Ke$ha In Corn Rows

Kesha took to some corn rows in her new music video in an attempt to seem relevant, or maybe kitschy, or possibly, self-effacing. In any case, don't look directly into her eyes if you ever want blood to flow to the tip of your penis again. Photo Credit: PCN, WENN... read more

Courtney Stodden Is In the Studio

There are a couple phrases to listen for when you want to be sure somebody in Hollywood has absolutely nothing going on. The first is, 'I'm currently in the studio'. 'Currently in the studio' is akin to 'I'm about to be hired'. It doesn't really mean much. Might as well... read more

Ireland Baldwin Works Out

Everybody acts surprised to see how good looking Ireland Baldwin has become. But the question never was would she be hot, of course she would. The question is when will she go batshit bonkers like her parents. Not the kind of crazy where you mumble to yourself in the... read more

Ellenie Galestian Looks Pretty Talented

Ellenie Galestian is probably best known by people in Los Angeles because her song "Play in L.A." has made the regular rotation at Lakers and Clippers games, but she's probably not as well-known anywhere, which is a shame because she seems to be very talented. She... read more

Lindsay Lohan's Sister Is Proud Of Her Name

Lindsay Lohan's younger sister, Ali Lohan, has been trying to get her foot in the modeling door for several years, which is probably why she was always out at night clubs with her sister until the early hours of the morning, for "research" and "networking". But the hard... read more

Everyone Stop Watching Hulk Hogan's Sex Tape

It has been almost seven months since Gawker first posted the grainy footage of Hulk Hogan's "secret" sex tape with Heather Clem, the ex-wife of his then-best friend, Bubba the Love Sponge, but it seems that the pro wrestling legend has finally sort of succeeded in... read more

Adriana Lima Ass $$$

That's Adriana Lima's ass in a bikini. I tell you this as a friend, you will never have sex with that ass. You can't afford it. Even if you masturbate thinking about that ass, your phone will ring and a Brazilian sounding operator will ask you for a credit card number.... read more

Amanda Bynes Cops a Plea

Amanda Bynes pled no contest to charges that she was driving with a suspended license. Because, you know, she was fucking driving with a suspended license. This was after she had a couple of hit and runs. It's hard to see people and other cars when you are busy making... read more

Do You Like Vegas? Do You Want a $6500 Memorial Day Weekend Trip?

Oh, no, he's selling out again! Devotees of awkwardly constructed personal principles hate Vegas to begin with, but for the rest of you who might want a three night, three day, hotel, airfare, transportation, and VIP nightclub trip to Vegas for Memorial Day weekend for... read more

Good Looking People Seem Happy

It's easy to be happy when you're good looking. It's not just that you get everything you want pretty much by having to work much less hard than everybody else, but you also get things like self-esteem and confidence and sex with other good looking people. Often, you... read more

Miami's Bird-Flipping Fan Probably Killed Her Husband

Last night a classy lady named Filomena Tobias was photographed sticking her middle finger at Bulls' player Joakim Noah at the Miami Heat game. It's a funny picture, but just who is this crazy bitch? It seems that this winner likes to take mucho drugs and has been... read more

Farrah Abraham Still Says Sex Tape Was Meant to Be Private

Farrah Abraham is still keeping up the shtick that the tape was private and in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she says she had no intention of selling it until James Deen broke the news. I don't know why this bothers me, but it does. Daily Mail- The reality... read more