Ashton Kutcher Brags About $20 Mill; Demi Wants Her Cut

It's pretty much impossible to ridicule Ashton Kutcher without sounding like a jealous prick. He's nailing every hot actress in Hollywood, making supreme bank on a cakewalk TV show, and he doesn't seem to be twisted on drugs or booze or any extreme mental lapses from... read more

Nikki Leigh In A Bikini

Nikki Leigh is a Playboy Playmate, a moniker that stays with you for life. Sort of like herpes, except you don't want that for life, unless maybe you got it from long rounds of sexually deviant pursuits with Nikki Leigh. In which case, you've got what some would call... read more

You've Got 12 Hours Left to Win That Big Fucking Trip to Vegas

That's Suzy Favor Hamilton, the former Olympic track star who got not so right in the head and was secretly working as a high-dollar escort in Vegas. I'm not promising you'll hook up with a mentally troubled hot former Olympic athlete when you're in Vegas, but if you win... read more

LinkedIn Doesn't Love Them Hos

LinkedIn will no longer allow prostitutes to use the site to advertise their business skill set. It seems that along with boring business professionals and desperate freelancers, whores have been seeking endorsements for their harlotry on the business social networking... read more

My Lifestyle Choice: I Proactively Cut Off My Nads

After coming to the conclusion that I had the genetic predisposition for not getting laid with any frequency, I went ahead and secretly had my nutmeat removed at a downtown area Holistic Healing and Chinese Take-Out place. As a younger man, I had to witness as my own... read more

Jennifer Nicole Lee Comes Pre-Moistened

I'm sure there's a good reason why celebrity fitness instructor Jennifer Nicole Lee is pouring water over her chest. I'm sure I don't care to know why. When girls desperately seek attention, you ought just give it to them. Especially when it involves wet boobs. Just STFU... read more

Victoria's Secret Wants to Know What Is Sexy

When Victoria's Secret runs a campaign called 'What Is Sexy?' They obviously want you to circle your answer back to buying more of their underwear. But, to me, the real answer is, slave labor. Slave labor is sexy as hell. Who can forget thereports on slave like working... read more

Melissa Joan Hart Gets Ass Kicking On Kickstarter

Melissa Joan Hart is emoting sadness after her Kickstarter campaign to finance a film failed miserably. Melissa was asking for a mere $2 million but only raised $51,605.The film is called Darci's Walk of Shameand if the opening doesn't draw you in, nothing will... Darci... read more

Kylie Bisutti Is Still Yapping About Victoria's Secret

After former model Kylie Bisutti started making the TV rounds to promote her new book, "I'm No Angel: From Victoria's Secret Model to Role Model", her one-time employer was quick to defend the company's reputation by clarifying that she had only worked for Victoria's... read more

Gisele + Yoga = Wonderful

For as much praise as I heap on Heidi Klum for keeping it tight after 39 years and four kids, Victoria's Secret supermodel Gisele Bündchen seems to be doing fine in her own right at 32 with two kids. In fact, Gisele posted the above pic to her Facebook page yesterday to... read more

Rumors Running Wild That Beyonce Is Fake Pregnant Again

New York Post rumors are basically one guy in their newsroom making up celebrity shit for some other guy in the newsroom and next thing you know, there it is, anonymous sources stating that Beyonce is probably hiding her second baby from the public. You may recall that... read more

OJ Simpson Looks Like Hell

OJ Simpson was back in court yesterday asking for a retrial of his 2008 conviction for kidnapping and armed robbery, after he and a group of armed men went after two sports memorabilia dealers that OJ had accused of stealing from him. The 65-year old former NFL star is... read more