Joanna Krupa Poses In A Bikini

Joanna Krupa has her own bikini line now. I guess women are really into buying clothes with celebrity women's names on it hoping it brings them similar good fortune. I got a few football jerseys with other men's names on them, but I don't expect it to get me any tryouts.... read more

Natalie Dormer Topless And Covered In The April 2014 Issue Of GQ

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Behold The Cover Of Farrah Abraham's Spank Book

The Farrah Abraham new sex book trilogy Celebrity Sex Tape finally gets its cover. The trio of novels will tell the tale of Fallon Opal, a reality TV star that gets lost in the seamy underworld of porn. Think of Fifty Shades of Grey but without the classiness or deep... read more

Bria Murphy in A Bikini Playing Volleyball

I'm glad my dad wasn't famous or wealthy or very accurate with his punches. It seems like a burden to be a celebrity kid. If you're Eddie Murphy's kid, everybody's wondering aloud when you're going to become super famous for ten years then disappear for the next twenty.... read more

Chris Brown To Fly Con Air

Chris Brown is going to have to take a coach seat on con air for his trial in Washington DC. The U.S. attorneys don't trust the lady beating douchenozzle to get on a plane on his own and not skip the country. So, the prosecution wants his ass shackled and put on a prison... read more

Adriana Lima Topless And Covered For The April 2014 Issue Of Interview Germany

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Gisele Bundchen Models Bikinis For 2014 H&M

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Rob Kardashian Is In So Much Pain

Like the bravest of souls, Rob Kardashian took a little time away from Twitter as he continues his struggle to lose weight, and he made his triumphant return the other day to promote his socks. Yesterday, he also tweeted the very vague message, "no one will ever... read more

Lily Allen Knows How To Raise Money For Kids

Lily Allen was one of the performers at last night's celebration of the 275th anniversary of Coram, the oldest children's charity in the world. Naturally, the only way to celebrate raising money to help kids is by wearing a flesh-toned top with no bra so it looks like... read more

GinaMarie Zimmerman Wants To Be In Playboy

Former Big Brother contestant GinaMarie Zimmerman is still trying to become a celebrity despite the fact that her one true claim to fame was calling welfare "n*gger insurance" on an episode of the CBS show. GinaMarie apparently told TMZ that her new dream is to be in... read more

Anais Zanotti And Ana Braga Touch Each Other Like Broken Birds

These poor girls can't seem to find their tops. It's some kind of sickness that seems to befall international girls on the beach particularly dependent on the kindness of strangers to pay their rent. You might think it makes no sense to buy big ole titties only to keep... read more

Anderson Cooper to Subsist Off Just His Millions

Anderson Cooper's mom is giving her son none of the Vanderbilt family money that has trickled down since the mid 19th century when Cornelius actually did something to earn it. Or steal it and earn it. Same difference. 150 years later, a decent deal of it's still in... read more