Kirsten Dunst is as hot as ever

Remember when Kirsten Dunst was a huge star? That was weird, huh? But it's true. And it drove me insane. She was my nemesis. Not only was she disgusting to look at, with her cold clammy fishlike skin and creepy little baby teeth offset by two big giant fangs, but she was a spoiled bitch. She was so arrogant she even said Spiderman should die at the end of Spiderman 3 and Spiderman 4 should be all about her. And more

Eva Longoria flashed David Letterman

Eva Longoria was on David Letterman last night to promote her new cookbook (wait, what), and since she's not afraid to dress sexy she dressed sexy. And by that I mean she wore some very short shorts and a super tight jacket and that was it. An outfit like that doesn't really lend itself to movement, you need to sit motionless, perfectly still as if a T-Rex was looking for you, which Longoria didn't do, and so Dave more

Rosa Blasi has a book to promote

Ever heard of Make It or Break It? Yeah me neither. Apparently it's on ABC Family, and "follows a group of teen Olympic hopefuls as they train and prepare for their day in the spotlight." Well Rosa Blasi is on that show, and her day in the spotlight begins right now because she has big boobs and yesterday she went to Hermosa Beach in a bikini. Probably to get attention for her new book, but whatever. What am I, more

Charlie Sheen wants Mila Kunis to be his third "goddess"

When you surround yourself with one kind of person long enough, you start to think all people are like that. Date a bunch of dirty whores for a year or two, then go out with an accountant and she's gonna look pretty surprised when you nonchalantly pound it in her ass. In a related story, Charlie Sheen went on stage last night in Columbus, Ohio, and announced that he wants MIla Kunis to be his third girlfriend, more

LeAnn Rimes is photogenic

When LeAnn Rimes took the court Monday night to sing the National Anthem before the NCAA basketball championship game, it was hard not to notice that she looked like hell, a boney horse-legged mess. So to fight back at rumors wondering if she has an eating disorder, today she went on her twitter, posted the POV bikini picture above, and said she likes to eat Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies out of the freezer. So I more

Jennifer Aniston thinks she should marry George Clooney

Jennifer Aniston is such a delight to be around that she cant keep a boyfriend for more than a week, and to put that into perspective, even that women who cut off her husbands dick while he was asleep went on to get engaged and have a 14 year relationship. Perhaps thinking the problem is that she isn't desperate or clingy enough, Aniston tells Red magazine, whatever the hell that is, that since she and George more

Billy Crystal has still got it

Proving that his powers of comic observation are as razor sharp and lightning fast as they've ever been, Billy Crystal has noticed that the young people of today sure do like vampires. And that was the end of his idea. Nonetheless he took that information and got Helen Mirren, Rob Reiner, (the great) Adam Scott, Mike Tyson, Rob Riggle, and Maya Rudolph to film this bit for Funny or Die about a sequel to When Harry more

The Saturdays are in LA, bikinis

The UK girl group "the Saturdays" are in LA this week to shoot a new video, and yesterday they took a break by the pool. Una Healy (the one in the headline) is my favorite, in part because she has red hair, and as far as being hot girls with red hair are second only to girls who are Asian, but mostly because I forgot to write down the names of the other two and don't know who they are. This one sort of looks like more

Angelina Jolie may have adopted another kid (update!)

Most people have seen the tattoo that Angelina Jolie has on her shoulder listing the latitude and longitude where each of her six kids were born. For example, here she is at the Salt premier last July. The two lines at the bottom say N 43 41' 21" E 07 14' 28", and if you plug that in on a map you get the Lenval hospital in Nice, France, where her twins Knox and Vivienne were born in July of 2008. It's actually more

Audrina Patridges mom isnt that great

These bikini pictures of Audrina Patridge came out on Friday, then over the weekend people started to figure out Audrinas mom was in some of the pictures too, and now the internet is going all apeshit with dumb MILF and incest jokes. And yes, her mom looks good in the headline picture. They're practically twins. Oh wait never mind. You always need more than one picture. If the first picture always told the truth more

Angelina Jolie is in Libya

I quickly wanna preface this with what Jennifer Aniston said when explaining why she spent her 41st birthday at a palatial resort in Mexico. "(A friend) said to me, 'You come to Mexico all the time and Mexico is really hurting right now because of the swine flu and the drug trafficking and all of this sort of stuff." "It sort of made sense to sort of say ‘Hey, let's help out Mexico'" Okay now this, today, from more

Ashley Judd was raped and abused as a child

Ashley Judd has written a biography that goes on sale today called "All That Is Bitter & Sweet", and in it she talks about her surprisingly neglectful, abusive, and drug filled childhood. Radar says... "My mother, while she was transforming herself into the Naomi Judd, created an origin myth for the Judds that did not match my reality." When she was 4, her parent's marriage dissolved and Naomi had a new man more

Kirstie Alley broke her partner on Dancing with the Stars

Maksim Chmerkovskiy had to know he was playing with dynamite when he took Kirstie Alley as a partner on Dancing With The Stars, and last night his hubris finally cost him (clip above, full video here). Us magazine says... No pain, no gain for Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The Dancing with the Stars pro suffered a mysterious injury on Monday's performance show -- and nearly dropped parter Kirstie Alley when his thigh more

Kathy Griffin is in a bikini (I apologize)

Kathy Griffin, who is 50, was in a bikini in Palm Beach earlier today, and it was every bit as unpleasant as you might imagine. She's so pale and pink and wrinkled the first 30 minutes of her foreplay must just be some unfortunate bastard between her legs making puzzled sounds as he flips through a book and tries to figure out what parts are vagina. (image source = inf daily)read more

Jeremy Renner is our new Jason Bourne

Two years ago most people had no idea who Jeremy Renner was. Two Academy Award nominations later and he's starring alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (then is expected to take over the franchise and star in MI:5), in The Avengers as Hawkeye (which could get it's own spinoff movie), and now the always great Latino Review says he is the choice to take over for Matt Damon in the new Jason more