Julianne Hough Is Possibly A Homewrecker

After breaking up with Ryan Seacrest recently, actress Julianne Hough spent the weekend unwinding and walking around in cutoff jean shorts at Coachella, where she conveniently danced and flashed her bra in front of the paparazzi. But now that she's single, she's being... read more

Claudia Romani In A Bikini At Miami Beach

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Jessica Jane Clement Is The Best At Stripping For Charity

Jessica Jane Clement has made a pretty solid career out of almost getting naked, so when the opportunity presented itself, she didn't really have to bribe her Twitter followers into donating money for autographed pictures or by taking her clothes off. But she did and she... read more

Roberto Alomar Should Stop Dating

Roberto Alomar was a great second baseman. He's in the Hall of Fame. But he sucks at picking women. Yeah, they're all hot. But they've also pretty much all taken his ass to court for money or criminal allegations or charges that he gave them HIV (even though he denies... read more

Russell 'Hollywood' Simpson Says 'Sex Was Great!' With NFL Star Kerry Rhodes (WWTDD Exclusive)

Yeah, I know, this story would be so much more awesome if this were a spurned ex-hot-girlfriend outing a hot LPGA golfer (not that the lesbian golfer story would elicit more than a murmur), but it's not. It's a spurned gay man outing Kerry Rhodes, an NFL star with whom... read more

Ladies, Do You Want To Be Objectified Or Not?

There is a Dove commercial that's gone viral in which "normal" looking women talk about how looks don't really matter...except that looks are everything. The ad states that pretty much the most important factor in how a woman is perceived is her appearance but that she... read more

Farrah Abraham Is Out On The Streets

Farrah Abraham was kicked out of her mother's house yesterday, I assume because she is a petulant princess who only looks out for number one, even though she has a young child to take care of. But Farrah wants you to know it's not that at all, in fact she chose to leave... read more

Kim Kardashian Can Now Be Seen From Space, With the Naked Eye

I'm not sure Spanx are good for a gestating baby, but I'm guessing it's slightly higher up the baby health chart than amphetamine laced diet powders. Still, if this bastard pops out with an awkward shaped head, I'd blame it on the industrial strength girdles Kim is... read more

Vanessa Hudgens Gives The Finger

I've never understood the middle finger. A punch, a kick, a warning shot just short of taking off some toes, even verbal abuse. I get all that. Makes me a little melancholy for my childhood. But this middle finger nonsense from grown celebrities? Really? That's so fifth... read more

Nina Adgal Modeling Swim And Lingerie For Aerie

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Elvis Has Sent The Ricin

What a weird horrible fucking week. The Boston Marathon bombings, the fertilizer plant that blew up in Texas, and the ricin laced letters sent to the president and a senator from an insane Elvis impersonator. What? Yes. The FBI has arrested a fucked up paranoid yokel... read more

Sarah Hyland Is Confused

Sarah Hylandwas spotted looking a bit flustered and uncomfortable while walking through LAX, but I really don't know what all her confusion was about. I clearly stated follow the instructions, so relax, just do as you were told and no one gets hurt. It's all right there... read more