the police were or were not called on Chris Brown

Depending on who's right, the NYPD was either called or not this morning after Chris Brown threw a hissy fit and smashed a window at Good Morning America, and now may or may not be in trouble. Radar quotes a source who says... "The police weren't called, and unless ABC decides to call the NYPD, no action will be taken." While TMZ says as close as you can get to the exact opposite short of writing the more

Paris Hilton hates black people

Remember that time Paris Hilton was at a club and someone was filming it and she looked into the camera and said, "We're like two niggers." If you don't watch the video above because that's it. Well the reason she said that is because she was out partying and drunk but mostly because she's racist as fuck and always has been. LA Weekly has an excerpt from a new book about Hollywood from reporter Neil Straus, more

Chris Brown is tired of there bullsh*t

Though Good Morning America host Robin Roberts now says she talked to Brown before their interview today and got his direct approval to ask about Rihanna, once she did, he quietly simmered and then freaked the fuck out. At first he just tried to change the subject, saying... "It's not really a big deal to me now as far as that situation. I think I'm past that in my life. I think today's the album day so that's more

Kirstie Alley was finally on Dancing With The Stars

Kirstie Alley made her debut last night on the premiere of Dancing With The Stars, and despite being 60 and stuffed with gummi bears, she didn't break anything, like her shoes or legs or partner, and apparently turned in one of the better performances of the night. "I think we're just scratching the surface on what you can do," Bruno Tonioli told Alley after her lively routine. "Your foot placement on the more

Chris Brown went nuts, smashed a window on GMA

The last time we saw Chris Brown, he was telling the New York Post that he's a grown ass man and was done apologizing for beating up Rihanna. He said it was a "mishap", a one time thing, punching a woman in the face was just a phase, like fubu jerseys, and he was over it. He even said... " can't walk around mad, because then you just prove everybody right that you're an angry person." So Chris Brown isn' more

JWoww is in a bikini

JWoww put on a bikini and went poolside in Miami earlier today, and just look at her expression as she admires her huge implants. She's so pleased, so proud, she's practically beaming. You'd think she was watching her son win the heisman. (image source = fame)read more

Lady Gaga is losing her hair

I'm naturally beautiful with a classically handsome face, so I basically roll out of bed in the morning and look amazing, but there are other people who God hates, so he makes them ugly. Like Lady Gaga. She's only 24 and she has to slather on so many chemicals to look human she's already losing her hair. The icon is already facing repercussions because of her addiction to fashion. She's bleached her hair so much more

CBS wants Charlie Sheen back at work

The reason that some people think Hollywood only cares about money is because Hollywood only cares about money, and so with that in mind, CBS President Les Moonves is reportedly trying to find a way to get Charlie Sheen back to work on Two and a Half Men, despite the fact that he's an unstable and violent lunatic. But Moonves has a plan; just ignore it. (Moonves) is ready, willing, and able to forgive and forget more

was Bradley Cooper cheating with Jessica Biel?

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger announced this weekend that they had broken up after dating for about 2 years, and popeater makes it sound like it was simply a case of two people being at different points in their lives. "She's 41 and has an Oscar. She's starting to think about children and settling down while Bradley loves his life exactly as it is. It's taken him a long time to be an A-list actor, and he' more

Katherine Heigl is in a bikini

Katherine Heigl and her big tits and her cigarettes and her husband Josh Kelley were all in Miami this weekend, and, years from now, these might be remembered as the definitive Katherine Heigl pictures. This all by itself is almost everything you need to know about her. She either smokes 24 hours a day or she's a dragon, and she has a pissy attitude but she's blond with D's so people put up with it. But this (and more

Sofia Vergara is attractive

Sofia Vergara and her amazing cleavage were on set for Modern Family today, and my philosophy for running a website is to post pictures of hot girls with huge boobs. That's how I roll. (image source = flynet)read more

Ashley Greene is resilient

It was just yesterday morning when a rep announced that Ashley Greene had broken up with Joe Jonas after dating for 8 months. Immediately after that she spent the rest of the day with Jared Followill, the bass player for Kings of Leon. Who ever could have guessed that an attractive woman would be an ice cold, black-hearted monster who cares nothing of the trail of broken hearts she leaves in her wake? Not me! ( more

Lindsay Lohan hasn't changed in the slightest

Lindsay Lohan is back home in Long Island this week for some "quiet time" with her family between trials, which in reality of course means she spent the week hitting clubs in the city, making out with random guys and fucking Samantha Ronson. Page Six says... On Wednesday, Lohan hit the scene at The Lion before visiting two clubs where she was spotted kissing a mystery man. She even managed to fit in a more

Stephanie Seymour is busty

Stephanie Seymour is still on Saint-Barth and still in a bikini, and obviously she's heavier than she used to be, but hey, "titties are titties" as President Obama likes to say. Yesterday she was on Saline Beach with her husband Peter Brant and their family, but these pictures are mostly her with her little girl. So they're a dream come true if you have one of two very specific sexual interests. Weirdo. (image more

Thursday afternoon headlines

DARREN ARONOFSKY - will no longer direct the Wolverine sequel, stating that it would keep him in Japan for over a year, and he didn't want to be apart from his family for that long. Also Japan glows in the dark now. (e.w.) THE X FACTOR - has found their first judge to join Simon Cowell, and its LA Reid, arguably the most powerful man in music. While chairmen of Island Def Jam Records (he resigned today to take more