Petra Benova And Her Hotter Sister Play In Bikinis

It's been a few months now since I heard from Petra Benova on why I'm a freaking asshole for pointing out that her sister might be the better looking of the two, and with a much nicer ass. I suspect Petra regrets not having offed her younger sibling in her cradle the... read more

Rihanna and Drake Make It Rain at Strip Club

Drake and his late night strip club date, Rihanna, and his posse of twelve dudes who follow him around to falsely compliment him, spent upwards of 100 grand of cash at a Houston strip mall strip club. One of the strippers claims the couple was 'nice' and Rihanna even... read more

Brandi Glanville Is Number One

The last time Brandi Glanville went out and got snookered, she ended up stumbling around West Hollywood with her ass exposed and a tampon string hanging out from between her legs. Relative to that, this weekend's sober drinking birthday dinner was relatively tame. At... read more

Xenia Deli Models Bikinis For Mar de Rosas Swimwear

Photo Credit: Mar de Rosas [gallery guid=804792] read more

Kathy Hilton Shows Off Her Tits

Being a socialite, fashion designer, and philanthropist mother to two smiling mannequin daughters is no easy task. When she finally gets a night off from the burden of command, Kathy Hilton likes to show off her tits out on the town. Why not a little attention for mama... read more

Ellie Goulding Is Trying Too Hard

One of the many, many, many problems with pop music today is that aspiring stars care way more about appearances than they do about actual talent. That's why we spend more time talking about how far Miley Cyrus wedged her fishnets into her snatch for the red carpet than... read more

Ireland Baldwin's Daddy Is Not Homophobic, Okay?

Ireland Baldwin is the rare Hollywood double threat these days, in that she's becoming more and more famous not only because she's the daughter of famous people, but also because she posts a lot of pictures of herself in bikinis to Instagram. But now that she's 18, she's... read more

Kanye West Took Higher Education Down A Notch

Now that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have done so well in ruining the future of America by teaching kids that all they need to do to get famous is ride coattails or make shitty, lazy sex tapes, the rapper has taken his game to the Ivy League. Kanye spoke at Harvard... read more

Lady Gaga Dry Humps R. Kelly on SNL (VIDEO)

Watching Lady Gaga perform over a pre-recorded track on SNL was a valuable lesson in why you should never utter shit aloud like 'Well, this can't get any worse.' Because that's the Candyman call for R. Kelly to appear and start getting it on with fugly trainable Cousin... read more

Nina Agdal Isn't Wearing Much

A crappy car and a hot girl without a top on. That's all a man really needs to be happy in this life. Maybe the new PlayStation 4 and a Costco sized pack of beef jerky. A crappy car, a hot girl without her top on, a Playstation 4, and beef jerky is all a man really needs... read more

Alec Baldwin Trots Out Gay Hairdresser to Prove He's Not a Homophobe

With the gay tide turning against him, Alec Baldwin quickly rushed to his gay hairdresser for an impromptu bona fide on being anything but a homophobe. Of all the hairdressers in the world, Alec Baldwin chooses the rare gay hairdresser because he doesn't see color or... read more