Lindsay Lohan is naked (no not really)

There's a picture everywhere today (uncensored full size copy here), purportedly showing Lindsay Lohan topless in a promo for Inferno, a movie that never really existed but one that she got fired from anyway. In reality, the picture shows Tamara Mellon, the millionaire founder of Jimmy Choo who was at one time attached to star in this pretend movie, and I guess that was enough for the hack director to make her more

Jennifer Aniston told Chelsea Handler to shut up

Jennifer Aniston is upset with Chelsea Handler for calling Angelina Jolie a home wrecker and a cunt, because, as we all know, Jennifer has tried so hard to keep her feelings about Angelina private, and the last thing she wants to do is to keep reviving stories about her and Brad Pitt. No seriously that's what this says. As you can probably tell, it makes a lot more sense if you haven't read anything about more

Christina Aguilera has new leaked, sorta naked pictures

Christina Aguilera has a new movie, a new boyfriend, and a (pretty good) new song with T.I., but she still seems to be depressed lately and filled with self doubt. She needs to feel like a woman again, for the world to see her as a sex object again, so here are some new leaked candid pictures of her in some weird outfit where she's pinching her nipples while 98 percent naked. You're Welcome Christina! (NOTE - its more

Katy Perry is changing her name to Katy Brand

"Get ready to adjust your iTunes." said the Huffington Post ("Not gonna be an issue," replied every straight male on earth) because Katy Perry will now be known as Katy Brand following her marriage to alleged comedian Russell Brand in October. When asked by Ellen DeGeneres (in an appearance that will air today) if she'll take Brands last name, Perry said she already has. She's called Brand, she told Ellen, " more

Kelly Brook is photogenic

Kelly Brook was the star of tonight's British Fashion Awards Zolo at The Savoy in London, wearing a dress that showed off her awesome legs and boobs. I mean, look at her. She looks great right? Any man would rush the red carpet if they saw this right? My new friends in the cell here all agree she initiated all this by being a total cock more

KIm Kardashian is dating some new guy

Kim Kardashian has of course been dating Halle Berrys ex Gabriel Aubry lately, even though she's obviously pregnant with Kanye Wests baby, but now she's reportedly ended things with Aubry and has moved on to some NBA player that I've never heard of because the NBA sucks. Life and Style says... "Kim feels like Gabriel was just using her for her fame," an insider close to Kim tells Life & Style. Plus, Gabriel, 34, more

Jessica Simpson sold $750,000,000 in clothes

This story should be a real inspiration for someone who sucks at something (fashion, for example) but still wants to make a lot of money doing it. The Jessica Simpson Collection, it turns out, has become one of the most successful celebrity fashion lines of all time, according to WWD. It will most likely become the first ever to earn more than a billion dollars in retail sales, considering her line brought in more

Kim Kardashian has been brought back to life

On December 1st, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Seacrest and others all grossly over estimated their popularity and "died" on Twitter and Facebook, vowing not to post again until they raised 1 million dollars for the Keep a Child Alive AIDS campaign. It did not work, and so far only raised $450,000, so yesterday they persuaded some billionaire to pay the rest in order to get back online and more

Brad Pitt has the right idea

Last night was the big New York premiere for the Tourist, starring Angelina Jolie and Johny Depp, and when Jolie walked the red carpet with her lover Brad Pitt, he spent most of the time with his hand planted right on her luscious ass. Meanwhile, over in LA, Jennifer Aniston made a little bow tie and top hat for her cats wedding this weekend. Lookin' good, Mr. Boots!read more

Kim Kardashian is pregnant, and Kanye West is the father

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have never officially dated, but they have been friends for a long time, and that's why Kanye filmed some scenes for her TV show in October (pics above and below). And so how did Kim show her gratitude? Umm, well. Media Take Out says... (We) spoke with a person VERY CLOSE to Kim Kardashian this morning. And according to them, Kim is PREGNANT!! "Kim has been seeing Kanye off and on more

Britney had a romantic weekend with her boyfreind

Even though Star said he's a violent lunatic, Britney Spears spent a romantic weekend on the beach in Mexico with her boyfriend Jason Trawick, a move that might seem like a publicity stunt but that was actually planed long ago because last Thursday was her birthday (she's 29). People magazine says... Last week, Spears's camp denied a tabloid report that Trawick "beat on" her. And their intimate getaway, which more

Chelsea Handler called Angelina Jolie a "f***ing c***."

Chelsea Handler (who was sleeping with the president of E when she got her talk show. which is on E. what a coincidence!) was in Mexico last week, spending her Thanksgiving vacation with new BFF Jennifer Aniston. Gee, I wonder what they talked about. says... "(Angelina Jolie is) a homewrecker," Handler, 35 (*), said. "She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants. I don't f***ing more

Amber Heard is a lesbian now

Amber Heard was at the GLAAD 25th anniversary party in Hollywood this weekend, and that would seem to be a good place to do it if she wanted to tell everyone she's gay. And so that's what she did. And I would be all, "Oh my gosh that sure is surprising" if I could remember who Amber Heard was and if that was the appropriate response. Radar says... Amber, who is Johnny Depp's leading lady in his upcoming The Rum Diary, more

its Taylor Swift and the Sad Cartoon Turtle

Us magazine has a new picture of Taylor Swift and Maggie "the Sad Cartoon Turtle" Gyllenhaal out for completely spontaneous walk, just like the one Taylor had with her totally real boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal a few days ago. And just like before, they're having so much fun laughing and pointing they didn't even notice that photographer directly in front of them. They only have this one picture though, probably more

"Brittney Spears" has new audio

If you don't know, Radar Online and Star (and the National Enquirer) are all owned by the same company, so when you see that Radar and Star are saying Britney Spears gets knocked around by her boyfriend, it's actually the same story with the same source. That would be Jason Alexander, who they refer to as Britneys ex husband, even though their marriage was annulled 55 hours after it happened. So he's not her more