Lindsay Lohan Smoking On The Balcony Of Her Malibu Rehab

The criminal justice system does not take lightly the sins of Lindsay Lohan. Whether it be four hours in the slammer or 90 day sentences to rehab centers overlooking the Pacific ocean, Lady Justice keeps whacking her a solid one. Watching Lindsay smoke a cig and take in... read more

Victoria Beckham Finally Happy... To Be in China

Catching sour putty faced Victoria Beckham smiling even for a single shutter frame is worth a small fortune to collectors of the weird and unique. But here's something that seems to make the rich girl smile. Take her to China. She's been there with her husband this week... read more

Sergey Brin In Google Glasses

Someday, everybody who founded Google will be wearing these Google glasses. Also, probably a good percentage of the young billionaire market. They're really catching on. Which is important, because when they play that commercial from Halloween III: The Season of the... read more

The North Name Gets Even Lamer

By now we all know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West named their womb ferret North West. But why? Why, of all the names in the whole world did they pick a fucking direction as a name? Was it simply to make a stupid pun? According to sources close to the obnoxious... read more

Who the Fuck Vacations in Pakistan?

Of course I feel bad for the latest round of nine tourists killed in some place I can't imagine a tourist would ever want to visit. Like tribal Pakistan. There's a really big mountain there. It's called Nanga Parbat, the ninth tallest in the world. It's affectionately... read more

Joyce Giraud Cleavage Out In West Hollywood

Photo Credit: Splash [gallery id="5660"] read more

Harry Styles Let One Direction Eat His Candy Thong (VIDEO)

This video is almost a week old, but it's worth sharing because it's both great to see that idiot kids are still violently hurling random objects at the guys from One Direction at their shows and Harry Styles still isn't fooling anyone. There have always been questions... read more

Lais Ribeiro In A Bikini

If you have a chance to opt for being young and hot and Brazilian, I'd go for that. You'll never buy yourself another drink in your life. Also, you get to leave Brazil. Sure, you can go back during non-riot season, and in between the months shopkeepers are allowed to gun... read more

Aaron Carter Got His Ass Kicked

A quick journey into the caverns of wisdom that make up Aaron Carter's Twitter and Instagram accounts would lead you to believe that the 25-year old singer uses social networking solely to get laid, and you'd probably be right. But he also uses it to let his followers... read more

Naked Bar Refaeli Makes Shopping Look Fun

I don't know what's happening behind that giant Louboutin bag that Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli posted to her Instagram account yesterday, but I have a hell of an imagination and can give it the old college try. I'm guessing there are two, maybe three breasts behind... read more

Abercrombie & Fitch Back Down to Taylor Swift Twit Army

The most ruthless and heartless power in this world is young teen-aged girl music fans. They will cut your fucking heart out and lap up your blood as your fade from your mortal coils. Bieber fans are notorious for their online death threats of any woman associated with... read more

LeAnn Rimes In A Bikini

There are two types of crazy. The kind where you're mumbling in the streets pushing a shopping cart full of shredded plastic. And the kind where you're a celebrity with enough draw and money to let your crazy leak out in little eccentric bursts. That's Leann Rimes. The... read more