Joanna Krupa Goes Braless For A Walk In Miami

I can't remember exactly, but I think when both lights are illuminated, that means Joanna Krupa is available for service. Just be sure to ask about the rates before you climb inside. Photo Credit: PCN [gallery guid=804786] read more

Rob Ford Gut Checks Toronto Councilwoman to the Ground (VIDEO)

This is Canada. If you can't handle a fat guy checking you into the boards, you don't belong in politics. Take that, prim and proper old Toronto City Council woman voting to strip Rob Ford of his office powers simply because he likes to drink a little, maybe smoke some... read more

Brooke Mueller Takes Bob And Max Into the Woods for Training

At some point the Sheen Twins are going to need to know how to bury bodies in shallow graves that won't wash out with the first rains, how to create deadly poisons from ingredients found in nature that can't be traced by CSI investigators, and, animist spells to turn... read more

Jada Pinkett Smith Looks Fucking Fantastic

Jada Pinkett Smith must be laughing at how lesser women fall to pieces when rumors of their spouses's infidelity start swirling around. In her years in Hollywood she's probably had to comfort tons of these basket case wives whose showbiz husbands are reportedly sampling... read more

The Howe Twins Still Digging for Gold

I'm sure some accomplished person once declared sticktoitiveness to be the key to success. The Howe Twins just refuse to give up on their dream of fucking their way famous in Hollywood. No slutty ambitious identicals with big fake tits want to go back to England with... read more

Petra Benova And Her Hotter Sister Play In Bikinis

It's been a few months now since I heard from Petra Benova on why I'm a freaking asshole for pointing out that her sister might be the better looking of the two, and with a much nicer ass. I suspect Petra regrets not having offed her younger sibling in her cradle the... read more

Rihanna and Drake Make It Rain at Strip Club

Drake and his late night strip club date, Rihanna, and his posse of twelve dudes who follow him around to falsely compliment him, spent upwards of 100 grand of cash at a Houston strip mall strip club. One of the strippers claims the couple was 'nice' and Rihanna even... read more

Brandi Glanville Is Number One

The last time Brandi Glanville went out and got snookered, she ended up stumbling around West Hollywood with her ass exposed and a tampon string hanging out from between her legs. Relative to that, this weekend's sober drinking birthday dinner was relatively tame. At... read more

Xenia Deli Models Bikinis For Mar de Rosas Swimwear

Photo Credit: Mar de Rosas [gallery guid=804792] read more

Kathy Hilton Shows Off Her Tits

Being a socialite, fashion designer, and philanthropist mother to two smiling mannequin daughters is no easy task. When she finally gets a night off from the burden of command, Kathy Hilton likes to show off her tits out on the town. Why not a little attention for mama... read more

Ellie Goulding Is Trying Too Hard

One of the many, many, many problems with pop music today is that aspiring stars care way more about appearances than they do about actual talent. That's why we spend more time talking about how far Miley Cyrus wedged her fishnets into her snatch for the red carpet than... read more