Snooki's Own Tits Disgust Her

I'm not sure why Snooki picked just her tits, but apparently the little marmot is disgusted by her own boobs since giving birth to her first bastard baby last year. My boobs are disgusting. My boobs are hanging, my boobs got so big. You can't see now because I have a bra... read more

Sophie Simmons In a Bikini

Sophie Simmons is growing up big. Fast, I meant to say fast, fuck. Now Gene Simmons is going to Krav Maga the shit out of my neck. As long as I'm going down, I might as well point out that his daughter has a sweet mons. Fuck. Hammerfist. Photo Credit: Splash [gallery... read more

Woman Stabs Boyfriend For Playing The Eagles

A woman in South Carolinastabbed her boyfriend for listening to The Eagles. It seems that Vernett Bader, (she's single now, boys), was watching TV when her live-in boyfriend started playing the fucking Eagles. She asked him to turn it down and he didn't. Don Henley's... read more

It Won't Be Long Now Until Miranda Kerr Is Single

I guess Orlando Bloom was a thing for the ladies when he was swashbuckling in Pirates, now he's doing Romeo and Juliet on Broadway and putting around town with his motorcycle helmet pretending that his hot wife is not soon to be banging another man. I might be reading... read more

Olivia Wilde In The October Issue Of Allure

Photo Credit: Allure Magazine [gallery guid=805113] read more

Sky Ferreira and Pretty Boyfriend In a Shitload of Trouble

I don't remember much about Sky Ferreira, except she had some weird kid singer relationship with Michael Jackson. Weird because she's a girl I mean. Either way, every alumnus of Neverland Ranch eventually seems to find their way into hardcore drugs. Like Sky and her... read more

Jon Gosselin Is a Happy Waiter

Jon Gosselin is now waiting tables to try to pay the rent on his crappy cottage in the woods. It's his rundown fortress of solitude where he's hiding from his horrid ex-wife and bill collectors. But he's happy. Because even a big dick like Jon Gosselin is still a man,... read more

Tara Reid Looked Kind Of Normal Again

Tara Reid is a 37-year old with a history of hard partying, so obviously her best days are behind her and we've definitely seen some of her worst days already. But when she showed up to the Legends Beyond event in Beverly Hills last night with her boyfriend (not pictured... read more

Behati Prinsloo Models Victoria's Secret Lingerie

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret [gallery guid=805117] read more

Selena Gomez's Russian Shows Canceled Because Putin Hates The Gays

Pop singer and former Justin Bieber penis pocket Selena Gomez was supposed to be playing two huge shows in Russia next Monday and Wednesday, but now it seems that her week has just opened up. Russian officials denied her visa this week, thus canceling her shows because... read more

Courtney Stodden Got Hammered In London

Courtney Stodden's reign of terror in the United Kingdom continued last night, as she partied at the Whiskey Mist nightclub in London with one of her former Celebrity Big Brother castmates who looked old enough to be Doug Hutchison's actual wife. But when it was time to... read more

Barb Thomas Has No Arms and Bodybuilds, What the Fuck Do You Do?

The story of Barb Thomas, the late 30-something body and fitness competition chick with no arms has been making the media rounds. It's another one of these deeply inspirational stories that will mostly only make you feel like shit. When your old high school buddy who was... read more