Lil Wayne Walked On An American Flag (Video)

Lil Wayne was in New Orleans over the weekend to film the video for his new single, "God Bless Amerika", and you already know it's a controversial and edgy song because he misspelled America. The video opens with Weezy standing in front of a giant American flag, because... read more

Khloe In Love With Miracle Baby

It's not exactly clear why Khloe Kardashian believes Kim's baby is a miracle. Maybe it's related to all those teen years when mom was perfuming her up and whispering in her ear, don't worry, you can't get pregnant from black sperm. Still, Khloe believe it's a miracle,... read more

Kate Upton In Redemption Choppers Campaign

Photo Credit: Redemption Choppers [gallery ids="1422402,1422412,1422422,1422432"] read more

Scott Disick Stars In Kanye West's 'American Psycho' (Video)

Over the weekend, some grainy, incomprehensible footage of Scott Disick playing Patrick Bateman in American Psycho for one of Kanye West's promotional videos for "Yeezus" hit the web, but nobody could really appreciate the cheesy porn parody value of it until a cleaner... read more

Rita Ora Sports a Muffin Top

Sure, I've thought about how awesome it would be to live in a Fundamentalist Muslim nation where they stone women for revealing any hint of skin. But then I think, yeah, it's not so bad living in a place where women walk around half naked and actively engage in... read more

Sofia Vergara's Ass Wants To Say Hi

If Sofia Vergara is famous for anything, in a specific order, it would be: 1) Her giant tits. 2) Still her giant tits. 3) Modern Family. 4) Her giant tits again. 5) Any other acting that she's done. But now it seems she wants to get her fantastic ass into the pic, as she... read more

Kate Upton and Cameron Diaz in Bikinis on Set

The movie The Other Woman looks pretty good. It's about two girls both finding out they've been played by the same guy, so they team up to plot revenge. Which is just like real life. Except the part about women teaming up to do anything ever. Photo Credit: PCN [gallery... read more

Patrick Schwarzenegger Rides a Giant Pool Sweep

Patrick Schwarzenegger is the heir apparent to dear old dad. He's already boning hot models, runs a couple stupid rich kid businesses, and can give one hell of a speech about philanthropy while doing so. While the rest of the family seems shattered and getting made fat... read more

Vladimir Putin Horked a Super Bowl Ring...Maybe

Patriots owner Robert Kraft says Bond villain looking Russian president Vladimir Putin stole his Super Bowl Ring. No, he didn't shove Kraft's head in a toilet like a bully in an 80's movie and snatch the ring off of his finger. Kraft says that at a gala event in St.... read more

Rapper Nightclub Fights Now Suck (VIDEO)

What happened to the day when singing gangsters shot each other down in nightclubs, spilling over into the streets with retribution at the business end of a Mac 10? I miss those days. Now these clowns are throwing bottles at each other. Drake, Chris Brown, this Ludacris... read more

Serena Williams In A Bikini

If you're picking sides for co-ed beach football, I'd trade up my first round pick to acquire Serena Williams. She's built like an interior lineman but plays like a safety. That's the kind of lovely gal you can build a franchise around. Also, take cover beneath her lats... read more

Karrueche Tran In A Bikini

Every man needs a woman to love. Or to beat because you love them so much but they just won't stop messing with your mind. Like Chris Brown. Though he's past all of that now since he went to a program for seventeen minutes on how not to backhand your bitch. His new girl... read more