Karlie Kloss In Lingerie

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret [gallery ids="1582112,1582122,1582132,1582142,1582152,1582162,1582172,1582182"] read more

Michelle Rodriguez Likes Dick and Jane

Michelle Rodriguez has always been cagey about her sexuality...until now. For years people have speculated whether she enjoys chorizo or bacalao, (sausage or fish for those of you of the gringo persuasion). She's shrugged it off and said things like, "If I wanted to tell... read more

Paris Hilton's New Song Sounds Awful (VIDEO)

Paris Hilton recently said that she had moved on from her bad girl party image of her 20s and is now focused on expanding her brand as one of the most influential young businesswomen in the world. So here's the teaser video for her new single, "Good Time," which is about... read more

Rihanna Learns How To Work A Stripper Pole For Her New Video

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Kate Upton Is Also In Paris

Speaking of huge breasts in Paris, Kate Upton took part in the Louis Vuitton runway show yesterday with more typical runway models like Eva Herzigova and Cara Delevingne, and I say more typical because Kate looks like she's been on an Arby's diet standing next to these... read more

Welcome Back, Kim Kardashian's Giant Breasts

As Kim Kardashian continues to reconnect with all of her friends in the fashion industry at the Paris Fashion Week events, she's also doing her best to make sure nobody talks about how she still looks pretty large after giving birth. Her method of choice? By shoving her... read more

Jennifer Nicole Lee In A Bikini

When a woman squirts a water bottle onto her chest in public, she's trying to tell you something. Like, she has a fire burning within, or she's steeped with desire, or she paid a lot of money for her new tits. I'd like to imagine it's all three for Jennifer Nicole Lee,... read more

Spoiled Girl Quits Her Job Via YouTube Video Because She's Unhappy (VIDEO)

If I could sum up the manner in which I was reared, it would be shut the fuck up, I could care less about how you're feeling, and what makes you think you're so special. I always thought that was kind of a shitty way to raise kids, until I started seeing the millennial... read more

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Her Boob in Paris

Kim Kardashian wanted everyone at Paris Fashion Week to know that her genetic destiny to be a plump Armenian matron remains at bay for now. Her strict diet of amphetamines and chewing on her worn shoes before she mails them off to her fetish fans for thousands of dollars... read more

Miley Cyrus In The Video For '23'

Miley Cyrus is just trying to ruin shit now. I used to think she was just a spastic chipmunk with scoliosis acting out against her parents divorce. Now I realize this 'crazy sexy' bit is running much deeper and far more insidious. First, she tanked Maxim magazine by... read more

Random Dude Spits In Hanson Brother's Face (VIDEO)

Zac Hanson got a gooey surprise after a fan spit in his face at a Hanson show. It seems that some weird guy who likes mid-nineties teen pop snuck on to the Hanson tour bus, probably to kill the brothers and wear their skin. While being ejected from the bus, the guy... read more

Iggy Azalea Wins Paris Fashion Week

Fashion is really fucking boring. I understand that many people feel the same way about my loves of football, home brewing, and stitching bed quilts out of women's worn panties I purchase on Craigslist. I judge you, you judge me, this is how it'd supposed to work. A... read more