Emily Ratajkowski Poses In Santa Lingerie

Like many people, I find the holiday times can bring on severe blues that can really only be solved by drinking seasonal spirits and fervently masturbating to girls in Santa's helper outfits. Even the Grinchiest of Grinches will find his dick growing three sizes looking... read more

Rosanne Barr Gets Drunk and Swears at Hollywood

Here's a lesson learned in life. People will put up with you being a total asshole if you're rich or powerful or can help them with shit or they even think you can help them with shit. At some point, people used to brown nose Roseanne Barr and tell her her shit didn't... read more

Charlie Sheen Takes Break from Custody Battle to Go to Cabo with Porn Star (VIDEO)

There's really no better way to show the courts that you're a fit parent than to spend the Thanksgiving holiday banging a porn star in your Cabo hotel room. It screams good daddy. I guess you could make it worse by Tweeting all about it like Charlie Sheen did, reminding... read more

Helen Flanagan Poses In Lingerie For The November Issue Of Nuts Magazine

Photo Credit: Nuts [gallery guid=804709] read more

Kim Kardashian Inexplicably Not Such a Great Mom

America's favorite baby mama, Kim Kardashian, is tired of people saying she is a shitty mother. Ever since she yelped out Kanye West's bastard child from her lower gaping maw in June, she's seems to have gone on with her life as if nothing happened. She still follows... read more

Lindsay Lohan Is Suing Over Grand Theft Auto V

No matter how long she tried to play the clean and sober role or pretend like she just wanted to focus on a normal, mature adult life, it was only a matter of time before the crazy Lindsay Lohan news started popping up again. According to TMZ, Lohan's lawyers are in the... read more

Joe Jonas Blames Everything On Miley Cyrus

Yesterday, Vulture published a tell-all feature written by Joe Jonas from the December 9 issue of New York Magazine, and if you were hoping for a story about teenage groupie orgies, drinking heroin from open track marks and hiding murdered hooker corpses in the Vegas... read more

The Kardashians Released Their Christmas Card

On last night's episode of Kashing In With the Kardashians, Kris Jenner and her living, breathing ATMs showed off their brand new Christmas card, which shockingly reveals that this family loves taking all of your money. I'm told that the image above is not actually the... read more

Everybody Loves a Dead Paul Walker

You're cursed if you weren't lucky enough to die before the social media age. Not only are your loved ones going to find out about your demise through a Seth Green tweet, but you're going to have tons of people you barely knew trying to outdo one another on who loved you... read more

Maria Bello Is Gay Now Too

Eventually, Hollywood will calibrate to the approximately fifty-percent gay and lesbian high school drama class demo. Which means a shit ton more coming out stories are on their way. Celebrity coming out stories obligate a series of rousing ovations like when a returning... read more

Max George From Boy Band The Wanted Now Boning Nina Agdal

Boy bands will never go away until we stop rewarding their behavior. It's perfectly understandable that 12-year old girls need to learn how to diddle themselves over some sexually safe young male fantasy figures. That's what Lance Bass was for. He was going to be so... read more

Doutze Kroes Is a True Feminist

What happened to the days when feminists burned their bras and had sex with guys who couldn't normally get laid just to prove how independent they were. Damn, those were good feminist times for men. Now it's all blogging about crappy dates and exposing rape culture and... read more