MSNBC Fires Alec Baldwin for Being a Dick

In a move nobody cares about by a network that nobody watches, noted gay rights activist and homophobe Alec Baldwin has lost his late night talk show, Up Late. Alec Baldwin apologists are quick to point out that the firing is not directly related Baldwin's 'fag' slurs in... read more

Lamar Odom Wants $10 Million to Keep the Kardashian Family Secrets

Lamar Odom is not going away cheaply. Apparently he wants ten million in Kardashian bitcoin to walk away from Khloe Kardashian and the family and keep his mouth shut about all their behind the sausage factory gristle. He also wants his $875K engagement ring back from... read more

Miranda Kerr Wears A Tiny Bikini

I predict that Miranda Kerr comes up aces with the next stage of her life. Some girls lose their husband and their job in the same year and they fall to piece. Those girls don't look Miranda Kerr. They probably wear normal size bikinis too. Photo Credit: I-D Magazine... read more

Ex-Marine Waitress Might Have Been Seeking Gay Bonus Points

My gaydar is pretty whack. I still believe that everybody on my high school wrestling team was straight. The couple who had former Marine Dayna Morales as a waitress in Jersey nailed her as lesbo the minute they saw her butch haircut. The couple simmered throughout... read more

Chris Brown Denied Weed In Rehab

Chris Brown is having a little bit of trouble adjusting to anger management rehab. The reason? They took his weed away. It seems that Chris got into an altercation with the staff when they wouldn't let him carry his dank stash into the facility. You know, since they're... read more

Doutzen Kroes Models Lingerie For Victoria's Secret

Photo Credit: Victoria's Secret [gallery guid=804727] read more

Mel Gibson is Dressing His Age

Mel Gibson is 57 years old, which means he's old enough to be someone's grandfather or even great-grandfather if he lives in the South, but here he is arriving at the studio for Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday, dressed like he just got done with his shift at PacSun. I kind... read more

Diane Kruger Relaxes In A Bikini Poolside In Mexico

Photo Credit: FameFlynet, Splash [gallery guid=804729] read more

Ke$ha is Being Edgy Again

Whenever Ke$ha defends herself against her critics, she claims that we're all just people who aren't in on the joke. But the thing about jokes is that when they're not funny, people don't always get them, so maybe it's time that Ke$ha did herself a favor and explained... read more

Joanna Krupa Just Wants to Eat in Peace

Polish model Joanna Krupa went out for dinner at Mr. Chow in Beverly Hills last night, and it appears that the Real Housewives of Miami star just wanted a little privacy for once in her hectic life. Of course, if you look at these photos like they're a flipbook about a... read more

Courtney Stodden Needed More Boning

Here's something your mother may not tell you when you're 15 and you meet a 50-year old man online -- don't believe the hype. How will you take it when your older online pervert needs a nap after just twenty minutes of spanking you for being a naughty schoolgirl? Sure,... read more

Stoning Is Back, Finally

You really don't know how much you miss something until it's gone. The whole NATO incursion into Afghanistan kind of fucked up a lot of the long standing local recreational outlets. Floggings, lashings, and even pederastic rape are harder to find in the major cities.... read more