Lil Za Arrested While Being Arrested

Justin Bieber's life partner and loyal fall guy Lil Za was arrested again for vandalism while still in custody on a drug possession charge. We told you yesterday about the raid at Justin Bieber's house looking for evidence to connect him and his rent boys to an egging... read more

Ireland Baldwin Shows Off Cleavage for S.I.

Ireland Baldwin is at the age now when it's time to start using her tits more to get officially noticed. She was at a Sports Illustrated swimsuit anniversary party, part of the 364 days a year that the magazine spends promoting the one day a year people still purchase... read more

Justin Bieber's Friends Are Mad At The LAPD

While people across the world were dying from war, famine and disease, cable news channels were covering the most important event of the week: LAPD officers raiding Justin Bieber's house because he allegedly egged his neighbor. Obviously we eat this shit up, because fuck... read more

Doutzen Kroes Wears A Sports Bra For A Victoria's Secret Event In Miami

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News, WENN [gallery guid=804444] read more

Candice Swanepoel's Vacation Seems Nice

If you're still depressed about Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's vacation coming to an end, I have some good news for you. Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel is on vacation somewhere in South America, possibly El Tittydor, and she is handling the very important duties... read more

Lindsay Lohan Is The New Queen Of England

We teach children not to feed wild animals because they can become dependent on humans as a food source and it fucks up the whole circle of life. Consider Lindsay Lohan a rabid, tired-looking raccoon and the London police are a stupid little kid that just gave her a... read more

Public Marriage Proposals Ruin Everything (VIDEO)

Our fathers and forefathers didn't fight great wars so that douchey attention seeking dudes could make public spectacle marriage proposals to their shocked girlfriends. It started with people interrupting parties for their big announcements, then ruining sporting events... read more

Kanye Wants Kim On The Cover Of Vogue

Kanye West is being a huge pain in the ass to Anna Wintour to get his slutty wife on the cover of Vogue. Kanye was reportedly spotted chewing Wintour's ear off in Beverly Hills to plead Kim's case. Anna Wintour is the notorious white witch editor of Vogue and she... read more

Rihanna Nipples Might Still Have a Thing for Chris Brown

Rihanna's new duet with Colombian midget Shakira, Can't Remember to Forget You, might be about how she still has strong feelings for Chris Brown. That lovable little scamp. Girls who like to dismiss the abusive woman-hitting parts of angry Chris Brown because he's... read more

Allen Henson Sued For Photographing Tits on the Empire State Building

Gotham has been attacked by numerous nefarious villains, but none more depraved and inhuman than Allen Henson, a photographer who gets chicks to take their tops off in public places around N.Y.C. According to the people who charge you $60 to ride up the Empire State... read more

Laura Cremaschi In A Pink Thong Bikini

Yes, Laura, we see your tits. You can't go through life marching around like you're back in your twelve and under pedo-pageants in Italy trying to win the skills competition for the local wealthy furriers. You've got big fake boobs now. Act like a grown up and quit the... read more

Slaves Had It Better Than Jennifer Lawrence

Director David O. Russell got into trouble this week when he compared leading lady Jennifer Lawrence's work on The Hunger Games to slavery. He was talking to the NY Daily News about his favorite young ingenue and how he worries about her health because she works too hard... read more