Mr. T Had A Threeway With Some Real Housewives

At least, I hope that Mr. T had a threeway with Brandi Glanville and another woman, because otherwise he just kind of looked like a tourist asking a couple F-listers for a quick photo yesterday in Beverly Hills. I'm also disappointed in Mr. T that he's wearing a regular... read more

Elisabetta Canalis In A Bikini

This is the second girl today that George Clooney has nailed that we get to see in a bikini. Which should only serve to remind you that checking out a hot model in a bikini is a sad sorry second place to having sex with a hot model. Lots of inspirational type folks would... read more

Kanye Dances for Dictator Cash

All the people who get upset over shit are really upset about Kanye West taking $3 million bucks to play the wedding of the grandson of the Royal Poobah of Kazakistan. I don't think Kazakhstan was even a country on the last day I was ever in a school, but I'm guessing... read more

Clint Eastwood Drops Off A Blonde Woman At LAX

Clint Eastwood divorced his something number wife of something number of years because she was depressing and annoying the shit out of him. Some people will question why an 83-year old man would take the trouble to get divorced. But I get it. Me and Clint, we're old... read more

Miley Cyrus Wants You To Believe She's Fucked Up

Teddy bear rapist Miley Cyrus says she is really fucked up in a new interview. Is she, realllly? Miley has been in the news lately after she gyrated like a harlot and dry humped Robin Thicke on the VMAs, (even though he was dressed like Beetlejuice at the time). Miley... read more

Carlos Danger Is Kinda Racist, Mon (VIDEO)

Carlos Danger, (AKA Anthony Weiner), committed the classic lame white guy blunder when he started talking 'like dee West Indian Block mon' at a rally this past weekend. The disgraced politician, who still believes he has a chance at winning the New York City Mayoral... read more

Farrah Abraham In A Bikini

I'm not sure if taking it up the shitter on camera gives you D&D strength points, but Farrah Abraham seems set to never every go away, despite your name calling and personal trashing. Hell, I've lasted past that and I don't even have big tits and a flat stomach like... read more

Stacy Keibler Went To Burning Man

Stacy Keibler claims to be having a life changing experience at Burning Man. You know it's life changing since she's sharing sexy photos of herself at Burning Manon her Instagram. So, her old life, only on ecstasy. For those not familiar with Burning Man, it's the annual... read more

Dakota Johnson To Star In 50 Shades Of Grey

I tried getting my lady to submit to my dominance one time. For my efforts I received a fist punch to the sac and having to listen to her giggle to her girlfriend on the phone about how stupid my cape looked. Part of the equation is definitely being just one good looking... read more

Courtney Stodden Lets Big Brother See Her Titties

She has been banging grandpa since sixteen, so I guess it only makes sense she saved her first legal titty flash for Big Brother. It's not many girls that get to peak in their careers on national, or British national, television, but Courtney Stodden did so. So in your... read more

Brittny Gastineau In A Bikini Top

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, WENN [gallery guid=805230] read more

Aunt Becky Still Has It

Full House was one of the worst sitcoms ever created, as the show's shitty, formulaic family values bullshit was surpassed in stupidity only by the terrible acting. But for some reason, nostalgia freaks cling to Full House like it was Cheers and love to pretend like... read more