Sara Jean Underwood in Lingerie

Men and women can be just friends. If your definition of friend is somebody who will try to get his cock inside of you the minute you show the slightest hint of weakness. Guys love Sara Jean Underwood because they imagine her to be a cool chick friend they can hang out... read more

Charlie Sheen Remembers That He's Not White

Charlie Sheen will be billed by his birth name of Carlos Estevez in Robert Rodriguez's upcoming Machete Kills. It seems that he suddenly remembered that part of his tiger/wizard/dragon blood is Latino. His dad Martin Sheen changed his own name fromRamón Antonio Gerardo... read more

Nicole Murphy In A Bikini

Photo Credit: PCN [gallery ids="1387202,1387212,1387222,1387232,1387242,1387252,1387262,1387272,1387282,1387292,1387302"] read more

Fatkini Sells Out Like Hotcakes With Melted Butter and Extra Syrup

Plus-sized fashion blogger Gabi Gregg knew what every fat woman desired deep down. No, not to be less fat. Though that was my first guess too. It's to finally have a bikini to look amazing at the swimming pool this summer. Since none existed, Gabbi designed once herself... read more

We Get It, Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper and the cast of The Hangover 3 attended the film's premiere at the Grand Rex Theater in Paris, and he did that thing where he showed up and smiled and took pictures with fans because he's full of shit. Charm, I meant charm. Then a dozen models showed up... read more

Someone Threw Underwear At Lana Del Ray

Lana Del Ray performed at Vicar Street in Dublin on Sunday night, and all of the drunken Irish people must have been really confused as they wondered why Julia Roberts' younger sister was spinning in circles on the stage. At one point during the show, though, a fan threw... read more

How Does A Kardashian Porn Parody Work?

Kiara Mia (above left) is the star of such porn classics as Shrimp Fried Pussy, Couples Bang the Babysitter 8, Bra Busters 4, Mama's Got Big Boobies, Tit-illation, Oil Overload 8 and, of course, A Love Story. But at age 36, Kiara is looking to expand her repertoire from... read more

Sylvie Van Der Vaart Had Cancer Too (VIDEO)

I like Dutch girls. They're blonde and spunky and I have no idea what they're saying. Perfect. Euro reality show judge Sylvie Van Der Vaart beat breast cancer the old fashioned way. A shitload of chemo and a will to live. On holidays, why not salute the old school girls.... read more

Ireland Baldwin Paddle Boarding In A Bikini

When I was seventeen, I had to go to school. I think it was actually a law. And I had to sell women's shoes after school. That wasn't a law, but weed doesn't just grow on trees. I didn't know there was an option for modeling. Hanging out on the beach. Going to Hawaii.... read more

Amanda Bynes Is Suing Everybody... Again

Amanda Bynes is not going gentle into that 5150 good night. According to her latest Twants, She's suing the cops, her building management, a few tabloids, the unkempt guy who mans the shwarma stand on her corner, and the cockroach who judges her from his IKEA dresser... read more

Olivia Wilde In a Bikini

Here's Olivia Wilde in a bikini in Hawaii. She says she likes to have marathon sex with her fiance Jason Sudeikis. For his part, Jason prefers to spend the rare time his dick is not inside Olivia slicing open goats in pagan sacrifice to the underworld beast to whom he... read more

Shia LaBeouf Is a Lethal Tool

Just knowing how much damage he's done in the past with his facial pouts and his lukewarm Starbucks and throwing his nose at bar-goers fists, I fear for a world in which Shia LaBeouf's hands are registered lethal weapons. I don't know where exactly he'd register them.... read more