Kate Moss Is a Fun Mom

Kate Moss is a real woman with real woman feelings. She's not some stoned Barbie doll existing merely for you to mock and ridicule. She's a wife and a working mom and a contributing member of her society. Sometimes I wish people would look past the gossip and the snark... read more

Alessandra Ambrosio Is Still Good At Being Pretty

Victoria's Secret model and all-around attractive Brazilian woman Alessandra Ambrosio had a photo shoot in downtown Los Angeles yesterday, and it really challenged her to push her talents to the limits. At one point, she was wearing one dress, but then she changed into... read more

Ashton Kutcher And Mila Kunis Are Engaged

Confirming what everyone has known for what feels like years, or at least since he dumped his grandmother's bridge partner, Ashton Kutcher has reportedly finally put an engagement ring on Mila Kunis' finger. The co-stars of That 70s Show have been very visibly dating for... read more

Melanie Griffith Doesn't Give A Fuck

Most restaurants in major cities have either banned smoking or hired someone to blast you in the face with a fire hose if you even think about lighting up in or around the property, but the staff at this restaurant in West Hollywood didn't seem to mind when Melanie... read more

Instant Retraction: Carl's Jr. Burgers Are Fucking Awesome

Five seconds ago I made an off-the-cuff and not entirely complimentary remark about Carl's Jr. burgers. Since that time I've come to realize that their burgers are totally fucking awesome and that they might be on our list of intended advertising targets. Not that one... read more

Nina Adgal Likes Her Some Fish

Nobody's managed to more successfully mix the themes of cheap processed meat and the chances of having sex with a hot woman so well as Carl's Jr.. Carl Karcher was a pretty conservative Orange Country guy, Bircher, didn't like the gays too much, so they waited until the... read more

Lisa Opie In A White Bikini

Girls seem to get very important calls at the beach. I'm not sure who they're conversing with, but I just assume they're moving ten billion shares of Dynacorp or ordering the death of sub-Saharan militia leaders for snaking their blood diamonds. It's possible they are... read more

Katy Perry: Midwife With a Healthy Rack

Katy Perry is apparently now delivering babies in people's homes. You know, because having big yabbos and formerly laying beneath Jon Mayer and Russell Brand give you the requisite knowledge to assist in childbirth. Katy bragged on Twitter that she helped someone give... read more

Maria Menounos Desperate to Get One Male Viewer

I'm worried that if I watch I ever watch Extra, my balls will shrivel up like a time lapse clip on how grapes are made into raisins. Even the rugged presence of AC Slater can't elevate that show to baseline masculine viewing standards. Still, they've got Maria Menounos... read more

Rihanna Is Super Stylish

A jacket that keeps you warm is a jacket and will run you about a hundred bucks. But a jacket that shows off your bare tits in Paris is a coat that'll tick you two-thousand at the register. To understand the world of fashion, just imagine being an idiot with cash. I got... read more

Jessica Clarke Models Bikinis For The Melissa Odabash 2014 Collection

Photo Credit: Melissa Odabash [gallery ids="1732567,1732568,1732569,1732570,1732571,1732572,1732573,1732574,1732575,1732576,1732577,1732578,1732579,1732580,1732581,1732582,1732583,1732584,1732585,1732586,1732587,1732588,1732589,1732591,1732590,1732592"] read more

NFL Managers Want to Nail Blake Bortles' Hot Girlfriend

Highly rated college QB Blake Bortles got stuck with a stupid name. But name's are only stupid when you're not making NFL starting QB dollars with hot blonde girls begging to make your dick smile. Blake Bortles' girlfriend Lindsey Duke got suddenly discovered as a thing... read more