Happy Earth Day! (VIDEO)

I'd like to call myself firmly in the middle on this whole environmental debate. I don't believe the end of the world predictions of the hairy angry folk who seem to get erotic pleasure out of predicting destruction. At the same time, I cry like a little girl child when... read more

Alessandra Ambrosio Shaving

Unless you've got the body hair of an un-lasered Bin Laden wife, men will still plow the shit out of you whether your legs are perfectly shaved or not. Chicks worry about silly things like that too much, dudes don't care about a little stubble as long as you put out like... read more

Kim Kardashian Admits to Being a Hypocrite

Kim Kardashian is valiantly eating her own words. This classy style icon admits that chiding her sister Kourtney about having out of wedlock babies with her fey unemployed boyfriend was a bit short-sighted given her own bastard rapper baby situation. For her part,... read more

Victoria Beckham Can't Smile

Victoria Beckham hasn't smiled in ten years. She hasn't shown so much as a single tooth in her mouth since her Spice Girls days. Even at her birthday over the weekend, Vicky couldn't force her lips asunder. She had to squelch her birthday candle by shaking her hair... read more

Bethenny Frankel In A Bikini

Bethenny Frankel is 42, has a little kid, just got divorced, produces healthy living books ladies love to buy, and has fake tits that look a little off-the-shelf but probably cost her a small fortune at a New York City plastic surgeon's office. That last part I'm... read more

will.i.am Has Justin Bieber's Back

Pop star Justin Bieber took a lot of shit from people last week after he visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and signed the guestbook with a note about how he hoped the teenage Holocaust victim would have been a "Belieber". While people took offense to the comment,... read more

3 Doors Down and 6 Feet Under

I can't tell if more famous people are getting loaded these days or just more famous people are getting loaded and driving. A shit ton are certainly being arrested. Which is a good thing. Unless it's already too late, like 3 Doors Down bassist Todd Harrell who killed a... read more

News Anchor's First Day Was A Complete Disaster (VIDEO)

AJ Clemente made his big debut as an anchor for KFYR, the NBC affiliate in Bismarck, North Dakota, yesterday and if establishing himself as a household name with his very own viral video was his goal, then he is already a huge success. As the broadcast returned from... read more

Jessica Alba Wants You to Stay the Fuck Away From Her Book

Don't even look at her book. You're looking right now. Quit it, or she'll cut you. That's the book that contains all her magic secrets on career success, like, look really hot, and... look really hot. She painted her nails to match her book because she loves that god... read more

Kendra Wilkinson to Live! Let's Watch Her Dance (VIDEO)

When news reports came out yesterday that Kendra Wilkinson was in a bad car accident and had to be rushed to the hospital, well, a lump hit the old throat. Thankfully, Kendra was not injured, just shaken up, and discharged from the hospital later in the day. The world... read more

Reese Witherspoon Was Arrested

Reese Witherspoon was arrested on Friday morning in Georgia after her husband, James Toth, was pulled over for suspicion of driving while intoxicated, and while it seems strange that someone as squeaky clean as Witherspoon would be arrested when her man was doing all the... read more

Being a Dad of Killers Doesn't Look Fun

It must suck to turn on your TV and learn that your two kids are bush league murderous fuck terrorists. Nothing close to the tragedy of learning your kids were the victims, still, it can't be break out the good vodka and filtered smokes time. I can envision someday... read more