulk Hogan did, you can’t have hair like a clown in a depressing discount circus. Because even if there was no sound, this would obviously be Hulk Hogan having sex with a girl (Heather Clem) who has the polite but bored indifference of a prostitue even though she isn’t one.

The heavily edited (but still probably NSFW) footage is on Gawker, and it’s mostly just polite small talk, like he’s talking to a bartender. He even mentions his son Nick at least 3 times. I was gonna say that Hulk thinking about his son while getting a blowjob is better than Hulk thinking about his daughter while getting a blowjob, but it actually might be worse.

Adeles ‘Skyfall’ song is actually pretty good

By brendon October 04, 2012 @ 7:28 PM

I don’t like Adele for the same reason I don’t take lavender baths, prance around in chiffon, or vote for liberals, but her song for ‘Skyfall’ (which isn’t officially out until tomorrow but got leaked tonight) is actually good. It’s very very James Bond sounding. Or at least the first two minutes are. Those are solid. After that things get a little shaky. It’s like an allegory for what would happen if Adele sat on a poorly made chair.

Jessica Alba is all wet

By brendon October 04, 2012 @ 6:18 PM


Jessica Alba was wearing a loose-fitting white top in New York today when she got out of her car and had to quickly bend over to keep her baby out of the rain.

These are the kinds of pictures you’ll never see of January Jones. If that was her baby, he’d be in that rain until he was tall enough to climb out of the stroller.

(image source = fame/flynet, inf)

Lady Gaga is topless again

By brendon October 04, 2012 @ 4:52 PM


Just in case she needed someone to take a black and whitepicturein front of a wall (and she did), Terry Richardson met up with Lady Gaga at Donatella Verrsaces house. And for some reason Gaga took off her shirt. She’s the one on the right. I’m pretty sure. To be candid, if Gaga is tired of people making fun of the way she looks, pictures with Donatella Versace will do anything but help.

(direct link to the NSFW pic here)

go f**k yourself Tyra Banks

By brendon October 04, 2012 @ 2:38 PM


Tyra Banks tweeted the picture above because she has problems with her body too, and she’s so totally down to earth and cool she wants other women to know that she’s just like them.

Except that when Tyra posts a “real” picture, it’s one taken during a photo shoot, from a flattering angle, by a professional photographer, after hours of hair and makeup.

She could have hashtagged “perfect is boring” on the pictures of her jogging last week, but instead she chose the professional modeling one. You know what’s not boring? Shrieking in horror.

(image source = splash)

Rihanna and Chris Brown had a date last night

By brendon October 04, 2012 @ 12:51 PM


Photographer Elliot Wilson found himself sitting behind Rihanna and Chris Brown on a date at Jay Zs concert in Brooklyn last night, a few hours after they left her hotel 30 minutes apart. The guy who beats up girls came out first, then the girl came out in a ripped open shirt and lots of makeup on her face. Nothing suspicious about that.

(image source = inf)