Chris Brown Partied With Playboy Models (VIDEO)

On one hand, it's probably the least surprising revelation of the year that when told Monday that his probation was revoked and that he'd have to appear in court in August to face possible jail time, Chris Brown went and partied at the Playboy Mansion one night later. I... read more

Snooki Has Almost Finished Imploding

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi and Jenni "JWoWW" Farley were among the guests of honor at Self Magazine's Rock the Summer party at Kiss and Fly in New York City, and it's just remarkable how different these two look from their days as the stars of MTV's The Jersey Shore. It... read more

Heidi Klum Might Not Have Any Nipples

If there's one thing that Heidi Klum loves more than being a world famous super model earning more money in a month than most people in Detroit will earn in their lives, it's almost showing her tits on Twitter. But as I've become quite the fan of her semi-nude efforts in... read more

Asiana Airlines Horribly Wrong Attorney Naming Contest For Money

Update 7/17: Seeing as how Asiana dropped their lawsuit suddenly, this contest is ending at 3pm Pacific today. Get your entries in now, lazy ass mofo. When I think about how much trouble I'm going to get in for this, I get very happy. Given that Asian Airlines is now... read more

Alexis Bellino In A Bikini

The more Bravo trots out middle-aged drunks with plastic surgery scars for their reality shows, the more I realize their survey data shows this is what appeals to gay men and their older female BFFs. These folks will occasionally try argue with straight men that they... read more

Cory Monteith Toxicology: Heroin and Alcohol

It comes as absolutely zero surprise that Cory Monteith died from a drug overdose. Or just drugs I guess. They like to use the word overdose as if there's some standardly approved dose of heroin to put in your body. Which is the drug they found in Cory Monteith's body in... read more

Jenny McCarthy 'View' Appointment Sparks Outrage

Tons of people who get outraged over seemingly unimportant shit are outraged over the hiring of not so funny but definitely good looking Jenny McCarthy to be a new replacement hostess on the view. I was going to get all righteous along with the outraged, until I realized... read more

Justin Bieber Spits In Another Guy's Face

Justin Bieber is in trouble again for spitting in a dude's face. The incident allegedly happened when Biebs and his entourage were hanging at a club in Ohio. The dude was the DJ spinning at the Social Room in Columbus. Bieber's people thought that he was taking pictures... read more

Rihanna Goes Shopping In Her Swimsuit

Rihanna can do shit like going shopping in fancy French stores in her bathing suit, because, fuck you, she's Rihanna. I kind of like that actually. I once tried to get a hot dog at a mini-mart in just my swimsuit bottoms and the store owner cursed me out in a string of... read more

AnnaLynne McCord In A Bikini

AnnaLynne McCord always looks like she's thinking something deep. It's probably something more along the lines of 'damn, every dude on this beach wishes he was up in my stuff'. Which may not be profound, but it's certainly true. Photo Credit: PCN [gallery id="5519"] read more

Catholic Group Drops Agnieska Radwanska for Showing Off in ESPN Body Issue

Polish tennis star Agnieska Radwanska was until recently a spokesperson for the 'Youth Crusade' a Catholic church group trying to promote the slogan 'I'm not ashamed of Jesus'. Agnieska showed she was not ashamed of Jesus by spelling his name in tennis balls in... read more

Guy Gets His Dick Bitten By A Toilet Snake

A man in Israel got an unpleasant surprise when he sat on the toilet to drop some felafel bombs. By unpleasant surprise I mean he was bitten on the johnson by a giant fucking snake. It seems that the snake was hanging out in the toilet, like you do, just waiting for some... read more