Khloe Kardashian Needs to Beef Up Security

Khloe Kardashian may be built like a WWII era German flak tower, but there's no such thing as a completely impenetrable fortress. An intoxicated Bigfoot hunter wrapped up Khloe from behind as she tried to make her way into Miley's Bangerz tour. How Khloe's bodyguards let... read more

Bieber Faces the Music

Justin Bieber is facing his haters with love and a shitload of attorneys. The twink pop star has chosen to stand trial for his DUI arrest in Miami. The prosecutors had offered the diminutive Canadian a plea deal where he'd get off  with standard celebrity justice:... read more

Lea Michele Still Riding Dead Cory Monteith

Lea Michele's girlfriends have been urging her to move on from Dead Cory Monteith. That's what girlfriends do. Check out your own lady's circle of friends, someday they will be convincing her to stop visiting your grave and to start sleeping with the guy down the hall.... read more

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton End Their Endless Love

Robin Thicke separated from his wife Paula Patton after 9 years of marriage and being exclusive sweethearts since sophomore year of high school. According to baseless gossip, and a few less baseless photos, Robin has had wandering gonads since hitting it big with his... read more

Khloe Kardashian Goes Braless In The April 2014 Issue Of Cosmopolitan

Photo Credit: Khloe Kardashian [gallery ids="1732161,1732162,1732163,1732164,1732165"] read more

Nina Agdal Models Bikinis For Spring Summer 2014 Accessorize

Photo Credit: Accessorize [gallery ids="1732132,1732133,1732134,1732135,1732136,1732137,1732138,1732139,1732140"] read more

Julianne Hough Is Such A Free Spirit

Taking a much deserved vacation somewhere on the brink of irrelevancy, Julianne Hough also took a moment to make a memory with the photographers that are keep her career on life support by whipping out her iPhone and snapping a shot for her album. The actress and her... read more

People Who Shouldn't Be Famous Don't Look Happy About Being Famous

Scott Disick is famous because he's the boyfriend of one of the sisters of a girl who fucked a nobody on camera, and because he knocked her up a couple times, he has secured some good face time on their bullshit reality show. If he wasn't with Kourtney Kardashian, he'd... read more

At Least The Entourage Movie Will Be Good For Something

Despite the success of the TV series, none of the actors from Entourage have ever really gone on to do anything else of importance, which is obviously why they decided to go back to the well and pretend like people still care about these hollow characters. For the actors... read more

Zero Dark Pedo Mustache

I thought I was pissed about that waffle taco, but when I surveyed my true feelings, the Mexi-thing that was making me mad was this manhunt for Joaquín Guzmán Loera, aka El Chapo aka Shorty the drug kingpin of Sinaloa. Just look at this bad-ass. Forget Bin Laden, this... read more

This Waffle Is Really Pissing Me Off

It's time for Mexicans to rise up in yet another futile and empty protest. Taco Bell has taken a centuries old complex cuisine, shit it out into pre-fabricated plastic molds, added spackle and minced termites, and called it Mexican food. We all stood by while Taco Bell... read more

Joanna Krupa Seems Like a Good Wife

Maybe it's because she's still ten years behind the curve of her alcohol-addicted, carved up shrill Housewife castmates, but Joanna Krupa actually makes marriage look like a viable lifestyle option. The newlywed stage does seem to bring out the best in couples, a nice... read more