Karissa Shannon Is Valentine's

I can't remember which Shannon sister is the fake lesbian and which one made a sex tape with the dude from Smallville who got busted with twenty boxes of Oxy in his trunk. The best part is, it doesn't matter. Identical twin fame whore sisters totally let you get away... read more

Jennifer Lopez' Crotch Loves Futbol

Just when you thought soccer couldn't get any more popular among people still using terrestrial TV antennas, Jennifer Lopez squats out her crotch and maybe some portion of her labial sandwich to make a World Cup promotional video. As far as promoting shit, you could do... read more

Shia LaBeouf Is Important

Shia LaBeouf continued his reign of terror on the art world with a one man show at an LA gallery called #Iamsorry. The scrunchy-faced Pekingese set up shop in the Cohen gallery in Los Angeles in a performance art piece that apparently plagiarizes some other wanky... read more

Samantha Hoopes Models Lingerie For SS 2014 Guess

Photo Credit: Guess [gallery guid=804284] read more

Ireland Baldwin Has One For The Furries

There's really not much that Ireland Baldwin can post on her Instagram account at this point that would surprise anyone, because she's already showed off everything from her legs to her cleavage and her reverse camel toe in between. But a sexually-charged embrace with a... read more

Charlize Theron Makes A Great Passenger

As disappointing as it is to see someone as young and hot as Charlize Theron dating an arrogant old fart like Sean Penn, they might actually be pretty perfect for each other. Beyond all of the charity crap and their love of foreign kids, there might not be two actors... read more

Billy Ray Cyrus Really Remade 'Achy Breaky Heart' (VIDEO)

Because his daughter thinks that she's the biggest, boldest pop star in the world all because she's ripping off other edgy female performers left and right, Billy Ray Cyrus decided that it's time for him to be a music star again. If you recall, Miley's dad was a one hit... read more

Farrah Abraham Goes Round Two of Backdoor Teen Mom

Porn isn't much different than regular Hollywood. When something does well, there's going to be a sequel. Backdoor Teen Mom Farrah Abraham swore all over her well-greased anus that she was done making porn. But, as of late tomorrow night, she's got another one coming... read more

Bob Costas Collapses Under Weight of Eye Puss

Even hardened Russian mafia members were cringing in their furry Western boots at the sight of the ooze and puss and lachrymal matter dripping from the blood-orange eyes of Bob Costas in his TV nest in Sochi. It's been like watching a whore's vagina expel regret after a... read more

Justin Bieber Changes His Name To Bizzle

The famous Canadian lesbian not named kd Lang has changed his name to Bizzle on Instagram. In the grandiose tradition of Diddy, Prince, and Baby Doc Duvalier, Bieber wants to be known by a cool nickname. Bizzle came to mind. He's probably doing it to distract us all from... read more

Bruce Jenner Is Turning Into a Beautiful Butterfly

Bruce Jenner emerged from his Adam's Apple reduction surgery looking like a completely new not man. Months ago Bruce mentioned that he really hated the way his trachea looked so it's great that he finally got that disfigurement addressed. I guess one of the side effects... read more

The Russian Olympics Need More Russians in Lingerie

The Sochi games are second rate. The least a Winter Olympics country can do is provide snow, but somehow Russia bribed its way into a host city that is the single place in their massive nation that isn't super fucking frigid in February. The Olympics have essentially... read more