Claudia Romani In A Christmas Bikini At The Beach In Miami

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Brody Jenner Thinks Half-Sister Kendall Is a Slutty Genius

Brody Jenner thinks that his high school dropout little half-sister Kendall will break One Direction singer Harry Style's poor heart. Harry, the One Direction guy with the intentionally dumb hair that a billion pubescent girls around the world imagine deflowering them,... read more

Rihanna Is Predictably Naughty For Christmas

Like clockwork, Rihanna posted some pictures of her wearing revealing outfits to her Instagram, because God forbid she doesn't reveal her tits and ass for 20 minutes out of the day. This time Rihanna and her friend were feeling "naughty" and I'm pretty sure that she even... read more

Corey Feldman Really Classes Up Christmas

You have to give Corey Feldman some credit for his resurgence to the Z-list of celebrities this year, because even as the majority of us have endlessly mocked him, his music and especially his pathetic Charlie Sheen impersonation, he keeps plugging away and trying to... read more

Molly Sims In A Bikini At The Beach In Miami

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Vanessa Hudgens Needs Some Christmas Joy

Not every celebrity is feeling the holiday spirit like the gentle angel that is Chris Brown, as Vanessa Hudgens looked like she'd received a lump of coal in her stocking while she was out jogging in Hollywood yesterday. Is she sad because she's kind of unremarkable... read more

Justine Sacco Case Provides Solid Handwringing

The Internet is simultaneously perfect for both vile comments and for people who insist on having their outrage over those comments acknowledged. When IAC PR Chief Justin Sacco's racist tweet about The AIDS hit the Internet last Friday, it only took minutes before she... read more

Tom Cruise Likes to Abandon Things

Tom Cruise had been suing Life & Style magazine for $50 million for claiming he abandoned Suri after his divorce from Katie Holmes. The magazine had based their accusation on the fact that Tom disappeared for some number of months after the divorce, while Tom claimed... read more

Duck Dynasty Backlash Backlash at Cracker Barrel

When people laud democracy and diversity and tolerance and such, what they really mean is, this shit is great when people agree with me. When they don't, time to cut that Kumbaya crap out and start a boycott or sign an online pledge. Corporate America is largely a bunch... read more

I Just Quit Pam Anderson

Pam Anderson cut off her big blonde hair and reduced the size of her tits in order to complete her list of removing any reason for the world to care about her. I think she is still smuggling vagina bombs for PETA into university laboratories, but unless you like to watch... read more

Barron Hilton Lets His Beatdown Go Unpunished

According to Barron Hilton, he got his ass unfairly kicked at Lindsay Lohan's Miami house party while Lindsay watched and snickered. The entire Hilton family came to Barron's defense, because what sort of coke-fueled douchebag heir doesn't tell the truth when it comes to... read more

Miranda Kerr Owns Nice Bras

You can take away a woman's husband, take away her employer, but you can never take away her nipples. I think Obama said something like that in one his original Hope and Change speeches. He's right too. Because no matter what Miranda Kerr loses, or, you know, spits away... read more