Jodie Sweetin Facing Life's Challenges

STAY SOBER. That was the message John Stamos sent to Jodie Sweetin after she lamented 'life's challenges' on Twitter following her third divorce in ten years. I guess Stamos doesn't know you never ALL CAPS a meth addict. Might as well just shove the pipe in her mouth and... read more

Aaron Hernandez Arrested (VIDEO)

Aaron Hernandez' attorney wants to make it clear. There is no arrest warrant out for his client. So stop publishing that lie. And ignore that guy who looks just like Aaron Hernandez being led away from his home in handcuffs. It's been a tough week for guys in Boston,... read more

Miley Cyrus Dances Dirty on Jimmy Kimmel

Maxim's Hottest Woman in the Entire Fucking World caused quite a stir last night on Kimmel. She was thrusting out her tongue and flashing her ass and simulating sex with her backup dancers. It was like watching one of those monkeys at the zoo who you can tell just aren't... read more

Justin Bieber Banned For Life From Vegas Skydiving

Justin Bieber continued his personal quest to be the universe's biggest D-bag by fucking over a Vegas indoor skydiving center. The result? Banned for life. The trouble started when the mini-Ellen and his gaggle of misguided Kriss Kross disciples showed up at Las Vegas... read more

Rihanna In Short Shorts

Photo Credit: Bauer-Griffin, INF [gallery id="5640"] read more

Paula Deen Told The Today Show That She's Sorry (VIDEO)

Paula Deen appeared on The Today Show this morning to talk about the fallout of her reported use of the N-word, and how it has affected her personally. She told Matt Lauer that she has been exhausted since everyone found out that she admitted to using racial slurs,... read more

Charisma Carpenter Cleavage At The 4th Annual Thirst Gala

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, Getty, WENN [gallery id="5641"] read more

Okay, So You Shouldn't Expect That at Taco Bell

I guess because I go on rants about how nobody has the right to complain about anything that happens at obviously disgusting and shoddy fast food restaurants. Some smart ass sent in an email about this drive-thru operator at Taco Bell who was directing female patrons out... read more

Kris Jenner Tried To Explain North West (VIDEO)

Soon-to-be talk show host and woman who would burn an entire orphanage to the ground for attention, Kris Jenner, was on The View yesterday to discuss, among other crap, how her cash cow daughter, Kim Kardashian, just named her newborn baby North West. Kris claimed that... read more

Monica Lewinsky Lingerie Up for Auction

The entire Clinton sex scandal could've been bypassed if Clinton had just nailed a good looking woman. You cigar bang a then 20-something Angelina Jolie or maybe a Cameron Diaz and outside of a few whack jobs, every dude in the world is thinking, yeah, I know, me too.... read more

Deena Cortese Focuses On Her Best Parts

I'm told by imaginary voices that Deena Cortese is one of the girls from MTV's already forgotten reality series, The Jersey Shore, but she's not the short one that is slowly withering away like she just looked at the Ark, nor is she the one with the gigantic breasts that... read more

Knock Knock Jokes Have Never Been Funny

Don West, attorney for the world's most notorious self-appointed neighborhood watchman, George Zimmerman, opened arguments in his clients defense with a knock-knock joke for the jury. Knock knock. Who's there? George Zimmerman. George Zimmerman who? Okay, good. You're on... read more