Lindsay Lohan will be on Letterman. Oh wait nevermind.

Yesterday it was announced that Lindsay Lohan would be presenting the Top Ten list on the Late Show With David Letterman tomorrow night, via satellite from her house in LA. This is actually a smart move for Lindsay because it puts her back in the spotlight, back on a huge show that everyone will see but in an environment where she doesn't have to answer any awkward, or in her case incriminating, questions. Needless more

Justin Bieber says the United States is "evil"

When asked about abortion and rape, Justin Bieber said, "everything happens for a reason." I just wanted to get that out of the way. To sort of quantify his other observations in the new Rolling Stone, when asked about things outside the realm of bangs and what it's like to be such a huge star in the eyes of a fan base whose previous favorite musician was a blue cartoon dog. So here's what he said when asked if more

Frankie Muniz is suicidal, punched his hot girlfriend

There are conflicting reports now about whether Malcolm in the Middle star Frankie Muniz held a loaded gun to his head during an argument with his surprisingly attractive girlfriend Elycia Turnbow, and then later punched her in the back of her sexy head. Us magazine says... A Friday report filed in Phoenix, Ariz. states that (Muniz), now 25, got into a heated argument with girlfriend Elycia Turnbow over " more

Jennifer Love Hewitt has amazing dating advice

Jennifer Love Hewitt has spent the past few years explaining to anyone who can't get away fast enough how desperate she is to get married. Just last month she told Ellen DeGeneres that she already has three engagement rings for her phantom fiance to choose from. Well she's 31 now, and it hasn't happened yet, so to really turn things around she consulted a renowned relationship expert. Herself. (She) admitted that more

Emma Watson is finally getting rid of her dumb haircut

For the nine years that she starred in the Harry Potter movies, from 2001 to 2010, Emma Watson was contractually obligated to keep her hair long, so when she finished filming the final one 6 months ago, she went straight to the salon and had them chop it all off. Now though, she's remembering that she's an actress, and a girl, and that girls who are actresses are supposed to be attractive. She told Elle... "I'm more

Billy Ray Cyrus is scared for Miley

Miley Cyrus of course became famous as the star of Hannah Montana, but her dad Billy Ray Cyrus tells GQ this month that he now regrets lettin his litt'lin go on the TV, that he wishes he'd been a stricter parent, that the show ruined his family, and that he's worried his daughter will end up like Kurt Cobain, Anna Nicole Smith or Michael Jackson. And do you see the show as a big part of what has made things not more

Irina Shayk is the 2011 SI Swimsuit covergirl

Russian model (and Cristiano Ronaldos girlfriend) Irina Shayk was unveiled as the 2011 Sports Illustrated cover girl last night, when 10 of the models went on Letterman, read a Top 10 list, and helped unveil a huge billboard outside. CBS has a short clip of it here, including Shayk, Alyssa Miller and the always fantastic Chrissy Teigen. Chrissy of course was at the Grammys in LA on Sunday, then flew overnight to more

Charlie Sheen called the Dan Patrick Show

Charlie Sheen called the Dan Patrick Show today, presumably to let everyone know that he was clean and sober and in a great frame of mind, but really he just sounded like a complete drunken ass. When asked why his voice was sore, Sheen explained that he went to the set of Two And A Half Men, which is on hiatus, and banged on the doors for them to let him in. But no one would. Perhaps because, as previously implied, more

Christina Aguilera fell down at the Grammys

If Christina Aguilera is the kind of person who writes out her goals, and her goals for last nights seemingly endless tribute to Aretha Franklin on the Grammys were to... 1. Get fatter. 2. Scream until all people hear is a ringing sound. 3. Fall down. Then it was another home run for Christina, because that's what she did. Luckily she caught herself and didn't hit the ground. The two singers next to her tried more

Katy Perry wore angel wings. Also, wtf is that?

Katy Perry wore angel wings and made out with Russell Brand (perhaps to quiet the reports that they're already in marriage counseling) on the Grammy red carpet last night, but the person I'd really like to see with angel wings is Cameron Diaz. And by that I mean I wish she were dead. After that Katy brought out her grandmother, though not strapped to her back while teaching her about the Force like you might more

Rihanna looked fantastic at the Grammys

Rihanna has been famous for like 5 years now and for the life of me I still can't figure out if she's attractive or not, but she looked absolutely terrific last night at the Grammys with that sexy red hair and a dress that wasn't really a dress but more like she just got naked and stood still while they wrapped her in that stuff you put around Christmas trees. This is what your girlfriend would wear at Christmas more

Lady Gaga is so edgy I cant even believe it

The 2011 Grammy Awards were last night in Los Angeles, which meant a whole new chance for Lady Gaga to remind everyone that she truly does not care about how stupid she looks. When she first started, she was interesting because she worked closely with designer Alexander McQueen, who was sort of a genius. Then he killed himself in February of 2010. After that she starting wearing things like the meat dress. Last more

Lindsay would do time in jail, even with a plea deal

Just a few hours before Lindsay Lohan went on twitter last night saying she "would never steal", her attorney made it clear that it really looks like Lindsay stole and they did not want to go to trial on her felony theft charge. So she told the DA that Lindsay would accept a plea bargain if it meant she would avoid any time in jail. LOL. Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers is INSISTING that any plea bargain more

Ciara knows how to dress

The Black Eyed Peas played a show at the Music Box in Hollywood last night, a benefit concert for Will.I.Am's charity the Peapod Foundation, but the most generous person of all was Ciara for wearing this skin tight and kind of see thru catsuit. I'm sure there's some explanation for why she isn't a huge star but I'll be damned if I know what it is. This bitch is hot. Couldn't we just give Ke$has songs to her from more

Lindsay says she wasnt raised to lie, cheat, or steal

I was at the store one time, behind these two guys, and one said to the other, "He swears he's making 100 grand a year at this point, and even if he's lying he's makin half that." And I thought, "no not really." That's the thing about lying. There's no rules, the sky's the limit, you can say literally anything. You can even lie about your lying, it's all up to you. Point being, Lindsay Lohan went on her twitter more